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Topic: Technical Support / Realm of the Mad God: Trapped in the Loading Screen

I’ve been having trouble playing RotMG repeatedly. I click on the game and it goes to the play screen, but then it never advances beyond the logo and percentage bar. The load screen remains at 100% for as long as 10 minutes before I give up on it. Occasionally it will reload the progress bar but will continue stuck at the same number. I’ve tried reloading the page a dozen times but it’s the only game that is having this problem for me. I’ve been able to get on once (not sure why it progressed) so I figure it has to be my browser or computer. I’ve been advised by other players to try the game’s main site, but I face the same error there too. One player suggested it was my anti-virus software, and explained how he was able to play the game after disabling, reloading, and then re-enabling his protection software. I tried that, didn’t change anything (no idea if I did it right or wrong). I have AdBlock on my computer, but games don’t ever get blocked by it. If anyone has this problem, or knows of a solution, please reply.