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Topic: Serious Discussion / World without Religion: Better or Worse?

We don’t need religion, what we need is people who believe in deities to be true to their faith. I look at the Vatican and most Catholic churches and see riches beyond measure, I look at my church and see a building we rent and just make the money needed to keep it because we give so much to those who live and pray in the dirt… does anyone else see a problem here?
And to you atheists who bash us Christians for our foolish beliefs of helping those in need, what have you done to make this world a better place? Do you simply put us down so that we feel bad and you can feel better of yourself? Who cares about who is right or wrong! Let’s just fix this awful world we live in!
I am not speaking to everyone here, only those who simply bash the faithful just for disagreeing. Do the world a favor and help us out!
Yes religion has started wars, but so have the unfaithful. War and conflict is a human error, not a religious one. There are ways of settling conflict without bloodshed.
To your first statement “1. Everyone works hard on science, thus improving technology.” I am studying computer engineering, I have studied deep into physics and chemistry, I want to move forward technologically more than you can imagine. I also believe in God and am very firm in my belief. Not all Christians want to live in the past, I want to live in the future. We do not know when Jesus will return, God gave us this vast universe full of galaxies and planets and opportunity, perhaps He wants us to go out and see what He made before He comes back. Who knows. Your list is flawed but I understand what you are getting at. I would prefer a world of faithful and faithless, friendly debate is not a bad thing and it can actually lead to good things and make people stronger and help them learn. Believe what you want, just try not to hurt anyone and help those who are unfortunate. God bless and keep smiling =)