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Topic: Technical Support / Top row disappeared? (acount name, favorites, playlist)

Hello. Just a few minutes ago I had the game Idle Online Universe running and it started acting very laggy. I tried to reload the page, but when I did I got a script error box. I clicked continue and the ads and game window just showed up blank and the entire top of the window where my account name should be is missing all the info there.


It won’t take the forum link from Imgur so here is the direct link:

The info is missing here on the forums as well.

I just tried to open the game in another window and the missing things are there. I am leaving this here so you know about it and can check.

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Topic: Realm Grinder / Full Hidden Trophy List

Is the Hell Rush trophy the first 60 seconds after you abdicate, or the first 60 seconds after you use demons?

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Topic: Bloons Monkey City / Keep getting maintenance pop-up

I agree, I even filed a bug report about it before posting here so that was filed 14 hours ago at the time of this post.

There really should be some sort of acknowledgement that there is a problem. An acknowledgement is not hard nor is it time consuming. It just lets the people that are trying to play the game know that someone is aware and trying to fix the problem.

It should be viewed as a common courtesy.

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Topic: Bloons Monkey City / Keep getting maintenance pop-up

For about the last half hour, the game has been loading and then kicking me out and giving me the pop-up window that says to refresh as my current version is out of date.

I have refreshed 6 times and it still does it.

I closed the browser and I have emptied the cache manually.

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Topic: Kongregate / [Event] Come celebrate 100K games on Kongregate! FINAL ROUND!

It does not seem to be registering my vote. I have voted three times in the final round so far.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / A Way To End All Crime

If you had no choice in the matter, you would walk in a direction until you came upon an object that you could not pass. At that time you would either walk off the cliff, walk into the water, walk into the wall or other object. You would not be able to change your behavior to get around the area.

The brain is an organ. It has no more bearing on who you are than your heart or your liver. It simply works in a way that lets you be able to become who you through nurture, your environmental surrounds, and the decisions you make regarding them.

There is no preprogrammed center of your brain making decisions for you. There is an area of your brain where the stimuli, environmental input, from the various sense related areas of your brain are correlated so that you can make choices about how to interact with your environment. That correlation is not predetermined, it has no knowledge. It is just how the organ is developed to be able to perform the functions necessary for the who to decide. Much like the heart developed four chambers to be able to perform its functions.

The brain is a what or thing and not a who. The brain is required however in order for the who to exist.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / A Way To End All Crime

Just for clarification purposes. Free will does not violate laws of physics. It simply means that I can makes choices and/or decisions, but those decisions will not be able to violate the laws of physics.

I can choose to go outside right now and try to jump up and touch the moon. That is free will. I can not however actually jump from the Earth outside my home and touch the moon as that would violate the laws of physics.

Because I have free will I am able to operate by choice within the laws of physics.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / A Way To End All Crime

You are the ones pushing that genetics produce innate behaviors. That is one of the foundations of the “master race” theories. You are the ones saying that certain genetic factors will produce superior behavior in some and inferior behavior in others. I am pointing out that that is a bunch of bullshit.

A car can not think. If you knew exactly how someone reacted to a certain stimulus before then you may be able to predict how they would respond to that particular stimulus if exposed again, but humans can think and may have already decided to react differently to that stimulus because their first reaction did not produce a result that they liked. If their behavior were genetically predetermined they would not be able to change it. They would react the same exact way every time as they would have no free will to change their behavior or reaction.

You have it backwards. The environmental stimulus is the cause. Without the cause or environmental influence there would be no firing in the brain in response to it. That is nurture not nature. Nature, the brain is just where the firing takes place. The genes that produce the brain are not intelligent and do not know anything about what can happen to the organism. They are only chemicals that have come together in a certain order and they cause other chemicals to react in certain ways. They do not have intelligence and do not think out how to arrange the brain to produce behavior.

Without the environmental stimulus, nurture, there wouldn’t be any way for the person to react to the cause.

The other part of the brain as you call it did not make a decision. Even in your hypothesis, it could not have made that decision without the environmental stimulus first. Unless you think that the other part of the brain that you mention is somehow “psychic” and knows what is going to happen before it happens?

It would depend upon how far away the object was. The closer it is when you notice it the more likely that you will try to avoid it hitting you, because you already know that it can hurt you if it does. Not instinctual, you have already experienced the pain or have thought about how it could hurt you. The baby has not experienced or thought about it yet. Think line drive coming at you on the pitcher’s mound. Duck and stab at it.

If the object were far away you would have time to judge the distance and decide if you want to try and catch it or if you want to run out of the way. Think fly ball in baseball coming at you in the outfield.

How can the response be predetermined after you are exposed to something? That would mean that your genes have knowledge of things or situations before you are exposed to them.

Your predictions would rely on everyone having the same exact circuitry possibilities and then monitoring the changes from that standard. Everyone’s brain is going to be somewhat different in regards to where the circuitry will occur. Your brain and my brain will have different pathways for something as simple as the color blue.

If you were correct, doing that for a population is some serious “big brother” stuff and falls under the shouldn’t be done category.

I am aware of where you get your genetic make-up from. You may also have similarities with anyone you are a direct descendant of skipping a generation or two.

Electrochemical in the sense that chemicals cause/produce electrical impulses.

“The brain processes data. It needs data, but when it has it the only way it can process that data is through its circuitry. The circuitry it has, determines how it wioll process that data and what it will do with it.”

It is not already predetermined at birth what pathway will result from being exposed to a certain stimuli. If I were exposed to blue first and green second, blue would have the first available pathway in that part of the brain. If I had been exposed to green instead, it would have the pathway that blue caused. The circuitry is only there for impulses to be able to occur. Until I have further environmental input, the brain does not know what blue and green are, colors in English, or there names, blue and green in English.

The brain is a tool that through its evolution along with the rest of the nervous system allows a mind to exist.

I should have stated that if it were possible to grow the brain and keep it alive in a container that no personality would even develop. There would be no input to form it it from.

“They went from healthy sex lives up until the time they were caught, to a period of utter cold turkey, with no chance of getting that sex life back. Of course they’re going to turn to whatever they can find.”

Then why would they not just masturbate instead of having sex with someone that they are not supposedly predetermined to be attracted to? Easier just to imagine someone that you are attracted to.

The brain is just a tool. a part of your body in the same way as other organs are part of your body. The brain is part of the nervous system where input from your senses is processed. Your brain allows you to think. Your hands allow you to grab things, with the nervous system and the brain. Without the hands, and without artificial limbs, you can not grab things. Without the brain, you can not think.

What you do with that environmental input or information is what makes you you.

I do not have to post in this forums or be on this site. It was not predetermined in 1965, when I was born through my genes that I would be here now. I was not predetermined that I would like Internet gaming. My genes have nothing to do with me not wanting to own a cell phone.

My genes did cause the amount of taste buds in each area of my tongue which does influence whether or not I want to eat certain foods. It does not determine whether or not I will eat those foods. My genes do not determine whether or not I will forgo the extra helping of dessert. My genes do not choose whether or not I eat all of the chocolate cake at once or over several days. That is my choice and is free will.

My genes produced my digestion tract. Which in turn produce cause gas. My genes do not influence whether or not I will try to hold that gas back on crowded elevator or not. My genes may influence whether or not I am able to hold it back, but not whether or not I will try to. The attempt to hold it back is through free will. A decision based upon thinking through the consequences if I do not try and hold it back. Those consequences are known as a result of environmental input.

People make choices everyday, some of them are quite hard decisions to make. Some people make those decisions because of being brainwashed into a cult. That is a result of environmental influences causing their decision and not the predetermined behavior from genes. That is not free will. They did not think it through they did what they were told to do by an environmental influence. Their mind was made up for them, by other people.

Children are lied to all the time and they believe those lies. Santa, Easter Bunny, etc., etc. Those beliefs and the reactions to them are not a result of genetics. The reactions are a result of associations. They can have a good or a bad association. It is not predetermined which association that they will make.

For the record, I am 100% against the manipulative bullshit of getting children to believe is things that are not real.

Without environmental input, nurture, there can not be a who you are.

What you push with everything being predetermined by genetics basically means that there can not even be a who your are. You would be nothing more than a programmed automaton.

Who you are is defined by the choices that you make based upon decisions that you make. The brain simply makes it possible to process the input so you can make those decisions.

I will say that genes do produce the various areas of the brain and the nervous system parts that they correspond with, i.e. eyes to the visual cortex, ears to the auditory cortex, etc. That is so the body can receive the input and does not predetermine what decisions the person will make regarding the input.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / A Way To End All Crime

Well, I guess that I was wrong about that being my last post.

First off on the “master race” part, Quote from the Wikipedia on “Master race”: "As such, this “Nordic race” came to be regarded by the right wing in Europe, Northern America, Southern South America and Australasia to be a “master race” because of its supposed innate leadership qualities and advancements in civilization. Today, this view is regarded as scientific racism because it contradicts racial equality by positing that one race is superior to all other races."

That was under the historical background section. There are many other documents detailing the ‘theory’ both from Hitler and before Hitler.

The genetic predisposition of peoples actions is generally involved in all race superiority bullshit.

The claims of the master race also depend upon other races being lessor or their race causing them to behave in certain fashions that were undesirable to those purposing that their race was superior.

Back to vikaTae’s posts.

This link: goes to a study that does not prove that behaviors are genetic.

The study uses adults that have already thought about how they would react to the situations used or adults that have actually been involved in the situations used. Through their nurture they have already decided how to respond to all or part of the situation used.

You can not use adults or any human that has had environmental input to try and prove that it was predetermined how they would act. They have already thought it through or just made a knee jerk reaction that will more than likely be their response to that situation the next time that it arises.

If I throw a ball at your face, you will probably either try to catch the ball or try to block it or try to duck/move out of the way. Which choice you make will depend upon what your past experiences are, nurture.

If you toss a ball at a baby’s face, the baby will make no attempt to move and the ball will hit it in the face. That will continue until through experience the baby tries one of the options above or decides just to let the ball hit them in the face. If the ball did not cause pain or annoyance the baby may choose just to let it hit them.

Their choice is not predetermined. No choice is predetermined. Your brain does not know what the choices are until you are exposed to them.

If behavior were genetic people would basically have no choice but to be like their parents or at least their ancestors.

The hardware and the software are not the same thing. The brain is just a lump with electrical impulses running through it and from it for the rest of the body until data from environmental factors are put into it.

Everyone has free will. Rather everyone has the ability for free will. Programming like religion can/does take away a desire to use free will, but the ability is still there.

Humans are born a blank slate. They have no knowledge, they have no memories. They are just a lump of chemical processes. At birth, hopefully the babies brain is able to start processing the environment to some degree.

The brain can be damaged to the point where it only functions to keep the body alive and does not any longer function for the who you are parts. Even when the brain is functioning completely, unless their is environmental input it might as well be the damaged brain as it will only be doing the functions that are hardwired into it to keep the body alive.

If it were possible to keep the brain alive outside of the body and in a sensory deprivation tank/room the brain would not develop and pathways that would lead to a who it was.

When I close and open my eyes sitting here now at the computer. My brain will process that the frame around my computer screen is black before I can think the word black. That is because through nurture, I have learned the English language and the word associated with the color that the frame is is black. Every time I see that color my brain will process the color because I can see colors and that is part of what I am. Using a word, black, to associate with that color and thinking what that word is are part of thought and who I am.

The brain only knows that there is something there through the environmental input of seeing the computer frame. The brain itself has no idea what color or word that I have learned to describe that color. The brain simply supplies the equipment needed to be able to develop the who your are and has no intelligence of its own.

Genes simply cause the brain to be formed or deformed in some cases.

As for the straight or gay thing, it is a choice. Anyone can have sex with either gender. Think for a minute about all the prison guys that end up having sex with other guys even though they consider themselves straight. If it were predetermined that they were straight and they had no choice in the matter, they would not be able to do that. Same goes for women prisoners.

They are enjoying the tactile experience rather than basing it on gender. In some cases it may be a domination and submission thing where they are basing the enjoyment upon that and not gender.

No one is born with a sexual preference. No one is born knowing what sex or a sexual preference even are. No one is born knowing the difference between male and female. They need environmental input to make associations and/or choices. It is not predetermined what associations or choices that they will make.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / A Way To End All Crime

Oops, forgot to mention this in the other post.

You do realize that the nature determining behavior is getting very close to Hitler’s “Master Race” theory.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / A Way To End All Crime

This is the last time I will post in this thread. I will try to give an example of the difference between what and who.

A modern computer is a series of pathways that electrical impulses travel through. That is the hardware and it does nothing but turn the pieces connected to it on or off. (Excluding the monitor or speakers which may or may not need to be turned on separately.) Nature.

In order for the hardware to start performing functions it needs software to tell it what to do or to let it decide how to perform tasks. The user can also often set parameters for those actions through the software. Nurture.

People can make choices. No action that they take is predetermined.

The example of the loose change. did you stop and look to see if anyone was around to see you if you took it? If so then you thought about it and did not automatically take it. Did you stop and think it through and then decide whether or not to take it? If so then it was not predetermined.

The point about Alheimer’s was that you forget who you are. Meaning that your memories are part of what makes you you and as such part of WHO not what.

When you are conceived, there is no who you are. When you are born, there is no who you are. Who you are starts to take shape when you start getting input from your environment and when you start to think about that input.

I think therefore I am, NOT I am therefore I think.

Without the environmental input, NURTURE, you have nothing to think about. Without the environmental input you are just a body, NATURE.

You are not born to do anything. You are born a blank slate. How you react to things in your environment is up to you.

I am nearsighted. Nearsighted is part of what I am and how I deal with it is part of who I am. Without environmental input I would not know what being nearsighted was as I would have no visual input. I would not know what the term nearsighted meant without environmental input. I have choices on how to react to my nearsightedness. I can wear glasses, I can wear contact lenses, I could get laser surgery or I could do nothing at all. None of those actions are predetermined.

I have facial hair. The facial hair growing is part of what I am. How I choose to deal with it is part of who I am. I do not have to do anything about it and can just let it grow or I can shave it in a multitude of ways. I have worn it in several different ways so how I would deal with it was in no way predetermined.

I am 6’3" tall. That is part of what I am not who I am. It is not predetermined that I will duck going through a short doorway. I can hit my head if I want to. Personally, I prefer to duck, but that is through thinking about previous interactions with my environment.

No one is born knowing that it will burn if you stick your hand in the flame. Nerve disorders aside.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / A Way To End All Crime

vikaTae wrote:

“Basically, nurture doesn’t change the circuitry of the whole brain; it only affects memories, and thought structure. Even they are heavily, heavily affected by the capabilities the genetic construction left that brain with.”

Would not your memories and thoughts be who you are? Alzheimer’s can cause you to not be able to ‘remember’ who you are.

The way your brain works is part of what you are, genetics/nature. What is put into it and how you think about what is put into it is who you are environment/nurture.

When a new brain pathway is established due to environment it was not predetermined where that pathway would be established within your brain. I am talking about the exact pathway and not about the area of your brain associated with the particular environmental stimuli.

Without the environmental stimuli, the pathways would not form. No pathways formed from the environmental stimuli, no who you are.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / A Way To End All Crime

vikaTae wrote:

“Then you are happy to conclude that there is no functional difference between a living human and a dead human? It’s what you’ve basically said up there.”

What I wrote is that alive or dead it is still a human body which either is or was what someone is or was and not who they are or were. For the who they were to still exist the body, specifically the brain, would still need to be in a state somewhere above a persistent vegetative state.

The what needs to function in order for the who to be developed. Who you are is dependent upon the what you are functioning in some way.

Yes, an injury to the what can affect the who. Mostly because it causes the what to not be able to process the memories/thoughts that made up part or all of the who. Those memories were caused by nurture/environment. A lobotomy would be an example.

“I have plenty of other examples if needed, showing how a person’s personality, who they are at the most fundamental level, is defined, defined by their brain’s circuitry. Any changes to that circuitry, literally change the person, permanently, regardless of their will otherwise.”

The circuitry regarding personality was not there at conception and did not start being formed until there were outside influences, environment, causing them to start developing.

The persons that you refer to have already been influenced by their environment that caused the circuitry to form the way it did. Disrupting that circuitry or destroying it would then result in the environment starting to cause new circuitry to develop. If the new circuitry developed in a different way, then it would not be a result of pre-programmed genetics producing who you are. If who you are were pre-programmed by nature, genetics, then unless the injury resulted in genetic changes the circuits would reform exactly as they were reproducing the exact same person.

To sum that up, the brain circuitry in reference is produced because of the person’s environment and it does not get produced willy-nilly without that environmental stimuli (nuture).

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Topic: Serious Discussion / A Way To End All Crime

@ vikaTae

“All the above were created through our genetics. They could be prevented from forming yes, but the consequences for the lives of anyone who never developed them then trying to lead what most consider a ‘normal’ life would be extremely severe and debilitating.”

All of those things are part of what you are not who you are. They are a part of making you a human being. They may or may not be part of other animals as well. If you do not or could not use any of those parts you would still be human.

A body in a persistent vegetative state is still a human. That is what it is. There is no who it is left. A person dies and the body is still there. It is a human, albeit a dead one, that is what it is. There is no who it is anymore.

To be able to form who you are through nurture, nature would have to provide what you are from genetics in that it needs to function. Without the genetics that make you a human you would not be a human. That does not mean that those genetics make you who you are.

@ Kasic

“Nature is your innate self while nurture is how you were shaped by experiences. People are a combination of both.”

Innate self? That does not even make sense. Are you referring to the made up concept of a soul?

If you are using the definition of innate, then you are saying that humans are pre-programmed to act a certain way.

Innate characteristics would be things like what color your hair or eyes are. Physical characteristics that are part of what and not who you are.

Genetics may make it easier for you to do something than it is for someone else, but they do not mean that you will do it. Not all 7 foot tall people want to play basketball. their height is part of what they are not who they are.

Not all women want to give birth. Their reproductive system is part of what they are not who they are. Why is it that more often than not women that are more educated tend to have less or no children? Nurture anyone?

Your environment and how you perceive it, think about it and/or interact with it are what shape you. Also whether or not you actually think about your environment and use that reasoning ability that your brain makes possible.

Think about the “raised by wolves” stories. The human basically thought that it was a wolf and acted as such because its environment determined who it was.

If identical twins were separated at birth and adopted by different parents their environments, their interactions with them and whether they think about them or not that would shape who they are. They would not be the same person.

You do realize that if you were cloned that clone would not be the same who as you, don’t you? That was a messed up sentence.

I do agree that certain defects, diseases and injuries that affect the brain would/could hamper the thought process. However, people that have them do not always behave the same way either. There is no ‘innate’ behavior.

If I were to break my arm, it may cause me to not do some things or favor that area of my body, but those are results of the who I am reacting to my environment.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / A Way To End All Crime

@ karma

“the general psychological characteristics, feelings, and behavioral traits of humankind, regarded as shared by all humans”

Name one that is shared by all humans.

Even if you say something along the lines of emotions, not all humans experience the same emotions regarding the same situation. Which again goes to the term “human nature” being utter bullshit.

If you say the desire to survive, that varies between humans and is not present in some. some people want to die as opposed living in the circumstances that they are in. Some people would risk their lives to save others while some would not. You can not say that it is the nature of all humans.

By using the term nature in human nature you are saying that it is predetermined that humans will act/behave in a certain way under the same circumstances. That would require a genetic component.

Nature = what you are, Nurture = who you are. What you are and who you are are not the same thing.

Since nurture determines who you are your behavioral characteristics would be dependent upon what you are nurtured by or what you learn on your own through figuring things out through things like trial and error. Which by definition would not be by nature.

You might want to find out who is paying for that host of psychologists and geneticists.

No, I don’t mean gay people. I have no problem with someone being gay or straight. I am talking about anyone that wants to say that they are not responsible for their actions because they were born that way. It is a cop-out regardless of whether their actions are right or wrong. But if homosexuals are really dumb enough to put stock into a gay gene then they are playing right into the hands of the religious scum. If it is genetic then it would/could be considered a defect and there would/could be a cure developed. It is a choice and they should just tell the religious nut cases to fuck off.

Again, nature and nurture are two different things.

Flight or fight? Humans can choose neither. Humans can choose to discuss the situation. That is part of the ability of higher reasoning which goes against the whole “human nature” position.

No, I do not think that there is all that much independent thought or reasoning. That is a huge problem that needs to be rectified.

The “pack/herd” mentality is a result of being scared or used as a predatory tool. It is not a result of nature. It is a result of past necessities of gather together to survive for protection against predators and to hunt as predators. It still occurs due to being told about all the scary things out there waiting to get you. Those may be monster stories from childhood or from the current news. That is not nature it is nurture.

You really should search for nature vs. nurture they are not the same thing.

Really, the asshole, lowlife, pieces of shit running things hate it when someone actually thinks for themselves, I am shocked. Fuck them. They need to be removed from life.

As for the last part of your reply, go fuck yourself. Not original but sums it up very well.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / A Way To End All Crime

The so-called “human nature” argument is moronic. There is no such thing as “human nature”. If there was such a thing as human nature then all humans would possess it and all would then act in the same manner.

Any so-called human nature would be a result of genetics. Genetics produce what you are not who you are. The only ones pushing that genetics produce who you are are the ones that don’t want to take responsibility for their choices and want to say that they were born that way. If there were such a thing as human nature then identical twins/triplets/etc. would have to act the same way as their genetics would cause them to.

By the way, saying that it is a result of human nature would be trying to do away with the idea of independent thought and telling people to just accept that there is nothing that they can do about it.

What separates humans from the other species of animals is the ability to use higher reasoning and/or logic.

If every single human came to the same conclusion or answer to something, but they did so by themselves using reasoning and logic they are still individuals.

Just accepting things without thinking about them, i.e. faith, or doing things just to join the crowd, i.e. pop-culture, or blaming things on genetics are all things that are taking away from being an individual.

Yes, it is possible to eliminate all crime. It is not a high probability, but it is possible. You just have to get all humans to use their ability for higher reasoning.

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Topic: Technical Support / search function is not working

I tried to use the search function on the home page and ended up with a Kongbot saying something is wrong page. Before the Kongbot page it showed the home page with everything out of whack or askew if you prefer.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / 1 in 3 AMERCIAN CITIZENS have been secretly implanted with RFID chips!!!!

I think most of the questions about passive RFID involve things like passing through the scanners at stores and the like. Can they track you the same way that they track merchandise when you pass through the scanners? What information could they obtain from such tracking? Things like that.

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Topic: Kongregate / My Lands kreds offer

Trialpay corrected the problem within a couple of hours at most.

If you ever do a Trialpay offer, make sure that you keep the confirmation e-mail from the game/site that has your username and password in it.

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Topic: Kongregate / My Lands kreds offer

Well, I can confirm that it did not give me the kreds instantly like it says. ( It has been about an hour now). Here goes the fun with Trialpay.

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Topic: Kongregate / My Lands kreds offer

I am not missing anything yet, I was trying to ask if anyone has gotten them since the times in this game jump ridiculously and it takes awhile (couple of days) to get to level 5. If someone has already had problems then I will not waste my time on the game, but if someone else has gotten their Kreds from this offer then I will continue,

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Topic: Kongregate / My Lands kreds offer

It is under the free offers in the buy Kreds section.

Forge of Empires and Grepolis both offer Kreds as well, but they are 3 or 4 not 20.

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Topic: Kongregate / My Lands kreds offer

Can anyone verify that you will actually get the 20 Kreds advertised for playing this game to a certain level?

There are not many people playing this game and 20 Kreds seems to be a stretch.

This is also one of those games that has quests for you to invite other players.

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Topic: Technical Support / How Dare You not loading

First off, I have tried to click the report bug link in the game tab on the game page and it will not let me do anything. The page just jumps to the top.

The bug is that the game intro starts and gets to where the little creature thing comes down and bumps the company name off the bottom of the screen. At that point the game screen remains white and I get the flash plugin has stopped responding pop-up window. That happens every single time that I try to load this game. I am not having problems with any other game.

I am using Windows 7, the newest Firefox version and the newest flash version.

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Topic: Swords & Potions 2 / Suggestions for names for S&P2 successor

Same shit – almost different company.