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Topic: Wartune / [Announcement] Wartune Now Seeking a Kongrgate Moderator

IGN: TwoFiveSix

Current Level: 37

Age: 19

I have a long history of playing MMORPGs, and spent a majority of the time pursuing a leadership position within the communities. I am also a very active player who attends the majority of events every single day, and regularly achieve 100 devotion daily.

Regarding my understanding of the game, I have extensively categorized and experimented with the various systems and game ‘modes’, whether it is farming, city, PvP, PvE, or most any other aspect. I am also an active participant in the current Kong chat, and help out with answering questions as often as I can.

I look forward to working with other Moderators as well as players if I am selected.

Thank you.

P.S. I prefer to be contacted via Kong messaging.