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Topic: Serious Discussion / 9/11 attack

Originally posted by zamininc:
Originally posted by SqueekyLemons:

I think it was the government because there was a devil face in one of the flames.

How the hell does that mean the government?

You know those pictures you see sometimes (name escapes me) you make pictures of of it? People just did that with the flames.

And even if it was the face of the devil how the hell does that connect it to the government?

Anyone who believes in conspiracy theorys is a idiot!

Humor is just too far above all of you, isn’t it?

By the way, I find it hilarious that every single person who’s ragging on others’ spelling and grammar has totally botched their own. Here, let me help so that you guys can get on with your arguments and stop picking nits:


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Topic: Serious Discussion / 9/11 attack

Originally posted by SaintAjora:
Originally posted by Fodao42:

You think that’s spooky? Check this out!

Obvious hoax.

No kidding. About as obvious as my satire.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / The Excuse of Religion

I agree. Religion gets away with bloody murder (quite literally, in the past.) While I’m all for personal freedom of religion, I think that it should be on your own time. The problem is, religion (Christianity in particular) has got marketing down. Terry Pratchett once compared it to a chain letter, which I found hilariously fit, something along the lines of: Accept this religion and pass it on to everyone you know or you’ll have bad luck in the future in the form of 10,000 soldiers on your border.

And boy do they try…

Schools don’t allow lots of things, and religion should be one of them. Like someone said, it’s disruptive to the learning environment – these are kids, for Christ’s sake. There are laws concerning advertising aimed at kids, and what is assertion of religion if not advertising?

If a kids wants to (or needs to) wear a symbol or something sacred for their own reasons (i.e. headscarf) that’s relatively neutral; fine. Nothing wrong with letting people know what you are. Want to pray in school? Great – grab your friends and find a place to do it where you won’t be in people’s way. But when you’re potentially taunting and harassing other individuals, and passing it off as innocent statements of self, we got a problem. Then you get people like Dr. Laura Shitslinger telling her listeners in schools that removed prayer to make little bowties out dollar bills so that “In God We Trust” is facing out. Freedom of religion, my butt.

Thankfully, it’s changing, but we have a ways to go. Americans, especially, love their beliefs and love to press their ideas/opinions onto others, and that’s an irritating and dangerous combination. But like we’re seeing in the California courts, people are wisening up to it. It’s just a matter of time.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / What the World Needs Is...

What the world needs now is another Frank Sinatra so I can get you in bed.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / is anyone else scared about gun control

I’m scared of people who are scared of gun control – and I own a gun.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / 9/11 attack

You think that’s spooky? Check this out!

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Evolution vs. Creation

Know what the problem is? That there is no issue; there is no evolution vs. creation.

Nowhere in the scientific discussion of evolution is “god” mentioned. What you have is a bunch of insecure Christians (yeah, I know other religions speak up too, just not en masse like Christians) who want to eradicate anything in the world that promotes even a hint of thought about alternatives, and who want nobody to be able to do the things that they can’t due to their constrictive tenets. Then you have a bunch of asshole atheists who know this and who love to try, in vain I might add, to disprove something that can’t be disproved, and who stock up a bunch of irrelevant knowledge, jump out from around the corner and yell “Ah-ha! Gotcha!” Result: collateral damage to a perfectly sound scientific topic.

This same situation took place hundreds of years ago when Copernicus told the world they were full of fluff, and that the sun was the center of the then-universe. After finally having to face the fact, Christianity adapted and moved on to resist other things that had less proof and more consequence.

Evolution – just like the heliocentric model of the universe – is real, and no more disproves the existence of god any more than cellular biology disproves my preference for the color blue.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Whats America's problem with Canadians

We don’t all hate you. What few Canadians I’ve met I liked, which is a lot more than I can say for my own countrymen.

If Canadians get a lot of flak, it’s probably because Canada’s a close and painful reminder to the uber-patriotic here that you don’t have to invade a country every two years and cheat the masses out of essential services in order to run a first-world country. Its citizens aren’t busting our gates down to get in and Americans can’t flaunt their self-righteous, smug sense of superiority about like they can with Mexico.