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Topic: General Gaming / Star Wars VS Halo with would win?

Obviously Star Wars. The technology would be highly advanced because blasters were invented before ANYTHING in Halo was invented, therefore they would be more advanced. They say you can’t be invincible, but being technologically advanced by over a million years than the opposition practically IS being invincible. Suck on that Halo. Also, the Jedi would crush any army when they had millions of years to hone their skills of the force, the death star could be rebuilt, WITHOUT being vulnerable to a cocky young man in an X-wing, therefore we could destroy any planet that the opposition own. I may not know much about Halo, but I am a Star Wars GOD. SUCK ON THAT HALO FANS.

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Topic: Kongregate / More Left-handed friendly games!

I have played quite a few computer games in my lifetime. And i’d say about 54% of computer games aren’t very left-handed friendly. I find this as discrimination, because lots of games exclude left-handed people unless they can learn and get used to it.

Who else thinks that there should be more games where you can change the controls to suit you?

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Topic: General Gaming / Pandemic 2! How to do the world?

This is clearly simple.

Parasite or Virus is the best type, as the Parasite is very durable and the Virus can evolve quickly.
Simply chose either of these and get 2 symptoms that are highly infectious but still aren’t very visible. Next, save up your point and get drug resistance maxed out. Next make it easier to infect people by buying waterborne and airborne so the disease spreads overseas and eventually worldwide. Make the disease as subtle as possible so no vaccine development occurs. Then save up plenty of points and buy everything at once and click fast forward and watch the computer do the dirty work!

-hope it helped :D

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Topic: General Gaming / Rebuild 2-ULTIMATE STRATEGY GUIDE

This guide is to give you an idea of the best strategy to use when managing your rebellion against the Zombies in Rebuild 2 (