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Topic: RobotPet / Bugs and glitches

A couple of glitches with the Item Mixer:

1) Mixing three items of the same type, colour and level gave me an item of same type and colour, but a lower level!

2) The cost of mixing items of different levels varies dependent on the order the items are selected in. Selecting the highest level item last gives a much greater mix cost than selecting it first (around 15% more expensive).

3) Un-selecting items in the mixer breaks it. Put three items in, then take one out, and the cost disappears. By randomly† taking items out and putting them back in again, it is possible to reduce the price to nearly 50% of what it should be.

I’m enjoying the game and it’s always nice to see developer interacting positively with the gamers.

† It seems random, I haven’t identified a sequence that works every time yet.
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Topic: AdVenture Capitalist: General / Too easy

Have to agree that it is now too easy. Before the update, it was taking a day to double my AI. Now it’s about 6 minutes…

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Topic: General Gaming / Idleplex FAQ

Some questions for your FAQ:

What, exactly, does Crackerplier do? At 2+mil DPS it seems to make little or no difference.

What upgrades are non-idle only? It seems that Berzerk on mower is one. Are Ship Speed and Paddle Speed others?

There seems to be a CPU limit on the DPS that can be achieved. Is this quantifiable? [Edit: Actually, that might be my answer to Q1]