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Topic: Elements / v1.26 Step-by-Step Walkthrough to Getting the Elements Badges!

Good Idea. Update might occur in the next couple of weeks.

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Topic: Elements / Elements Image Gallery For Elements Players [Avatars]

good job, now to wait for people to start using them XD

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Topic: Elements / v1.26 Step-by-Step Walkthrough to Getting the Elements Badges!

Originally posted by DragonArcherZ:
Originally posted by Chimto:

The key to beating them is to use specific decks that work against them, the trusty monodark I used just won’t cut it anymore.

You aren’t using the Mono Darkness deck anymore.

Good one. I think you should put in there: The Immo Rush I used just won’t cut it anymore. Or something in the Monodark.

Oops! Fixed it.

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Topic: Elements / Step-by-step walkthrough to getting the Elements badges!

This walkthrough has been updated. Check out the new one here

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Topic: Elements / v1.26 Step-by-Step Walkthrough to Getting the Elements Badges!

Additional Resources:

The Other Forum
Elements has its own official forum, its chock full of information, decks, strategies, guides and most importantly, unique events and tournaments!

Elements Wiki and Elements trainer
I know I already posted this at the beginning but people need to use these more

Lost Password:
There is currently no password recovery system, you will have to email Zanzarino the game developer about it.

Comprehensive List of All Rare Cards
Thanks to Qazzaq123 for providing this.

Qazzaq’s Profile
Check out the Elements section in qazzaq123’s profile for more information and links.

The Original
The original badges walkthrough. Though the information is slightly outdated, the darkness deck is still very good.

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Topic: Elements / v1.26 Step-by-Step Walkthrough to Getting the Elements Badges!

Disclaimer: I claim no responsibility for any unfortunate events that occur to you while using this guide (e.g. losing to the FGs 30 times in a row). Please post any suggestions, corrections or critiques here or send me a message.

Acknowledgements: Thanks to Qazzaq123 (wolfunit) for his invaluable suggestions and for providing most of the links to helpful webpages.

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Topic: Elements / v1.26 Step-by-Step Walkthrough to Getting the Elements Badges!

Badge 4: Flying Spaghetti Master Badge.

At 500 score you can click on Quests and then fight lvl 6 Fake Gods. Beating one of them is necessary to win this badge. The key to beating them is to use specific decks that work against them, the Immolation deck just isn’t good enough to beat them anymore. Here are some details on them. All the gods have:

Marks that give 3 Quantum of that element per turn instead of 1.
Fully Upgraded decks.
Can have more than 60 cards.
Can have more than 6 of a card.
Draw two cards per turn.
Have strategies that take advantage of the above 5 to beat us silly.

The key to getting this badge ASAP is to design a deck that can beat certain fake gods, the easier ones, and just forfeit the harder ones. For the purposes of this walkthrough, this is the deck you will be using.

Monoaether FG deck:

Change your mark to the aether mark to get the extra 1 quantum per turn.

I tried some other unupgraded FG decks and this one seems to be the easiest one to build and use (i.e. you don’t need to grind for another week to 6000 electrum).

Building the deck costs about 1200 electrum but you’ll need around 1500-1600, if you’ve been following this guide this shouldn’t be a problem if you sell all the cards you spun. If you don’t have enough, pvp or lvl 3s until you do (you can also sell the Immolation deck, monoaether works pretty well in pvp1 and vs lvl 3s too).

The key to this deck is Dimensional shield stopping all damage for 3 turns, and then chaining those shields together until the fg is killed. You play the next dimensional shield when the counter on the previous shield is 0.
These are the gods that you will try to beat: (their names are in the top corner)

Incarnate: Plays Vampires, and Bonewalls, the rest is pretty superfluous. Doesn’t have steal so can’t touch your shields. Let Incarnate hit you down to low life, until you are about to be killed, so you draw more cards before you have to play shields. If it doesn’t get a ton of Bonewalls you should be able to take it out.

Destiny: Weird entropy, time deck. Can’t do anything to your shields unless it gets a lucky mutant. Same procedure as Incarnate, except don’t play your parallel universes because it will reverse time then causing your next draw to be a waste.

Osiris: Pharaoh deck (generates Scarabs). Plays similarly to Destiny, but play your shields at around 60 hp, as he does have momentum, and as of 1.26 Trebuchet which can sacrifice a scarab to deal damage directly. Drawing lobotomizer stops it completely as you can remove Pharoah’s Scarab generation ability.

Miracle: Shells out big creatures and uses its namesake if its life is threatened (Miracle card) healing back up to a frustrating 199hp. Otherwise dimensional shield chain can stop it. To get around the miracle card, only play two drags and slowly hit it down, saving up parallel universes and dragons in your hand. Then when Miracle is at 35-50 hp, play the rest of your offence and kill the fg in one fell swoop (ambush).

Paradox: Similar to Miracle’s strategy, watch out for miracle at the end or use an ambush. If you draw lobotomizer, use it on the ray of lights to prevent this as it stops the creature from generating light quantum every turn.

Neptune: Air/Water freezing Shockwave deck. Should be no problem, though you will probably lose about half the matches due to permafrost shield freezing your dragons and stalling until you run out of shields.

Fire Queen: Plays Elite Firefly queens to overwhelm, cannot touch your shields though. Can beat monoaether by outhealing it. Basically if you get lobotomizer early (i.e. opening hand) use it on the firefly queens and you have a good shot at winning, otherwise forfeit.

Dark Matter: Uses Black hole and Gravity nymph, which drains your quantum a little bit. You’ll need lobotomizer to stop the momentumed creatures. So a similar condition as versus Fire Queen.

All the other fake gods are difficult to beat with monoaether (though not impossible, every FG can be beaten depending on the hand you draw, especially if the deck is fully upgraded) so its advised to just forfeit the rest of them to get more chances at the easy ones. You’ll need to have a few hundred electrum and a backup grinding deck in case you have to forfeit a lot. This is a quick and easy way to build and use a deck that can beat an fg though. This earns the Flying Spaghetti Master badge.

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Topic: Elements / v1.26 Step-by-Step Walkthrough to Getting the Elements Badges!

Badge 3: Deck Wrecking Badge

First off, you can only win this badge off of random pvp NOT pvp duels, this is to prevent cheating by getting someone to just purposefully lose to you, also pvp duels don’t show up on the API.
For this walkthrough I am using the exact same deck as above for pvp as well.
ALL YOUR DUELS SHOULD BE IN PVP1 FOR THIS BADGE, this will remove the possibility of facing someone with a massively upgraded deck.
Yes. Theres a some problems with pvp, I will outline some of them below.

They take like 60 seconds for their turn, ARRRgh
Your opponents are not doing this on purpose usually, its just lag, and its something that you have to accept for pvp. You can try hoping they’ll time out and the cpu takes over, then its quick.

WTF this person is going back to 100 hp every turn OR WTF creatures coming back to life
This is the worst pvp bug, when the server mixes up different fights, it happens rarely but basically screws you.

Here is what I faced while testing this deck in PVP1:
221 score 47 card, entropy mark: No style/strat. Easy win.
1568 score 38 card, life mark: venom scorpions. Outraced for the win.
32 score 45 card, light mark: Bad rainbow deck. Too slow, easy win.
837 score 34 card, aether mark: No style/strat. Easy win
-93 score 57 card, aether mark: No style/strat. Easy win
889 score 30 card, death mark: Monodeath. Slow, easy win.
700 score 46 card, entropy mark: monoentropy. Bad hand, took a long time to win.
380 score 30 card, air mark: catapult titan. Outrushed, easy win.
1693 score 31 card, fire mark: immolation rush. Mirror match, worse hand and lost.
1409 score 43 card, aether mark: rainbow deck. Opponent drew no pillars, easy win.
313 score 60 card, life mark: no style/strat. Slow deck, easy win.

As you can see I went 10-1 and cruised easily to success using PVP1, the separation of PVP has made obtaining this badge very very easy if you have a deck that can beat AI3s consistently.

This earns the Deck Wrecker badge.

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Topic: Elements / v1.26 Step-by-Step Walkthrough to Getting the Elements Badges!

Notes on Lvl 3 Elders:

Death/Entropy Elder: Maxwell’s demon (murders your creatures, must be killed), Vultures (grows bigger as creatures die), Boneyards (generates skeletons when creatures die), Arsenic (poisons you), Bone Dragons
-Very difficult deck for this deck to defeat since it relies on killing creatures to generate quantum. Maxwell’s demon is absolute murder against the deck as well and must be blooded.

Fire/Water Elder: Steam machines (powerful pump-up), nasty shields (Ice shield which freezes), Fahreheit (fire rare weapon), kill spells (Freeze, Icebolts and Rain of fire)
-Really nasty lvl 3 to fight, hard to win if you don’t draw a deflag to destroy its freezing shield. Has lots of spells to kill your creatures with, watch out that you don’t have too many low hp creatures at once or your entire board could be cleared by Rain of Fire

Mono-Gravity Elder: Otyughs (creature that can eat other creatures to grow bigger, very dangerous), Gravity shield (make sure your creatures don’t go above 5 hp), Armaglos
-If it gets an Otyugh out early, watch out! Make sure you remove it before you start playing creatures or it can lock you down entirely. Gravity shield will make it so 6 or greater hp creatures can’t damage it, so be sure not to pump your golems past 9/5

Gravity/Earth Elder: Catapult (sacrifice a creature to deal direct damage, deflag as needed), Auburn Nymph (stops a creature but adds 20hp to its hp, kill it with fire), Basilisk blood, healing spells
-Use Basilisk blood on the nymph or it will pump up Armaglo’s HP before ’Pulting it for big damages. Slow strategy so should lose easily to Immo rush.

Aether Elder: Lightning (5 damage removal), Parallel universe (copies a creature), Phase spiders, Mindgate (copies the top card of your deck), Dimensional shield (stops all damage taken for 3 turns, pain in the ass)
-Does damage very slowly as most aether creatures cost a lot to play, watch out for Parallel universe if you have a big golem around, Mindgate takes a long time to get going, save your deflags for Dimensional shields if they are drawn

Air/Light Elder: Pegasus (3/2 creature that can dive to double its damage), Wyrm (3/3 creature doing the same as pegasus), Blessing ( +3 to att and hp of a creature), Owl’s Eyes (weapon that can do 3 damage to a creature)
-Use your blood against any creatures that get blessed and deflag the Owl’s eyes if it gets played, otherwise should be easily winnable

Air/Life Elder: Firefly queen (creature that generates 3/2 creatures), Empathic Bond (heals them 1 life for each creature they have every turn), Hope (a shield that reduces damage taken depending on how many 3/2s have been generated, cannot be removed), Owl’s eyes
-Owl’s eyes are nasty removal weapons that can win the fight against this deck. Once this eldergets going and starts outhealing your damage using bonds it’ll be game over, so a fast start is crucial

Life/Entropy Elder: Fallen Elf (ability can transform a creature), Emerald Dragon, Adrenaline (makes a creature attack multiple times)
-An aggressive deck, don’t use blood on any adrenalined creatures, your deck needs to outrush it to win

Mark of time/All elements Elder: Quantum pillars (generates quantum of all elements), Golden Hourglass (draw an extra card with its ability), uses a variety of removal spells and creatures from different elements
-A Rainbow deck, takes time to get set up but can lock you down if given the opportunity to do so, deflag the hourglasses, a relatively easy win for this deck

Fire/Dark Elder: Voodoo doll (any damage it takes you also take), rage potion (deals 5 damage to a creature and raises its attack by 5)
-Uses Rage potion on the doll to deal 5 to you and to raise its attack by 5, multiple potions can generate damage very fast, however, this deck should be able to outrush. If no dolls are drawn it’ll start using potions to remove your creatures

Time/Light Elder: Sundial (stalls you for 1 turn), Dune scorpion (poisons you 1 which increases by 1 each time any card is played), Blessing
-Neurotoxin can be troublesome if you get hit early and take a lot of poison throwing down your damage dealers, but this deck should easily outrush it

Time/Life/Gravity Elder: Scarab (toughness increases as more are played, eats monsters), Pharoah (makes more scarabs), Empathic Bond
-An army of Scarabs devouring is very bad news for this deck, grow big golems to get past it, if the scarabs are out before you have any creatures in play it is probably game over

Once you reach 150 score.
-Click on quest menu and reward to get 150 electrum. Get a new quest to reach 500 score.
-Continue ‘Grinding’ on lvl 3s until you reach 500 score. Click on quest menu again to receive the reward of a Rare Card!
-If you like this game and want to continue, pick Pulverizer or Eternity (Earth or Time weapon), these weapons are commonly used in the Fake God decks and T50 decks that you will be using if you continue to play this game
-If you are following this guide for Badge only, pick Lobotomizer (Aether weapon)
This will earn you the Only the Beginning Badge.

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Topic: Elements / v1.26 Step-by-Step Walkthrough to Getting the Elements Badges!

Badge 2: Only the Beginning Badge

To get this badge you need to complete all the quests, which basically means reaching 500 score. The score you gain from each fight is equal to the money you gained from it. If you pvp it works differently, you gain score depending on the difference between your score and your opponents. For this walkthrough, the method used will be grinding or mindlessly battling level 3s as fast as possible.
So after you beat the lvl 0:
-Click on Quest and the Reward to get 10 electrum. You’ll get a new quest.
-Click on the Reward button to get 20 electrum because we already edited our deck. You’ll get a new quest
-Click on the Reward button to get 30 electrum because we already visited the Bazaar. You’ll get a new quest to defeat the lvl 1 elemental.
Beat the lvl 1:
The level 1 is identical to the lvl 0 except it has the full 100 hp now, its deck is still completely random, so sometimes it might have Rare cards that are powerful. You might lose if you get REALLY unlucky, but you won’t lose twice in a row.
-Again play pillars immediately, use Immolation on any Ash eaters or Fire spirits you play if you need to generate more fire quantum fast or earth quantum to pump up lava golem. Play any cards you can afford
-Save Rain of Fire (it does 3 damage to each of your opponents creatures) to kill any troublesome monsters
-Save Firebolt (it does 3 damage if you have 1-10 fire quantum, 6 if you have 11-20, 9 if you have 21-30 etc.) either to kill really dangerous creatures (for example the Otyugh) but mainly to finish off opponents near the end of matches when you have lots of quantum
-Deflagration: Use this to destroy weapons and shields or other permanents (such as boneyard or empathic bond) to disrupt your opponent’s strategies
-After you win, click Quest then Reward again to get another 35 electrum and a new quest to defeat the lvl 2 AI

Beat the lvl 2:
The level 2 decks aren’t random anymore, there is some strategy to their decks. Follow the same directions as above, use Rain of Fire to control and pump up your quantum using Immolation on weaker creatures, finishing it off with 2-3 Firebolts directly to their life.

-Click Quests and Reward to receive 40 electrum. You’ll receive a new quest to reach 150 score.
-Click Bazaar. Click the Fire tab. Purchase 3 more Lava Golems. Click the Light tab. Purchase a Photon.
-Photons are 0 cost 1/1 creatures that are easy fodder for Immolation.
-Click on Manage Deck and add the golems and photon to your deck. Remove two burning pillars and two fire spirits
-Click on bazaar and sell the cards you just removed.
-Return to Manage Deck and click on the mark, select the Earth mark. This will generate 1 Earth quantum per turn to help power up your golems with.

Beat the lvl 3s, repeatedly:
It’s time to assemble the deck to beat this quest. Level 3 decks actually have some decent strategy, with your current deck you have probably around a 25% chance of winning. That’s why you have to save up money to improve your deck. Make sure you have around 30-50 electrum at all times so that if you lose you still have enough money to try again, otherwise you’ll have to replay lvl 1s or 2s for electrum. Sell any cards you win from spins or take out of your deck and buy cards in the order listed below. Whenever you add cards, always take out cards in the following order as well.

If you’ve been following this walkthrough
2 Lava Golems
2 Photon (Light tab)
3 Immolation
3 Photons (Light tab)
4 Phoenix (Fire tab, difficult to remove creature)
3 Basilisk blood

Remove: (in this order)
5 Burning pillar
2 Rain of Fire
1 Fire shield
2 Burning pillar
3 Ash eater
1 Crimson dragon
3 Fire bolts

Final Deck: Immolation Rush

The strategy of this deck is using Immolation to generate quick quantum right away to beat opponents very quickly. Lava golem and Phoenix provide most of the damage, while Basilisk blood is used to stall creatures and Deflags for shields.

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Topic: Elements / v1.26 Step-by-Step Walkthrough to Getting the Elements Badges!

Badge 1: Level Zero Hero Badge.
Starting a new account:
‘I made an account, but now I can’t login!’
To avoid this kind of frustration, first click on New Account and enter a username and password, it can be whatever you want. Make sure the link to kongregate account button is checked. THEN when you click on ‘log in using your Kongregate account’ will it actually go to your account. You’ll lose your save otherwise.

‘There is a flashing red button that says disconnected, is that bad?’
As long as that’s there, anything you do Will Not Be Saved, this seems to fix it:
I went to
I logged into my account on there.
I waited until the disconnect/save button went green and said “confirmed”.
I came back to kong and everything was fixed and swell.

1) Picking an element:
For the purposes of this walkthrough, pick the FIRE element. There are other choices that can be argued to be better, but for this guide you will use Fire.

2) Stacking the odds:
You will be presented with the quest screen for quest 1, it explains that your objective is to beat the lvl 0. Click the close button.
You can probably beat level 0 with the starting deck, but just to stack the odds in your favour more. Do the following.
-Click on Your Deck
The top part of the screen displays your deck and the bottom part displays your spare cards. Clicking on the cards in your deck takes them out.
-Click on: All grey cards (3 Quantum pillar and 1 Dagger) and all the blue cards (3 Water pillar, 1 Blue crawler, 1 Freeze, 1 Purify). This will remove those cards from your deck and will make your deck completely made up of red (fire) cards.
-Click Menu
-Click Bazaar
-Click Show All in the bottom left corner
Time to sell the cards you removed to buy better ones for your deck.
-Click on all the cards in the lower half of the screen, you should see your gold rise to 97
-Click on the tab that says Fire.
This shows the Fire cards you can buy.
-Click on Lava Golem
-Click on manage deck to go back to the deck screen
-Click on the Lava golem in the bottom section to add it to your deck
-Click on Ash eater to remove it from your deck
-Click on menu to return to the title screen
-Ciick on lvl 0 to begin the fight
-Read the instructions if you want and click the Ok button
-The highlighted cards are ones that you can play, only the pillars are playable right now, so click on them to summon them
-Click spacebar when you are done your turn (when you can’t play anything in your hand)
At the end of each turn your pillars generate 1 quantum of whatever element they are, and also your creatures attack automatically (you can’t control them)
-Just play any card you can afford with the quantum you generate but save your Firebolt and Rain of Fire cards to kill your opponent’s monsters
-Use Immolation to sacrifice one of your creatures to generate lots of quantum, use it on Ash eaters to generate the earth quantum needed to power up Lava golem
-If your opponent plays a card and you don’t know what it does, mouse over it to read its effect or abilities
-You cannot use your creatures to attack their creatures, you cannot use your creatures to defend yourself, all they can do is automatically attack.
You should have no problem at all beating the lvl 0 and winning 1 coin if you followed this guide. You win when you deplete their life to 0. You lose if your life is depleted to 0. Also if you run out of cards in your deck then you lose automatically. This will earn you the Level Zero Hero Badge.

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Topic: Elements / v1.26 Step-by-Step Walkthrough to Getting the Elements Badges!

Step-by-Step Walkthrough to getting all 4 Elements badges

Updated for V1.26
With the changes in 1.26 all AI2 and AI3 have been changed to be tougher and nastier to play against, making an update to this walkthrough necessary.

Frustrated by something or rather about this game? Not experienced with card games? Don’t want to go through the trouble of figuring out how to play a strategy game? Just want those damn badges? Then this walkthrough is for you!
Note: This walkthrough is not designed to be the best or most efficient way to achieve all the badges, and is definitely not a guide designed to enhance your experience with this game or to get you set up and farming FGs as fast as possible. However, this guide does provide detailed information on what to do to achieve all 4 badges.

If you are interested in exploring this game in depth and making unique and personalized decks, then stop reading this walkthrough, because I will be specifically telling you what to do, instead the following links can help you out:

Elements Wiki Site
An fan made and updated encyclopedia containing information on cards, decks and strategies

Jmizzle’s Guide to Deckbuilding
A deckbuilding guide that outlines the basic steps to turn any starter deck into something playable and workable.

Elements Trainer
The trainer is a ‘Test’ mode for Elements, where players have access to infinite money and all the cards to experiment with different decks and strategies. Invaluable if you are trying something unique and need to know how well it works.

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Topic: Elements / RANDOM FACTS!!!!! (its just random)

Random Fact: Phase dragons were once NOT immortal, but immortality was added as a nerf! (phase dragon + PU used to be abused)

Random Fact: The original dissipation shield used to be what the upgraded version was now but was nerfed when upgrades were added into what it is now

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Topic: Elements / Step-by-step walkthrough to getting the Elements badges!

@winthrop, probably just a row of bad luck then
@knoob, purposefully losing doesn’t count

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Topic: Elements / Step-by-step walkthrough to getting the Elements badges!

how many times did you play? be more specific

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Topic: Elements / Hella' crazy glitch.

uh… you do realize that the quest carryover is the bug and isn’t intended right? Its just left in there cause people like it, its not a feature of the game and the exact conditions to do it aren’t laid out.

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Topic: Elements / Annoying Decks:How To Counter(Submit your own way,too)

this deck doesn’t work well vs rainbow decks, with quinted creatures, and all quantum pillars, fractal doesn’t get you an advantage in number of creatures vs. a rainbow, and discord becomes just damage. Drop 1 steal and 1 explosion for blackholes.

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Topic: Elements / Step-by-step walkthrough to getting the Elements badges!

well when i played this deck, the way i see it, if they are wasting kill spells on devourers instead of dragons. That is a good thing!

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Topic: Elements / Elements Cards.(read first post)

Godslayer is really bad. Even if you reduced the cost to 100 Death it would still be really bad, there is really no reason you would ever have that much quant before you win or lose. Why not just make it a spell that inflicts 999 Poison.

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Topic: Elements / Elder difficulty is so hard

cut your deck to 30 cards, that always helps

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Topic: Elements / witch element is good with entropy

either mono with dragons and antimatter or pair it with dark for steals and lycanthropes. IMO

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Topic: Elements / How many nymphs do you have?

Nymphs Total: 9
Nymph Types: 6
Accnt name: arath

Entropy: 4 purple nymphs
Water: 1 Nymph Queen
Light: 1 Light nymph
Air: 1 Air nymph
Dark: 1 Dark nymph
Aether: 1 Aether nymph

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Topic: Elements / Step-by-step walkthrough to getting the Elements badges!

uh guys…. plz don’t hijack this thread, if you want to start your own discussions make your own. kthx

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Topic: Elements / Step-by-step walkthrough to getting the Elements badges!

why use quantum pillars, when you can use earth pillars…

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Topic: Elements / Step-by-step walkthrough to getting the Elements badges!

cause monodark is faster for beating the ai3