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Topic: Castlot / Suggestions for Castlot

… the whole “faction battle” thing y’all have trumped up this week?

gone in less than 12 hours. Barely had a chance to log in before it was already over… I sleep, and the event is over before I have a chance to even participate. Very not impressed with how you had to be in just the right time zone or you didn’t even get a chance to participate.

cross-faction interaction and competition is a GREAT idea, but you really need to extend the window of opportunity long enough to allow people a chance to participate.

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Topic: Crazy Fairies / Bug Reports

Yeah, central US citizen here. InvalidRegion error when logging in.

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Topic: Dawn of the Dragons: General / sugg

I fail to see what you think you’ll be preventing by giving such a terrible power.

In the two weeks I’ve played, I’ve seen NO spammers in the raid chat. If it does exist, it’s not something that’s widespread enough to be worth giving such a potneitial for problems into the hands of the raid summoner.

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Topic: GemCraft Labyrinth / Why are people anoyed over premium?

I don’t mind the premium at all, and in fact as soon as I learned that there was premium for a GC game, I forked over the $5 and THEN learned that it unlocked stuff in-game.

I just don’t like the idea of endurace being premium. IMn-sHO the rest of the premium content is fine, but why is endurance premium? To me it’s a fundamental thing that I don’t see why non-premiums shouldn’t have