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Topic: General Gaming / [Sonny 3] Potential Superbosses

Necromancer Ronin:
HP: 1 835 667
Focus: 1 000

Mind Destruction: The Necromancer haunts your very soul. Attacks enemy for 170% of Instinct and recovers from all status effects. CD none. Focus: 75 (recover)
Drain: Nullifies all possible usage of skills for and removes instinct for 3 turns.CD 5 Focus: 480
Summon: The Necromancer can summon undead creatures from the underworld. CD 3 Focus: 350
Blood Bond: The Necromancer has a blood pact in the underworld. Causing her to have 95% increased armor and 50% less damage. CD 8 Focus: 550
Sadisticity: Every time an enemy suffers damage, The Necromancer recovers HP equivalent to 3% of the damage.Last 2 turns.CD 4 Focus: 300
Power of the Word: “Die,die,die”. Words of the Necromancer affect you. Causing you to lose health equivalent to 7% of your whole HP for 10 turns. CD 12 Focus: 800
(P) Tranquil Environment: (Active after focus below 300) The Necromancer loses focus! A shield is then cast spontaneously to recover it with silence. Causes recovery of focus, 100 per turn, and 400% extra damage taken, for 5 turns. Stunned.

Summoned Creature-
King of the Night:
HP: 3,000
Focus: 100

Consuming Shadows: Shadows haunt you. Attacks for 240% of his speed.
Fog of the Darkness: Darkness consumes the enemies, causing them to receive DoT equivalent to 75% of their instinct and speed per turn. CD 5 Focus: 30
Essence of the Underworld: Hell is unleashed! Damages enemies for 20% of their current health in exchange for 25% of his own health.StEffect: The Blood Bond!: Takes damage in The Necromancer’s place and when attacked, has reduced damage taken (25%). CD 3

How to Defeat: Attacking the summon at least twice a turn (includes DoT) nullifies the Blood Pact for that turn for it has spilled his own blood in battle. Also causes the Blood Pact to invert, causing the damage to The Necromancer yet doesn’t affect the King of Night.

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Topic: General Gaming / Pingy the Ping Idle RPG - suggestions?

About Pingy Ping RPG:
-There should be map upgrades, because although considering the fact that the money/exp you earn may be based/ multiplied on your combo but somehow, when the combo breaks, it irks for me the fact that we need to start again after reaching a considerable point of earning nice experience.
-Also, there should be (more) hats that give a better benefit like: xx hat gives yy bonus (IDK, like fishing hat gives a 50% faster fishing rate?).
-Maybe items and clothes too that may give Ping a nice action animation/ advantage, e.g. Whale costume: Epic Whale Catching Time (10 secs) You will now catch whales with a 50% higher chance, recharge: 1 hour(BG animation? flashing lights? fish wallpaper?)/ Banker’s Family Heirloom (consumable) Give to the banker to give you a secret special advantage compared to other customers. (10% more interest along with the banker saying a word of gratitude to Ping).
-More maps, gets boring and repetitive by playing with the same map over and over.
-More quests, because some only have 2 quests. Reasonable rewards in quests: Reaching level 50: Money: 5000 By then 5000 is just a single milimeter compared to what you require in the exp bar, Depositing 100,000 Exp: 1000 Money: 1000 Why so little compared to what I can even earn in a minute?
-BGM, why won’t you put any BGM? How about start by going to websites with both amateur and pro music and ‘borrow’ (ask for it and give credit to the creator) it. And even epic music each time a quest is finished, during in a casino or while farming exp (whacking seals, going to skool).
-SFX, no sound during whacking seal, splashing in pool, earning money interest (like why not “Cha-ching”) or other miscellaneous requirements in making a quality flash game.
-A story? I think… As I know of, there is (almost) no story in the game but if there is an elaboration or improving then I would call the storyboard ‘adequate’.
Although I tried to look for more flaws, compared to other flash games to this one, I realized that this game already has (more than) what a normal average person would consider ‘enjoyable,fun,addicting and overwhelming with potential for the front page’. But starting from what I reached far from the game, I gave it a 5/5 but when these improvements are made, this game would be able to go to the high leagues and then I would want to rate it more than 5 at the end.

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Topic: General Gaming / RPG Game in the making - suggestions?

There should be the expected ‘basics’ in the RPG: items(the reviving items,jewels,maybe?), potions, skills(active), skills(passive), the five stats(strength, intelligence, agility, defense, and luck), quality animation, and of course, a story with twist and turns but still has an understandable perspective for players.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Backyard Monsters] Base Creation Help - Check First Page For Screenshot Instructions And Please Zoom Out When Taking Screenies!

Here’s my base…

I was planning to get more towers to defend the sides but the resources are all spent in a dilemna to try to upgrade resource gatherers, silos, housings, academy and monster locker.
So in a quick attempt to see my own weaknesses (which I am currently doing now) I am using my Wild Monster Baiter.
Pls. suggest some defense tips!

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Senatry] Recruitment Zone

Here, you can persuade and recruit members for leagues in Senatry.

Please always try to:
1. Tell the name of your League; and
2. Tell the specialty of your League e.g. Tech,Defense,Strategy
3. Their requirements to maintain in the League
Okay…so here goes nothing!
Well,this is just one of my backup accounts and the League I created here is a noob.

League Stats
Name: Alliance
Emblem Level: 1
Specializes in: Tech
Requirements: Just contribute at least 1000 silver every week