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Topic: General / Clan Wars update to the OhMy clan.

Originally posted by radicalace:

I agree, there should be some in-game way for clan leaders to communicate with members.

dont bullshit about necro, this issue is important.

the friends communication is also a joke, never works.

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Topic: General / Hardcore & weapon question


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Topic: General Tyrant Discussion / TYRANT AWARDS 2012

Player of the year ::: the Men of Mayhem had lots of legends while I was playing. Dakota surely is one of them, View, Varamond, Dnaimagery, even Jalun, the lowest level in there, kicked ass pretty hard.

Faction of the year ::: MOM

Standard player of the year :::DNAImagery

Sealed player of the year ::: -kkk1234kkk

Best update/expansion of the year ::: Awakening

Worst update/expansion of the year ::: Terminus

Added feature of the year ::: Skip Button

Card of the year (not OP please), has to be released in 2012 ::: heracles

Worst card of the year, has to be released in 2012 (so no orbo) ::: at least 20% of each expansion

Best buff of the year ::: Hydra is fine

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Topic: General Tyrant Discussion / Need a faction with tiles

bump for view. dont ever doubt his skills.

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Topic: General Tyrant Discussion / [To Devs] Conquest Alliancing

Originally posted by shadevarr:

I agree something needs to be done. There needs to be an infamy system for conquest, the timer change on slots revoked, the ignore invasion cooldown exploit patched and the holding losses thing addressed. As it stands right now conquest is for bullies.

This has been unexplainably “moderated”. Moderators should make better use of the power they have been given. I am getting annoyed by such misuse. If you have something personal, just write me, don’t troll like you are not part of the system. It has happended twice so far. From now on I am saving the posts.

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Topic: General Tyrant Discussion / [Dev] Selling Components for Gold

if components to gold ratio is worth more than 25,000 comparing with gold chest crafting, something is wrong. components to gold is, imo, emergency gold, and should be treated as such.


Topic: General Tyrant Discussion / [To Devs] Conquest Alliancing

This post has been removed by an administrator or moderator
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Topic: General Tyrant Discussion / Conquest Tile Distribution

A much more fun experience in conquest would be to place achievements in order to open exclusive rewards. I can see 2 options:

1. Trophies or some kind of exclusiveness that does not increase much the power of the achiever but gives a badge or something that shines, like all cardpool.

2. Make the achievements really meaningful and not only aesthetic. This will split the tyrant community in 2 big alliances, and a true tyrant war will take place to get the nearly impossible BAMF achievement.

About the capped tiles, a simple limit to attack any level-capped tile can be a mathematical formula limiting the attack to a number that is the sum of the level of every player in the faction. I won’t think it through, but seems a good idea, or at least a new way of approaching the problem.

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Topic: General Tyrant Discussion / tyrant rant from a newcommer

@pyro, you have been introduced to the way of the Dragons in the previous post.

Conquest is very much fun, but the mechanics you just described was somewhat confusing. There are already some incentives in a top faction play, but I agree that the Rewards are not as good as the Conquest Tokens.

That said, to make a new faction and not care about leveling for old rewards became much more interesting to a lot of people that cannot survive in an open field.

The problem to the community is that relatively new players won’t get access to “old-but-gold” cards nor get to play conquest in their own tier. And it, afterall, is a legitimate complain.

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Topic: General Tyrant Discussion / Component to gold ratios REVEALED!!! :D

Originally posted by cslaci:

5×100 (capacitor) + 25×500 (piston) + 30×25 (Fusion Generator) + 1K (GW Node)=14750.

And even CRAFTING that gold chest was a joke, since it took so immense effort to put it together. Now you can sell those for half the price.

Basically DUPLICATE the component prices so that becomes somewhat realistic !!!

no better logic than math

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Topic: General Tyrant Discussion / DEV plz weaken those factions with 31+ tiles

Originally posted by maosiweisuo:

They sucks are ruin the conquest.
Once a faction get more than 31 tiles, they shuould get no regeneration when defend, and half damage on attacking.
Make this top if U agree

i would use the mushrooms that might have grown of such bullshit if the species was the right one.

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Topic: General Tyrant Discussion / Looking for faction with tile

I know a lvl 50-60 that kicks 99% of tyrants arses.

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Topic: General Tyrant Discussion / [To Dev] Beam Gate Broken

make it protect itself and it becomes gold from mud. of course make it legendary too.

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Topic: General Tyrant Discussion / [To Devs] Towards a Bad Luck Balance in WB spending

I hereby ask for the lock of this topic, since the proposal is already on schedule, fortunately.

I thank all that have contributed, we have helped it happen with good arguments.

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Topic: General Tyrant Discussion / [To Devs] Towards a Bad Luck Balance in WB spending

Originally posted by Shadowhopeful:

In response to your post, I think it may have been silly to not stop and wait for the cards to enter the Vault.

I may. But it is a narrow perspective, and I could argument otherwise. Nevermind, this topic is over already. We are all silly somewhere.

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Topic: General Tyrant Discussion / [To Devs] Towards a Bad Luck Balance in WB spending

According to this post, the DEVs are considering this topic’s proposal for release in November:

One option we’re considering is a “Trade-in” feature that will let you hand in (for example) 15 Terminus Commons, 5 Terminus Uncommons and two Terminus Rares to get another free Terminus pack. This would apply to other sets as well, so if we do create this feature, it would essentially let you recycle unwanted cards into another chance at a particular card within a set.
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Topic: General Tyrant Discussion / [Dev] November Roadmap

Great. I guess you have read my topic afterall. Congrats.

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Topic: General Tyrant Discussion / [To Devs] Towards a Bad Luck Balance in WB spending

According to Wikipedia:

An idiot, dolt, or dullard is a mentally deficient person, or someone who acts in a self-defeating or significantly counterproductive way… In modern English usage, the terms “idiot” and “idiocy” describe an extreme folly or stupidity, and its symptoms (foolish or stupid utterance or deed). In psychology, it is a historical term for the state or condition now called profound mental retardation.

So, I don’t understand why, in the given conditions, if I say that someone may be a mental retarded for not endorsing the proposal here exposed, my post is deleted.

The name of the administrator or moderator that deleted the post should appear, so that he can argument. Felt like a friendship issue much more than moderation logic. Tell your friend to behave decently and not curse people calling them silly with no reason and he will not be devastated by argumentation.

To be honest, as you have decided to behave like that, other posts should have been deleted as well, which only reinforces my idea of protecting a friend with use of moderation power. Of course this act only reinforces misbehaviour by your protegées.

I still think it may be mental retardation to have drawn over 70 awakening packs and not want to renew some of them. Certainly is a self-defeating behaviour as well as a counterproductive way of acting.

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Topic: General Tyrant Discussion / Better World Hacked ... This is Just a Game, Folks

There will be no Better World, sorry. We live in the best world possible. (Leibniz)

I don’t endorse account sharing. (Abraham Lincoln)

Less officers, more warmasters. (Sun-tzu)

There is nothing new under the Sun. (Salomon)

Originally posted by ratapwnz:
Originally posted by maalgard:

if you don’t have money to buy more, ask mummy, but please let the others live in peace (and be catface if it the case)

Another selfown, you proud that you such a nerd that you have no way to spent money outside of the games. @H@HH@HH@.

What a piece of SH%T.

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Topic: General Tyrant Discussion / The next plot for tyrant?

I thought “plot” was the sound of shit falling in the toilet’s water.

To be honest, I still don’t understand this obsession about destroying the Nexus.


Topic: General Tyrant Discussion / [To Devs] Towards a Bad Luck Balance in WB spending

This post has been removed by an administrator or moderator
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Topic: General Tyrant Discussion / [To Devs] Towards a Bad Luck Balance in WB spending

Originally posted by mihawkdulacre:

Dude seriously, what the fuck are you crying about?!
Go take a look at my account and how i draw, then you may start to cry.
Regarding playability, you got Flare of courage, you got Monarch, you got Bulwark twice, you got Gasher, eviscerator and Shuddering Keep. Those are all good cards and very well playable. Plus you only got 54 rare cards.

Now …. lets see what i got:
Flare of Courage 1
Monarch 0
Bulwark 0
Gasher 0
Evis 1
Keep 2
but hey, i got 1 radio officer, sick right?!

And oh, btw, i got 73 rares.
So srsly, stop crying like a little baby, thats 19×25 = 475 WB more i spend to not even get half as much very well playable cards as you got.

Edit: btw, would be rly interested to know if there is anyone in tyrant that rly managed to draw worse in awa than i did.

By your post I assume that you don’t care to have 40+ cards you will never use, don’t even mind about trade 5 of them for a new shot, and despite the rage you just wanted to show up and brag about being the über-unlucky mensh, of course despite having at least one zarak, plague burster, righteous hold, defiance, other great legendaries, endurance, etc. To be honest, I agree that your luck was very unusual, although the reason I did this post was not to show off, but to propose a trading system promised to be on, according to @Singha, since last february. You completely missed the point.

Originally posted by jamklev:

After reading through this topic, I can honestly say that, though this isn’t the worst idea, I don’t see it ever being implemented. The developers require people like you to keep sending them money for a chance at new cards. Making a trading system would lower their income. Would you walk up to your boss and say “I wanna make things easier for our customers, you don’t have to pay me as much” cause neither myself nor any sane individual would. Before you say my arguments aren’t worthy of being here, I bought awakening packs with WBs when they came out, so I’ve played the Tyrant lottery, too.

I have a question for you. If you lose the lottery, do you demand a re-draw? Cause that’s pretty much what I see you doing here. “Oh, my lottery ticket didn’t win, but I’ve bought from you before, so you should just give me more chances” doesn’t work in real life, and I don’t see why you think it would work here. Even if you stop buying WBs, I highly doubt the developers will care. There’s always more idiots who want to spend hundreds of dollars on this game to make up for you stopping.

There is something in planning expected revenue called scale. If you get your customer a discount but the total units sold increase, the total profits may increase depending on the volume. It is not that difficult to figure.

Being practical, I think more 130 WBs would be bought if there was a way to lower the total chance by allowing a new craft if all 5 packs are unusable. I would buy, if not 130, at least another 30 if one of the cards is usable. Actually I would probably buy more due to the scale issue. I sincerely expect both revenues and goodwill to increase with such action.

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Topic: General Tyrant Discussion / [TO DEVS] Suggestions about stalled map problem.

Make conquest ACHIEVEMENTS

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Topic: General Tyrant Discussion / [To Devs] Towards a Bad Luck Balance in WB spending

Bump on this topic because I won’t buy any Terminus packs and perhaps some will join the proposal completely ignored by the Developers.

I hope that when you measure the decrease in expected revenue from Terminus you will value more the proposal exposed in this topic.

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Topic: General Tyrant Discussion / Top Wars (Since Conquest)

22d 11h ago

50k break