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Topic: Serious Discussion / chain letters and the point of them.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Stick Arena: Ballistick] Who Are You?

If that doesn’t work then
Account Name: Werewolf505050
Rank: 4
Kills: 370
Deaths: 469
K/D Ratio: .78
Won: 17
Lost: 80
Average kills per round: 3.81
Average deaths per round: 4.83

Yeah.. I fail

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Topic: General Gaming / Notessimo 2 Beta - Get your song featured !

Originally posted by entombor2:

I love notessimo a lots and a lots more! can’t wait till its ppublished :DDD

HOLY CRAP! bass and treble :OO

OMG NO WAIIII. Bass AND treble??
I’ll play it now!

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Topic: General Gaming / Bubble Tanks 2: Help guide

I just killed the Tri Guardian rather easily. I was only a #2 fighter too. Going to go look for other bosses now.

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Topic: General Gaming / Star Craft: Brood Wars Strategy talk

I’ll go ahead and post some tips for those who are new, or are just trying to improve their skill. First off, theres on thing that I usually go by. Zergs beat protoss, protoss beat humans, humans beat zergs. Its pretty simple. If you wana figure out which race to use, just remember that protoss is a very nice power squad, and can easily take down the big things (That and the aircraft carriers are sweet!) Zergs are mainly weak, but cheap and effective units. You can make about 200 zerglings in not even 5 minutes if you have the resources. And the humans are pretty much balanced, they are very nice for defense if you load a bunker with 2 firebats and 2 marines.

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Topic: General Gaming / Achievement Unlocked

Originally posted by 123cool:

how do you do ‘’ Get of your seats ’’

I know! I’ve been trying to get that one for a while now,I really wanna know how to get it.

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Topic: Platform Racing 2 / PR 2 wierd cactus

i’ve seen “SUPER FLYING COWBOY CACTUS MODE!!” before but never “HUG THE CACTUS” besides fred the giant cactus is awesome =)