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Topic: Realm of the Mad God / youkyou's ideas

Definitely not a good idea cause this make everyone rich with gold.

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Topic: Realm of the Mad God / Never die getting to 20 again!

Originally posted by Wildwest99:

So let me get this straight. From levels 1-7…choose a lightly populated realm to avoid Dbags….then from 7-20 become a Dbag. got it!

In idiot terms yep. Tho sometimes the noobs appreciate it as long as you dont steal boss kills.

Originally posted by Witless:

Thanks for reading and I’ll trade anyone who mentions this thread any piece of tier 5 or less gear they want for a mere 3 defense potions!

Thats a great deal XD! lol

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Topic: Realm of the Mad God / Teleportation

Originally posted by teebonewonder:

I private realm is a wonderful idea. Presumably it would drastically cut down on lag.

You realize a realm is a server which more servers=lag and also tons of money therefore simply NO to private realms. If you don’t like the teleportation simply don’t play no one is forcing you.

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Topic: Realm of the Mad God / Most annoying enemy creature

I don’t like medusa or ghost king quite frankly. However I hate the god called Lag…..

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Topic: Realm of the Mad God / Unlucky me D:

Originally posted by baconlube:

ur not unlucky. you just suck. this game has 0% luck. if you are stupid enough to teleport into a knight surrounded by medusas, that’s your own damn fault.

Hmmmm 0% luck even when getting drops or choosing which quests you want to have or where a monster is aiming etc..?

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Topic: Realm of the Mad God / Unlucky me D:

Originally posted by denamo:

My game once lagged for 2 seconds and the last thing i saw before dying is several Grey Blobs landing right on top of my character out of nowhere.

Same with me today was at snake pit totally lagged out and when it resumed thousands of bullets o.o lvl 18 huntress with my best equips: goldenbow, hippogriff armor, and ring of superior dex. Sigh

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Topic: Realm of the Mad God / ROTMG:Suggestions

Make a baby mode for us noobs.

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Topic: Realm of the Mad God / Buying gold with fame

Originally posted by flameclaw77:

how about 500 fame for 100 coins

I think this one is the best exchange one but some people earn alot of fame so might need to increase.

Originally posted by SchierkeWiking:

The only sell you cosmetic changes and a few not that useful items for gold… And you want them to also make it so that you can get them with fame? LOL.

That’s absurd, they’re not giving paying players top items or huge advantages, pets don’t do anything at all, and you want them to reduce even more the incentive to pay?, absurd.

So you don’t think having more vaults to store rare items so you don’t lose them is worthless? Or how about having another character slot so you can keep your level 20 to raise fame while making a new character to play a new unlocked class.

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Topic: Collaborations / Sonic MMORPG

Not to mention how likely it is some junior game devs are going to make a mmorpg

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Topic: Collaborations / Free writer looking for experience!

Kinda bad grammar and pretty cliche.

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Topic: Stencyl / Importing/Exporting Actors

You can also upload your actor to Stencylforge and as default its marked as private so just download it then delete the one on forge or something.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / Hard mode

Originally posted by abcnbc:

U ALL ARE IDIOTS! cuz if u whant totem u have to get 1000 mice saves in ur porfile if u do then go to map making thing and when u don u go to check if a fethers is there and u click on it and some thing will pop up and go there to make ur own totem and aloso u can chang ur sham color and u can fine it at

Pretty sure you’re the idiot they mention the exact same thing above IN PROPER GRAMMER. You did mention color change though so your post is worth something. And @nealon Are you sure you need 1000 total cheese? Thought you only needed 1000 saves

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Topic: Collaborations / Game Creation Crew Wanted

Originally posted by redfawx:

qwerber long time no see. also love your comments…keep em up. This kid who made this seems like a “i want a programmer to do all my work for me and ill draw pretty pictures.” or “I have an amazing game idea but dont know how to make the game. I need a team.”

Umm is that an insult to all the artist collaborators out there? Pretty sure art sometimes takes way longer than coding dude.

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Topic: Collaborations / 1st Ever Flash MMORPG/CCG

Oh for fcks sake why would you bump this?

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Topic: Stencyl / I have a *dumb* question.

Originally posted by GameBuilder15:

That’s child’s play compared to Flash. :P

What the hell does flash have to do with this question?
Originally posted by blueangel911:

Nathan Explosion needs to come lay you freshies out.

Whos Nathan Explosion?
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Topic: Collaborations / Looking for experienced AS3 programmer. SPLIT REVENUE

Why would you create another thread for this?

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Topic: Collaborations / Looking for programmer in my new game project. Split revenue.

Originally posted by alexolsenpang:

How do you pay 50% upfront if you do not know what your final profit is?
My point is that you should get payed for exactly the amount of work you do.
And a contract is for legal issues like if the artist quits who gets the sprites or if the programmer steals the artwork so the artist has legal protection and can sew the programmer for all his dirty earned money.

Wait what? First of all you’re the one who said to pay 50% upfront so wtf are you asking me? And then what kinda artist quits and then says you aren’t allowed to use any of my art I made even though I made specifically just for this. You would gotta be a dick not to let the programmer have it and its not stealing since he already made it for it. Plus I doubt if the programmer needed more sprites and got a new artist the artist wouldn’t accept working with old sprites because of the different art styles.

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Topic: Collaborations / Need help....

I’m sorry and who’s fault is it that those games suck? All of them aren’t even qualified to be games or you simply took from a kit off stencyl and edited it slightly (making them worse than the original kit) and posted them. No wonder you need help with Unity I don’t think you’ll be able to learn Unity or if you will you’ll just post tutorial games or stupid things.
Now onto your current issue why would you post help on the collaborations forums? Why not go onto the unity forums or the programming forums here on kong. Do you now expect someone to create a game for you and give them 5% of revenue? At least post some information.

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Topic: Collaborations / Looking for programmer in my new game project. Split revenue.

Originally posted by alexolsenpang:

He is 15, also known as he does not know shit….
He can not spell for his life, he have not shown us his portfolio and is still trying to act like a professional.
Ok, here are some guidelines.

1st. Never share profit, this result in people getting ripped off.
2nd. Pay 50% upfront.
3rd. Contract.

If you do this, then will talk.

While the first part may be correct but point 1 is incorrect.
1) What do you mean no sharing profit that’s needed for a successful collab. Usually the only ones that work are 50/50,40/60, and maybe 70/30 if needed though.
2) For something big like this definitively need a upfront pay or else chances are the programmers and artists are going to get zip when he either quits halfway through cause he’s bored or steals the game and gives you nothing, but what do you mean by 50%
3) A contract… for what?

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Topic: Collaborations / Would this be a good game idea?

Do you know how much work is needed to create a MMO? Only companies with many programmers should even attempt to make one

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Topic: Collaborations / Looking for 2D Artist to work on Nano War 2 iphone

Originally posted by truefire:

O. Nano War 2. How’d I miss that? I’ll make a mental note to play when I get back.

That said, I think the graphics look pretty nice as-is. Though they’re not exactly tailored to the mobile audience. Change the cells to colorful cartoon-y birds and you’ll do well ;P.

<notanartist />

Lol the birds are dominating the IOS market. I’m not an artist but hope you good luck on porting Nano Wars 2. ( I missed nano war 2 as well o.o forgot about it after playing its beta a few years back.)
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Topic: Collaborations / Programmers read this!

Originally posted by Iinsanecyco:

wtf man wth r u talking about i was just sayin his idea is good

Look at Vara’s post above
and how the fuck you know if im a programmer or not and young/stupid is the opposite of me and the definition of u,

Okay maybe it was inconsiderate of me to call you that but now I can confirm you are either young or stupid. First learn some grammar and it doesn’t sound very good/professional when you get angry and cuss on the forums
u got a problem i’ll fucking finish it,tell me whats ur problem?

The problem is this sounds like a scam to get people working on a game that these guys will take, upload, and take all the money (very, very low amount if any). The 2 guys who created this seems to have given up since their website hasn’t been updated.
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Topic: Collaborations / Programmers read this!

Originally posted by Iinsanecyco:

i gotta admit his idea isnt that bad considering the possiblitys ,i was gonna join 2 but dam cant remember my webs account password (havent used it in ages)

No just no. You sound like an alt or someone young/stupid and wants to become a programmer but can’t/won’t learn AS3/AS2

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Topic: Collaborations / Programmers read this!

Originally posted by JayZeeM50One:

We would have credited and not have been greedy pigs, it would be a non-profit organization, and we’re just kids. Forreal.

I think you should start out with stencyl. It’s a great tool to start with that I’m using with. I don’t think its smart to have such a big team either. It would encourage more people if you at least pay an upfront fee and/or a revenue share ( a big one).
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Topic: Swords & Potions / Noobs Incorporated Recruiting!!!

I like to join as well please.