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Topic: Kongregate / April '15 Suggestion Thread

If i delete a game from “Suggested”, make it never come up there again (optional w8 50-100 loggins before it has the possibility to come up again)

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Topic: Kongregate / let us delete suggested

It is worthless since you only got the “top rated for your”, and imo my suggestions are realy lame all of them.
But once in a while i find a realy good one that i grind for hours :P
That is why, if you take away one game once from suggested, it wont pop up again, leaving space for new fun game to pop up for you based on what you rate :P

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Topic: Kongregate / let us delete suggested

no idea if its possible, no idea if its just me.

But when i click away a game from suggested, i dont want to see it there again :<
Been bothering me for years :P

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Topic: Kongregate / Who ever is in charge of making the achievent of the day

Just wanna say awesome picking ^
Its almost never anything booring on that.
And i have seen so many new games that i just love, only thanks to that little feature ^

Just a waste thread accualy, but just wanna give some cred for that ^^


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Topic: General Gaming / Looking for a game

Thanks alot :) Yepp Agony was the game :D

And i did try to find somewhere to put m question :)
But i see i could have looked a bit more :)

again thanks :) //Zmutzig

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Topic: General Gaming / Looking for a game

Forgot the name of it :P

You are the “death” and you have a “spiked chain mace”

The only goal is to push and kill → until you come to a castle (with bosses)

There is a world map

There is also armors and helmets i think that you can get

Anyone know what i am looking for :P?

thanks in advance //Zmutzig

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Topic: General Gaming / my hands are swetty, my nervers are dancing. INEEDAGAMETONERD!

Originally posted by T6salt:


An education. You should be in school at the age of 14. Not playing video game all day. 7 days a week.

wow your smart, you figured i was 14 after playing a game for 14 years! even kongregate has QQ peps :/

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Topic: General Gaming / my hands are swetty, my nervers are dancing. INEEDAGAMETONERD!


Well…. i grew tired of all my main games now…
Tibia (14 years)
Realm of the mad god (not that long)
dungeon rampage (not that long)

I am now looking for a new game to nerd.
I play 14-16 hour/day/7days a week

Do you have any suggestions?
Should be a no end game like tibia or realm of the mad god
I prefer
be like tibia and rotmg
cool item loots
grinding games
or dungeon running games
Free to play
Not to advanced graffic, i prefer it simple and happy

Do you have any tips :)?

P.S if u say runscape i will spit in ur food


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Topic: Technical Support / Game wont load


My Dungeon rampage stops to load after 25%
Its not the game who is bugged, so it should be me then.
What can i do to fix this?
i have restarted the computer, restarted browser and cleared coockies.
but nothing works.
I can remember having this issue before.
I think it happen when i disconnect for a sec while loading or something (using shitty net)

Do you have any idea on how to solve this :)?

Thanks in advance //zmutzig

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Topic: Kongregate / More levels before 2013?

This is the first time i open the forums :P
I didnt realize how Un-neardish i was :o
thansk you guys! i got a moment of the feeling “i got a life”


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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / m crit bow doesnt crit

Originally posted by DR_Celerity:

This should be fixed, so let us know if you’re still seeing it. :)

It crits like never before now ;) thanks!
feel free to change the 4/5 mana to dmg or atk speed on my bow if i want ;) because im cool,,, and the world ends in some hours xD!

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / Resurect VS Health bomb "bug"

If someone uses a health bomb at the same time you resurect them, the resurect will win and a bomb is wasted

Have seen this 2 times now, so just wanted u to know incase u wanna fix it.


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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / lots of ideas and changed to make this game more serius

Then explain wish of this option would make people quit?
a forum?
vip list?
more gold/exp from high dungeons?
boost the attack power skill?
make legendery chest drop generaly better items?
arange team before start?
armors and robes?

name one, and give specific information why people would leave if any of this changed was made/applied

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / m crit bow doesnt crit

ow ok :)

Thought it was my luck ;) 8/10 fail legendery chest, and finaly a bow! a broken bow xD!

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / m crit bow doesnt crit


I got this bow that refuse to crit!

I got a
True shot (1597 power)
5/5 “dire” crit (25% to make 100% extra damage)

But, it never crits :P
I just got this from a legendery chest, and i tried him out on the dragon boss
But.. no crits :P never ^^

Could i get some help here from a mod :P?
or do i need to send a support ticket somewhere?

edit i now remember there is a “report a bug” just at the play screen :P

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / First impression of legendary loot

I have found
5% more gold
10% faster run
10+0.9 weapon level in health
20+1.8 health for pt?

i have opened 8 on 3 days, and woring on my 9th now

The thing i realy realy got suppriced on.. are how sucy the items can be in legendery…

my 65 rare bow has more dps then both the bows i found from legendery on 88+90

but i say i LOVE my heal scroll :)

4/5 bigger – 4/5 less mana – 10% speed – 250 power

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / lots of ideas and changed to make this game more serius

Originally posted by Dalamite:

Your lack of grammar skills is disturbing.
Also, it’s not healthy to use the computer that much.
Your ideas seem well but you need to think of how much time and effort it takes to make that a big changes to the game.

My lack of grammar makes me a such less worthy human then you!
I thought my self to speak english without any school or anything, only by playing online games.
And to learn ur self to speak english with every “lol, haxor, 1337, etc” is not that easy.
its not like everyone has perfect gramma just because they can use the internet

im at the computer 16 hour/day everyday no matter what ^^
Its my life, and im not unhappy with it.
conciderin the health i will live alot longer then the jogging and healthy people :P

but back to the topic ^^

“but you need to think of how much time and effort it takes to make that a big changes to the game.”

More time spent = Better game
Better game = More money
More money = wont come easy

have you ever heard a factory workey say to hes boss “nah im not gona work today, its to time demanding”
this is their work, so im pretty sure they doesnt mind put in more time into the game if they can se profit on it

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / lots of ideas and changed to make this game more serius

I have been here for 15 hour each day for a week now :P
I am a no lifer, and a gamer.
I realy realy love this game idea, but there is some things that i have some opinion on.
I realy dont force you to do any changed or something, just sharing from a players point of view :)
NOTE That i am not here to take away any profit you do on the game :P
I do understand that you need cash etc, and that you deserv cash for making this game.
The ideas i come with is to make this game more attractive, and more community like. and just more serius
its an awesum game, but with the right changes it can be just absolutly perfect :P

The first thing, this game need is a community, for real.

With chat, online list

A real forum and tip people to go there

*Vip list
There is a friends list, but there should be a VIP list for your closest friends.
Thoose should be seen first at the friends list, and you should have an option “vip only” when running dungeons

The next thing this game need is more attractive dungeon runs
Mostly people only farms in keep or barrow
But the game is a “dungeon rampage” game, not a “clean the fast boss on 1 min rampage” game :P
You need to add more gold and exp to the levels in the grindhouse

I would go so far to say that the monster should drop 2x the experience in the grindhouse.
And the victory bonus should be dubbled up to
This would make people accualy run dungeons and team up to grind them.
Also add a BOSS to the grindhouse, i was realy disapointed to discover there is no boss at the big green tree :(!

I would also like to bring up some class changes i have thought of to balance it out some

*Chef, take away the ability that make him chop up food from creatures!
Insteed make this a “chop and eat” ability (life steal)
Keep hes special attack
But take away create food and change it to “special effect food”.
This way he can help the team with random food that he creates, that will buff speed, atk speed etc etc

Insteed make a priest class to become the party healer

Nerf their defense with 30%, i can tank to mush to be an archer
Also make the heal SINGLE TARGET, its realy just to overpower with mass heal for a ranger, and make no sense

Take away or modify the “attack power” skill that every class has

Seriusly, i am a ranger, and only get 1 atk power for each “stat point” i put, with a max of 25
I have seen bows with 2900 power..
so 25 is at no help at all

Example on how to balance this for rangers
(1) Make it 4 attack power for each stat, this will give atleast 100extra power, and that seems fair for an archer
(2) Take it away completly and add “penetrate”
each “stat point” will give you a 0.25-0.5% chanse to penetrate
Make legendery chest drop (in general) better items.
I have grinded for 3 days, 15 hour each day, 7 chest. and 6 of them where fails.
2 of them where bows, at level 88 + 90. both of them was useless compared to my rare i got at level 65.
this should not happen when you have spent that mush time.
sure some fails here and there is a part of the game.
but concidering the time people spend to get 1, there should be more profitable

Make it more realistic on what “skills” your item gets…
my legendery bow at level 90 was “5/5 less mana use .
and i got crit heals etc. just realy annoying :P

Arange team before start a dungeon.
make an option “go to lobby”
In here you should be able to invite friends and w8 for them to join before starting

Anti leacher systems.

*Votekick “zmutzig”
Kicked if 2 player accept the kick

Armors and robes
Make armors and robes to equip
KEEP the “max 3 items”
This will allow peopel to more costumize their champion.
Either they have for an example a bow + sword + heal, or maybe a bow + armor + bind, etc etc
They can choose if they want to sacrifice their sword or bind or something for an armor.
either you go full dmg, or you take some defensives on.

Chef and zerk should be able to have “heavy armors”
ranger, hunter , ninja should be able to have “light armor”
and the mages “robes”

i have alot more in mind :P but im going back to grinding for legenderys! soon i will have my bow! :)

Thanks for a lovly game, i will stick around for a long long time :P

Please do comment with feed backs if you like, and if there is anything you think i forgot, please share :)

@ The developers. i would realy appriciate if you atleast says “thansk for the ides” or anything, just to know you are “user friendly” :)
And if you have time, please argue why you dont like the ideas.
i will counter argue right away with new ideas :)
I hope you make tons of money ;)

Peace // Zmutzig

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / Suggestions.

Originally posted by Dalamite:

I have some ideas for the game to become more fun:
First of all, I’d like an inventory that you can take with you in battles and store food and mana in. It’s a real pain in the ass to gather food and taking a hamburger with you would be the ultimate relief.
A 2×2 screen that you can enlarge while in a dungeon would be more than enough.

Secondly, being able to pick up food and mana pots when at full health and put it in said inventory would make it even more effective at using in dungeons.

Should this idea be implemented then the best place to buy food and mana would be in the shop.

My second Idea is turning the main town into a dungeon,
it would be fun to walk trough a village and chat to random people.

Or you just run frostgaard tons of times, and add everyone. they will send life bombs. problem solved :P

and “mercery npc” = there is pets already

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / aww come on!

2 Days
30 hours
6 chest
and 5 of them was fail lol

and then i finaly got a bow
a legendery bow at level 87
and it has lower dps then my 65 bow .
for real bro? wtf! xD
how unlucky can you be

My 65 rare bow
750 power
4/5 att speed
3/5 increase dmg

my 87 legendery bow
1300 power
5/5 use less mana <- wtf?
4/5 poison
10% movements speed (or as they like to call it “move speed”)

aww come on again wtf!
my second legendery bow at level 89 is 950 power, 5/5 (5% crit) and 4/5 poison

the second legendery bow that i get, that has lower dps then my level 65 bow.
you should realy adjust this :S

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / What Type Of class Would you like in Dungeon Rampage

I would like a healing priest

-low damage
-full health ulti
-mass healing (like the rangers)
-cleanse spell (take away stuns, poisons etc

For this to work the following changes is needed
-Make rangers heal ONLY them self
-Take away the “food chop skill” and give him a “life steal kinda attack” so only HE gets the health from chopping
sure he can still make food and still have food ulti. and some more changed, making him more tanky and less healy

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / ranger attack power?

Originally posted by Oshadow0:

all power (range/melee/magic/burning) is all +1 dmg/ point =.=

yeah but this is useless lol :S and now i wasted on maxing attack power :P

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / ranger attack power?

I just heard that the rangers attack power ability only gives 1 power per stat point.
So this skill is rather useless then :S
its not worth to put anything in it.

IMO this should be changed to 0.5% dmg each point

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / about exit before "victory"

well you write more then you read :P
if you read it again, you will see that that was what i calculated.

you gain 800 more gold each 10 minuets of running
but you gain 1600 more exp when not exiting.

and you always want to be max level when opening treasures, so why not take the exp then?
sure if you save up for something, it can be worth it. but not if ur planning on using that char later

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / about exit before "victory"

i thought this was kinda strange, because you want some exp at the same time
So i calced what the profits on each side of exit/dont exit

This is done with my ranger (750 power, 40% att speed, 30% damage)
In public dungeons

10 Minutes barrow boss level with exit
earned gold 5804
earned exp 1736

10 Minutes barrow boss level without exit
earned gold 5056
earned exo 3381

Here you can see that you pay 1600 exp for 800 gold

In the long run, you will both exp and money farm, so why exit :P?