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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Akaneiro] Suggestions and Ideas

I also think you should just drop how you get stat points. Three in the main area two in another and one in the last. Three in the main stat and one in the others would more logical.

Swath of destruction as it is costs way more then it should make it cost much less and make it attack slightly less and then it will be useful. Even if it 1 hit killed any non-boss it would still not effective in most situations.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Akaneiro] Can't create another character

pretty sure 2 ppl on 1 acc was a deleted feature.

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Topic: Elements / Ideas for Elements CCG (Destructive criticism will be ignored)

dump (2 time quanta)
Destroys all remaining pillars in your deck. For each pillar generate one random quanta. All other dump cards are considered a pillar

dump upped (free)
Destroys all remaining pillars in your deck. For each pillar generate one random quanta. All other dump cards are considered a pillar.

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Topic: Elements / Ideas for Elements CCG (Destructive criticism will be ignored)

Rebellion (2 entropy quanta)
The targeted card will gain the skill Friendly Fire.

Friendly Fire: Any card with Friendly Fire will attack two times:
1st: 1 ally card
2nd: Normal attack

Alpha (3 entropy quants)
The targeted card will gain the skill explosive

Explosive: Any card with Explosive will attack three times:
1st: 1 opponent card
2nd: 1 ally card
3rd: Normal attack

Note: Cards with Friendly Fire and Explosive will only attack themeless if every other ally card is dead.

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Topic: Elements / Ideas for Elements CCG (Destructive criticism will be ignored)

I like the idea of prism. Seems like prism would make a lot of rainbows light based. I would like this card to be a spell not a perm though. As a perm Dissipation Field would not be quite as powerful as it would be with it as a perm. Also when its a perm it would be somewhat a curse. example: you would need 15 light pillars/rol to use a single miracle.

Fissure seems a bit op with Inundation/Flood you basically win.

No card can instantly kill an enemy’s card 100% of the time freeze and shockwave together can though. Mutate might kill and maxwell can kill some.

To kill a photon with 1 attack and 100 hp its extremely hard usually the best way to get around is to rev time it. A card that can instantly kill is quite good alone… making a hole with that is out of the question.

Pulser can’t be killed. It also cant be effected. I guess you could give it hp and then freeze it but thats extremely hard. Mabe if it was immaterial aswell so you can’t pu/fractal it it would be more fair?

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Topic: General Gaming / Enigmata 2: Guide

as seen in this
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Topic: Elements / Dry Spell OP

something like this un upped/upped really is quite powerful for it would stop a lot of decks i still wouldn’t call it op. if your opponent doesnt play a lot of cards its pretty useless. desiccation makes your own cards weaker so maxwell does quite a toll. you cant use squid too well with it upped for you need sop. desiccation looks like it would help in a rush but because it does 1 damage it will kill any fire cards and well most rush cards quick.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Sacred Seasons MMORPG] Connecting Problems

Really? Where did you hear/see that?

Thought this game was made on Adobe ActionScript/ and ActionScript is made primarily with mac. AS/AE is almost always more choppy on a pc then a mac.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Sacred Seasons MMORPG] FREE training bot!

Originally posted by crosst:
Originally posted by kaicha:
Sorry, my computer dosen’t auto-format texts for Kong forum… bear with me the crappy version i posted… (or repost it if you can)

I bet you all came here to download some kind of free trainer, eh? 

Don’t you think it’s weird that a game that came out in May already has so many players craving for a bot to train?

Anyways, sorry to tell you, my post isn’t to give away viruses and spam to every SS player.

Instead, I’d like to suggest my ideas to the SS creators, for the simple and probably only reason that the game is pitiful.

I must admit, I got hooked for 4-5 hours at the beginning, trying out new things and levelling up, but that’s just about it.

If it weren’t for the medium badge I guess I would’ve stopped playing at level 15 or so. Why? Because the game doesn’t have any content.

And just about everything varsil posted.

So I’ll give my suggestions to the SS creators.

If you want, compare with Runescape, the best browser MMORPG of all time and of course Final Fantasy, especially FFX since it was Square Enix’s biggest commercial success, the best RPG ever (imo)

*Note: If your excuse is that you can’t program it, then you’re shooting yourself in the foot by using Flash. Why write on Notepad when you can use Open office?

The good stuff first:

Ok, here it goes:

- The portal system (new and creative. Or else I missed a big chapter in RPGs)

- Artwork: “cute” and detailed.

- errr… it’s free?

1. The story!

Why create a game called “Sacred SEASONS” when the only reference to the seasons is some totally repetitive classes and area names?

If you want to hook players and keep them playing, you MUST add a story or at least some interesting quests!

I would suggest creating a story line with cut scenes for each season. Also give them each an area as well as creating more towns and neutral ones.

Players will then begin with the mission to accomplish the sequence of events, to then find themselves free to do what they want.

It’s a bit like RS’s tutorial island, only instead of giving the basics; the story will ALSO be the way to hook the players to the game.

Having spent over 3-4 hours passing the story mode, players will then rediscover SS and roam freely through all the areas,

complete quests available to all the classes, join guilds, fight in the PvP, etc. The whole game, in other words.

2. Gold = FAIL

Eliminate gold.

Gold brings problems. SS addicts will buy gold even if you charge them a buck every 10 piece.

Casual players will pass on them and use poorly designed silver items. But this will create an enormous

balancing issue since the gold-users will be overpowered and the free to play, way underpowered.

Instead, why not merge both currencies into ONE? (Gold or silver).

This will allow ALL players to have a chance at obtaining the best items, providing they play enough.

Also it’ll make silver worth more, since it unlocks everything available in shops.

Hard quests with high silver pay outs will become more popular, thus attracting more people (add revenue).

Also boosting the silver drop for monsters and randomizing it a bit will make the game fun and more luck-based (the excitement of getting a high drop, for ex.).

Currently, silver is useless when you have purchased the best weapon available and only gold allows you to buy better stuff.

With this, doing the “free gold” offers will become free silver instead. (Though I don’t encourage these scams). This will also allow the developers to create only one sort of items, instead of nerfing silver-cost ones.

More items.

Duh. Armour, Helmet, Shield, Boots, Gloves, Accessory, etc. More items mean more diversity. It’ll allow

creating class-only items, or give away event items to attract players like Runescape.

For example, adding a second “hand” will allow players to choose from 2-hand weapon (+ damage), an extra shield

(+defence) or a lighter weapon (faster timer). And of course, MORE armour. Even if gold isn’t removed, at least

add basic armour for f2p.

Also, the healing items should be proportional (10% of hp instead of a set value) since HP/SP curves are way too

exponential in SS, and some classes can’t heal, which cripples them in arenas. If status affects are added, then

healing items will become very popular.

Creating items with more variety than just stat bonus helps maintain interest and allows customization. Make

draining weapons, status effects, defender weapons (def bonus), lighter weapons (timer), special powers or combos

(unleash), etc. will grandly help keep players interested. Also, items that can be used in battle (Ie : Casts Heal),

allowing weapons changes in battle or giving enemies a drop chance for some items or weapons may prove to be

interesting. These are just a few suggestions.

3. Classes

Classes or merely excuses for artwork??

Classes should be different, like in FF Tactics advance, where even with 25 classes, you feel there’s major

differences between a Sniper, an Archer and a Hunter! It’s better to have only 6*7 classes but each with unique

abilities than a dozen or more but each overlapping over others.

The major point to work over would be the timer. A balanced timer is essential in a real time game, so instead

of having some characters with 6s and others with 3s, an average 4 or 5 seconds would be good, and of course with

skills (speed mostly) to influence it. Then distribute skills and stat power equally among the classes. Timer

shouldn’t be a factor by the way. (IE + attack power, – attack speed)


Make skills actually useful. Because we need time to “choose” skills, it cripples the skill-dependant

(er… none so far) classes. So assigning hotkeys to the important ones or allowing customization should

solve that. Also, they should be proportional with stats, instead of a fixed amount. By this, I mean that

buffs and debuffs should be good on the long run, but not in crazy numbers of turns (3*4 and not 10*15).

And PERCENTAGE based!!!! Thus, a 10% damage increase instead of a +5 attack buff.

Also, provide an interesting advantage to each class. (Example: A powerful ultima-like attack for warriors,

good healing powers for mages, attack-all moves for bandits, etc.)Limiting to a certain number the skills each

class can have, to not overcrowd the game. Mainline skills should be upgradable with level ups or training

(special “quests” that costs silver) and be more powerful while costing more SP, depending on the level.

Balanced stats.

I don’t know the actual formulas SS uses to calculate damage, but it is way too exponential.

Leveling up at first will increase the damage by 1 or 2 to the most, then even without skill/magic/attack

level ups, a character will hit more (?). And by personal experience, at level 23 my arctic soldier hit 60’s

while at level 24 I started hitting 90’s just by levelling up. (???)

* So actually make the stats worth what they are. OR make them very effective (Ie: a formula where the attack

is multiplied and weapon power added), which would accentuate the class differences OR make them less effective,

so level differences aren’t THAT significative.

* Also SP should be proportionally gained with the other spells. Don’t make ridiculously high SP spells;

instead put 50% SP or something like that for “ultimate” spells. Also don’t cripple warrior classes with too

low SP and ridiculous skills.

* Speed should influence the timer, so that a good speed would mean a quick timer. Adding other stats could

prove to be interesting as long as it doesn’t overload the game.

* Weapon, armour, skill bonuses shouldn’t be added to the char’s stats, but added next to it

(Example: Attack 23 (35)) to clarify things.

* Level ups should provide with a minimum of stat increases. Adding a certain amount of HP and SP,

as well as rolling the virtual die where you get a chance of getting the stat bonus is a good idea,

but guarantee at least 2 or 3 stat bonus.

* Take away Attack or Magic for classes that will NEVER use it. This will also remove those double

sided classes with as much attack as magic, which are never good. (Ie: 2 Red mages VS 1 Black mage + 1 White mage)

4. MMORPG remember. MMO!!!

Build a good PvP.

Right now, it’s more an online RPG than a MMORPG. A good game is only fun if you can pitch yourself

against players like yourself in fair battles. To do so, you need to classify the players in level tiers

to make it fair. (Like RS) Adding stakes, rewards and glory to it will make the game addictive. A few suggestions:

* Offer large silver amounts for the best PKers every week or so, in each level tier.

* Construct a rating based on the people you vanquish and their level. Then, show it whenever you mouse over a player’s stats.

* If you wish to keep this game “safe” (can’t lose items you have), then offer random prize drops dependently on the level tier whenever you win a battle OR if the PvP becomes a non*safe zone, then the loser can lose its most valuable item (equipped) to the winner

* Much more… just the PvP should hook people to the game imo.


Adding a guild wars would allow guild rankings and also unlock new things:

A page on the forum, a “Safe Spot” on the map for your guild where you can heal whenever you go in.

Add special merchants in it, with exclusive merchandise unlockable as the guild progresses to emphasize

on cooperative quests.

To make cash on this, simply put a max number of members and then allow players to increase that number

by paying silver (which will cost more and more)


I can totally see a Capture the flag where players play in a randomly generated map.

Two teams oppose each other and must capture each other’s flag, located at opposite ends and then bring it

back to their own “base” to win silver and EXP. Of course it’s more a mad portal chase, but intercepting a

flag carrier will result in a battle where you could have up to 5 players against 5 others!! 

More minigames means more fun outside the original concept!

General interface

Simplify the portals / maps

Actually it’s more of a maze to confuse you than an original system of portals. Maps are useless because they

represent the few areas there are instead of a detailed map of the area, which is what players want. Evidently,

the best way to gain access to the map is through a quest. The new map system would allow players to click on

an area of the map to get the magnified version of it and every “tile” accessible through portals, with the quest

NPCs as well as Arenas.

5. General interface

More and better quests.

All quests are boring, similar and worthless. They render very little EXP or silver, and arenas give nothing

worth doing. Instead of making over and over NPCs, dungeons and quests all alike, diversify them!!

Add quest items, a story line (see above), mazes with the portal system, minigames (see above), dungeons will

puzzles, battles alongside monsters, searches for an NPC throughout the entire game, etc.

Also adding training quests (to have better skills) and class-specific ones (designed to challenge your class)

will make the game funner. But be careful in adding worthless grinding sessions like 3.5k monsters over and over

for 5 gold.


I hate games that state the obvious. I KNOW I just hit 300 damage. Duh. So instead, put a disable window for

combat messages and make the chat much bigger to allow cooperation with allies and actual strategy. Adopt a

system like RS where what the character says appears on the screen (not only in the window). Simplify the chat,

and allow friend/guild chat with a hotkey.

Guilds should be incorporated with the game. Friends should be able to be added by typing instead of adding them

in real*time only (like in RS) and removing them with a confirmation message first. (I deleted buds by mistake

and couldn’t add them after .) Add an ignore list.

Equip items should have its own button. Character button should only show your current hp, SP, stats, EXP towards

next level, and general details on guild, PvP rank, etc.

Skills should be classified in logical order (alphabetically or by unlock order) instead of being random since

that wastes time in battles. Add hotkeys. Screw all the anti-bot measures and add things random events like in

RS (a NPC that appears and actually rewards a player randomly, but failure to answer a simple question would log

the player off). Auto-attack on target number 1 if failure to read command.

Sell items or trade items

Add a real log out window (instead of game over). Allow server changes. Remove all the ingame adds (buy gold,

kreds for gold, etc.) for one big option in a corner.

Etc. Etc. Etc.

Ok there’s already too much in this post. Just know that I certainly won’t play SS again if the game stays in its actual testing version. Give your opinion on the matter or comment mine.

And about the impertinence of the badges on kong, it’s all relative. A 10% SS addict will find them really easy as all the other 90% will find it boring and time*wasting.

That’s a crap load of infomation there.. but interesting :3

...can u dumb it down a little...too long...
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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Sacred Seasons MMORPG] Adding noobs

…. just add 100+(or 120+ if there as…) for they have a good chance of becoming good and they are high enough that they know not to leech… for the most part… and they wont just drop out and quit the game…

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / Sacred Seasons 3

Originally posted by jooe15:

I would like to see ss3… it should be ss1 same stuff same classes but more places to grind(at say lvl 500 you should unlock another class according to the class that reached 500. As well as places to grind for your lvl, and a small room were only people of your class can go chill. Maby another store aswell. This would preserve ss1 in its entirety along with making something sorta like an update. hopefully it would not be begging for people to buy but because it is a “new game” people would want to buy to get the normal gold stuff.

Erm… do you guys like that idea?

Originally posted by dosadb:

They should make it less xp to level up but not much because it takes forever

Thats the point… If its easy to lvl up then there is no challenge.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Sacred Seasons MMORPG] Class Specific Weapons

Originally posted by Ampkit123:

wait a moment… what happened here? i didn’t post anything

u deleted your post?

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Sacred Seasons MMORPG] Guild List and Information On How to Join

thx mrj

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Sacred Seasons MMORPG] Guild List and Information On How to Join


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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Sacred Seasons MMORPG] Is one better than two?

ehh true…

Originally posted by grubbsgrady123:

Not to be against most people here, but the reason (I think) why everyone says ss1 is better, is because, only people who play ss1 visits the ss1 forums. The ones who plays ss2, visits the forums there.

I like both.

but still… everyone who plays this is evidence that ss1 is better.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Sacred Seasons MMORPG] Haggarth's Shop

still a new shop would be cool

like after bi3 comp you unlock a shop or something

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Sacred Seasons MMORPG] Perm Ban

Originally posted by crosstysrevenge:

So you WANT to get banned?!
Why the hell make a forum post about it?

fame and popularity… i guess? bragging rights? not sure what he thinks nothing to be proud of thats for sure