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Topic: SAS: Zombie Assault 4 / VOLUME SLIDERS

Originally posted by ChrisOfJustice1:
Originally posted by xXBalthorXx:
Originally posted by LIBYANO:

you can decrease the sound of the game from Volume controls by lowering Flash volume

I want to decrease the music and sound fx volumes separately. So I can hear the music over the extremely loud gunshots.

you are a complete idiot
why dont you just got at the damn options and turn music and sounds OFF???

Umm, he/she doesn’t want to turn the music and sound off, he/she just wants to tweak it a bit, to level the music and sound effects to his liking. Try not to assume that someone’s an idiot if he/she is actually making a point, or making sense.

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Topic: CS Portable / Think of your own weapons

Originally posted by LightningX999:

Minigun cost 1200

Flamethrower cost 1000

Rocket Launcher Cost 2000

Crossbow cost 1400

Plasma blaster Cost 3000

How can a crossbow cost more than a minigun?

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Topic: Brick-Force / desing your idea

Originally posted by techbound141:

clothing:ghost clothing
toolbox:ghost blocks(blocks what dissapear when you touch them for 10 seconds)
mega warpies:makes you fly and move so fast(can be used in bulid mode)
upgrades:bonus weapon and eqquipment gem(they give 100 force points 50 brick points and 1 token when upgrading)

Not a bad idea, but if ghost clothing were to make you invisible, then it would be pretty OP.

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Topic: CS Portable / War alternative clan thread

- No racism, excessive swearing or just being rude.
- No begging for higher rank, ranking will be decided by the clan leaders.
- Glitching, cheating or any kind of exploitment will result in a ban without warnings.
- A KDR of over 2 has to be obtained unless you’ve just messed up with to many deaths and need some time to catch up again.
- You have to be reasonably active and easy to reach out to.

Exceptions can be made if the leaders feel the need for it.

Application form

CS Portable name:
Kongregate name:
Age: (optional)
Weapon of choice:
Previous clans:
How long have you been playing CSP:
Anything else:

If we think your application’s good enough and fit our needs we’ll contact you through a pm (private message) or a whisper in a chatroom.
Proper grammar is appreciated and will for sure boost your chances of being accepted. When your application’s been accepted, you’ll have to do a tryout. The tryouts are hosted by the administrators and up, it will be a 1v1 match on an agreed map.

Clan leader:


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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Requiem] Cant enter the game

Originally posted by kumamoto:

*xp sp3

You know that you can edit your post, right?

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Topic: CS Portable / 1SHOT Clan Official -

Originally posted by macuahuitile:

shut up the clan [Kraja] is noob i see there website it was so low grapics and weak

I beg your pardon? I am not having a conversation with you. This conflict of ours might as well be discussed through a game. But I don’t have any spare time to engage against you.

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Topic: CS Portable / 1SHOT Clan Official -

[Kraja] requests a clan war with thee. Thou shall accept or decline?

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Topic: CS Portable / Kraja's New Website

Nice! :D

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Topic: CS Portable / join ALPHA clan

Originally posted by ken_naruto:

username:deathkillerboy and soldierkencanete

Your KDR is 3.09, but you’re still rank 5? Interesting…

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Topic: CS Portable / JOIN ELITE CLAN!!

Originally posted by Jake998Asset87:

TO join do the following:
1. Press Multiplayer
2. Press Account Panel
3. Press View profile
4. Type in the blank ELITE.

And then there you joined the elite crew.

Also do this to make sure your real Elite.

Bot Kills:
Gold Medals:

Write all of your status from View Profile.
Join now to be an ELITE and get chance to be in Hall of Fame.

This is Jake998Asset89 Rank5 Hall Of Famer.

Wait, first of all, I previously remembered that there was already a clan so called “Elite” without the caps though. Is this the same clan, or is it a new one? (Out of curiosity) And I’m pretty sure “Elite” was an old (no offense) clan.

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Topic: CS Portable / Mercy - El clan oficial | 公式の一族 | Официальный клан

IGN: oreo
K/D Ratio: 1.58 (progressing)
Kills/Deaths: 11649/7353 (still counting)

I’m not so active in weekdays. I often go online at weekends. I play on PC, F.Y.I.

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Topic: CS Portable / Log In Failed

Seems that everyone has the problem. :c

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Topic: CS Portable / Storm Riders

CS:P Name: oreo
K/D R= 1.55 (progressing)
Rank: 4

Clan’s name is kind of corny, no offence, but heck with it, why not?

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Topic: CS Portable / KDR clan recruiting

Your clan acronym stands for Kill/Death Ratio?

You should make the clan more interesting. More alluring. Try a catchphrase for the clan or something. A members list is recommended too. Add requirements, if you don’t recruit newbies or “noobs” if you’d call them. Good luck!

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Topic: CS Portable / [CRA] Clan

Why not say, “Join [CRA] = Insta-win” to attract certain people to the clan? :D

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Topic: CS Portable / AWP sniper does 5 less damage, WHY?

Originally posted by GbaHunter:

Just started played and i relased that sniper dont kill in one shot anymore, its only dealing 95 damage. WHY?

Probably because you joined a game with body parts enabled. Free Tip: It’s advisable to join games that enable body parts to boost up your accuracy.

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Topic: CS Portable / Clan KrAzE recruiting

Originally posted by prime_overlord:

Kongregate username: Prime_overlord
CS portable Id:prime_overlord
Kill Death ratio/kills and deaths:4.05

How can you have 4.05 K/D Ratio when you’re rank 5? O_O

Goodluck with the clan arnav900!

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Topic: CS Portable / [Recruiting]Sniping Clan *L-S*


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Topic: CS Portable / PINOY clan forums

Oh. Forgot to tell you the bad news. The clan " war " declares a clan-war with PINOY. Sorry about that. Shivam ‘s mad at me for quitting his clan, so i guess he’ll do that.

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Topic: CS Portable / PINOY clan forums

Originally posted by JohnRemmonC:
Originally posted by deosurtz:

IGN: oreo
Kills/Deaths: 8063/5772
Previous Clans: war
Rank: currently 5

why do you want to join

I’m a Filipino. Duh.

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Topic: CS Portable / PINOY clan forums

IGN: oreo
Kills/Deaths: 8063/5772
Previous Clans: war
Rank: currently 5

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Topic: CS Portable / lol cheats

Originally posted by arnav900:

does this even work?

Nope. It’s a scam

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Topic: CS Portable / What's your name on CS Portable?


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Topic: CS Portable / Elite Clan... Join us!

Originally posted by FrancoT2:

ok deosurtz you can join ironicly it was my exams and i was up day and night studyin’ now im back baby!!

Nevermind…joined war instead, sorry :P

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Topic: CS Portable / Can't Log in

I have a problem, here. Whenever i try to log in, it always says, “No database selected”.
I would like someone to answer these following questions:
Is this a bug?
What the heck caused this?

Thank you,
Whoever answered these…