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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Vinashi] Some specific questions

now that I’ve gotten a fairly good score at this game I can answer most of these questions and will for anyone else that is wondering:

1) 50%.
2) it goes by the player’s relative scores. also be careful. A guy that had already started when I joined and was staying a couple of thousand points ahead of me was starting to really worry me. I ended up taking a few empty villages and got my score 5k or so above his since he wasn’t expanding. That whole time I was building an army to attack him. at the time he had about 14k points I had 20k.

the initial attack went great. smashed his forces and lost only about 1/3 of mine. Went to launch the cleanup attack and take him over… only the first attack got me nearly 10k points putting him out of my range. Yeah, I was pissed. Still think that’s pretty stupid. Once you make a count attack on someone you ought to have like at least a day to continue attacking that person no matter how the attack changed the relative scores.

Oh well, live and learn.

3) yes you can attack without a count. you can kill the other person’s army and raid their resources. If its a free village you get a few resources, I’ve never gotten more than 100 of each which isnt terribly useful. Taking out a defending army or seriously weakening it though, that is sometimes a good thing. But to take over you’ll need to make ten seperate attacks successfully, each with a count and not more than i hour between any 2 attacks.

Don’t blame me, I didn’t write the game!

4) don’t know yet, havent run into it. As I get more points seems less and less likely a scenario. Anyone I fight these days will have multiple villages and taking over one of theirs or losing one of mine is almost certain to put us over the 50% point difference. I’m still curious to know if anyone has had it happen.

5) nothing I can tell. They are there for you to take over and expand your empire.


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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Vinashi] Bugs/Sugesstions

not that you guys read this,

but i lost 1000 troops and a count to a wierd bug. i attacked a free city, got the report of surrender and my trops and count just never made it home. i gahter this has happened to many people today.
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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Vinashi] Some specific questions

These have to do with combat.

If you have any questions about combat, please add them to this thread.


Please answer these questions from your experience here. Not your overall gaming experience in other games, not your speculation, and not your opinion of how it ought to be. If you can’t answer from a place of absolute certainty, don’t answer.

1) in the combat info I’ve seen on the FAQ it states that a player cannot attack another player who has under 25% of the attacker’s village points. It then gives an example of a player with 1000 village points being able to attack a player with 501 VP, but not one with 500 or less vp.

This is just bad math. which is it, under 50% or under 25%

2) relates to 1. if player ‘X’ has 10 villages and say, 100k village points total, can he launch an attack on player’Y’ with only 500 village points if the attack originates in one of player ’X’s villages that is worth only 900 VP.

Is it the PLAYER’s total vp, or the vp of the attacking village that’s used?

3) The whole thing with counts has me really baffled. At first I was told you simply can’t attack without them. Now I found out you CAN attack without them. My understanding is that even though ATTACKING is possible without a count, taking a village over without one isn’t. True? False? Does village loyalty drop from a non-count attack or is it just a raid for resources?

4) what exactly happens if a player’s home village is taken over by the enemy? he’s just ‘out of the game? starts over someplace else? Rage quits? All of the above? It’s no big deal and life goes on?

5) what is the practical difference between free and bonus villages? can both kinds be taken over? Inquiring noobs want to know.

thanks in advance, that is if anyone even reads this. I think im the only one who has posted here in like a week!


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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Vinashi] Bugs/Sugesstions

My last post was silly but

this is kind of serious. I like the game from a logistical standpoint. interesting and cool for sure. But IMO one should be able to start attacking and fighting other villages within the first day or two of starting to play.

And i’m talking about the kind of player who has a life and can log in 2 or 3 times a day for 10 min or so. I’ve been at this a week and honestly if i had been sitting at the computer waiting for a chance to make the optimal move 24 hours a day, I would probably have a count or two and be fighting but so far I’m still just building resources and honestly its become a bore.

I have a good alliance that would back me up with materials but it still takes forever to build things and I obviously dont want to use my instant builds until I’m nearing level 50 on important things. Besides I don’t want to rely on allies to gather my resources.

That’s what enemy villages are for :-D

Specific suggestions:

-Make the cost, and possibly effectiveness, of counts determined by a player’s point rating so that people on day 2 or three can easily afford one or two.

-provide new players a small army at the start and maybe have a quest to reclaim part of the village from rebels (maybe the part with the lab or treasury?) so we can at least get a taste of some fighting and how it works.

those would be cool and I’m sure other players could suggest more. But right now I think 5 or 6 days of ‘proving my loyalty’ with the endless upgrading has been sufficient. I want to start helping my alliance and actually playing before next year!

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Vinashi] Submit a Game Guide and WIN!!!

well, I know I’m too late for a prize

But I’ve been playing for a long time, almost 3 days and I have some tips:

First you have to upgrade your ovens. At level 1 all your Indian restaurants can make is like some burnt Naan. This will cause people to be mad and leave your village. People won’t even attack you because they’ll be turning up their noses in disgust and mocking you!

By the time you get to level 5 ovens, you can start doing things like curry goat, tandoori chicken, and saffron rice. At level 50 you can open up a pretty good all-you-can-eat lunch buffet. Don’t forget to upgrade the mills so you can have plenty of waiters and the market so you can get belly-dancers as well. then you’ll make a lot of money as passing armies stop at your village for the buffet.

Don’t forget to save some gold for a bribe in case your enemies send a health inspector. Having your village shut down while you bring it up to code is costly and embarrassing.

the next thing to build up is your call center. From here you will give technical support to the entire world on a wide range of mechanical and software issues. Get it to level 50 at once!

After that, of course, the next project is Bollywood! get that to level 50, and you will have a truly formidable Indian City!

Good gaming and good luck!

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Vorp!] Confession of a sucky player

Mammel that sounds like exactly what I’ve experienced.

And yes, I’ve tried all the ships even the support ones. the one I use now is the jabber and I pretty much do what mammel is saying, I solo batteries and stuff. Aiming on this game, for me, is like trying to swat a fly with a noodle. A fly that seems to kill me in mere seconds.

Playing an ant for about 30 seconds leaves me wanting to make my mouse part of the wall. Just not skilled at flying around that fast trying to aim at guys that are also moving that fast that seem to hit without even trying. And no interest in following you around trying to heal you. Not my thing.

so for now I’ll just keep playing once or twice a week, checking back to see if the player base has gotten any bigger. hopefully this game does take off in a big way and we all get what we want.


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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Vorp!] Confession of a sucky player

Good advice Elazul for sure.

What frustrates me the most about this game isn’t the ranting. It’s the fact honestly that no one really plays. this is a probably the best flash game to come out in a year or more. From my experience, the tone of the forum in general, and what plays out in games and chat I’m thinking the pariah status of being a new or unskilled player is a major reason people aren’t sticking like they ought to be.

I played competitive chess for years and when we would have weekend tournaments there would usually be several sections based on rank. If you wanted to play in the top, open section you could, but if you would rather have more competitive games against other casual players that was an option too. I wish I had any aptitude for being good at this game but I don’t. It might be months or even like a year or more before I go from noob to fairly proficient. So what? Not like I’m gonna make a living at this right? Why should I have to be the sacrificial lamb for players that ought to really be fighting eachother all the time? The answer seems to be small playerbase.

And no one owes me any apologies. I see it from your perspective too. I don’t suck at everything after all hehe. I imagine back then if my chess rating had depended on how some random casual players played I’d get pretty nasty with them from time to time too.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Vorp!] Confession of a sucky player

Hmmm… I sense a lot of veiled hostility in that reply.

Maybe basicbasic is a little annoyed that I suggest cutting off his main food source? Anyhow, just checked in again because I had another cool idea for the leagues:

It would be great if we could observe or replay matches from the premier league. I’d love to watch one when I’m online but too afkish to actually play. But yeah man, I’ll get right on that test flight thing. I’m sure it’ll make me pro in no time.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Vorp!] Confession of a sucky player

Yes it’s all true.

I have a horrible K/D ratio. I get killed so often sometimes I get accused of feeding (I’m not, I just get killed a lot by the lifers that seem to be on the other team in every damn game).

And you know what else? I’ll never be really good at this game. Not willing to play it for hours on end suffering through long queues, abusive teammates, and opponents who seem to be able to do miraculous things with their ships.

That said I would like to play… but I’m not interested in playing with the lifers who pretty well ruin it for anyone but themselves, whine constantly about their teamates, want to blacklist people…

It seems from the posts in this forum that they have no real use for me either. Fine. Keep those douc…er good players in their own league and have one for low rank and new people who want to be able to have fun playing this game without all the hassle.

My suggestion is to start people out in a beginner league. Make a set of stat, rating, level goals. when those goals are reached, that account becomes veteran.

The stats are totally reset and from then on the player plays in veteran only matches. this has the benefit of ranking these players on how well they do against reasonably strong competition as opposed to how many noobs did you farm?

You could add new tiers as they become needed. Also don’t include won games in the equation at any point. make it all individual merit. Make the leaderboard only reflect the stats of peopl ein the highest tier so that people who are powergamers have a reason to move quickly through the lower ranks and get to the big show.

Also I think if more people who try this game get to play in a match with other beginners, they are more likely to have a good experience and stick with the game. Me personally, I like to play a couple of games a week or so but lately its just a rerun of the same slaughterfest over and over and honestly, I’ve stuck with it longer than most people in my situation would.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Sherwood Dungeon] I don't think this is a game

Well I just got the highest level on Kong.

Out of what appears to be about three of us lol. Gooo me!

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Heavens] Why do I get "Agony" when I fight Kong users?!

Yeah agony is BS.

maybe when you’re high level 360 damage a round isnt a big deal but at my level its 100% of my hitpoints. While I’m on the subject of BS my last opponent got 2x lucky move in a row. This game is a no-skill crapshoot becuase of things like that. In fact, pretty much 100% lose when live opponent goes first. Sorry this game sucks giving it 1/5 for looking cool but totally sucking.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Sherwood Dungeon] I don't think this is a game

It’s a game. Pretty low intensity but still a game.

I spent a lot of time this weekend checking it out and getting to level 25 and I feel like I’ve pretty much ‘won’. So far I haven’t seen that anything is really hard to get or really makes you awesome once you get it.

I tried the PVP it was pretty lame. The fact that you can block, combined with the fast character movement speed vs. really slow attack animations means not only should you really never die, you shouldn’t even get hit. Some mid and long range attacks are needed to make it interesting and probably double or triple the damage in pvp. There is a chessboard type pvp game in /teleport 8 where you get a point for every hit and five points for each kill (I guess people go afk sometimes?) I did it for like 5 min and realized it was not good.

Here are a few things i picked up that helped make it a better run for me:

-You can teleport around the islands using /teleport and a number 0-10 . 0 will put you on the level of the infinite dungeon that corresponds to your character’s level. 1-10 put you in areas with ever increasing monster levels.

-in most of the house-looking buildings there are vendors that can sell you things or a blacksmith that can upgrade your gear. I usually used the ones in /teleport 9 since they are all pretty close together. That scroll vendor also seemed to always have the best selection of high level scrolls to purchase.

-Diamonds are really important. at level 20ish you can buy red scrolls from the vendor to make really nice weapons. also you can buy any of the runes for 5 diamonds apiece. diamonds are also needed to upgrade gear at the smith.

-in the castle in the starting area there is a quest giver next to the entrance to the dungeon. She will offer you quests to kill a few monsters of your same level for a reward. The reward is solid gear of your level. for this reason I reccomend you dont waste diamonds upping the level of gear. also a fun fact, if you refuse her quest and click her again, she will change the reward offered so you can do that until you are offered exactly what you want.

-the monsters in an area seem to have a certain level. if you are lower than them, they’ll mess you up, but if you are higher, it will raise them to your level. everything ever dropped from a monster is your level. The quests also seem to give more exp and are all repeatable.

-the glowy orb in a claw (someone shops at hot topic!) that you get during the really long quest chain starting at the windmill lady is pretty much the best weapon in the game. I’ve got things that are somewhat close but so far nothing i can find or make is better. I complete the chain twice to have two of them but really its not needed. The red scroll uberblades I made are not that much worse and were really easy.

-The archery was disappointing considering how long (level 21) you have to wait to get it.

All in all, I enjoyed exploring and getting to level 25 but if there is meaningful content past really getting the first dragonclaw scepter I haven’t found it. SP I’m going to give it a 4/5 for entertaining me for a day and a half or so and hopefully the game will grow and prosper!

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Sherwood Dungeon] Bug Reports

some graphics glitching happening for me in chrome.

Usually seems to go away if I switch between fullscreen and windowed a few times. Certain monsters and item types become invisible.

Also a really annoying interface issue: The little ‘x’ to close the loot box after you’ve taken everything you want from a monster drop is positioned to where it also activates the switch between full screen and windowed. if you could move the loot box over to the left an inch it would solve it.

Liking this game so far. GJ

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Elfender] Easy game

Really easy if you play games involving strategy/resource management which apparently most of the players don’t.

I made an account to learn the basics, got level 7 or so then made a new account to own with. So far 1 loss (in a team game grrr…) vs 65 wins and counting.

anyway I’m about bored of it.