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Topic: Off-topic / If you could kill any corrupt politician, who would it be?

Originally posted by CombatExclaim:


You just triggered an alarm in NSA.

not jking btw lulz

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Topic: Off-topic / Health & Fitness

Originally posted by uzzbuzz:

So I made a deal with 3 friends that each time any of them gets a badge, I will do 10 push-ups. I’ll be even tougher in no time!

Also I’ll post random bonus challenges I do. My one today is doing 5 push-ups for every level a certain friend beats in the game 9 today.

Good luck.

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Topic: Off-topic / Has anyone ever actually gone through with the porn ads such as, "Meet local singles today!"

Originally posted by Aleazor:

I met my own mom, it was really awkward. Now we’re married and have two kids, Icebomb and Ubermorgen.

Have you no shame ? Gas chamber to this guy.

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Gr8, hope he stops trolling ot.

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Topic: Off-topic / New fanfic releases in three hours.

What kind of fanfic will it be ? Hope the kind that gets thread locked and deleted luv those.

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Topic: Off-topic / GONNA BLOW YOUR MIND

Originally posted by Aleazor:

Russian Dragunov SVU hanging on the wall.

Nice gun.

I´m not sure if it is. Cesar can probably tell.

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Topic: Off-topic / Gonna blow your mind.

where do you think Raiden, Kabal, scorpion sub-zero come from ? Ofc there are other worlds.

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Topic: Off-topic / Ten questions evolutionists can't answer

Originally posted by Gabidou99:

It was obvious someone was gonna answer all the question.

Still 6/10 bait,i foresee a great troll in ubermongo.

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Topic: Rise of Mythos / why this game dying ?

Originally posted by terana4o:
Originally posted by dias17se:

f2p need godlikes, period. Give 1 ruby to every1, could be a 30 day login.

watched post season yesterday, what a leap from a few months ago, i counted 6 godlikes average per player. I thought i was on the chinese server !

You do understand that the same post season you are talking about was won by a f2p person, right?

That f2p person is one of a kind. He´s literally the only one with such progress. So my reasoning still applies since he has godlikes and won thanks to them ;)

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Topic: Off-topic / Come up with the best insult

ask roflwaffle, he comes up with some amazing stuff

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Topic: Off-topic / Kanye West scores 106 points against wheelchair basketball team

That totally changed my opinion on him, he´s a good man.

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Topic: Off-topic / Why Red and Blue are popular Rivals/Friends?

They are contrary to each other.

Same as black and white

green and purple

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Topic: Off-topic / (Hate thread)

Hey niceman wanna play roblox ?

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Topic: Off-topic / The truth about Moses

Originally posted by YupIHaveSwag:

Moses whacked the ground with a stick like a savage ape and split the Red Sea in half. Sounds legit.

It is legit.

God has the power and magic level to do so. He´s basically Madara Uchiha.

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Topic: Off-topic / wow americas new flag

looks gr8

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Topic: Rise of Mythos / why this game dying ?

f2p need godlikes, period. Give 1 ruby to every1, could be a 30 day login.

watched post season yesterday, what a leap from a few months ago, i counted 6 godlikes average per player. I thought i was on the chinese server !


Topic: Off-topic / Eazy E or 2pac

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Topic: Off-topic / SHOULD vaccines be required for schools?

Originally posted by tHErofLwaffLe:

no thx i dont want to catch autism

K, enough ot for today,

back to youtubing japanese girl farts

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Topic: Off-topic / I know PC may be better, but...

Why not enjoy both for it´s merit ?

Pc is usually better but i had some great fps experience in ps2 with timesplitters or goldeneye in n64 for ex

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Topic: Off-topic / Gabidou in Amsterdam. Episode 1 (fanfic)

Gabidou had arrived in Amsterdam for the internacional pokemon tournament called Grand League, it was sunny and he was happy.

“-Damn , i´m nervous, hope i can win this one, it going to be hard, i need to be prepared”, while his stuff were being scanned, something weird caught the eye of the airport security.

" -The Hell ?" said the fat airport security, we´ll call him him Tissue

" -Oh my god" he further continued , “-Those are Torkoal eggs ! !”, “You´re under arrest ! !”

“-That isn´t mine !” Gabidou replied shocked of what he was just seeing.All other security officers came and grabbed him.

Gabidou was locked for a few hours until the police chief quorx came to pick him. He couldn´t stop thinking what just had happened, those weren´t his for sure.

Meanwhile the Police Chief just entered the room,
“-So trafficking are we ? Be ready to spend a few years in jail my little fat friend” said quorx with an almost unnoticeable grin on his face.

“-I´m not fat” said Gabidou, “-Those weren´t mine, someone set me up”

“-Yeah yeah, shocker, take him to central Headquarters” said quorx

A strange mysterious man dressed in black stared from afar.

While gabidou entered the van, he saw a familiar face, it was aguspal in the back of the van with him.

Gabidou looked at him and said “Agus” when aguspal suddenly interrupted him like he shouldn´t talk. Both were staring into each other during the trip, until suddenly aguspal pulls his 9mm and shoots the driver right in the head, a huge hole in which air could pass, brains everywhere and the van had an accident.

“Agus…” said Gabidou “what the hell”.

“Shut the f**k up ! !” said aguspal, “-Here take my 9 mm, i´ll try to slow them down, you´re going to have to punch me”

Gabidou punched him hard but no damage was done.

“-Wtf was that ? ?” said aguspal, “-Forget it, i´ll bash my head against the door”

Gabidou retrieved from the ban the one only pokemon which he had with him at the time of the arrival, he used to move others through that pc at pokemon hospital. That pokemon was charizard, Gabidou´s second favorite pokemon.

While gabidou was leaving a police officer named niceman arrived and challenged him to a fight, officer had 3 pokemons and Gabidou one and zero items. It was a fight for his life.

First officer summoned Alakazam, a gruesome battle took place, gabidou started with flamethrower, was a critical hit that took 70% of Alakazam health bar, alakazam responded witht that mirror shit, but was too late, 1 slash and he was gone.

At this point officer saw he was up against a major duelist of inimaginable experience and got mad basically.

“-You fckng fgt, you won´t win ! !”

“-Let´s see about that” said a relaxed Gabidou, “-I have to prove my innocence”

Niceman responded with a poliwhirl, a very powerful water pokemon with a whirlpool on his belly, which could do some tricky hypnotizing magics.

“-Go poliwhirl ! Use water gun !” He did and was super effective, took charizard half hp, "-Damn " said gabidou, “-I have to 1 hit kill him, charizard use mega kick !”

Charizard had used a norris roundkick to the jaw and poliwhirl was completely blown away.

“-I can´t believe this sh*t” said niceman. " I surrender"

“-I don´t think so” said Gabidou, “What did you call me just a sec ago ?”

“-Me ? Nothing, c´mon man let me go”

Gabidou stared at him, laughing at inside because he knew what was gonna happen

“Charizard, use mega kick again " said Gabidou with an expressionless face. Light reflecting on his eyes.

Niceman was kicked so hard in the face his ancestors felt it, he was gonna eat soup through a tube the rest of his life.

Back in HQ quorx the police chief was notified of the loose man, " Damn" he said, “Call PWNDY and Welcomeworld, we´re gonna need them” while this his phone ringed

A mysterious voice said “Is it done ?”

“There´s a situation” said quorx, “we´re working on it”

“You better or i´ll fck you up”

To be continued.

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Topic: Rise of Mythos / Soul of the Dragon

Powercreep is the arrival of absurdly strong cards who make cards before them who ranged from really good to decent to useless.

some of them : alek ( card that i personally most despise, 99 to all shows how absurd their card design has got since 1.2, non elites become redundant), nuwa, freya (here lamefuse went full retard), zeus, khnum etc game winners basically.

They should totally release aurora, there´s no reason not to.

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Topic: Off-topic / Have you guys tried the iPhone 6's new battery recharging feature?

so… can i put that iphone in my microwave and it recharges ?

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Topic: Rise of Mythos / Soul of the Dragon

Originally posted by Everlast11:

WE Better. I personally found it quite insulting that upon everyone receiving the 6 star dragon soul today (10th day of login event) the Event concluded, making sure all F2P players had 0% chance @ 2 Fire Opals which was actually said to be a chance @ 3 opals a week ago when they had their silly share event for 200k silver and 100 rubies? Who cares if there will be a second event, most will sell these balls (no they are not dragon souls facepalm) for inventory space unsure if the 2nd event will ever show up. Meanwhile the whales continue to break away from the majority of the player base with their constant GL & Leg enhances. Quite demoralizing really, it is not surprising even more players are continuing to quit. Wonder if lamefuse will ever get their shit together, i myself have found minimal motive to continue logging this game on a daily basis now that i have reached cap, and am beginning to wonder how many others feel the same way? Blind i know you do alot for this game, and stand up for this money sucking leech of a company, but don’t you also find yourself questioning Lamefuse’s motive at times and agree what they are doing to their player base is somewhat criminal?

Rage Over ~

powecreep is so big they had to give players free kings ( after half year grinding)

that says a lot.

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Topic: Rise of Mythos / Spike Rushing in Tournaments and a Note to the Devs.

Originally posted by Avangion:

How about this for a card:

Wall of Light (2 count)
Reflects all damage from skills.

add nimble, 3cd and we have a winner

wall of light v2.0

reflect physical damage

reflect magical damage


there we go, 1 lane is blockable

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Topic: Off-topic / VOTE YES F/-\GS

Originally posted by cesarcurado:
Originally posted by abraaz:

Final vote: No
Haggis and deep fried mars bar for dinner I think.


Scots betrayed themselves.Obviously scotland was infiltrated by jews.