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Topic: TDP4 Team Battle / Seriously campers?

And I hate kred abussers

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Topic: Dream World / DW forum game: Guess the artwork!

Lolz cat

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Topic: Tyrant / Counter Cards

Originally posted by lol0lo:


Good ol’fashion Tiamat

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Topic: Tyrant / Counter Cards

Originally posted by BeerBoobs:

I, Judge Magister, condemn you to Oblivion!

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Topic: Tyrant / ITALIANI

Yo no hablo italiano pero entiendo (hablo castellano)

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Topic: Tyrant / Mission 65 - I am clueless

Invasion Coordinator, Bolster Xeno, 3x Xeno Interceptors, Stealthy Niaq (can be subbed by Fortifier), 2x Aegis, Rifter, Predator and Phantom

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Topic: Tyrant / [recruiting] Tyrants Club - lv 22 - Stable, mature faction. 3rd year of playing.

Originally posted by DeadPoetsSociety:

LOL! A bot faction that has somehow gone undetected for EIGHT months? Nah, sorry to disappoint Viciously – we’re actually just a decent bunch of people who love to play the game and can’t be bothered with all that Top 10 “drama”. Meet us in #20 ;)

I don’t know what the noob do you mean by #20, but if it is ranking, my faction is 38, so not so far from 23. My faction is not in the top 10, and those things I said, those are real

Me and some users saw some good ol’ bots from Men of Mayhem (from the old Men of Mayhem, not actual one, there are no bots), and I think one from Flashfight.

Just that, I’m not accusing all of you, just the bots.

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Topic: Tyrant / [recruiting] Tyrants Club - lv 22 - Stable, mature faction. 3rd year of playing.

There are a lot of bots in this faction, it is a fact.

Most of them were from deleted factions (that were deleted because of botting).

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Topic: Tyrant / Counter Cards

Originally posted by Cerealguy:
Originally posted by jackdaw:

Purifying Rider counter = Enfeebler.




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Topic: Tyrant / Tournaments need...

Originally posted by natedoggga:

6 packs gives you the chance to get every card in the set lmaoo, way too much, and sorting through 6 packs to make a deck would be a pain as well

6×6= 36; 50 cards in pack

So you won’t get EVERY card in the pack

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Topic: Tyrant / Tyrant Octane

What the-!?

Is this a subliminal message?

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Topic: Tyrant / Does anybody know how to beat night of terror 3?

I used this deck with a win rate of 83% on auto (maybe higger in manual):

Invasion Coordinator, Bolster Xeno, 3x Xeno Interceptor, Xanadu, Stealthy Niaq, 2x Aegis, Predator and Rifter

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Topic: Tyrant / [Thanks to the Devs] Level UP Reward Cards for long-term Motivation

I’m level 34 and I wish this to be real, image people with level 90 or 100…

This needs to happen, it’s mandatory.

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Topic: Tyrant / [Dev] Tyrant Roadmap Oct 22

I bet we won’t get the 25 WB we were expecting for…


Topic: Tyrant / Counter Cards

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Topic: Tyrant / Swipe 1?

It would hit 5 cards, like an expanded swipe wich hits +1 cards in both sides

You people have no logic

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Topic: Tyrant / Support Carrier...

How about LoT- 2x Hatchet- 4x Asylum, total beatdown

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Topic: Tyrant / Against Dev WB'ing: Game Rating 1/5

I preffer HASIN’ bucket rather than HASIN’ wbs or elite

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Topic: Tyrant / Please coordinate to change innacurate tags

Card is going down, way down, like dead down, it will be so down that it won’t know wich way is up!

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Topic: Tyrant / Why you should quit Tyrant

Looks very nice, I will give it a try.

PD: Zaladar looks like my uncle. Yep, he is an elemental.

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Topic: Tyrant / Face it guys... This game is a SCAM!

I was enjoying the game when I started, but now I’m level 33 and I’m bored, I didn’t spent any money on this and I have all the cards avaliable for free, still no Dracorex or Elite.

I preffer playing Plants vs Zombies, I don’t have the golden trophy.

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Topic: Tyrant / Ideas for 0 Drop Legendaries

Just burf actions and that’s it, no need for wasting a legendary spot

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Topic: Tyrant / Joker Carnival = Kreds = WBs

Got nothing, 5 kreds, 5 kreds, 5 kreds and 5 points.

Nice streak

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Topic: Tyrant / Congratulations to Pharos owners

Attalia, 9x Pharos and Orbo the Wrathful= Unbeatable.

As Bill O’Reilly would say: Pharos goes in, Pharos goes out, you can’t explain that.

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Topic: Tyrant / User-made decks

Apex /(2/4/2 Flying, Rally Xeno 1, Leech 2)
Bolster Xeno /(1/6/1 Armored 2, Enfeeble 1, Strike 1)
Stealthy Niaq /(3/3/2 Evade, Poison 1)
Predator /(2/3/1 Strike 1, AntiAir 1)
3x Dominated Hatchlings /(3/5/2 Heal 1)
Rifter /(Flying, Strike All 1, Poison 1)
2x Xeno Interceptors /(4/4/3 Flying, Pierce 2, Immobilize)