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Topic: Brave Tales / WHY current PVP matching system is bad ,and possible ways to fix it.

The problem with this kind of system is that the only ones who truly benefit from it are the ones that exploit it.

And since apparently it’s a well known issue that nothing is being done about. But rather the exploiters get rewarded trough events..
You’re going to have 2 things happen here.

1. Players will drop the gameplay and all just go full animalist so they can be ‘strong pvpers’

2. The rest of the players will grow tired of the pvp system and quit it all together. Or perhaps even quit the game all together because they see it unfit to watch players who exploit a system get rewarded for it.

I know this sounds harsh. But this is the reality of where it’s heading at current rate.

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Topic: KingsRoad / Has anyone, ever, in the entire history of this game, recieved the actual gems from these boxes?

Thank you very much.

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Topic: Realm of the Mad God / NERF THE GOODAMN F KING

It’s not that OP.

But it would be better if he didint count as a guardian of the realm.

I would suggest to put the Avatar in a prison cell inside Oryx castle or something like that. This way it would still be a great challange for the more pro players. And other players like yourself wouldint have to deal with it.

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Topic: Realm of the Mad God / death by lag

I fully support getting this lag problem fixed.
But I dont think the problem is on Kabam’s end. But rather some kind of integration problem trough Kong.
You see the same problem happen several times each day with multiple players getting infinite load screens and ‘account in use’ message. If you try to log into rotmg (the same server you get infinite load on Kong) trough any other site, example steam. You’ll have no problem at all getting in. And usually there is much less lag experienced there too…
To bad we cant transfer pets to different sites… I would quit playing rotmg trough kong in a heartbeat if I could move pet

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Topic: Swords & Potions 2 / Trouble connecting

They are having a server maintenance. It’s started around 21:00ish GMT

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Topic: Galaxy Online / Aug 8 Server Maintenance

From the info in both Blueprint Research screen and Ship Designer screen. It looks like you need to have both pre-existing weapons researched in order to start researching these new ones.
(Example: both Gladius Arc and Black Widow are needed to start researching Mercurius or Debellation)

Can anyone verify if this is true or false?
Seems like a mistake since all the others only needed to have the pre-existing tier weapon researched.

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Topic: Galaxy Online / Never getting Main stats... (rant)

I agree. 4.3+ is good stats.

But the problem is that you rarely ever get that kinda growth unless it is a ‘1 main stat’ commander.
And even then, you way to often need to use 10-20+ reset cards to get that 4.3+ growth in the single stat that gives your commander his proc rate. And this just dos not seem right.. It’s his MAIN stat. He should have much better odds of getting a decent/good growth in that stat.

The real problem is when you have a 2 stat commander. If he is acc/dodge. Then you’ll constantly see him get great growth in speed/electron (4.3+ in both). And reverse if he is an acc/speed. or any other combo.
They always get good growth in the stats they don’t use for skill.

To be perfectly honest. This can very nearly be categorized as scamming… 95% chance NOT to get what your commander needs/uses.. it’s just total bs imo.

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Topic: Galaxy Online / Never getting Main stats... (rant)

Ok, so heres the thing that been bothering me ever since I started playing this game.

The commanders are suppose to have main stats which affect their skill/proc rate.
But for some idiotic reason you can never get a good growth in that, those, stats.

Over and over again you are forced to spend 60-70+ resets cards just to get a decent growth rate in what is suppose to be that commanders MAIN stat.

seriously… this is just the biggest BS ever.. Whats the (censure)!! ide here???

There needs to be a much better chance to get a decent growth in the commanders main stats.

Can you please fix this problem.
It will make the game much more enjoyable to play.