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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Castlot] Bug Reports

Character Name: Presz

My main hero seems to have disappeared out of thin air. Did he go to the void to find Magdelene or is this a bug? I think it’s the latter; and no I didn’t send him anywhere.

I was doing faction battle and then while the battle was happening, I went to check for relics to seize. I attacked someone, failed, and came back to faction battle to send another wave. To my horror, two waves later, I find that I’ve been sending my last two waves in faction battle without my main hero. He’s not in any city, and he’s not in any garrison, and he’s not in any army, going or returning. Can you fix this before some seize-happy league decides take Great White Shark bites on me, or worse, nibble me to death?