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Topic: Call of Gods / New Clash of Gods

Originally posted by flin12ders:
Originally posted by callofgods:

Hi, could you please tell us your character, server, the exact time and the screenshot? Thank you very much.

As Glyvac in COG Server 10
Its 7.56 GT and I am still not able to claim my provision. although yesterday I was on winning team at 15.00.
I am still being told that I claimed yesterday’s provision.
Where are the coupons promised?!

when you ’’try’’ to claim your military provision tomorrow just have a look on system chat. There you will see that in fact you really GOT the coupons you should get!!!!

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Topic: Call of Gods / Maintenance Notice (April 25th)

Originally posted by callofgods:
Originally posted by Freakypenguin8:

Can you please check the pm I sent…I clicked the “claim” button on the reward on accident when there was no reward (lv 105 hero goal) and I can’t re-click it. I’m worried I won’t get reward now that it’s being added. Also, constructive criticism, players can’t beat the 3rd sky city dungeon now. What makes you think they’ll be able to experience the new dungeons you’re adding…?


Hi, the new goal dont have reward at the meantime. Thank you.

Really, who ever you are, you should ’’PLAY’’ the game AND read peoples questions properly…

2. The bug that there are no images for the rewards of the new goal has been fixed.

Right now some goals show a Reward Arrow to claim a reward once people got the goal.
But the field poping up when hitting the arrow is blank.
The maint announcements states they add the images to those goals, so people will be able to claim the rewards.
But since some people already clicked the arrow, got nothing else than a blank field and are not able to click the arrow again, they are afraid now that they won’t be able to get the rewards which will be added in todays maint.

I think they will be able to get the rewards, but well, talking about cog it’s better to hope the best but never expect anything.

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Topic: Call of Gods / Where's red 'Valentine Equipment'

Originally posted by RollingYourHead:
Originally posted by IceWeaselX:
Originally posted by BlueD0T:

I know of one person that got a red MSN on s10 from one of the Free V day box’s that was mailed to everyone.

Those are Valentine’s Cards, not LV110 Valentine’s Day gifts. The VCards had MND items from the start. What people are complaining about is that 110 gifts had crap. Many people just skip 110 and do the 90 Chimaeras instead since they’re easier and still have the same loot from the VCards.

Dethhand on S9 had red cupids ring from chim 110 and he did like 300 runs in total

When I viewed deths equip he had 2 cupid equips (ring+pendant) on one hero. So if he shouldn’t have 2 rings, then he must have gotten the cupid equips from seeds but not cards or boxes.

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Topic: Call of Gods / [Feature] "Clash of the Titans”

Please CoG when are you going to add all the other missing items to the clash shop? Such as red gem box, blood phoenix items, berial chest, midsummer chest and so on?
Right now best item there is a level 60 equip.
It doesn’t seem to be worth to log on for the clash if level 100+ player (or even level 90+ player) don’t get the chance to spend their points on items reflecting their level.

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Topic: Call of Gods / sign ins rewards

most new rewards right now seem to be worth to wait for (dunno how it looks like in a month or two)
But what the heck about the 280-day-log in? Ice tyrant? Really?
Ice tyrant after we already got raging rhino seems like a slap into the face…
Could you please ask the devs if they accidently added ice tyrant?!
(I doubt it, but hope dies last…)
Maybe prophecy or midsummer… but tyrant? that’s just a sad joke :(

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Topic: Call of Gods / Merging M1 and M2 ?

lol, if any server on kong is able to survive then it is m2…

m1 = dead
s7 = dead
s8 = about to die
s9 = one ally left
s10 = ?

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Topic: Call of Gods / World Boss issue

Wasn’t it you who said:
Maybe instead of whining about everything just stop talkin, change the game and everything will be just fine…

So you maybe should simply do what you suggested others to do. Play another game and be happy (or not).

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Topic: Call of Gods / Server merging

It’s too early for s9. Most people there aren’t strong enough to compete with s7/s8.

Best would be to merge s7, s8 and m1. s7 and m1 are pretty dead. S8 loses player every day and sooner or later will end the same way.
Along with s8 there would be enough people on a merged server to compete again.

Alliances and alliance wars was made for a max of 200+ people. 30 per battle place.
Right now there are about 10-20 people on m1,s7,s8 per ally fighting every war.
This is not how the game was supposed to work.
I remember the days where 2 or even more top allies on a single server had those 200+ people.
About 100+ people logged in for war. Archons were busy to deploy them all. Sometimes people got no fight because all places were already filled with people.
Those days are gone.

New challenges will make a couple of people invest some money to boost their team. CoG would profit of a merge.
Weird, that they didn’t already do it.

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Topic: Call of Gods / S.O.S.

I should have bet a mouser would win the race for 120. I could be rich now ;(

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Topic: Call of Gods / [Bug] Need help? Find a bug? This is the place.

holy people… time for you to play another game or at least chill out a bit…
you will get your rewards as soon as possible, so keep cool dude.
On some events it took them a week to give the rewards out. On other events the rewards came the second the event was over.
All the needed inforamtions are there. CoG knows exactly who made a top rank and will give rewards to those people.
Be glad you will get your rewards.

As for Leo… Leo, Nico, callofgods… all those accounts… there is not ONE person only running those accounts.
Different people take care of all PR accounts on all web sites this game is running on.

You never will know, of if you talk to the same person or another person, when you start a talk.
Many people already stated that the person(s) here on kongs callofgoods account are the same as on the main site, because they talk in the same way, make the same mistakes, use the same sentences… so again: you don’t talk to a special peron, you only talk to several PR dudes. Often one of them doesn’t know what the other one answered on your first question, when you got another question. But that’s common since it is a shared job.

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Topic: Call of Gods / A sample of what CoG should do

Originally posted by Fireforge:

yes, a random pop up after the fight. Not after each mob. And it might happen after first fight, 3rd fight, 7th fight, etc. random. It won’t effect starting a boss run with teammates. It would pop up after boss fight is over and before you could join a new one. Sorry for the confussion.

People already suggested this in March 2012 when the level cap was increased from 100 to 110, an event asked people to level as much as possible and more and more auto-mouser showed up. Sad to say, such a simple to implement pop up never came true. Still waiting and hoping for it, even nowadays where those ‘first day’ mouser now already are level 120.

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Topic: Call of Gods / T4 has landed COG

I miss berial (no staff nor pants), I miss red heros (no attacker, no agi), I of course got no single red gem (layer 4 hasn’t been nice yet), no single fire dust, even still miss a couple of oj gems. Didn’t open all gem slots nor all skill slots (non coiner). Others rush their dungeons but still need all their ress, so again, newer servers can’t be compared with older servers where people leveled like living in the land of Cockaigne.
Your heros, your equip, your gems, let’s trade and I am sure I will have max. ress in no time.

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Topic: Call of Gods / T4 has landed COG

lol don’t compare youself with others please. Not everyone got plenty of red gems, equips, best heros, since not everyone playes on M2.

3 high duns a day is enough to cover the 3 duns, purg and some world boss farming. Then I am down to 200-500k ea.

Others need quite more ress than I do. So they run out of ress even faster.

A plunder war on an almost dead server… would like to see how that shall work, rofl…

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Topic: Call of Gods / T4 has landed COG

Originally posted by callofgods:

T4 can only be exchanged by t3 in the new version.

Playing on an as good as dead server right now means:

nobody there to plunder => no ressources => no t3 => no t4

any solution on that issue, CoG?

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Topic: Call of Gods / T4 units

Originally posted by yoshiey:

tell me how to earn gold olkm

the whole game is playable without spending or earning a single gold piece. It just takes more time and more hard work and of course you never will be a top player who opened all skill and gem slots or can finish the high layer rooms on Purgatory.

But there have been, still are and will be enough non-coiner on the game who use the free skill and gem slots only. And they even run d11.
Spend gold or work hard. It’s always up to yourself.

Gold is just a simple way to proceed faster and easier. Nobody is forced to use it.

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Topic: Call of Gods / T4 units

If you would have read the t4 announcement thread, then you all would know:
…Furthermore, T4 may make its grand debut in COG with the approach of Christmas…

so I think it is reasonable to expect t4 somewhen around x-mas.

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Topic: Call of Gods / [Feature] Hero Cultivation

According to the fact you act like a 3 year old child, I guess kizirb said some true words there, lol

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Topic: Call of Gods / Honor & Reputation Shop Upgrades

Bounded tramp cards is not the question nor an issue.
It’s the fact that every level 10+ member of such farming alliances gets 15.000 rep or even more per war to buy (for example) tramp cards while other people have to wait to reach level 90 to recruit them because they don’t get 15.000 rep per war. Other example needed? They farm harmony swords and breast plates that way. Worthless on old servers, valuably on newer servers…

Just view low level player on every server. Level 50 player with 500k rep or more… roflmao

If CoG now would add more stuff to rep shop (and even honor shop), such as equips or high unit/attack time gear, then those people would benefit from abusing a game feature. And that it is in my oppinion. Using a game feature in a way it was not meant to be used when it was implemented. I don’t think CoG wanted whole alliances to farm rep points by doing fake wars when they introduced alliance wars. So in fact it is an abuse. A very well known abuse.

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Topic: Call of Gods / Honor & Reputation Shop Upgrades

Originally posted by callofgods:

Scores shop and honor/reputation shops work differently in the game. Scores shop acts as a enhancement source where players could stengthen their powers; while honor/reputation shops provide an aternative way for players to get some daily supplies, transient equipments and etc.
And it is not a suprise for us to see that players make use of some game mechanism to gain honors and reputation as desgined.

I did not talk about score shop. Just rep shop and honor shop. I am of the oppinion that additions to this shop should not be made, as long as people still can farm thousands of rep and honor points per week.
So if it is no surprise for you to see that people use your game settings to farm points, why did you not change your settings yet?

30 tramp cards per week. Even nowadays this is still a biggie. 15.000 tramps you don’t have to recruit. Tramps any player below level 90 gets like nothing, while other people who don’t belong to a ‘cheating’ alliance don’t have any chance to get that many tramps before they hit the required level to recruit them for ressources.

I really would be interested to read a statement of yours, if you CoG agree in abusing a feature of your game by farming points that way or if you got plans to stop this?
Thanks in advance.

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Topic: Call of Gods / Honor & Reputation Shop Upgrades

Before adding stuff to honor and rep shop, cog should stop the kind of cheating that still goes on to farm rep and honor points every war.

Alliances still block cities every war, so both alliances member can farm rep points as well as honor points.
We all know how this works and we all know this is done since the first days of the game.
One ally sends a single player to a full defended place (up to 30:1 people).
The single player gets as good as nothing for losing a battle, but the winning team farms endless rep points.
15.000 or even more rep. 2 wars per week. That’s 30.000 rep for every single alliance member that was on the winning side.

Same with honor: they send a full t2 team to a place where a small t3 team of top player awaits them. The top player get up to 150k honor.
Then next war both allies just swop their player, who lost last war will win next war. That way top player of both allies farm honor points.

As long as cog can’t or doesn’t want to stop this, they should not add any new stuff to both shops.

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Topic: Call of Gods / The maintenance for 15/8

…long live the mouser…

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Topic: Call of Gods / Traitorous Tovak

Nobody ever said those changes were made due to an alt issue.
People just assume the reason is controlling the number of alts on the game.

Agreed, there simply is no reason to lower drops to not existend, if it would have been done because of alts.
The moment CoG banned a lot of alts their owners stopped to use them. Another bunch stopped to use them when cards couldn’t be traded anymore.

Just bound everything on the game and any still existing alt problem will be solved immediately.
I bet you 80% of the people who are still on the game would leave, but the last 20% would stay, go on playing and paying.

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Topic: Call of Gods / another event.

guess it will be around thanksgiving (Nov. 22). so they maybe will start one on thursday, since next thursday would be a bit too late for a thanksgiving event.
but to say it with Cog: check the forum

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Topic: Call of Gods / [Suggestion] Have a suggestion? This is the place.

lol, why not simply drop prices? 50g is nearly unpayable, unless you are a spender and don’t care or you got lots of stuff to sell from leaving ally mates.
50g per slot once was payable, when gems sold for 40g, oj equip for 80g (bought my first deliverance for 80g a year ago), barks and kod for up to 14g, red gems for 600g, oj books for up to 200 or more gold, even some lousy purple book chapters sold for 40g… it’s been a year people could get such prices on ah and got enough money to pay for the 50g slots.

Why should CoG refund gold they already earned? Just don’t open sockets. It’s that simple. You can play the whole game without a single gem. It just takes more time and you never will be able to be a top player. But if you want to just ‘play’ the game, then give a fu** on gemming and skilling.

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Topic: Call of Gods / [Event] Defend your homeland and wipe out zombies.

In other words: We are screwed.