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Topic: Forum Games: Forum Games / Lands to Lords - Incremental Forum RPG Day 4

I came to check if you were doing anything on Kongregate but forgot about Dashnet. Looks like you’re just AFK. Anyway, when will be the next update?


Topic: Off-topic / This will cure your cancer.

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Topic: General Gaming / Kongridle

Can you do something with SHINY kongpanions? Like gaining more XP or they don’t get hungry as fast or a bonus to progress bar speed or etc.? Or maybe have a special place only they can go to.

Also, my Patty and Rahpanin are not as full as the others. Is this a feature because they’re food kongpanions or is it something I did?

And how about a bun making thing that turns pebbles and stuff into buns. Maybe make it cost a lot and be more endgame.



This random dude needs pebbles. Get him pebbles.

To complete: give him 25 pebbles.
Completion reward: a coin


This level 2 says he’s a pro, beat him by showing him YOUR level.

To complete: be level 10 or more.
Completion reward: a coin


This person loves SHINY kongpanions, and says he will give a reward to a person who shows him SHINY kongpanions.

To complete: have 3 SHINY kongpanions.
Completion reward: a coin


A person who fixed avatars, he says he will fix one for a badge point

To complete: give him a badge point
Completion reward: your avatar is fixed


(Insert Kongpanion here) wants to go to (insert place within his level)!

To complete: Bring him to that place.
Completion reward: 50% happiness to that Kongpanion.

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Topic: Sandbox Hero / Feature Requests (not multiplayer)

How about map rating and stuff is limited by your level.

If a level 1 rates a map 0, it will do basicly nothing.

If a level 40 rates a map 0, it will act like it normally does.

This way people can’t use alts as well, it will atleast postpone the alts for a while while they level up.

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Topic: Bloons TD 5 / Complete the Multiple Choice Story (Only In Bloons TD 5)

C, I want to play! And there’s many things on screen because of freeplay.

You play on hard mode for the first time, in the first wave you lose almost all your lives.

A) Try to win anyway with no real strategy
B) Make a competetion with yourself to see how far you get
C) Quit
D) Buy premuin stuff to help you!

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Topic: Bloons TD 5 / Complete the Multiple Choice Story (Only In Bloons TD 5)

A, there is no way I’m gonna survive! But somehow, you do.

Your on wave 50 on easy mode, but you have 1 life left. Do you:

A) sell all your towers for money for awesome towers
B) just buy towers
C) upgrade towers
D) a mix

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Topic: Sandbox Hero / Feature Requests (not multiplayer)



Looks: A spider like creature with a bulb on the top.
Health: Very low
Attack: None
Defence: None
Special: Heals ally monsters.
Behavior: Dosen’t jump, tries to stay near other monsters.


Looks: A ball of light
Health: Median
Attack: Low
Defence: Median
Special: Can go through walls
Behavior: Flies towards the player.


Looks: The starter player.
Health: High
Attack: High
Defence: Low
Special: None
Behavior: Jumps at the player, fast.


Looks: a green traitor
Health: High
Attack: Low
Defence: Median
Special: None
Behavior: Slow, walks.

Duck-sized Hippo from Super Duck Punch:

Looks: A tiny hippo
Health: Low
Attack: Low
Defence: None
Special: Latches onto the player, making them slower.
Behavior: Walks when not attacking player, when attacking player it jumps at the player

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Topic: Sandbox Hero / Bug Report Thread

People have said this, but GRAVITY DOES NOT WORK! When you edit it it’s ok, but when you publish it’s back to normal.

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Topic: Everybody Edits / There is No Festival

Doing this to see the thread.

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Topic: Anti-Idle: The Game / Challenge Submission Thread

Never A Quitter

You are a hard worker, and decide one day you want to get to level 5000. Using your buisness, you have to get a job for a certain feature, then you have to get a certain performance to be able to quit/retire. But after you quit/retire, the feature is locked again.

Objective: Reach level 5000


1. You start with buisness, the feature you choose is the only feature unlocked.
2. When you retire from the buisness the feature locks again. But it lets you choose a new buisness
3. You may only retire from the buisness if you are over 50 performance


  • Medal Name: Master Of Working
  • Skin Color: #0c6908
  • Eye Color: #ada610
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Topic: Anti-Idle: The Game / Challenge Submission Thread

Dropping Gain

Every hour the amount of exp you gain takes a tiny drop. But will the exp gain drop be enough to keep you from getting to level 1000?
Try and show that you can do it even with decreasing exp amounts!

Objective: Reach level 1,000


1. Every hour, the percentage of exp you gain is reduced by 1%
Everyone hour, the percentage of the exp you gain is reduced by 1%
2. The minimum amount of exp percentage you can have is 0.1%


  • Medal Name: Exp% 0
  • Skin Color: #FF6633
  • Eye Color: #00FF00
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Topic: Everybody Edits / Smiley University (NOW HIRING TEACHERS)

You can lock it by deleting the first post shiny

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Topic: Everybody Edits / What would I do if I owned EE, and what would result?

Originally posted by ShinyPorygon5:

I locked the other thread, and hopefully noobs will read the damn directions this time before posting.

Originally posted by wesley_ding:

If I owned EE, I would slightly lower the prices of BC and award 3 gems for attaining Level 12 (not that it can actually buy you anything unless you pay for more). [So that it doesn’t turn into a be-rich-to-play game.]

Players are noted of the prize beforehand, and it gives them the will to get to Level 12. Upon the many players achieving it the game goes bankrupt due to having to give out so many gems to players for free and not spending them.

If I owned EE, I would scold the moderators for not being active on the game, and if they did not listen, they would be replaced.

Most don’t liston, so you replace them, but one of your replacements ban everyone from the game, so you no longer have players.

If I Owned EE, I will make new types of worlds.

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Topic: Everybody Edits / Shadow of the Earth - RPG (Unfinished)

Originally posted by RenagadeNinja:

Classes and Races

The stats and abilities are divided by the multiple classes and species of beings that are eligible. Some types are better in some areas than others, this is so there is balance.

Races & Species

You should already know what the societies are, so here is another list, with their weakness and strength in stats in the form “Species – <strength> / <weakness>”

  • Human – Balanced / Balanced
  • Elves – Speed /
  • Dwarves – Defense /
  • Fairies – Magic /
  • Cyclopses – Special Defense /
  • Banshees – Attack /
  • Grunts – Balanced / Balanced
  • Birdmen – Speed / Defense
  • Giants – Special Defense / Magic
  • Centaur – Special Attack / Health
  • Golems – Defense / Magic
  • Skeletors – Special Attack / Health

Will be finished later

How about each thing has a SPECIAL area.
Humans= Can make robots easier
Elves= Smaller and is better with wild animals
Dwarves= Smaller and is great at making stuff that involves iron. And can mine better.
Fairies= Magical Flying.
Cyclopses= Big and Strong
Banshees= Knowing when people are going to die? Changing “Age” In their looks?
Birdmen= Wings
Giants= Bigger and stronger.
Centaur= Fast and good with nature.
Golems= Strong, Slow?
Skeletors= Very Magical, and a pet panther?

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Topic: Realm of the Mad God / UT ideas

Staff Of Practice
Damage= 5-15 + 1-2
Pet feed= 5 + 5
Attack speed= 1 attack per second
Discription= This staff is a soul who went in a stick. The soul’s powered is fueled by training.
Special= Every time you kill a enemy. It splits the exp between you and the staff, if you are maxed, it gives all of it to the staff. It need 5000 xp to level up. You need it equipped for it to gain exp.
NOTE= The + means that is the amount of stuff added. Example= Level 1 weapon- 5-15. 2 is 6-17. Then 7-19.
How to get it=
1% chance to get it from a chicken
25% chance to get it from THE EVIL CHICKEN GOD!
5% chance to get it from those passive things in pirate cave.

Sword Of Fame=
Description= This sword was made to test people’s strength, if they can beat gods with this, they are pure awesome.
Damage= 10-20
Attack speed= 2 per second
Special= Below is the CHART OF FAME. In this chart, it shows how much more fame you get by using this weapon and getting the finishing kill.

Gods= 1 fame
Dungeon bosses (besides the spider queen and the pirate king)= 3
Spider Queen= 2
Pirate King= 1
Event Gods= 5
Oryx 1= 7
Oryx 2= 50
Fame Bonus= 10%
Pet Feed= 750

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Topic: Everybody Edits / EE: Age of the Gammers (Epilogue) FINISHED

1. Smily Drone

2. Very Very Very Big Strength, Hp, and defence.

3. Hacker?

4. My character is a body/Smily under a full suit of metal that controls me. But you can free my character from the suit to reveal…

1. Youk You

2. Very Fast, but is weak and can be a bit annoying, has great hacker knowledge and can heal many different hacker wounds.

3. ???

4. My character was once a hacker, but became a traitor to them when I set free a lot of gamers at a prison, was then put in a full metal suit and turned into a drone, my character wishs to be a gamer but was a hacker, so does not know if he can ask or not. So if you don’t let him join the gamers, or make him never ask. He might be a random guy that sometimes helps the gamers by throwing items at them. But if you let him join, then he is a gamer that can be helpful in curing and “hacking” the hackers.

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Topic: Everybody Edits / Everybody Edits Creepypasta

Originally posted by Pokequeen:

This is my first creepypasta ever so it’s crap thx


I turned my computer on to play Everybody Edits. I did the same thing every day: Invest energy in the Shop (I was trying for a Great World) and get my daily magic. Sometimes I wondered why I still played the game… but that’s not important.

I wanted to join ZOMG Zombie Attack, one of the most popular worlds at the time, until something else caught my attention.
It was a world simply titled “dread”. All lowercase. What was even creepier was that it had 0 woots and 0 online players, yet it was at the top of the world list. Impossible, I thought, unless it’s some new bot… My curiosity got the best of me, so I clicked and joined. I feel that words are not enough to describe this world, so here’s a screenshot I took.

The map was clearly made to look like a graveyard, and boy did it feel like it. I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw the very real-looking grave “block” and didn’t know what to think of it (It didn’t even show up on the map). I kept telling myself, it’s a bot. Nothing else.
I watched as my Laika smiley jumped across the map. Lots of graves. More graves. I moved to the big smiley statue. That was the only thing that looked… normal. Was I ever wrong.
As soon as I stepped onto the grass near the statue I saw the zombie icon appear at the top left and a message in chat: “…” in gray text.
It said there were 29 zombies. Then 36. then 40. The number was rapidly increasing.
I saw them approach me.
Another message in chat: “join Us” but this time, it was white.
I couldn’t move my smiley. Well, I couldn’t move my legs.
So I stood still. That’s when I saw they had names.

That’s when it hit me. These were dead EE players.

I couldn’t take anymore. I held down my computer’s Power button. Just as the player-zombies were to reach my smiley,
it shut off.

Sigh of relief.

This was all 2 weeks ago. I’ve never seen that world again, and believe me when I say
I don’t want to.

I like. I give B-

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Topic: Everybody Edits / Everybody Edits Creepypasta

Originally posted by jlee1968:

The disappearing people

On a stormy night in everybody edits, there was this world called &#8220;untitled&#8221;, no one went there, but then it was completed and it got renamed &#8220;zombie land&#8221;. Whenever a person went into that world, they were never seen again and their smiley that they were using last would be displayed on the homepage. At first people thought the creator just kicks them out and they quit and benjaminsen displays some random smileys on there, but then the screen on the homepage started getting filled with smileys while the everybody edits drop rate was going higher and higher, until there were only 4 people left. Those 4 people were Benjaminsen, MrVoid, MrShoe and the creator. Then Benjaminsen went to investigate with MrVoid on that world. When they went there, MrVoid disappeared and there was 164432 zombies there then it became 164433 zombies and all their name were &#8220;zombie&#8221;. Benjaminsen tried to ban the creator, but it said &#8220;The user does not exist&#8221; and Benjaminsen dissapeared while the zombies turned into 164434 zombies. MrShoe took advantage of this by deleting the world and the creator disappeared along with it. Then everybody edits repopulated again, but the worst thing ever happened.. MrShoe added all these stupid, annoying and dumb updates that almsot half thhose people quit and MrShoe was the only mod left, all the updates were SOO stupid that there were only 132 players that actually played everybody edits. That was the story of how MrShoe took control of everybody edits and made it a stupid game. (I tried my best and btw) bumps

I like it untell the fact it was mr.shoe adding dumb stuff.

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Topic: Everybody Edits / Everybody Edits Creepypasta

Be my friend

It was an average day in everybody edit, spending my energy, jumping mini-games. Smashing my head in the wall when going to fast. It was fine, but there was a door (world) that was named “Come be with me”. I got a friend but the world was deleted from the lobby as I entered, so I was alone. It was empty, except one smily. “Lonly” He had a sad face, I went to him but he chatted a chat I saw " Stay with me…." I hit RETURN TO LOBBY. It failed. “Be with me….” I look around for blocks. " STAY FOREVER" I kept looking, untell I jumped and hit my head on a secret block. He Turned Into A red devil smily and had a red aura and was flying, at the exit was EXIT BLOCKS. These didn’t exist, but I jump secret to secret. But he blocked my way.

" STAY WITH ME FOREVER!!!!" He flew at me. He missed by a little. I jumped more and more. When I saw a shiny crown spawned at the beginning. Exit and not stay for inturnity. Or take my chances BUT HAVE A CROWN. I went with the MOST OBVIOUS CHOICE! (Think about what I chose before you continue reading)

I.. Chose…. The crown. I got it, he flew at me. I jumped on the secret blocks and continued. Untell, I felt lazy, like I could stay. I battled this will, but as I got to the blocks. I chose to stay, I went to the patch of grass he went in. Come be with US
( How did you like it? )

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Topic: Anti-Idle: The Game / Game Bugs

Daily Bonus

3 or 4 days ago, I think I went around or to the highest amount of days I have played in a row when I was only on 4 or 3 or 2 days in a row. I don’t think I bought the “Daily Bonus Restore”. I happen to like this bug, but I maybe should report it.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Vorp!] Ship levels

How about each ship has a level, not like the current commander or ingame level thing. But like a level that stays forever, but not for commander.

Leveling up your ship as effects,

+5 energy.

+1 TROOPER (below)

+1 damage

Now, here are TROOPERS:
How troops work: You can select them to be your pilot and shooter and stuff. You can also sell them for B! and recently sold troops can be bought for a price. (They can also level up)

Jugger troops:

Saw bot: let’s you do plus 1-10 damage with melee when pilot, as a shooter it shoots very tiny saw things that do 1-5 damage.

ANT troops: As pilot you go 5% faster. Cannot be shooter.

Xggararrrarrrrr (Or whatever):

Lost soul: As shooter its a tiny skull that orbits, but it will seek out enemys to damage them. They have 1-50 speed, do 1-2 damage, and “bite” (attack) every 1-2 seconds.

And more troopers! But each pilot only has a certan amount of pilots allowed, same with shooters.


2 pilots, 4 shooters.

And more! But I might be lazy, so not now. Please put ideas for this idea!

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Topic: Everybody Edits / Elemental Wars


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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Vorp!] An idea about drones.

I will edit THIS post with the link once I make it.


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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Vorp!] An idea about drones.


Swarmy: Send in a group of swarms and have them kill a commander. 50 B! (Repeatable)

The classics: Send in both 1) and 2). 150 B! (repeatable)

Costy: Buy 10). 5 B! (Repeatable)

All time droney: send in ALL drones in any match. 500 B! (NOT repeatable)

That might be all for now. But 1cloneftw, I have a idea, its like this in a way. Should I put a link to this idea in the thread?

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Vorp!] An idea about drones.

Seems a bit good, I think they’re should be rewards for this. May I create the reward ideas and post them here?

(By rewards I mean like the end match things that give you B!.)