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Topic: Crusaders of the Lost Idols / Horns and Cornucopias - ability cooldown above 50%

Items of one type providing bonuses to another because their original bonus has reached a limit feels a bit inelegant to me.

I would prefer it if CDR items continued providing CDR bonuses.

There are ways to make it work, while keeping the 50% cap, or something really close to that. Introducing diminishing returns is an option, by having CDR items give smaller bonuses after say 30% CDR is reached. Arranging the whole thing (its a math thing) in a way where reaching 50% CDR would be achieved at the same point where today a player has something like 100% to 200% CDR feels about right to me. It shoudnt be higher than that, in order for players who today have the 50% not to lose too much. Further CDR item acquisition should continue giving increasingly smaller bonuses, in a such a way that reaching 55% CDR should be much more difficult than reaching 50% (an order of magnitude more difficult would keep things practically as they are today, ie around 50%, for some time).

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Topic: Reactor idle / Single cell map

On my first attempt i came up with the following, pretty simple and straightforward. I was quite surprised when it didnt explode…

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Topic: Reactor idle / Using highest unocked area for research

I have been doing this for the past couple of days, not sure if it is the best idea.
Here it is: 2 days ago i unlocked area 4, the city. Now the city has much more room compared to the region, where i was playing before (both the island and the village were already converted to research).

Upon unlocking the city, on an impulse i converted it all to research too. Initially this was supposed to be temporary, until i could get the money to get the upgrades for the city. But then it started paying great research returns, and so here is the situation now: i use my highest unlocked area (city) for research, i keep getting money from my second highest (region) and i plan to keep doing that until i get generator 3, which will happen in a few days.

Has anyone studied whether or not what i am doing makes sense in a profit/day sense? I mean, i know that accessing generator 3 early will greatly increase my efficiency, and thats the idea behind the whole scheme, but is it worth the ~one week spent using my highest unlocked area for research only?

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Topic: Crusaders of the Lost Idols / [Rant/Suggestion] Jeweled Chests

We need a sci-fi themed campaign where the chests reward time warps only.

Also a new kind of time warp that has a chance to take you back to the past instead of the future, resulting in gold loss and level loss. And baby crusaders, if they lose all their levels.
Baby crusaders should be top priority.
Forget the talent shop. Nobody needs that. Give us baby crusaders.

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Topic: Crusaders of the Lost Idols / Suggestions

If you hold down control you can see how many levels you can buy for each crusader if they are less than 100, or you see the number 100 if they are 100 or more. Isnt that good enough?

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Topic: Crusaders of the Lost Idols / New Campaign! Grimm's Idle Tales

Sleeping Beauty is the most interesting objective ever in my opinion, forcing you to change between formations with different main DPS, since both the hermit and the ww fall asleep occasionally. At the same time, if youre like me taking your time for completing it and not using any chests or buffs, you still want the asleep DPS crusader to be present in your formation, cause you want him to gather XP. This is unique.

I was kind of expecting the point where both the hermit and the ww would fall asleep at the same time, but it didnt happen. Not that i am complaining, objective is sufficiently challenging as it is.

I am at what i think is the last part of the objective right now (currently farming are 234), with a ww formation, which is kind of an issue since my ww is not full epic, while hermit is taking a nap, and i just coundnt resist saying it: give us more sleepy objectives!!!

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Topic: Crusaders of the Lost Idols / Optimal Formations.

TiagoB68 your formation is great for early game.
You just need to get a couple more resets under the belt before being able to reach 100 for completing Centenial.

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Topic: Crusaders of the Lost Idols / Suggestions

I would like to see GIANT CRUSADERS!
Or fat crusaders.
Or prone crusaders.

These guys may provide better bonuses than normal sized crusaders, but they take up two, or even four slots in a formation.

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Topic: Crusaders of the Lost Idols / Talent Shop Direction

EDIT 17&18-11-2015: added title and tl;dr as requested

Part 2: Speculation Based on the Talent Shop Preview

There is a huge clue in the talent shop preview that may help us infer where devs stand regarding the predicament described in the previous post.
That clue is: area requirements for accessing talents.

As things are now in the talent shop, ie in the preview, we can see that there are tiers of “area reached” that enable different talents. In the utility talent tree, the three tiers are “area 150 completed” talents, “area 300 completed” talents, and “area 600 completed” talents. If those numbers remain the same in the final talent shop release, and especially if the “area 600 completed” tier is not a red herring (we may be fairly confident that the 150 and 300 tiers of the utility tree will remain as they are, since there is already a talent present in each of those), then several things may be elicited regarding how the devs intend to to handle the whole issue.

First of all, the existence of those tiers (some may describe them as restrictions) make clear that the devs are well aware of the potential unbalancing of current game content by the introduction of an OP talent shop and, furthermore, they intend to take actions in order to counter that.

Where do they stand regarding the two extremes i described in my original post though?
Lets see what the effect of “area completed” unlockable talents will be to current gameplay.

Observation #1: talents will not be available to the new player. Not only because the new player does not have the idols to spend on talents, but also because you need to have reached area 150 (unless the requirements for the active and passive trees are lower) before you are allowed to purchase any.

Conclusion: there will be no change at all in the way the game plays during its initial stages.

Observation #2: unlocking tier2 talents requires having completed area 300. This is not a minor requirement, even for players that have played for several weeks. In other words, after the very first part of the game is completed, and a player has reached area 150, access is enabled to the first tier of talents and thats it for some time. How long will this time be? It hugely depends on what those tier1 talents will do. My guess is, it will be shorter than what it takes now to reach area 300, but not much shorter (ie it will be same order of magnitude).

Conclusion: early-mid game will be slightly affected/accelerated by the introduction of talents.

I should note here that the existence of the area restriction when it comes to accessing talents could work well together with the idol requirements for purchasing the talents. It will also add another layer of strategic planning to the game. Players will have to make decisions like: what is better, to make a very time consuming deep run in order to unlock a talent tier, or to keep farming idols in order to have more idols for talent purchases in the current tier and for the purchases of the next tier talents to not hurt so much, when the next tier is eventually unlocked.

Observation #3: Tier3 is unlocked upon completing area 600.
Now that tells us something important.
Reaching area 600 is an impossible feat, in any campaign free play, objective or event so far. Most old and active players today (i hesitate to call us vets since the game is still new) may be able to reach area 500, but 600 is out of the question. Moreover, the way things are now, esp because of the extremely diminishing returns higher amounts of idols give to players that have more than 10-15k of them, reaching 600 is not something that could be achieved by players in any reasonable amount of time, say a month or two from now, no matter how many idols they farm.

This means that the tier2 talents will enable players, either through direct bonuses or by a great acceleration to idol acquisition, to reach power levels that are simply not possible today.

Conclusion: mid game (and what is today considered end game) will be significantly empowered and/or accelerated by the introduction of the talent shop.

If things work out the way i described then:

(a) the current content will remain largely relevant. Early game objectives will not be affected at all, while mid game will become accessible only slightly earlier. Those that are now considered late game objectives are still in “danger” of becoming significantly easier, but not significantly earlier accessible. It depends on the implementation of the specific tier1 and tier2 talents.
Things look good so far.

(b) the “mid game objective scarcity” issue i briefly mentioned in my previous post will be solved or at least largely mitigated.
This is also good.

( c) upon unlocking tier2, players will be able to either amass much larger quantities of idols than it is possible today, or make much better utilization of them. This means that the “diminishing effects” demotivating situation of today will be resolved.
This is also good.

(d) i can only imagine what tier3 (and even higher tier) talents effect may be, since there is no info. The sure thing is, players will be able to reach totally new levels of power. This brings us back to the need, now more urgent than ever, for endgame content and even an endgame goal that players at that stage will be aiming at.

In total, it appears that the direction things seem to go is closer to the conservative side of things when it comes to early game (option (a) in my original post), with things getting wilder as someone progresses into the game (coming closer to option (b) in my original post, although not getting there). How things will look in endgame (post talent shop endgame, not todays endgame), remains an open question.

I quite like the way things are, as far as i can predict, going to be modified. The end result has the potential to address the worries expressed in my original post while at the same time providing endgame players with a sense of progression, which is severely lacking now.

Progression for what and towards what is the next big question, and it is i suppose the main thing for the next big update, the one coming after the talent shop.

By looking at the available info provided in the talent shop preview, it appears that the devs are aware of the potential pitfalls of an OP talent shop and have already figured out how to deal with it or are actively working towards avoiding potential problems. Lets hope thats indeed the case.

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Topic: Crusaders of the Lost Idols / [Rant/Suggestion] Jeweled Chests

Originally posted by Ryanless:
The solution would be some talent (with unlimited lv) in the idol shop that increases the usefullness of jeweled chests in some way for example: more loot, more ep for doubles, higher chance on epics.

The problem with such a talent would be that it would stop some people (myself included) from opening any jeweled, until they have maxed it. This is simply not fun. If as you suggest there is no level limit for the talent, then these people would be forever miserable, knowing that there is no way to open their chests under ideal conditions.

Regarding what the OP said, i think epic drop rate is ok. It may feel like it is lower than it should be, esp when you open a dozen jeweled chest and you get no epic drops. But in the long run? People who have played for some time (clarification: i am not referring to whales) typically have an already adequate collection of epic gear. Ergo epic drop rate is not low.

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Topic: Crusaders of the Lost Idols / Suggestions

Originally posted by nicklas_84:

I kinda suspect it’s been suggested in the past, but I’d like to be able to restart a level when I see my team is dieing, instead of having to go back and forth to do it. Simply clicking on current level on the minimap would do the trick.

That would be nice.

Also, since there will be no retreating and change of scene, a funny and/or epic animation when this happens would be good.

Like, a whirlwind swirls all crusaders it the air and then puts them back in their original positions, while it scatters monsters. Or a huge ugly fish appears out of nowhere, eats all monsters in one bite, then eats all crusaders but doesnt find them to its liking, and so spits them back to their original position. Or something equally silly would be nice.

Or nothing.
Just clear screen and put crusaders back. I mean, what nicklas_84 said just makes sense.

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Topic: Crusaders of the Lost Idols / Talent Shop Direction

EDIT 17&18-11-2015: added title and tl;dr as requested

Part 1: The Talent Shop Predicament and the Two Possible Ways to Deal with It

First of all, apologies for yet another talent shop related forum thread. I initially intended to put this in the suggestions thread, but it is not a suggestion per se, then i searched the already existing talent shop related topics, and it didnt really fit in any of them. So here we are.

So here is the issue.

(a) Idol acquisition is quite linear resulting to diminishing returns. Players, not surprisingly, want more.


(b) there is already a lot of content present in the game that was created based on the assumption of the presence of that linear progression.

An idol shop that would give us players talents which would exponentially increase the idol acquisition rate would very fast somehow invalidate all this beautiful content. It would be rendered very easy for even new players, who would go through it fast, missing the interesting part of figuring out how to deal with it and also the opportunity to aesthetically appraise it. Also, players will very fast reach the point where only a few of us are now, that point being “i ve done everything, i have all gear i need, there is nothing left for me to do”. That situation is not desirable by anyone.

I can see two possible ways to deal with the above situation.

(a) Talents in the idol shop provide only moderate increases for idol acquisition rate.

This is a very straightforward solution. If all talents maxed only result in a 2x or 3x maximum idol acquisition rate compared to how things are today, then no major disturbance in the status quo will take place.
Such an approach will keep the players happy, because they will basically get what they want. It will also keep the already present content (i am talking about objectives mainly) relevant, with no need for a major rebalance. It will give some time to the devs, or rather it will not make things much more pressier, to address the ultimately more important issue of end-game content.
It will also incidentally solve the issue of “mid-game objective scarcity” that is felt by some players, especially not very active players, since mid-game will last for a shorter amount of time.

The downside of such an approach is that it is quite restrictive regarding what talents devs can put in the talent shop. They will not be able to get wild with the obvious suspects of dps, gold, idol etc multiplier talents. This is not necessarily bad, since it may be seen as an extra motivation for the devs to come up with unique and original talents. Their track record on that matter is good so far. I ve personally have been more than once pleasantly surprised with the quality and ingenuity of the content that has been added to the game.

(b) Talents in the idol shop result when maxed (if there is a max level for them) in an exponential increase in the idol acquisition rate.

The problem with this approach was discussed earlier in this post. Invalidation of current content, players rushing through current content in a too fast pace are the two main issues.

There is no humanly possible way for any team of devs to produce new content so fast that players whose power increases exponentially have always something to do that is relevant to their power level. It just cannot be done.
So, in order to compensate for such an increase and the resulting extremely high range of different power levels that players will now occupy, another compensating strategy should be employed.
A possible such strategy is the introduction of difficulty levels both for free play, and for (now repeatable) objectives.
A very simplistic example of how this can be done: you can do free play normally, or you can do free play with monsters health being 10x for +10% idols, or monster health being 100x for +25% idols, or monsters health being 1000x for +100% idols etc. I am confident that if the devs decide to follow that road they will be able to come up with more interesting variations. The main idea though remains the same: it is a mechanism to compensate for infinitely increasing player power levels by giving them infinitely increasing challenges.

An OP talent shop could lead to power creep.
Either the talents in the new shop should be of moderate effectiveness in order not to invalidate current content, or a mechanism for scaling current content should be introduced.

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Topic: Crusaders of the Lost Idols / Achievement of the Day!

1000 rubies!!

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Topic: Crusaders of the Lost Idols / New Campaign! Grimm's Idle Tales

These look real beautiful.
Thank you.

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Topic: Crusaders of the Lost Idols / Unlock Floors(lvl) on reset (New Talent Idea)

I dont get the chest lost statistic, and the chest loss issue in general.

Shouldnt it be chest pre minute or something? I mean yeah, you lose some chest because you skip some levels, but otoh in the same time it would take you to grind through these levels you end up as many levels deeper, and you get chests from those.

So, assuming instakill up to reset, isnt chest acquisition practically unaffected by starting level?

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Topic: Crusaders of the Lost Idols / Write Here Suggestions for New Talents

Originally posted by brichards719:

my only suggestion is to have more than 3 per tree, and have none related to clicking.

Myself, i would like to see CLICKING EFFECTS!!!

Clicking only doing damage is boring.
Give us: perfumed clicking, colored clicking, squeaky clicking, healing clicking, clicking that randomly changes the outfits/position/gender of specific or random crusaders/monsters, etc.
Yes, clicking effects and diversification.

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Topic: Crusaders of the Lost Idols / Define "male"

Originally posted by kruchbaum:
I think he means since women normally take the last name of their husband, Natalie’s marital status might affect what her last name is. Maybe she was Natalie Smith and married Nate’s brother, so now they have the same last name and are technically brother and sister, but only “in-law”.

Youre right.
Didnt think think of that, possibly because in my country it doesnt happen (by law, women are not allowed to change their last name and take the that of their husband).

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Topic: Crusaders of the Lost Idols / Suggestions

If you get wiped, all crusaders in wiped formation get perma-killed (forever. you need a new account if you want to see them again)
If you survive you get 5% more idols in the end of the run.


Seriously now, a soft version of the above could be interesting.

HARDCORE mode: if a crusader gets wiped, you cannot use them any more for the present run.
+5% idols reward.

HARDCORE mode could be available both for free play and for objectives.
The idea behind it is to reward players who are actively present and take care of their crusaders, against players who just level up and switch tabs, something that i suspect is much more common now after the introduction of the level-up-all button.

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Topic: Crusaders of the Lost Idols / Define "male"

What does Natalies marital status has to do with anything?

This has something to do with new content? Is there a plan for a dating mini game? Did the devs confirm that? :P

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Topic: Crusaders of the Lost Idols / "Utility" Idol Talent

Originally posted by knifeandlantern1:

I am not he, but, given how many chests he claims to have, it seems reasonable to conclude that he is quite far along in the game, plausibly to the point where he is happy with the gear he has for his main crusaders. Given that the devs seems to have a lot of changes planned for the near future, it is plausible that the balance or contents of jeweled chests will also change. If that happens, having a bunch of jeweled chests saved up could be very helpful.

You guessed (or rather inferred) right.
There is still one piece of epic gear that i would like to get, and which is obtainable through normal (ie not event) jeweled chests. That is Natalies epic gold item. But its in no way crucial for me to get it, so i started hoarding my jeweled some time ago (and then accidentally opened a bunch of them because of an autoclicker gone rogue…)

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Topic: Crusaders of the Lost Idols / "Utility" Idol Talent

Originally posted by wirius:

Further, you use chests to get gold for your next 25 levels, meaning opening more than 25 at a time is rare, and saving up more than 25 at a time is also rare. Even then, an auto clicker and stepping away for a few minutes can easily service the need. This is not worth 100 idols worth of damage and gold find.

When i open chests, i open 200-1000 of them. This take some time. More than a few minutes. Paying 100 idols for the option to open more is fine with me.
Also, the auto clicker is not an option in my case. When all silver chests are opened, clicking will start opening jeweled, which would be bad.

Originally posted by kruchbaum:
Its not “UI”. It literally makes a huge part of the game easier. Just because it’s a physical button, doesn’t mean it a purely UI feature. I would say these are more QOL features that make things that take time normally take less time.

It makes game really really easier and idler. I would be willing to pay more than 1000, or 5000 idols for it. Easy.

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Topic: Crusaders of the Lost Idols / "Utility" Idol Talent

I like utility talents. I want more of them. I like paying idols for extra functionality. Feels like a reward/ not punishment.
Leveling up crusaders by 10-25-100 levels could be part of the utility idol tree, but too late for that now i suppose.

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Topic: Crusaders of the Lost Idols / Join the movement! #PISORITO!

Originally posted by darlanquionha:

That’s… a weird post.


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Topic: Crusaders of the Lost Idols / Halloween Event Results

Achievements: 6/6
Highest Area Completed: 500

Jack: Rare Gold, Rare Skill, Uncommon DPS-All, 20 EP
Wendy: Nimbus DPS, Rare DPS, Uncommon DPS-All, 18 EP

4 Jeweled Chests reward out of 11 free plays
1 Jeweled Chest for 15k candies
2 Jeweled Chests from objectives
2 Jeweled Chests bought from shop
all opened for a grand total of ZERO epic gear muahaha

The important thing for my compulsion was getting the achievements. That happened, so i am good.

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Topic: Crusaders of the Lost Idols / Idol Shop before Christmas Event

Originally posted by Varamond:

this game has gotten pretty boring for the more advanced players, and this needs to be addressed soon.

I kind of agree to that, in the sense that there is nothing left to do.

The thing about your suggestions is they dont offer anything to change that. Not that i directly disagree with them. I mean, moar dps, moar gold, moar idols, increased starting level ie even moar idols, are kind of obvious choices and i am sure the devs have considered them for the idol shop.

But none of these will help old players in any way. What need you have for more idols, gold, dps etc if there is nothing to use it for?

What we need is a long term goal to work towards.