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Topic: Technical Support / Guild Chat Changes

To add to Stelly’s list, the chat users list isn’t updating properly whenever someone signs on or off. I am not the only one who pm’ed someone, thinking he is there because his name is, but got a “Kong Bot: cannot be reached. Please try again later.” Or, for example there were only 2 people in my list but when i refreshed there suddenly were 6.

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Topic: Dream World / Official Bug Reports Thread (new)

benvious[BGD] attacked you and lost. You gained 32555986668 exp and 56949140 coins!
0 days 6 hrs 54 mins ago.

This appeared on my Home tab logs. I never take my cloak off. I also talked to benvious, and he said he never do arena. He did attack me in MW, though, but that shouldn’t have sent a log to me. This is the first and only time it happened, so far.

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Topic: Dream World / Official Bug Reports Thread (new)

Originally posted by DeathStryke:

You opened a mystery box. You found “dream world ring”. It has been placed in your inventory.

Problem is I’m 99 with a +900 Devil Ring.. Fix please.

more than a month later, i’m still getting DW rings from MB’s. 4th time now. it is useless for those with devil/arena rings, not even a single coin when you sell it. it’s a waste of MB, like those empty treasure chests in other rpg’s. please, please fix it.

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Topic: Dream World / Server 2 Guild Recruitment Thread

Name: Pavor Nocturnus
Initials: PN
Chat Room 4

We are currently ranked 6th, but guild ranking means little to us. We always welcome active chatters and casual players. Our level requirement is now set to 71, but we accept levels 1 to 70 in our sister guild PPN. For new players, we will help you grow up and build your account (read: the GM is too bored and lazy to grind for exp so she chats with newbies instead). As with other sister guilds, you can transfer to PN once you’ve reached the level required. Both guilds share our own DW guide and a clear set of rules. And yes, our vault is full and we need people to request for items…

No donations required. No required number of bosses to hit. All we require is good netiquettes and chatting once in a while.

Come to room 4 and just ask any PN member about applying.