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Topic: Galaxy Online / Best Commander Ever Poll

Originally posted by War_Mart:


A startling result so far!!!!!!!!!!!!

Common: 2
Tactical Wizards: 1
Pernicious Princes: 1
Kismet Beams: 1
Lynn: 2 (Because i like ganth and i dont want common to win)

The compotition still goes on!!!!!!!!

Wait, if your vote is lynn then where does Tactical Wizards go?

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Topic: Galaxy Online / Best Commander Ever Poll

Common because they’re cheap.

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Topic: Legacy of a Thousand Suns / Friendship

Add me, I need friends :D We all need friends :D

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Topic: Galaxy Online / Petition thing for longer chat messages!


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Topic: Galaxy Online / s2 rollcall

former So2 Player Dreamo here.

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Topic: Galaxy Online / How to not get farmed...for noobs.

I, for one generally don’t like to post anything but…

I agree with Djareth about hiding behind truces. I think that is a bit oppressive and not fun. Frankly, doesn’t using a truce mean you admit that you are hoarding resources? After using it, it goes away then you’re attacked. That seems a bit harsh. I am aware that it takes time to travel to raid comeback and send again. Most of us can’t always be active to be warned. I perfer hoarding my vouchers and can’t be bothered to use truce ;3

Another point, people store up resources to eventually upgrade or just for the quest given. Isn’t attacking once enough, farming just seems unnecessary imo.

I don’t know what goes on in WC. But, I am against starting any war of any kind. I am also against blaming a collective due to a few players. Can’t we all just get along?

I also do have to note, I haven’t been attacked yet so that’s good :D
So2 Player currently in So1 due to merger: Dreamo