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Topic: NovaLode / Bugs

Occasionally my character gets stuck running, as though the game thinks I’m always holding down certain movement keys. To clear this glitch, I keep clicking randomly on the movement keys until it clears.

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Topic: NovaLode / Dead Pickaxes

New ones only cost 2000 credits; not much point in keeping old ones.

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Topic: NovaLode / What to do with chests?

We all wonder about that. It’s a lot of content to seal off.

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Topic: NovaLode / NovaLode Goes Live!

What’s the new content? I’m playing now but I don’t notice anything yet.

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Topic: NovaLode / Upcoming Features

Sounds good. Now we just need lots of new blood in the mines, enjoying all of this!

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Topic: NovaLode / Bugs

The northern drillship location has a mission board which needs its interaction zone enlarged a bit. Standing in front of it, I have to double-click it. I can’t hit space. Standing behind it, I can hit space.

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Topic: NovaLode / Patch Up - 07/03/14

Very good patch. Thanks for incorporating some of our ideas!

Hopefully our f-bay jobs from before the patch can be found again! ;-)

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Topic: NovaLode / Bugs

My jobs are gone from the f-bay as well; would love to get them back. I had 30 cells plus a bunch of other stuff.

I get the same thing Bunji does with rocks that suddenly appear only after I activate mega swing. With the slow speed of my computer plus sometimes lag, I don’t always have a chance to run from those.

Speaking of which…

A few minutes ago I was killed with 670 health remaining. How? I clicked on a non-explosive rock, but my click was buffered and then applied AFTER my character ran a step. After taking that step, she was standing next to an explosive rock, which had 3 others right next to it. My backpack was nearly full on level 7 when this happened, so I lost a LOT of good minerals. :-(

I suggest not allowing the system to apply buffered mouse clicks, especially in the mine where this kind of “unearned” death can occur.

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Topic: NovaLode / Bugs

1. When a fab job completion announcement is put on my screen, apparently I cannot transfer items into my bank until the announcement goes away.

2. The slider bar size proportionality problem, which I had thought was fixed, is different, but it still is wrong. In the f-bay, the bar changes from correct size to too small to too big depending on how many items are listed in the bay.

3. When I’m mining and I try to move SW, the game often moves me SW until it hits something and then moves me SE. This has had some ill effects when I was trying to do something quickly. I don’t know for sure that that’s the only direction with this problem, but I’ve noticed it happening in that direction more than once.

4. In the f-bay, when I’m trying to start a new job by ctrl-clicking the recipe in my inventory, I can only get it to actually start when the pointer has turned from an arrow into a hand. That can take a good few seconds sometimes. Also it doesn’t seem to happen at all until I click or ctrl-click at least once. (This is why I was reporting that it sometimes makes me click 2 or more times.) The very first time I try this, it sometimes works with just 1 ctrl-click, but then it always takes at least 2.

5. Vitamin blocks claim to be helpful most of the time. I think you might want to check the rates. I guess if taking a whizz is considered helpful, maybe that might barely be true, but the health and energy refresh are the only 2 things that help me. Whizzing all over the floor is actually counterproductive for me, because my PC is too laggy to allow control at high running speed. So poison, space horrors, and whizzing are all unwanted. Also, is it my imagination or does the poison happen more often than anything else?

6. This is a very minor one. When I transferred some ores into my inventory from my bank, and I used shift to cut the stack, and I left the 1 on the end of my amount… my inventory showed an even amount transferred in. That is, I told it to transfer, say, 3001, and it appeared to only transfer 3000. My bank, though, showed the full amount (e.g. 3001) decremented. I thought I’d lost 1 gram due to a glitch. However, the next time I transferred more of the same minerals from my bank into my inventory, I again transferred XXX1 of each, and all of them then showed XXX2 in my inventory. It was as though 1 gram of each mineral had become invisible for a time.

To hopefully make clear what I’m saying, here’s a chart:

Bank … Inv
7500 … 0

First move:
Bank … Inv
4499 … 3000

Used some up:
Bank … Inv
4499 … 0

Second move:
Bank … Inv
1498 … 3002

This happened with 3 different minerals at the same time.

(It’s possible I’m wrong about what showed after using up some; I’m not sure I checked at that point. Maybe the 1 remaining gram would have showed then.)

7. In the mission “Absolutely Fabulous”, the text talks about covalent levels but the objective is an anti-pressure coil.

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Topic: NovaLode / Suggestions

I thought of an even more fun idea. Why not handle the f-bays like storage lockers? Assess each item’s owner a monthly fee of X credits. First month is free. If they run out of money in their account, hold an auction and let the active players bid on the item. The proceeds from the sale go to the item owner, allowing them to pay the rent a little longer on their remaining items.

This would obviously mean some additional coding. I think it might be a popular feature, though.

(1 month might be too long; any duration could be used.)

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Topic: NovaLode / Suggestions

It’s a valid concern and I agree, jobs will need to expire if we are all sharing bays. It’s OK for now when we can each have our own… :-)

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Topic: NovaLode / Bugs

On the same note, if you use the number pad to type in your amount, it will simultaneously move you around. I’m guessing it’s interpreting the 2 4 6 and 8 as movement arrow command keystrokes.

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Topic: NovaLode / Beginners Guide

Since I’ve become the #1 credit earner in the game (and I’ve done it as a F2Per), I thought I’d toss in a bit of advice on how to make $$$ in the game for anybody struggling with that.

Mainly, I get the big bucks from completing contracts. There are other ways (missions, selling duplicate collection items, etc.) but that’s the big payload. And the secret to contracts is to get good at fabrication. And the secret to that is to be organized about it. Here’s what I do.

I picked out one particular fabrication bay not too far from my favorite personal bank location and I use only that bay. That means I don’t need to think about or remember where my job was; it’s always in the same place. All my jobs are there and I do a lot of them.

I do batches of the same type of job in a row; for example, I do 4 or 5 sets of 5 novium bars in a row. That makes it quick and easy for me to scan through my jobs list and locate what I want.

Finished jobs can sit in the bay indefinitely (at least, AFAICS), so I leave most of my materials (like novium bars) in there, to save space in my bank. (I’ve expanded my bank to its maximum of 100 squares, which helps a lot, but I still don’t want to use up space unnecessarily.) I carry only 1 stack of each material at a time; when it gets below 6, I collect the oldest finished job of that same material and it gets added to the stack.

I have a place in my bank for each “good” (i.e., Mosquito Drone) and they are arranged alphabetically so it’s a breeze to retrieve the ones I want to fulfill any contract. Then I grab more from my bay to replace the ones I turned in, and start new ones baking.

That’s about it. Oh, and if you’re too poor still to get rolling very well with fabrication, start by always turning in your byproducts for the quest rewards on them. They are easy to get on any level and you’ll make a little money to get started, even if you aren’t good at hunting minerals and fabricating them yet. As your wealth grows, you can expand your minerals bank and really save up all those byproducts to make the most of all of them. (Each day, a different one is called for by the byproduct handlers.)

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Topic: NovaLode / Best Mnemonic for Remembering the Ores?

Why not From Obama? :-)

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Topic: NovaLode / Suggestions

I have lag issues too, so I also vote no on nastier explosions. Nice idea if the lag were no factor.

Here is a general rule for all game development:


That rule will help you in all games.

In this one, notice that the fabrication interface is designed around multi-person jobs, but is anybody using it that way? I like the ability to do that, but I really, really hate the way I have to click a bunch of extra times, for every job, just to do what I always do. The interface is stupid. It’s like a person with horrible short-term memory problems. No matter how many hundreds of times I do the exact same thing (a solo job), when I come to it again it still doesn’t anticipate that that is what I want. Instead, it acts like I might just as well want to do a team job. I never do team jobs. I always do solo jobs. Why do I get presented with a team job interface every time, requiring me to step through options I never, ever use? That’s bad design.

What would be helpful is when I tell it I want to craft a (whatever), it should give me an option right then to start the job and contribute all materials I have. That’s the only thing I ever do. Why should I have to keep stepping through all the individual steps to do it, for every job?

Bottom line: what’s the point of this (or any) game? Isn’t it to be enjoyable for the player, and thus make the player want to play it more, and thus (possibly) spend money on it? Of course it is. So, make the game more enjoyable by removing unenjoyable parts. Take the interface out of the way so the player doesn’t have to fight it. That way we can spend our time making decisions and doing fun things, not snoozing through a tedious, unchanging sequence of boring buttons over and over and over and over and over. Time spent stepping through the same sequence of button clicks is time not spent having fun.

takes breath

OK, I’ve flogged that horse into the ground. On to less dead horses! :-)

I’d like the minerals to be sorted in some sort of order. I don’t care which order, really; there aren’t that many types of them, so it doesn’t matter too much which order they’re in. It just is annoying to have to search through the list to find whichever one I want because it keeps moving around.

Also, every time I come back from the mine, I have to click and drag every type of mineral into my bank, one after the other. Why? Again, I’m fighting the interface instead of the bad guys (or, in this case, poverty, or whatever we’re trying to beat here). It’s slow and tedious and not necessary. Give me a “stash all” button! It could be combined with a check box for each type of mineral, so that I could easily choose which ones to transfer and which ones to leave.

One more item on the “don’t make me fight the interface” list: when a fabrication job is complete, why does it take me 3 clicks to collect the result? There should be a “collect” button right on the job’s line in the jobs list so I can collect it with just 1 click. That’s what I want to do every time, so don’t put other stuff in the way.

If there isn’t something like this already, how about a mineral detector? It could be told which mineral(s) to search for, and point the way toward the nearest instance thereof. A single-use drone would be perfect for this. Maybe have it be upgradable to also indicate distance and size of deposit, or to point to multiple deposits.

I second the notion that mass production should provide some efficiency benefit. That’s normally how production works IRL.

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Topic: NovaLode / Best Mnemonic for Remembering the Ores?

So I noticed that all the ore names start with a unique initial:


That got me to thinking that we should create a way of remembering the order. I propose:




What can you come up with? And no, you don’t have to use “Mom”. :-)

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Topic: NovaLode / Suggestions

Robot rickshaws. I’m tellin’ ya.

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Topic: NovaLode / Suggestions

Stack splitting works. Yay!

My biggest concern right now is the long commute times in Boomtown. Too darn much jogging! I love the atmosphere of the place and it looks cool and all, but do people really want to spend so many minutes a day holding down keys to run all over the place? The jogging is not fun, it’s just overhead required to get to the next fun. Reducing it would be nice, IMO. Thus my suggestion about the taxi service or errand drones.

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Topic: NovaLode / Patch Up - 06/24/14

Full screen worked for me, though I probably won’t use it since it isn’t an increase to the field of view, just a slightly enlarged same view.

I see you also fixed the proportionality of the slider bar display. :-)

(small things count too!)

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Topic: NovaLode / Bugs

OK the entry into the mine is working perfectly now. So that’s a big relief. I pretty much couldn’t play yesterday because of that.

What’s still buggy is the fab job creation feature. It was working perfectly for a short time, but then it went back to being stubborn and making me ctrl-click the recipe item twice.

The lag went way down after I closed another tab that had a Vimeo video in it. It was really smooth for a while after that, then started lagging somewhat again. It could be how long I spend in a level. I’ll keep an eye on it.

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Topic: NovaLode / Suggestions

If you do put in an identify all all button, it might be good to have it auto-stop if the inventory gets full. This can happen if you have stacks of gems.

Also, the contracts feature is a really fun one, as it puts an element of competition/cooperation into the town part of the game (which also ties back into the mining part, indirectly). I suggest setting it up so that the amount of contracts at any one time is tied into the number of players logged in. Otherwise it’s likely to get pretty crazy when the server gets more populated. Maybe 1 contract per every 20 players, or something.

Some kind of trading feature would be good too, like an auction house or trading board. There’s a ton of trading to be done and it’s somewhat awkward to do it all ad hoc.

And what about all these credits piling up? What to do with them? How about the ability to hire a drone to run errands for me so I don’t have to run all over this huge town on foot? Or a taxi service? It could be a robot pulling a rickshaw.

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Topic: NovaLode / Bugs

So far so good. I’ll test more later. The fabrication bay is now correctly processing every job start click, so that’s nice. On the down side, on my mining run just now, the mega blaster (or whatever) skill was causing several seconds of lag on every use. I took a ton of damage from not being able to run due to lag. Could just be my machine though.

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Topic: NovaLode / Bugs


All day it’s been like pulling teeth to get into the mine. Here is my track record. (“boot” means I got booted out to the entry screen; “in” means I got into the mine)

level 4: boot, boot, boot, in
5: in
3: in
6: boot, in
3: boot, boot, boot, boot, boot, boot, boot, boot, boot, boot,
boot, boot, boot, boot,
1: boot, boot, boot,
2: boot, boot,
3: boot,
reload tab
2: in
3: boot, in, boot, in, boot, boot, boot, boot, boot, boot,
reload tab
4: boot, in
3: boot, in
1: in
5: boot,
2: in
7: boot, in
2: boot, boot, boot, in
1: boot, boot, boot, boot, boot, boot, boot, boot, boot, boot,
reload tab
1: boot, boot, boot, boot, boot,
2: boot, boot,
moved around a bit
2: in
7: boot, boot, boot,
moved around a bit
7: boot, boot, boot, in, boot
4: in, boot, boot, in
1: boot, boot, boot,
moved around a bit
1: boot, boot, boot, boot, boot, boot,

17 successes out of 93 tries.

This is on latest Firefox with latest Flash player (Adobe) and Win XP SP3. I’m having no system problems at this time, aside from some YouTube videos lately having some issues with taking a very long time to buffer and then only buffering a short segment at a time. (Ordinarily they play smoothly.)

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Topic: NovaLode / Suggestions

How about a “contribute all” button? I think it’s neat that people can collaborate by contributing to each other’s fabrication jobs, but to design the interface around that at the expense of single-user mode seems backward. I have yet to collaborate on any job, so 100% of the jobs I’ve done have involved pointless clicking and waiting.

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Topic: NovaLode / List of Formulas in NovaLode

I thought it would be nice to collect the info from the recipes here. You can see them by mousing over the recipe item prior to purchasing, but this will help you quickly figure out which recipe you want to buy if you want to burn up a bunch of (whatever).

If someone starts a wiki, this info should migrate there. In the meantime…….

Price of recipe is listed after name of recipe; cost of production, if any, is listed as an ingredient.

::::: Gas & Power :::::
Power Cell (400 credits):
…500g Illite + 300g Tyrite + 200g Kobaltite
Power Cell Batch: 5 (2000 credits):
…2.5kg Illite + 1.5kg Tyrite + 1kg Kobaltite
Power Cell Batch: 10 (4000 credits):
…5kg Illite + 3kg Tyrite + 2kg Kobaltite

::::: Materials :::::
Novium Bar (45 tokens)
Polyeitractalone Bind (45 tokens)
Graphene Sheet (45 tokens)
Carbon Nanotube (70 tokens)
Amorphous Fullerene (90 tokens)
Novium Superalloy (160 tokens)

::::: Formulas :::::
Novium Bar X 5 (5000 credits):
…1000 credits + 500g Tyrite + 300g Kobaltite + 200g Jubanite
Polyeitractalone Bind (5000 credits)
…1000 credits + 500g Kobaltite + 300g Jubanite + 200g Stravidium
Graphene Sheet X 5 (5000 credits)
…2000 credits + 500g Jubanite + 300g Stravidium + 200g Melanite
Carbon Nanotube (5000 credits)
…3000 credits + 500g Stravidium + 300g Melanite + 200g Farnsworthite
Amorphous Fullerene (5000 credits)
…5000 credits + 500g Melanite + 300g Farnsworthite + 200 Octavium
Novium Superalloy (5000 credits)
…8000 credits + 500g Tyrite + 300g Kobaltite + 200g Jubanite + 500g Octavium + 200g Farnsworthite

::::: Designs :::::
Cyberresonant Panel (21000 credits, Vortech liked):
…5000 credits + Novium Bar X 2 + Graphene Sheet + Polyeitractalone Bind X 3
Dust-E Gyrovise (21000 credits, Vortech liked):
…5000 credits + Novium Bar + Polyeitractalone Bind + Graphene Sheet + Carbon Nanotube
Mosquito Drone (21000 credits, Nanova liked):
…5000 credits + Novium Bar + Polyeitractalone Bind X 2 + Graphene Sheet X 2
Personality Back-up Drive (21000 credits, Vortech liked):
…5000 credits + Novium Bar X 3 + Amorphous Fullerene
Banack-Tarski Circuit (21000 credits, Nanova liked):
…5000 credits + Novium Bar X 4 + Polyeitractalone Bind + Carbon Nanotube
Pyrofile (21000 credits, TEPGI liked):
…5000 credits + Polyeitractalone Bind X 2 + Graphene Sheet + Carbon Nanotube
Polarity Awl (21000 credits, TEPGI liked):
…5000 credits + Polyeitractalone Bind + Carbon Nanotube X 2
Covalent Level (21000 credits, TEPGI liked):
…5000 credits + Novium Bar X 2 + Polyeitractalone Bind + Amorphous Fullerene
Zero-point Aerator (21000 credits, Vortech liked):
…5000 credits + Novium Bar + Graphene Sheet + Amorphous Fullerene
Monolux Amplifier (21000 credits, Vortech liked):
…5000 credits + Novium Bar X 5 + Graphene Sheet X 2
Macrodynamic Link (21000 credits, Nanova liked):
…5000 credits + Novium Bar + Polyeitractalone Bind
Anti-pressure Coil (21000 credits, TEPGI liked):
…5000 credits + Graphene Sheet X 3 + Amorphous Fullerene
Ellipse Conductor (21000 credits, Nanova liked):
…5000 credits + Novium Bar X 2 + Novium Superalloy

::::: Schematics :::::
Vitamax Drone (90 tokens, MagMa respected):
…9 tokens + Power Cell X 3 + Polyeitractalone Bind X 3 + Graphene Sheet X 2 + Carbon Nanotube X 2
EARL Drone (90 tokens, MagMa respected):
…9 tokens + Power Cell X 3 + Polyeitractalone Bind X 3 + Graphene Sheet X 2 + Carbon Nanotube X 2
Nannie Drone (90 tokens, MagMa respected):
…9 tokens + Power Cell X 3 + Polyeitractalone Bind X 3 + Graphene Sheet X 2 + Carbon Nanotube X 2
Personal Storage Drone (90 tokens, MagMa liked):
…9 tokens + Power Cell X 3 + Novium Bar X 3 + Polyeitractalone Bind X 2 + Graphene Sheet X 2
By-product Handler Drone (90 tokens, MagMa liked):
…9 tokens + Power Cell X 3 + Novium Bar X 3 + Polyeitractalone Bind X 2 + Graphene Sheet X 2
Curio Research Drone (90 tokens, MagMa liked):
…9 tokens + Power Cell X 3 + Novium Bar X 3 + Polyeitractalone Bind X 2 + Graphene Sheet X 2
Gem Refining & Fusion Drone (90 tokens, MagMa liked):
…9 tokens + Power Cell X 3 + Novium Bar X 3 + Polyeitractalone Bind X 2 + Graphene Sheet X 2
Mission Terminal Drone (90 tokens, MagMa liked):
…9 tokens + Power Cell X 3 + Novium Bar X 3 + Polyeitractalone Bind X 2 + Graphene Sheet X 2