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Topic: Yu-Gi-Oh! BAM / New System:Trade Random Card

Originally posted by memefool:

Not a bad idea but it has many flaws also i would prefer they implement a pvp before they do trading it would make the game a lot better :D

PVP= Jnz spammmmmmmmm

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Topic: Tyrant / DarkBlood1 completely retired from Tyrant (2011-2013)

Just passing on kong and see this ;(

My life is like him the last year put now im working 3 days but this is not the case, the threat here u leave one of the best multiplayer game i have played on my life (one of my top 10) and probably the mayory of here.

And yes, this game is dying slowly but still be a epic one to play at least 1 time. Darkblood1, i wish u the best of all and hope u mind dnt blow (that goes to me too).


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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Fantasy Online] What's your FAVORITE thing about this game?

Originally posted by Genocat:
Originally posted by sebba:

My character.Also how the game is obsessed with crabs.
Zombie crabs,rock crabs,purple crabs,king crab,frozen crabs,crab statues,crab coast,alien crab,cyborg crab,UFO crab,oh my!
(Not to mention the sheety crab.)

aka crap crabs

and a giant crab maked by crabs?

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Topic: Tyrant / [Tournament Season 2] Incinerator WINS!

Originally posted by joannes3000:
Originally posted by masterluke:
Originally posted by THESPOOKY:

I have 5 3 0 of these… I have a personal grudge. Screw Tread Python.

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Topic: Tyrant / [Community] What's the point of playing tournaments if I am likely to lose money?

Originally posted by ladolcevita:

1. apollo
2. hades
3. funz
(4. troll dna?)

1: no op
2: no op
2: no fun
(4. maybe)

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Topic: Tyrant / [Petition] Receive 1 wb every time you level up

Or implement something more “compresed” like 5wb every 5 lvl or 10 for 10, etc.

That because get 1 wb for each lvl make more viable get cards soon, example: Lol, got 23 wb, need to play this game for 2 lvls and get that F***** card, F***** shards they hate me" so, instead a guy get mad when he got 2 lvls discover the card suck and leave, let him keep playing more tyrant and get 28wb :D, understoond? a good idea to make players to keep playing more instead to get exactly 25 and get bored more fast :P

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Topic: Tyrant / 2.8.04 ON KONGREGATE!

Finally, the super update of cards uppgrading are here, now, we can talk about this, what cards are opp, how are the reaction of the guys who are closser to heracles but now back far, is good or bad? (for me is same XD)

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Topic: Tyrant / 2.8.03 RELEASED ON FB

Originally posted by darkfang77:
Originally posted by jamklev:

Here’s what was posted on their Facebook page

“1/25/2013 Card Upgrades Released!

Card Upgrades are available in the Upgrades tab of the Store. Upgrades require 1 or more copies of the Level 1 of the card and an amount of gold. Please Note: Any foils used for upgrades will result in a non-foil card regardless of how many foils are used.

In addition we added an option to purchase Gold with War Bonds. You can access this from the ‘+’ next to the Gold amount.

We also updated the overview panel to include Quest steps and claiming Conquest Tokens.

As previously announced, We have also removed all ways to gain components in the game except for Shards and Conquest Tokens. Players can still sell their components."

Former crafting cards (longshot, etc) have been moved to level rewards, and you unlock a new one every 20 levels (Forsaken at 20, Diablo at 40, etc). I don’t know how I feel about Heracles being a level 100 reward. I know a lot of people who don’t have one yet, and probably won’t get one because of that. If I had to take a guess, I’d say whatever our next event is will have him as a reward, but knowing the devs, that could easily be wrong.

Hera needs a massive buff imo


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Topic: Tyrant / Vote: Coolest Card Art

Originally posted by JH34D:

i vote samantha, here is the full image:

she beat dalia :P

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Topic: Tyrant / Craft all the Energy Refills that you can before it's too late!

Originally posted by tuloski:

You can just sell components which are worth 21000 golds….what do you do with energy refills? you can farm missions for 6-7000 golds per refill…what’s the point? you can farm new mission faster, but in 2-3 days everyone will finish them without refills.

is like the “emergency extinguisher” of tyrant XD

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Topic: Tyrant / [Tournament] Another Tourney?

Originally posted by sllp2020:
Originally posted by stormcommando:
Originally posted by THESPOOKY:


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Topic: Tyrant / New level requirements for crafting cards REVELAVED [sic]

Originally posted by Maharid:

Actually Heracles was craftable at any level, an heavy WB spender can start the game and have heracles in less than a month and at level of 30 or less.

Devs luv those guys :P

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Topic: Tyrant / [Spoiler] upgraded cards

Zero need a good buff, the best name card of all tyrant ZERO!!!.

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Topic: Tyrant / DNA's Tourny: King of Kings | Jimbo_Extreme Wins | Videos Uploading Now!

Dam!, i wish to join that tournament!, got same and even more cards than those ;(

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Topic: Tyrant / Do the devs need help with Tyrant card names?

When they get wb, pay monkeys to make the names.

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Topic: Tyrant / K+ was given for free to every user registered in "PowerUp Rewards Pro"

Some devs want to watch the worl burn hahaha man, this is not racist way to privatization non fat american players to leonidas and k+ this is ridiculous XD, now make a only legendary card exclusive to capitalislandia and i still keep playing, because the teached to fish get more to who gifted some fishes.

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Topic: Tyrant / K+ was given for free to every user registered in "PowerUp Rewards Pro"

dam, thats all? a private chat channel?

mibbit frog laughts XD

but in part is cool, more easy to play without swaping from window or flange

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Topic: Tyrant / Biowaste Disposer or Kyrios

Biowaste rulz.

Close this XD.

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Topic: Tyrant / "Elite"

Originally posted by Shadowhopeful:

+ 60 WB
+ Mech Walker


mech suck, is collection only purpouse and if u are collector, u need yes or yes to be warbonder.

the 60wb free is the only thing that worth, like 100kredz (yes, that worth if u spend kredz on wb) so, is a little gift to get vault :P but really i think now elite is’nt worth a lot, only for free 60wb :P

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Topic: Tyrant / [Tournament] Another Tourney?

Originally posted by Waydo:
Originally posted by THESPOOKY:

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Topic: Tyrant / [DEV] Card Upgrade Feature Announcement

Maybe a good way is to make some buff with components, mixable or 100% components, is a good way either.

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Topic: Tyrant / DB's decks for Occupation achievements

Originally posted by Your_Enemy:

Classic Vengeant deck isn’t cool anymore?

classic? used only 2 times before the cards buff XD, mawcor get buffed so is much better :P

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Topic: Tyrant / Discussion: Can Repromancer be a reliable substitute for Longshot?

Originally posted by PivotalDisorder:
Originally posted by darkfang77:

Oh gawd, another Curtywurty123.

this made me lol.

no one gonna mention Sunspear? :P

also what about these two? I bought Retribution and then never used it :P
and doesn’t Tread Python have some potential in a fear deck?

sunspear is good…………………………… 6/10
retribution… bad, bahamuth $ edition….. 4/10
tread work with 1hp………………………..3/10

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Topic: Tyrant / [Tournament] Another Tourney?

Originally posted by lfiamoncini:
Originally posted by stormcommando:
Originally posted by THESPOOKY:

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Topic: Tyrant / Jixi'sticks, I am disappointed in you.

The good points are his 2 delay with refresh in 7 hp making this a good defensive card but for i can see, is only meatshield, strike all 1 on attacked is a good skill if u think more, the problem is now all uses (incluing me) sabre rapier sistem and get killed fast :P.

Bad card for legendary spot but can be worse xithi ruins or how called that legendary imperial XD