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Topic: Tyrant / Advanced counter cards game (squabble edition)

I’M BAaaaACK! (after a long break from ever playing tyrant or being on the forums)

Rule 558.1: Counter card swaps its skills with previous card.

if you count in attack/health into skills then this wins! this card is basically backwards infantry

oh, and hi caterpillar!

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Topic: Tyrant / Advanced counter cards game (squabble edition)

Originally posted by gothosspy:

Its the best at what it does except…no one really knows what is does

COUNTER CARDS! (I have the pokemon theme running through my head for that)

look I came back and I have no card…I suck at this…I also suck at editing these things apparently

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Topic: Tyrant / Post your fake card PICTURES

what’s FFT?

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Topic: Tyrant / If you think this game is rigged.

well I once did a mission and there was a card that had nothing but 50% skills and 1 health and it had all its skills (one was flying another was evade) activate every round…I lost to that one card after destroying the whole deck

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Topic: Tyrant / comparisonize

this is about trieing to find cards that look similar to or are nearly the same as another so here’s my start:

did anyone notice that ranger lieutenant and ferralkin look similar? because I just found that to be interesting

or neocyte guard and saw blade:

albeit one’s more green then the other

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Topic: Tyrant / How Did Everyone Miss This?

Originally posted by Raov:

I hear that when J31 hits 2000 posts, we all get a foil medic as a reward.

Thanks, DEVs!

i’ve got 3 and I am not going to share!

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Topic: Tyrant / Im starting to hate this game.

I get nothing but legends in every pack

please…just…give me…1…rare

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Topic: Tyrant / [To The Devs] Rigs, still alive!

Originally posted by beerjar22:

Just to show you
The old rigs:

The new rigs:

and here’s the very old PR:

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Topic: Tyrant / [To The Devs] Rigs, still alive!

this is what I say to anyone that argues they’ve gotten weaker:


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Topic: Tyrant / [Discuss] Best Tactic For New Raid: Svethera, Cassius-TI/sabre, Wallstall, Assault Summon, Augment-Odin, etc etc

use zarak and warpway forty-fort and summoner and spam the shit out of waste disposer? helps to have drex

except use this drex it’s a whole lot more powerful:

…3 minutes later
I just simulated it and it saya -0% chance of winning and the odd thing is I’ve never loss with it

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Topic: Tyrant / Oldies that Deserve an Upgrade

dracorex has his upgrade it’s:

ok in seriousness I think he does need a upgrade because there’s more OP commanders gotten from packs but giving drex his siege so he can do dual defense is the least that could be done

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Topic: Tyrant / Oldies that Deserve an Upgrade

Originally posted by mikestb:

no to heracles and ogre.
Yes do all others

ogre is weaker in the game niw

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Topic: Tyrant / R.I.P. Hades.

amd worst of all it’s only a RARE!!!!! not even legendary which would prevent spamming

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Topic: Tyrant / [SPOILER] New raids, new reward cards, new achievement and Pyro Rig nerfed (JUL 2013)

Originally posted by zeugmamaker:

Can devs upgrade Hover Pod please? 4/6/2 Flying Rally 3 Supply 3. I pay you in Gokkun and warbondz if you do.

…loading result…

starting input application of result….

EW! do you even know what that means?! why would the devs want that?!

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Topic: Tyrant / [SPOILER] New raids, new reward cards, new achievement and Pyro Rig nerfed (JUL 2013)

Originally posted by s0rin:

This is kinda sad… because this makes rigs totally useless except maybe for noobs. I would have rather seen rigs made unique. That way you could have killed the spam without killing the card totally. That way they could have still been playable in other kind of decks.

In addition I find that rigs have not actually been very good cards to play PvP anyway, but I suppose they kill about everything else. Still I would have liked to see more thought put into this.

not really it still has jam and almost everyone spams the shit out of it so really it doesn’t change other then enemy cards actually hit its armor rather then just sit there and die

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Topic: Tyrant / [Dev] Economy update proposal

what about the promo and reward cards? will you require two of those to or just one like before because that makes no sense that just having that card makes it upgradable since then people will just go ahead and throw the original away for the 100% FREE version that just costs the original

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Topic: Tyrant / [DEV] Raid Revamp Details

pyro would still be kinda OP because you’ll still have 50% chance of jamming the whole enemy deck and if a NPC commander gets a pyro 2 deck then i’m quite sure i’ll end up losing 100% of the time since I seem to be hit 100% of the time by all 50% skills from NPCs but something along the lines of -100% when it’s PCs


Topic: Tyrant / 400k posts

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Topic: Tyrant / Looks like the Devs ditched us for Tyrant Unleashed

2 DAYS (now less then 11 hours) that’s not a reason to complain they COULD ignore the forums for the next 5-10 years and be that omnipotent being that’s making the world better and we just gradually notice weird changes and new things yet not know what’s happening, is that what you want? oh sorry you can’t read past the first 5-6 words let alone half a frickin’ paragraph!

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Topic: Tyrant / Let's open up a can of worms.

Originally posted by Eonian:
Originally posted by euleraleph:
Originally posted by Hexic100000:

I’ve noticed that more MMOs have this to attract more players.

The funniest are the ones that promise ‘Roman orgies’ in their ads. Then it turns out to be a Civilization clone. If they had actual Roman orgies, people might actually play them.

I used to see those around Kong, before I started AdBlocker.

Every one was a Civ I/II clone – “remastered” by adding an overdone “theme” and P2W stuff, none of them ever featured any female character besides the actual “Introduction/Beginner Quests” girl.

And yet every single banner advertised them as if it was a hentai site.

wartune has the first quest girl the first AND second companion and a few boss monsters and (if you choose) the main character as a girl

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Topic: Tyrant / Let's open up a can of worms.

there’s always wartune the girls there wear nearly NOTHING it gets scary at how maximum the protection in battle that minimum coverage does seriously:

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Topic: Tyrant / Nerf Rigs AND Ospry

ospry has a excuse for not being nerfed but PR has to much PR to not be nerfed how about counter instead of immobilize?

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Topic: Tyrant / [To Devs] Slap "unique" on Pyro Rigs, increase its sell price

Originally posted by Dargor303:

Kill them! Kill them with fire!

you stole what I said a few months ago!

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Topic: Tyrant / [Spoiler] NEW PROMOS

Originally posted by TTekkers:

So …… we have 8hp one waits, with decent attacking potential and some healing, and a 4/7/2 once you factor in the legion.

POWERCREEP!! …… almost


meh I have a deck for those set up before they even existed infact i’m using it right now

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Topic: Tyrant / Tyrant in 5 years

dat infanry!

Originally posted by SlfTh3Chl3f:

At first there was this:

But then

As you can see one skill remains unchaged

I gotz the talkz wit himz (troll speak activated and not brain is broken)