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Topic: TDP4 Team Battle / how do I start a new character

The 4 W’s and how:

When’s the bug?
Where’s the bug?
What’s the bug?
Why the bug?
How’s the bug?

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Topic: TDP4 Team Battle / Ways to earn coins, cash and exp

Originally posted by supergui:

this dont help nothing the game still needing more ways to win money 1 kill 1 coin!? you kidding me? should be 1 kill 10 coins

this game suck

Problem? Just because it isnt easy doesnt mean it isnt fun. :/ Some of us like a challenge…

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Topic: Transformice / item power ups for /room survivor

Broh, just admit it, your ideas failed… No one like them, so they shouldn’t be implemented into the game.

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Topic: Transformice / Tips on Being a Shawman

Originally posted by hristo:

You can’t use Red Anchors on anything except planks.
uhm,I think this isnt true,If you first a normal plank (No anchors) then add a b anchor plank on it,Then you can spawn b planks on the b planks _

Must you correct every little mistake? What I meant is pretty obvious, Red Anchors can only be spawned on planks, unless you have a totem, but he/she doesn’t need to know about that for awhile.

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Topic: Transformice / item power ups for /room survivor

One word: No

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Topic: Transformice / Tips on Being a Shawman

No need for a double post… I don’t have anymore advice for you bruh, other than just make mistakes, forget about em.

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Topic: Transformice / Transformice love

Bruh, it’s just an emotion. No need to make a thread about it.

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Topic: Transformice / i love transformicey YAY


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Topic: General Gaming / MW3 vs BF3

Originally posted by ProxyAbuser:


I got that, (lvl 70 valor, which is max level) I still like mw3 better… Haven’t played bf3 but I had a bad experience with bfbc2, and I didn’t like their campaign in bfbc2 because it was all so dark… Even on the brightest setting, it was still really dark for me. I don’t know if bf3 and bfbc are related, but it sounds like it. So if I’m wrong, correct me please.

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Topic: Transformice / Cannon: room baffbotffa2

Originally posted by Lifeisacarride:

99% of guests who have an account but choose to play as guests do so solely for the purpose of being trolls.

47% of statistics are made up on the spot.

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Topic: Forum Games / What happens next?

10. His guts gather in one spot, then form another person.

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Topic: Forum Games / COKE MACHINE

You get 1/2 of each coin.

I insert THIS:

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Topic: Forum Games / The Sandwich Game.

4. A Quoted Post.

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Topic: Off-topic / Best way to kill a troll?

Best Way ever!

EDIT: Unless you are talking about physical trolls… Then I don’t know.

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Topic: Off-topic / Is santy claus real?

Yeah, he brought me presents… a while back. I saw’d him eatin mah cookies!!! He stealed them, don’t let him into your house. EVAH!!!!

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Topic: Off-topic / I just slept for 22 hours

Originally posted by burntfires22:
Originally posted by LowBro17:

Longest I’ve slept was 13 hours (11 PM to 12 PM) and longest I’ve stayed awake is 34 hours (8 AM to 6 PM). My average sleep time is 9 hours (10 PM to 7 AM).

Actually, you’re wrong there.
11PM to 12PM is one hour.
I think what you’re trying to say is 12AM.

No actually, you are wrong there.
11PM to 12PM would be 13 hours, if it were 1 hour, it would be 11PM to 12AM. Unless he/she woke up at 11:59PM exactly, which would still not even be a full hour.
12PM is one minute after after 11:59AM. And 12AM is one minute after 11:59PM… Make sense? If it doesn’t, go review what you learned in second grade. ;)

EDIT: Just to simplify this, it is not possible for 11PM to be right before 12PM, every 12 hours, it changes from PM to AM, unless you are on some different time that does the 24 hour clock thing…

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Topic: Off-topic / Which game series is better mario, zelda, metroid

Zelda FTW!!! Never played Metroid, and Mario is fun too, just gets boring. Zelda has replay value IMO. Mario just… Doesn’t. I am more into Zelda because it is an action-adventure type game, whereas Mario is just too acrade-ish. And Zelda is longer than most Mario games, TP took me about a week to beat, playing about 2 hrs every night, but Super Mario Bros. 3 took me about 2 days, which gets boring after awhile. So, overall, Zelda 5/5 Mario 3.5/5 and Metroid ?/5

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Topic: Off-topic / my house is not working

I saw title and I was like, “lolwut???” And I was gonna come in and post something completely off-topic, but then I saw it was about that game Minecraft… I don’t get minecraft anyways, just a bunch of pixelated junk that doesn’t even look good… No offence MC players…. (MC Is what I shall be calling it, idk if it is an official abbreviations…)

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Topic: Off-topic / A Wee Game For You Kongregatians

Originally posted by burntfires22:
Originally posted by Reimu_Hakurei:




It’s made by Bethesda.
It’s pretty baws.
clue: m_ _ _ _ _ _ _
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ s

Soundtrack was composed by J_ _ _ _ _ S_ _ _ _.

Opinion. Need facts.

On-Topic: I have no clue…

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Topic: Off-topic / A Wee Game For You Kongregatians

The Gummy Bear Game (PS3 XBOX360 PC Wii)
The Gummy Bear Game 2: Rise of The Gummiers (PS3 XBOX360 PC Wii)
The gummy Bear Game 3: Assassination of The Gummiers Evil Huge Gigantic overlord Which Will Show Up In Ten Seconds (Ps3 Xbox360 PC Wii)

Those are my answers to all 3 games.

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Topic: Off-topic / My dad is so boss

Originally posted by Reimu_Hakurei:

How does that make your dad, “so boss”?

Because it’s an opinion.

It may be an opinion, but… Eh whatever, have fun with your, “so boss” dad!

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Topic: Off-topic / My dad is so boss

How does that make your dad, “so boss”? Pfft, just because he wears pokemans and listens to Zelda music doesn’t mean he is “so boss”.

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Topic: Transformice / Merry Christmas, Everyone!

I feel bad too, it just sucks doesnt it? D:

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Topic: Off-topic / How did you find the site?

Originally posted by Maik50:

Meh, I’ll post here anyway

PR2 (platform racing 2) brought me to Kongregate

Same here. Might have been tfm… (Transformice) I dunno, one of those games…

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Topic: Off-topic / Think of anybody. Real life, fiction or whatever.

Originally posted by TheRoflWaffle:
Originally posted by greko159:

Pfft, you all would get owned with mah partner… Chuck Norris. Round-house kick the ball every time it comes near him. w00t! Chuck Norris rawks!!!!!!

“Chuck Norris can blow bubbles with beef jerkey,” <— Best quote, evah!!!

Chuck Norris is a washed-out actor and the jokes are horrible.

Pfft. I don’t like Chuck Norris just because of the jokes, or because he looks cool on-screen, but for many other reasons that I don’t really feel like sharing. Only reason I don’t feel like sharing is that I’m off to bed, and it would take a while to list all the reasons I like him. And, how would you know he is a, “washed-out” actor if you don’t know him personally?