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Topic: Off-topic / What Would You Do (WWYD)

i would eat a cookie and think about it

WWYD if you find your house surrounded by dozens of rabbits

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Topic: General Gaming / Is WoW Dead?

(i dont play much World of Warcraft, but..)


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Topic: General Gaming / Why Do People Like Stupid Runescape?

i used to be a runescape fan, but lately it has gone to sheet :(

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Topic: General Gaming / Minecraft is an infiniminer clone

and btw, you dont see people raging on black ops cuz its like wolfenstein

a good game doesn’t need to be original

AND, one more thing, minecraft is not done yet. so why u be judgin’

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Topic: General Gaming / Minecraft is an infiniminer clone

Originally posted by Private_Pigface:
Originally posted by moomuffinq:

So what if it is? It is MUCH more successful than Infiniminer.

Yes, but there is something coming that will be more successful than minecraft.

I am referring to this

Funny how minecraft fans are calling it a ripoff of minecraft when minecraft has no original content.

fortresscraft? are you serious? its a terrible clone on its own, but when minecraft comes to xbox 360, fortresscraft is screwed

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Topic: Elements / Ideas for Elements CCG (Destructive criticism will be ignored)


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Topic: General Gaming / Saddest Game Ending

Mortal Kombat 9


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Topic: Elements / insert your elements jokes here

I didn’t read all of the jokes so dont rage if i accidentally copy

Yo mamma so fat her ability is gravity pull.
Yo mamma so fat not even Otyugh can eat her.
Yo mamma so big she can sit on a Massive Dragon.
Yo mamma so ugly when she got Mutated nothing happened.
Yo mamma so big Sundial doesn’t work.
Yo mamma so big she uses Titan as a meat tenderizer.
Yo mamma so stupid she used Precognition when her deck was empty.
Yo mamma so dumb she used Mitosis on her dagger.

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Topic: General Gaming / What's the best MMO ever?

Global Agenda?

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Topic: Kongregate / Who's Kate?

Originally posted by PALMISANOLDR:
Originally posted by greg:
Originally posted by Mexemfe:


Greg on Kate

Kate is Greg’s secret mistress

No, Nerdook is my mistress. Easy mistake to make, though.

Nerdook?Thats my favorite game developer on kong…


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Topic: General Gaming / Best "Great Dungeon in the Sky" Characters

Originally posted by AssassinMaster:
Originally posted by vampguy962:
Originally posted by FierceHunter:

And.. what’s a Manticore? I got a Minotaur but whats that? And what animal is it? Like a Minotaur is part human part beast.
Also, which is better: Bahamut or Fire Dragon?

A Manticore is a beast that is a lion with wings, and a long tail that shoots barbs. It also has the face of a man. I believe it originated in Indian mythology.

The Minotaur is a half-man, half-bull monster that lives in King Minos’s labyrinth. It originated in Greek mythology, and was eventually slain by Theseus.

And now you tell me what the hell is Gojira!

I believe Gojira was created by the Developer.
(No I won’t bother editing my post :O)

when i searched it online it was a french rockband, so what is the connection…

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / Official Thread: Need Orange Portals?

I NEED 3 give them to me and there will be cake :)

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Topic: General Gaming / Pokemon Black/White

Originally posted by Captain_Catface:

Protect, Earthquake, Heatwave, Fly.

If played properly, there isn’t really anything that can beat it; short of a team of explosion-mew.

And in double battles, it just isn’t fair.

And, if you take the time to breed them and maximize the stats, it’s just more unfair.

I can easily beat your Salamences with my team of Chuck Norris with an OVER 9000 hairdo

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Topic: General Gaming / Red Dead Redemtion

The sequel should be called “Scarlet Deceased Revenge”

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Topic: General Gaming / Racial Violence in Johnny Rocket Fingers 2.

Racism is the reason Sheva and some Hispanic guys are on Resident Evil 5, because without them, RE5 would just be Caucasian Chris shooting some African guys

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Topic: General Gaming / Best medieval weapon

Ye olde M3 or Ye olde Chicago Typewriter imo

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Topic: General Gaming / Grudge Match: RE4 vs. Bioshock

Originally posted by Captain_Catface:

A. Stop with the fucking VS threads, a new wave of those is the last thing we need. [Directed at everyone, not just the OP.]
B. Bioshock; considering that it has a fully-functioning sci-fi civilization behind it.

there are no other Grudge Matches(by anyone else) on kong so stop bitching about it!!

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Topic: General Gaming / Grudge Match: Gears of War 2 vs. Halo 3

(so what i copied IGN)

Which game will prevail? Epic Games’ cover based shooter Gears of War 2? Or Bungie’s first person shooter Halo 3? Post your opinion.

Gears of War 2:
-great use of cover
-epic multiplayer
-wonderful graphics

Halo 3:
-Forge level editor
-Vehicles are fun to ride
-good storyline that ends the series well

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Topic: General Gaming / Grudge Match: RE4 vs. Bioshock

(so what i copied IGN)

Which game will prevail? Capcom’s survival horror game Resident Evil 4? Or 2k Boston’s first person shooter Bioshock? Post your opinion.

Resident Evil 4:
-long single-player game
-great aiming system
-scary atmosphere

-lots of character customization
-use of Plasmids
-In-depth storyline

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Topic: Off-topic / The Greatest Song Of All Time

acoording to VH1, it is Smells Like Teen Spirit, by Nirvana. Personally, Viva La Vida, by Coldplay

There are 3 guys in a bar.

One claims to have the smallest head in the world.

Another claims to have the smallest arm in the world.

The last claims that he is the best songwriter in the world.

The all go to The Guinness Book of World Records HQ to find out.

“I really do have the smallest head in the world!”

“I really do have the smallest arm in the world!”

“Who the f*ck is Coldplay?!”

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Topic: Off-topic / Top 5 songs from your favorite artist/band

how the hell can you say iron maiden and no say run to the hills?

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Topic: Off-topic / Artist/Band Name Game!


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Topic: Serious Discussion / If a Zombie Attack were to happen...

All you have to do is try to wake up from your Zombie Apocalypse nightmare

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Topic: Transformice / Ghost Mouse

just like the shaman, but instead a ghost mouse. he can go through regular objects, but ghost objects are tangible. he can be used to get to sealed off areas and other crap.

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Topic: General Gaming / Diablo 2 Multiplayer Install

Actually, i installed the single player pack because before i installed the full-pack and the 3d graphics, but unfortunately my crappy computer couldn’t take it. But i didn’t know that the 3D graphics were the problem, so i downgraded to the single-player pack and the 2D graphics. (i don’t know why i doesn’t work, i have like 90 mb on my graphics card)