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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Zening] Beta Testers Wanted

I’m in, looks like fun !

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Topic: Off-topic / Do you want to see the most epic thing in all of history?

you obviously havent seen the Advent calenders. chocolate destroys bubble wrap anyday

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Topic: Off-topic / Twilight

sigh. we had this issue when I was in school. It revolved around the movie “The Craft” and soon after little witches were popping up who all had “powers” and what not. It happens every generation in every school, when people are trying to find their identity, they latch onto what ever media they believe is popular and try to emulate it. The same can be said for kids who come from a better upbringing, from nice suburbia homes, but for some reason or other think they’re “from da hood” because they listen to rap. As a side note (see the faggotry this book and movie has brought us) seems to be a useless if not bigot response to closet homo case. Sorry, but the kids in school that used these terms the most turned out to be gay eventually. A psychological call for help if there was any other.

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Topic: Off-topic / What are you listening to?

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Topic: Off-topic / Energy Drinks

drinks coffee, the original energy drink

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Is Religion Dangerous?

The religion debate is clearly a double edged sword. Many would say that religions help people cope through times of distress, while other’s would say those who use religion for such things are only fooling themselves. History has proved that religions have caused more harm than good, the easiest way to start a conflict is to bash someone else’s beliefs, and it works.I would like to think that if more followers of any said religion were more devout, than just appearing so on defined days of worship the world could be a better place. But as humans that is just not our nature. I prefer religions that don’t rely on guilt, personally. As well as those that hold their beliefs to be true, to be able to explain them without having to rely on hypothetical reasoning and scripture qouting. To each their own would be an ideal world veiw, but unfortunately for all those religions(usually western), arguments and disagreements abound even between the religions that share the same dieties. More so, everyone believes that their religion is the only right religion, that is conflict waiting to happen.Religions can be confusing as well. There is a story, about a deity that was born from a virgin on Dec 25 followed by a star in the east.On his birth he was adored by 3 kings,he was a teacher at the age of 12 and baptized at the age of 30.Had 12 deciples and walked around performing maricles like healing the sick and walking on water.He was known as: “the Truth”, “the Light”, and “God’s anointed Son” among others.Was betrayed, crucified, buried for three days and thusly resurected.Sounds like a familiar religion? I just described the story of the Egyption diety Horus, where the ideals were held 3,000 years befor the introduction of another diety that is well known.Go figure? In all though, orginized religions bring in billions of dollars and pay nothing in taxes.

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Topic: Off-topic / Favourite Movie Lines?

Hudson: That’s it man, game over man, game over! What the f*ck are we gonna do now? What are we gonna do?
Burke: Maybe we could build a fire, sing a couple of songs, huh? Why don’t we try that?


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Topic: General Gaming / Worst games for all the systems

Fester’s Quest for the NES. gawd, one life and then it’s back to the title screen.

Out of this World for the SNES? your weird, that game rocked for what it was.

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Topic: General Gaming / The Runescape Thread To End All Runescape Threads

them taking away the wilderness is only a complaint from those few who take joy in killing other weaker players and than cyber high-fiveing each other while trying to find as many ways to convey the word “noob” before the next victim comes along.It’s an unbalanced method, usually 5 on 1.

The new skills are interesting, but seem to be a waste of time, like hunting and runecrafting, unless it falls into a certain quest. My turnoffs were that multiple quests rely heavily on doing multiple other quests.And it wasn’t uncommon to come across a lot of cheaters, whether it would be “autoers”, or those that relied on other websites for gold or better armor, first it was rune, later dragon.

It’s been awhile since I’ve played, but there is always room for improvement within the game, such as trying to mine an ore, only to have someone come steal your rock. I had to change my playing methods(playing later in the early morning hours, as most players are still in grade school,) just to get a sizable amount of ore mined.

I’ve met quite a lot of players who’s ages range well up into the 30’s and even to the 70’s, so it is a deverse audience. I just can’t take enjoyment in grinding anymore, esp while waiting for my farming to grow…