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Topic: Game Programming / GiTD [#24] Voting (Finished!)

1) Bob the Blob
2) Invader Breaker

Aaaaaand some feedback!

Bobikas – Organise a GiTD: Funny idea, but there’s not much to the game since it’s so short. The overlapping platforms at the beginning are really confusing, it took me a while to figure out what I was actually standing on. It’s not entirely obvious if you are interacting with the computer or the floppy discs. You could just change the color of the screen on the computer based on whether the player is touching the computer or not, and maybe just have the floppies disappear when you pick them up. The design of the level doesn’t really present much of a challenge, mainly because it isn’t easy to lose with everything so closely packed together. With the whole interest meter, you could do stuff like making the player run a distance to the right in search for another computer so they can start collecting things in another area, or simply place the entrants and prizes further away from the computer so that there is actually a chance to lose.

truefire – Wizard’s Quest: Great game, I like how the wizard controls, the dungeon is fun to explore, and the weapons are fun to use. The text at the beginning of the game and at the buttom right of the HUD are hard to read. They either need to be bigger or they need to have a font that is more readable at smaller sizes. The main thing that I don’t like is the pausing that happens when you hover over the HUD, run into a chest, or level up. All of the pauses break the flow of the game in my opinion. I can see why you want to pause while hovering over the HUD because the player needs to see the stats of their items, but I feel like I should be able to switch my equipment in realtime rather than having the game pause. For chests, I would rather click on them to open them than having them open automatically. Right now the pause when you accidently run over a chest while fighting monsters is kinda frustrating. I don’t like the game pausing and showing the level up screen immediately. I would prefer choosing when to level up so I can finish what I’m doing at the time before leveling up.

LIDgames – Looper: The graphics are nice, but man those controls feel stiff. They feel stiff to me especially since for one the character moves at different speeds on the ground and in the air, I don’t actually see any reason for the character to move so slow on the ground when you can move much faster in the air. Honestly the controls make this game a bit of a chore to me because they don’t feel fluid as I feel like I’m fighting the controls more than I’m playing the game. I like the design of the level, the obstacles are all interesting and fun to go through. Although the laser platforms feel kind of like a cheap death when you fall down since to me it wasn’t obvious that there wasn’t any way to get back up on the platforms if you did fall in the pit. I would also reverse the sides that the blades are on at the last stretch. So make the controls more fluid and I think you have a good game.

TheKaveman – Level Quest: I don’t know, honestly I didn’t really enjoy this one. The fights are really simplistic and there needs to be more variety in the enemies. I don’t really know what else to say besides give the player more options with stuff like different weapons and make different enemies. Maybe different arena layouts would work well too. Also, after taking a couple of hits and realizing that I don’t die or anything made everything feel 100% less dangerous. I wasn’t being penalized for getting hit besides the counter for the amount of hits taken at the end, which doesn’t do anything to make the player feel penalized in the middle of the fights because the player doesn’t know about it until the end.

Rafael_MJ – Pinky’s Dungeon Escape: Controls are nice and fluid. I have a few irks with the level design though. The main thing I don’t like is the backtracking. I expected the gems to be in the area I was in rather than having to go backwards. I don’t like having one of the gems in the options room either, I feel like a lot of people would miss that one if they didn’t go into the options room in the start, and if I hadn’t, I would never think to go in there looking for a gem. I think a good way to keep the backtracking and not have it feel like a chore is using the newly aquired upgrades to create shortcuts to the older passages basically like what you did with the ladder going into the start room.

DrYoshiahu – Just Another Shadow: It’s an interesting concept. I found it hard to want to keep playing though, but I think that’s just because I like being able to see where I go rather than having to do a bunch of guessing to figure out what I’m supposed to do in the first place. So that might just be a matter of taste. I felt like I was just randomly running around, jumping, and dying to things that I couldn’t see. Although it is obvious what I died to once I did die to it once. The bullets from the turrets are really hard to see though. I find myself rushing through to dodge the bullets because they are almost impossible to see. I think maybe making the bullets bigger or possibly a different color would definitely help make them more visible. Also, the text at the beginning is omg slow. Let the player speed it up or skip all together. Other than that, it was pretty interesting.

Abigayl – Invader Breaker: This game is crazy :D It’s pretty hard at first, but once you start figuring things out it becomes really fun. Although the problem is figuring out what everything does. If I hadn’t read the instructions for the game, I would have no idea what each of the powerups actually do. The changes between before you get a powerup and after is pretty small. It makes it hard to tell what the powerup actually did. It also took me a while to figure out that I was only supposed to pick up the white powerups and not the black ones. I think part of the reason is that when I see something falling from the sky that I can get, I really WANT to pick it up. The other reason is, as I said before, because the changes between before and after getting a powerup is really small. I think if you can find a balance of exaggerating the effects of a powerup and making the powerup reasonable then the whole powerup system would be perfect. The enemies are pretty fun to fight and they feel pretty good at getting you into uncomfortable situations. Although maybe the enemy that has the constant laser could be changed to a laser that alternates on and off so you have a chance to dodge him.

byrono – Clown Death: It’s a start to something. From what I’ve played, the jumping feels very floaty. A little more gravity would be nice. I think that the player should be able to control their jump height as well. It’s hard to say much else since what it has right now is pretty good, more content just needs to be added. Although it takes a long time to kill things especially with the cooldown of the weapon. I would probably lower the amount of hits it takes to kill the enemies because it becomes very chaotic very quickly since it’s hard to kill the enemies.

orandze – The Floor is Lava: It’s a fun little minigame type thing in my opinion. I love the riding-on-monsters-and-stuff mechanic, it would be awesome to see you explore the mechanic more. I’m not really sure what could be done with it specifically, but I feel it could be a fun alternative to hopping between the platforms especially if the player finds themself in a position where they can’t get onto the next platform. It would make nice “clutch” moments for the player. I had a bit of trouble riding on a bat though, I ended up sliding off of the bat when it started flying downwards. Music is pretty awesome, as everyone else has said. One thing I would like to see is a bit of an overlap between when one platform fades out and the other fades in. Something like when the disappearing platform is 80% gone, the next platform is 20% appearing if that makes sense. I would also like to see a small warning when one of the falling rocks is going to fall just so I can make some kind of plan to avoid it rather than finding my head being crushed when I’m jumping towards one of the top platforms.

Moshdef – Fight Scene: Well.. I don’t really enjoy this one. There’s too much being determined by RNG for my tastes. I find that I basically just hope the my random damage does more than their random damage, and if I need to heal then I hope my random healing gives me more than their random damage. Tooooo much randomness. The strategy here is basically “attack, heal when my health is low, and cross my fingers.” That doesn’t sound very fun in my opinion. The randomness can be kept, but it definitely needs to be tuned down a lot. The enemies are all basically the same, I would like to see them having different attacks and maybe make them have weaknesses as well. You can also do stuff like have the enemy go into some charging phase for a few turns, and then release a huge attack on the player. Basically try to make the enemies as interesting as possible and make them feel unique.

Ace_Blue – GITD24 Bob the Blob: Oh gosh the camera, but I know you’re aware of that already ;p. The controls feel a little slippery, especially when jumping on top of one tile wide blocks. That might be a result of the camera being all jumpy though. The game could use with less gravity too, or at least a low limit on the blob’s vertical speed. It would help a lot since the level gets pretty hard especially since it seems you have to do some precise solidifying. On the note of solidifying, I like the mechanic quite a bit, it gives the game a nice fun puzzley aspect. Same with the exploding and checkpointing. I would definitely tweak the camera and gravity, and probably make some less insane levels. More mechanics would probably need to be added for the game to be longer though, if I were to add more stuff to this game I probably wouldn’t touch the abilities that the blob can do. I think that three abilities feels like the right number to have.

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Topic: Game Programming / GiTD [#24] Entries and Discussion

Alright, got my game finished and uploaded!

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Topic: Game Programming / GiTD [#24] Entries and Discussion

I’ve been secretly working on my entry :p

Need to do some tweaking and polishing here and there and I should be done with it.