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Topic: Dawn of the Dragons: General / Silent Warriors LVL 300+ LIMITED places available

Hi, I wish to apply for your guild. I’m currently level 197 and get around 4-7 levels per day. almost 7000 legion damage. Highly active. Will be level 200 in under 5 hours :D

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Topic: Dawn of the Dragons: General / Post your Raid URLs here

HorgrakDo it!

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Topic: Realm of the Mad God / Error #2048

Okay after being completely ignored/treated like at idiot by the game developers this is my resort. Nothing has changed with my gaming rig since I originally played this about 6months ago. I have spent over 24,000 gold on my kong account and have received extremely poor service so let this be a warning to you all:

What happens for me:

Game loads

Click play

Can view all my characters

Click on log in / any character

Security error #2048
Connection failed! Retrying…
(repeats to infinity)

Same goes for any of the other servers on kongregate

On wildshadow website

After the game loads and I click play I get the error

This, however, does not help me gain access to my $100 account

Things I have tried (off official support site):

Make sure you have the latest version of Flash installed by going here.
→ Done with firefox and IE about 3 times, chrome has inbuilt

Make sure your computer clock’s date/year is correct.
→ Set by microsoft

Try using a different web browser. If you are not using it, we recommendGoogle Chrome.
→ Tried Firefox, IE and chrome

You should also try using a different server. On the game’s title screen you can select your server using the ‘servers’ button.
→ Cant connect to any of the servers

Firewall software or a router may be blocking the game from the necessary communication. Check your settings and make sure the game is allowed to use the network.
→ Opened 843 and the other ports you used on both my firewall and router as well as exceptions

This could be caused by your service provider blocking the game. School networks often block games for example. Checking with your Internet Service Provider or administrator to see if they are blocking access to certain web sites or content.
→ Home ISP nothing is blocked, has worked before in previous builds

If possible, try a different computer that uses the same internet connection or the same computer on a different internet connection. This can help narrow down the issue.
→ Laptop and Desktop not working, laptop doesnt work on other ISPs

I also tried setting my DNS up for google public DNS which also didnt work

If your having the same problems as me, try all of the above.

The point of this post is to try and get some actual support for this error as the way I have been treated is completely unacceptable

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Topic: Call of Gods / Hero Pack II now 400g!?


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Topic: Swords & Potions / Looking For A Guild?


I’m a Regular player who is looking for a guild.

Level 13 Blacksmith and level 12 Sorc

Invite me :D

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Topic: Elements / wtf happened ot the site

Its been down for me for like 3 days now.