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Topic: Wartune / Some bugs I come across, and my way for lag fix.

2) I have experienced this intermittently as well.

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Topic: Wartune / Official Rant Thread - Patch 1.46

It’s great that you were able to get your rewards from an event posted on the r2games forum onto the Kong servers. Hopefully your situation would set a precedent for further winners from Kong servers. That will encourage more Kong players to participate and makes it fairer for us so that we won’t miss out on rewards.

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Topic: Wartune / [Announcement] 12/13/2012 Wartune Server Maintenance @ 2:00 AM EST

Any updates on when the oceanic server will be online?

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Topic: Wartune / Petition for oceanic server.

I would spend lots of kreds if there’s an oceanic server on kong. Currently spent quite a bit on the r2games oceanic server already. So open a server already!

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Topic: Wartune / can't be reached from my region

Hey guys since you’re in Asia timezone, you can try playing on this server [S66] Perlington Keep:

Its GMT +8 and and first world boss starts at 11am,4pm,10pm, BG at 9pm, GA: 6-8pm, GB: 8pm

I used to play on kongregate server 1 pst time before I shifted as I couldn’t join any events due to timezone. Hope this helps you guys out.