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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Transformice] Abusing the /ban

People tried to ban me for lagging :D

So it was the platform like l that you push across the map, and it was glitching like always, and they were like HACKER D< so it said I would get 1 hour ban, and I didn’t. :D

Same here. But I got banned offline. Like you, I was lagging/glitching and the next day, I saw this message: “You have been banned for 360 hours(2 weeks,3 days, 20 hours) for Suspicious Activity.” So I made a new account, same computer, same lag. No one accused me… They were like “[ ] is airjumping LOL” so a few days later, I saw another message: “You have been banned for 680 hours(30 days, 10 hours) for Cheat.” I mean, first of all, how did I cheat? I told them I was lagging. Second of all, READ THE CHAT. Third of all, If you didn’t know i was lagging, don’t ban me unless technical reasons. If you see someone ban someone else for no reason at all, don’t do it. And tell them to stop banning innocent mice (unless they were banning first). If you have read all this, thanks for your time & patience. C: