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Topic: AdVenture Capitalist: General / Demon Investors and How To Get Them.

It doesn’t add up. He should be making more money for each establishment. This is fake.

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Topic: AdVenture Capitalist: General / Why do you think idle games are so fun?

Originally posted by Xenoce:

I had wondered why something similar wasn’t standard fare in roguelikes.

One of the huge aspects of a Rogue-like is that playing it doesn’t make it any easier. There are no upgrades, you don’t get to keep equipment, you don’t keep your levels. Once you die, you start over as if you’ve never played the game before. The thing that carries over is your knowledge of the game. You become more knowledgeable of the game so you can get a little bit further next time, learning a little bit more. It’s a similar, but different technique used to keep you playing.

There are rogue-likes that have things carry over, but it’s certainly not for everyone. A large appeal to the rogue-like genre has always been how hardcore it is.