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Topic: Off-topic / why the rapture didn't happen

The only thing I kept thinking when I saw the news broadcasts was “Man, I bet this guy totally expected to be dead already.” Thought he’d get to take the groovy prophet-train to the bank for another decade or two. Seriously though, do you really think he really thought it would happen, or was he either in denial or straight up lying. Either way, the problem with predictions is that when they don’t come true, 2 times in a row, you look like a real loser. He totally should have made sure to predict it during a time he knew he would be dead.

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Topic: Kongregate / Annoyed With Comment Ratings

Originally posted by hiperson134:

I get this often when I ask the developer of Reincarnation to put his talent to another series. 9 games is a little excessive, especially when you could be coming up with new, original material. Those comments of mine get thumbed down bad, even though I’m trying to be constructive. Rule of “thumb”: don’t be a nonconformist, even if it’s what you truly think.

It was a comment on this game that got me so annoyed after I saw my comment and one above me both got flagged from view simply because they were not the “comformist” POV.

I apologize if my comment is the thousanth one of this nature, but I did not know that…and let’s face it…I’m not going to go hunting through the forums to find a relevant post so I can comment on it. When you are frustrated and you want to rant, you don’t really want to sit there losing your steam while you make sure your post is original. Besides, that’s the nature of forums, so I suppose…that’s just life, right? Additionally, I also realize that this is just how things are, but I just really, really wanted to rant. Thanks for humoring me.

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Topic: Kongregate / Annoyed With Comment Ratings

I just wanted to rant a bit. So…. I understand that giving a thumbs down for trolling is a good thing, but what is with all the sycophants giving a thumbs down on perfectly acceptable reviews or comments because they’re not telling the holier-than-thou developer how amazing they are for the umpteenth time? This thumbs up/down system is no longer about keeping trolls or peasants from ruining our experience, and has become more about whether the reviewer is kissing enough ass. Thumbs down was supposed to be a way to signify comments that did not contribute to the discussion.

People need to stop glorifying some of these developers based on their past productions, otherwise you’re only doing them an injustice by booing any kind of constructive criticism.

Just because you don’t agree with someone’s opinion, given they are not being crude or idiotic, don’t throw tomatoes at them. The real trolls are people who don’t know when and when not to use thumbs down.

Ok. I’m done ranting and I feel better.

P.S. Asking for a thumbs UP is Almost as bad, and tends to annoy people more than inspire them.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Sacred Seasons MMORPG] No more seasons

Why would you have to make a new season to include a new character? Couldn’t you simply create a character, or “set” that fits in with each existing season? Each season has similar class types that are altered a bit, so why not just think of a new class type/theme (IE already have heal, magic, attack, speed, etc)…Not to say that one is needed, but it would certainly make more sense than trying to rationalize a whole new season :P. If anything 5 chars per season instead of 4, resolution reached.

Any btw itmylife, that post just confuses the hell out of me….it’s rambling lunacy :P.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Sacred Seasons MMORPG] Read The Wiki, But..

Someone may have already answered for this, but basically atk and mag are ultimately the same thing when it comes to the fact that they directly affect damage done.

Mgc will affect the damage you do if you wield a magic Weapon (staff/book)

Attack will affect the damage you do if you wield a standard weapon (sword, axe, bow, knife, gun, etc etc)

Which one you use should depend on which one is inherently higher. A shaman should only wield magic weapons because they have a low attack that will never get very high, but their magic will, making their magic attacks do more damage.

The effect of your skills is affected by a couple of things. 1) Your Skill stat. The higher it is, the more you will get out of healing spells. 2) The level of the skill itself. IE…Nature’s Judgement 2 (Shaman) and Frost Daggers 2(Snow Bandit) don’t really get much stronger over time…and their usefulness is outlived relatively fast.

Speed mostly affects dodge rate, yes…IE evasion.

For more indepth info on classes, their strengths, etc, you should visit the wiki….

and just do some research. I think the value of each class is often an intrinsic notion…IE different types of players seem to have opposing views on this matter. So playing the game and getting a feel for what you like and don’t like can help you decide which class you will enjoy using most.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Sacred Seasons MMORPG] Training Spot

For any future readers, my favorite spots have been in Bleak Woods.

Enter cold woods, and continue north until you enter bleakwoods. Once you enter BW, go north one more. The little shack provides 465 XP via all three battles. (Manageable at 20+ lvl on average)

Going One screen west from here takes you to a smaller looking dungeon that provides over 800XP, but beware the battle on the right, it’s the toughest (recommend being around lvl 30+).

I mention these not for ease necessarily, but because they provide very decent XP in battles that aren’t ridiculously hard.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Sacred Seasons MMORPG] Best Way to Heal

Ok starters…. I’m a n00b at this game. Going on day 3. Have noticed that, at least with my current class (S.Bandit), the only way to heal (aside from defeating a dungeon) is to use HP items. All the good HP items require gold. Gold is hard to come by for free. So basically, healing literally is expensive.

What is the best way or strategy for keeping your characters HP up without investing in gold or countless HP items. I imagine that one could do it if they were very patient…IE…willing to resort to easy dungeons after defeat (since you reset at half) or near-defeat, if only to reset HP…but that’s tedious.

Am I missing something crucial here?

Another way to take the conversation…what do you do when your HP is low?

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Sacred Seasons MMORPG] What happens if you Change Class?

OK so I just tried it. I was thinking that my level would transfer over to a new class, but that wasn’t the case. I did have to start at level 1 with a new class, but fortunately my lvl 24 SBandit was not lost. I was really hoping that reclassing would be like I’ve experienced in other games. You sacrifice stat ratios (maybe a higher magic for a lower attack), but they calculate over at the same level. Not the case.

In other words. Choose wisely, because you really don’t wanna spend another 2-3 days to level up if you were hasty making your choice.

Overall, however, I’m not unhappy. Lvl 24 SBandit and averaging about 95 damage per hit. How is that?

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Sacred Seasons MMORPG] What happens if you Change Class?

Thanks! That was very concise and helpful :).

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Sacred Seasons MMORPG] Sacred Seasons MMORPG

PPL take the whole “vigilante MOD” thing waaayyy too seriously. Does this count as a comment?

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Sacred Seasons MMORPG] What happens if you Change Class?

Well I’m a level 24 Snow Bandit, and have toyed with the idea of experimenting with other classes. My concern is that, when I go to “change class” and click on other classes, they all display lvl. 1 with the exception of my current class and level.

It may seem like a silly question but before I click anything I want to make sure I won’t regret it. Will I be reset back to level 1 upon switching to a different class?

Is there anything important to know or take note of in regards to re-classing?

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Topic: Off-topic / Isaac Newton's Second Law of Motion

For the 3rd…yea I dunno why I simply repeated the 2nd one (I was really tired :P)…but I knew that _.

And I still stand by saying that you can’t apply one law without applying the other two. They are presented as three different laws because they each express a different “variable” when it comes to “Motion”.

Anywhoo, nice to see a bit of science around here!

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Topic: The Arts / Traditional Art - Pencil, Charcoal, etc

Considering that nearly all of my drawings are 12×14-15×17 inches, they tend to average between 15-20 hours of work. I do indeed use reference images. For example, the weird al is from Weird Al’s myspace, and all the rest I google the actor/actress I wish to play under an image search. The non-celebs tend come to me serendipitously…either I come across a photograph I just like, or in the instance of the baby…a family member requests it.

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Topic: The Arts / Traditional Art - Pencil, Charcoal, etc

@Listle…if you really mean that you felt inspired…well, that’s a huge compliment. :)

And of course thank you to everyone else. I never expected such positive responses. I created this thread hoping to find other portrait artists but, as it’s been pointed out, I might be just about the only artist who does this style or work around here…as far as what I’ve seen on Kong in The Forums.

Anyways, we could turn this into a general discussion about “photorealism” (meaning the art using a photographic reference in the attempt to capture expression, among many other things). It seems a couple of people considering venturing into this arena might want some pointers, and so I’m happy to share them.

So we can also just discussion techniques, styles, etc.

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Topic: General Gaming / What would be the best game ever, in your opinion?

THE SIMS! (Sims 3 comes out March ’09…WOOHOO)

’Nuff Said!

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Topic: Off-topic / Isaac Newton's Second Law of Motion

…unless acted upon by an outside force. First law, so I guess you can’t introduce the 2nd law without first giving the first one. Which is to say…a body in motion will stay in motion unless acted upon by an outside force. 3rd = object in motion must stay in motion. These laws must really be considered together for them to make any profound sense.

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Topic: The Arts / Traditional Art - Pencil, Charcoal, etc

Well Thank you, Warblunt. I’m interested in seeing some of your work. If it’s traditional then, by all means, put it here :).

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Topic: Kongregate / Ultimate Kongregate Photo Topic


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Topic: The Arts / Traditional Art - Pencil, Charcoal, etc

By request a couple of my slightly older works. The first is a prime example of how gridding can go wrong…if you are going to grid then NEVER use any variation of the H pencil…I recommend HB and touch the paper as lightly as possible when placing a line…just enough to faintly see it. In this one I probably used a 6h, and because it is naturally light, I pushed down too hard, leaving grooves that graphite clung to and making it impossible to erase without damaging the paper and image. Otherwise, I’ve always been fond of this drawing.

This next one is of an old friend, and was my first attempt at drawing a material as difficult as leather. I am very unhappy with the background because I rushed it…never ever ever ever rush. If you feel impatient, put it down and do not draw while you are anxious. If you don’t know what to do for the background then find a place where you can study different background styles and techniques. I was also slightly unhappy with the shading on the face, and the haphazard drawing of his nose. I just want to draw your attention to that awesome leather, because it is (all due respect to the subject) the highlight of this work simply because it was a breakthrough for me, and that’s probably why I let other things slip.

The next was my first attempt at Natalie Portman. As a piece of work I am happy with it, but as her semblance I am less than satisfied. To me it looks more like winona rider. I know what I did wrong…I narrowed her cheek too much against the dark background, and that happened as a result of overworking that line. I kept bringing it in further and further simply because I wanted it clean, but I ended up detracting from one of her prominent features. People still seem to really like this because of the rich contrast in it and, at least as far as I feel, those are her eyes (eyes have always been my greatest interest and subsequently my strength).

And of course…my 2nd drawing of her in an attempt to actually capture her. This one is off-putting to must because of the odd presence of that mysterious hand. The hand is part of why I chose it, it makes you ask questions…and I wanted to practice drawing hands :P. This one does look to me like natalie, but it still has it short-falls -one of them being the obvious rushing of the neck, clavicles, and subsequent shading.

So that’s that. I actually don’t have as many drawings as one might expect. Unfortunately I haven’t drawn anything in over a year…tisk tisk. I don’t really know why.

If you want some tips…well here are some starters. Pick a portrait. I advise drawing celebs and recognizable people for ameteurs simply because it puts your skills to the test. If people can recognize them, even remotely, from your drawing then you are on the right track. If it doesn’t turn out how you want, DON’T do yourself the disservice of starting to say “oh it’s just some random person”. Admit where you went wrong. Study other artists works…spend hours sifting through work online ( is a great place for that).

If you want specific tips then let me know, but don’t ask a general question. Tell me what you are stuggling with in particular.

Here are some tips for stading, since BS mentioned it. I use charm toilet paper, and stumps in various sizes. The TP is for large areas, and the stumps are for detailed areas (eyes, nose, lips, even hair). Never lay down the exact shade you want right off the bat, especially for dark areas. The key is to work in layers so that you don’t damage the paper if you lay something down to dark or…well wrong. IF you have a REALLY dark/black area you can lay part of it down on the edges; I sometimes do this simply to have a place to pull graphite from. Start at the edges (generally the hairline) and gently cover a large area without lifting the pencil. Fold up your TP into a small, even, and manageable unit and begin rubbing (from the edges out. For lighter areas, do not lay down color. Pull graphite from already existing areas onto a clean area OR simply use a “dirty” TP or stump to apply graphite left over.

OH…DON’T PUT YOUR HANDS ON YOUR DRAWING. Not only will the oil in your hands leave behind smudges that will eventually show their ugly heads by changing the color of the picture, but oily spots will hold on to graphite…making it nigh impossible to completely remove graphite from an area. Place a peice of paper between your hand and the page.

ERASERS: Two must haves, as far as I am concerned, are a kneaded eraser, and an auto-eraser. The kneader erases does less damage to the page AND can be applied in such a way to either create unique background looks (see Weird Al), and to lift a little at a time so you don’t over-erase. The “auto-eraser” is one that runs on batteries; it uses very narrow, cylindrical erasers (like the small ones in some mechanical pencils) and it spins fast making it both narrow and rigid. I used this to get the precision on the Leather, to create fine highlights in hair, eyes, noses, lips, etc. You can “sharpen” them simply by allowing them to spin at an angle against a piece of paper. This has been my savior many a time, and can be found at most any art shop, office supply store, and are sometimes advertised as intended for crossword-puzzlers. They run 12-15$. My favorite one is a “Helix” found at Aaron Brothers.

I could keep going and going and going but I don’t want to bog this down too much.

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Topic: The Arts / Art Directory

How nice and ingenius. Thank you so much! This will be rather helpful :).

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Topic: Serious Discussion / A Womans right to Choose vs a Fetus's Right to Live

The problem with the question presented in the title is one I personally struggle with, and have also asked in so many words.

1) Any living thing has a right to live. On what grounds do you take away an organism’s inherent right to live? When do you stop and say “you don’t have the right to live, so I will kill you”. Are we going to say that snails (something I detest and don’t see any benefit from its existence) don’t have a right to live? Sure they do, they may not be self-aware, but they are living, and nowhere along the line can we suddenly remove its right to continue to exist.

2) Human beings, and not just women, have a right to choose. Choice is what life is made of, and without our ability to choose where would we be? Who would we be? What would we be? Choice is inherent, and as natural as breathing, and regardless of the letter and spirit of the law, choice will ALWAYS exist and simply cannot be taken away. Choice may result in repercussions, cause and effect, in triumph or punishment, but ultimately an individual will always be able to choose. Turn right or turn left, tell a secret or don’t, act out or do nothing, have a child or don’t.

So where does that leave us? At square one. If you followed my statements then you will find we’ve come full circle and are no closer to solving this rift between those that seek to let every fertilized egg come to bear fruition as an individual upon birth, and those that seek to fight for an individual’s right to make decisions that have profound effects on their own existence.

I think this is a great discussion, but it doesn’t come close to finding an answer. As the world’s liberal population grows somewhat exponentially every decade, I don’t forsee abortion ever being eradicated or illegalized. Personally I think abortion will follow a similar path as did homosexuality and the right to adopt, marry, and simply be regocnized. So, I believe that it’s merely a sentimental issue for most people…meaning that each of us, with our own beliefs and feelings over abortion, are struggling against that which fights to “shut us down”. This is not to belittle the issue, but my way of trying to show how trivial it really is to debate the issue as though we can solve the problem and come to an agreement. We are simply individuals carrying on because…because we can.

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Topic: Kongregate / Why can't I play any Kongregate games?

Well it sounds to me like the problem has nothing to do with browsers or websites, but a software/hardware issue, because you seem to be experiencing the same problem at multiple sites. Have you done anything to your computer recently? Add/remove software, install or delete any software, add-ons, do any major cleaning, any downloads? Perhaps something you did triggered you to lose/delete/etc some plug-ins or something along those lines. Do you play any regular computer games, watch movies, etc and are those affected?

Anyways, like I said…sounds to me like it’s a problem with your computer, and not with any online servers (kong, youtube, etc). Do other people use your computer, particularly recently? Try to pinpoint any new changes that might have occured to your computer since this problem arose and go from there.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Natural Selection in Modern Times

I’m going out on a limb here and guessing that most people here don’t really understand what “Natural Selection” a.k.a. “Survival of the Fittest” really means, so I’ll break it down for you. IT DOES NOT MEAN that an organism is going to mate with the “best” mate of that species…IE…based on strength or intelligence. This is where people get it all wrong.

I’ve done a lot of studying and taken some classes on this stuff, and so I can say, undoubtedly, that THIS is the real definition: Survival of the Fittest implies that organisms who are best suited to surviving in their environment will be those to live long enough to pass on their favorable genes to their offspring. Simple as that. Therefore, it does not necessarily mean the strongest, or the fastest, but merely those best equipped to survive in their environment. Take for example Darwin’s Finches, of which there are over a dozen distinctly different species, all with differently shaped beaks and the like, and all isolated to distinct regions. The prey in each region was different than in the others, and therefore the means necessary to eat were different – like different species of bug that the various species of Finches feasted on. This meant that in each region, the Finches that were most able to nourish themselves (thanks to a random series of gene allocation) were the ones to survive, and pass their unique genes to their offspring. The Finches, and of course the various species of the Galapagos Islands, are pure examples of NS/SOTF…because on each island the species was a bit different than anywhere else in the world because the conditions that needed to be met in order to surve were different and therefore different genetic “strengths” were necessary for that species to survive that unique environment….btw, Natural Selection is directly related to Micro-Evolution, and therefore it’s been argued that NS is mechanism of Micro-Evolution…how small changes occur in the same species over time that eventually leads to Macro-Evolution…how one species evolves into another.

So to apply Natural Selection to modern times we’d have to consider what is really challenging man’s survival, or simply think about a unique group of people in the world, such as those who live at very high altitudes or in very cold temperatures, and ask yourself how the rest of the world would fare in their conditions. Ultimately man has come to control his environment so well, that he can manipulate things to aid in his survival. In other words man no longer depends on merely his own simply being to survive, and we might only be able to see “Survival of the Fittest” taking its course of the world/man’s environment were to radically shift…IE…huge amounts of radiation getting into the atmosphere, a new ice age, etc…and even then how can we know that it was a surviving man’s genes that made him unique, or just coincidence, technology, etc?

Either way…get your facts straight people and understand what “Natural Selection” really is before making silly arguments based on a theory you have all wrong.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Pro-Choice or Pro-Life?

Are you being serious?

Do you mean to say that if you make a simple mistake, even so little as having sex and a condom breaks, that you have suddenly chosen to have children? That’s like saying “When you have your first beer you’ve decided to be an alcoholic”…what I mean is that having sex =/= correspond to being responible for becoming a parent.

That is such a silly argument…so old fashioned: “You had sex and accidentally get pregnant, now you will be punished by having to have a baby you don’t want and aren’t ready for’”.

PUH-lease…you mighht as well burn some witches while you’re at it.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Pro-Choice or Pro-Life?

Essentially, and as far as I personally see it, all this debate over morality, ethics, logistics, etc is a waste of time and Bull. We can debate all we want about when a fetus becomes recognized as its own sentient being, we can discuss when a child possesses a soul (which I think is a really silly term to use in this discussion because it is completely removed from logic and the physical realm), and we can debate countless times the ethics and morals (when it seems okay to kill a “baby” and when it doesn’t based on stages of developement), but the bottom line is that all this talk is MOOT. I don’t mean to insult any participants who bring up these things, but with these kinds of discussions it’s all to common for us to miss the BIG PICTURE. Let us not debate semantics, but let us decide: PRO-CHOICE or ANTI-CHOICE…or pro-life/ pro-choice (to me “pro-life” is a sugar-coated way of saying “I want the state to decide for you, therefore you can’t choose for yourself”…hence “anti-choice”.)

You CANNOT take away choice from any individual, and all the crap that falls between being pregnant and making a decision is MOOT (I love that word :P). This decision ultimately comes down to whether a women (or a man as a woman’s counterpart) should have the RIGHT to have an abortion. Yes or no – simple as that. If you think that the government should decide for a woman/man then you are anti-choice, but if you think this decision should start with the woman/couple then you are pro-choice. Anything beyond that is semantics, and only detracts from the heart of the issue. You CAN NOT and SHOULD NOT take away and individuals right to choice, which, in American atleast, goes hand in hand with the Constitution.

For me only one answer is clear as day: PRO CHOICE…never EVER should government be able to tell a person how to conduct their own life. I don’t care what China does and how successful it is. I’m a human being and I did not sign up to have a goverment such personal aspects of my life. You can dislike abortions all you want, but to deny a person’s RIGHT to choice is, collectively, only a scurge upon humanity.