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Topic: Rise of Champions / Appearance Cost

The appearance cost should not go up with the character’s level. I can understand re specializing changing price with level but appearance increasing in costs does not make any sense. It should have one constant value.

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Topic: War of Omens / New Hero (New Card Suggestions)

Originally posted by Gameguy602:
Originally posted by Rukhron:

@9Anime9AnimeHalo: You misunderstood

Blackmail would be like “Stolen Plans”

You pay for it, then you activate it to buy something with foe’s gold. :p

So you can:
Play Blackmail for 5 Gold
Buy Wagon Bomb for 4 gold + 8 gold from enemy (all it had)
You end paying 9 gold, removing 8 of foe’s gold and with 1 Wagon Bomb in your field

Hope that made it clear :)

That sounds obscenely powerful to me. Like, in the neighborhood of costing 10 coins or more and being a rare powerful. Imagine buying an arson with this, or even combining it with stolen plans to buy a yarakeen/warship/cow ship.

I highly doubt this card would be made considering it is arson+stolen plans. You steal a card while also pushing the cost towards the opponent. Not to mention if theo managed to use his ability on it the opponent would likely be screwed and lose. Way too OP.

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Topic: War of Omens / New Hero (New Card Suggestions)

Originally posted by Rukhron:

Embargo lvl2 (no idea for name)
Vespitole – Power
9/8/7 gold
On play: Draw a card
Foe loses 2 resources

Sacrificial Altar
Daramek – Idol
8/7/6 gold
Sacrifices have 10% to count twice (essentially counting as if you have sacrificed 2 of a given unit for 2 of a given sacrifice effect)

In their sleep
Metris – Espionage
5/4/3 gold
For 1 turn: Skull/Magic attack x2 and ignore intercept
Destroy after use

Chants of Restoration
Endazu – Incantation
4/3/2 gold
1/20 *
Heal allies *x2

Sacrificial Altar – This needs to be a card. lol Sounds legit.
In Their Sleep – This sounds like theo rush to the max…Im going to say eh no. XP

Originally posted by Rukhron:

“Embargo lvl2”: looking at how all other have their 4/5/6 and 7/8/9 versions it might mean “Embargo Lvl2” was playtested internally and was broken.

Sacrificial Altar: Maybe… through what I really think would be hard is making it clear to the player what is going on.

The metris one:
Initially I had this:
Blackmail (7/6/5): Buy with foe’s gold, destroy after use (Foe’s gold can’t go negative, pays from your gold the difference)
Is it less or more OP?

Chants of Restoration would heal Allies. Ideally it would heal all your field seeking wounded and drop the spare healing on you.

Blackmail – So its basically a 0 cost unit and the more you upgrade it, the worse it gets? This needs some serious rethinking. XP

Originally posted by SlayBelle:


(insert a name)
When an ally returns to your deck (discarded/killed), activate that ally. (If this is a little OP, especially on warship deck, this can be 50% chance or something)

Hero Card
Reinforce Keep
Discard a random ally, activate that ally. Draw a card.

I support [enter Hero name here], it sounds like a cool idea. I also like the hero card.

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Topic: War of Omens / New Hero (New Card Suggestions)

Originally posted by MEXVI:

It’s not like any of these will ever happen, but why not?

Anna – Rare hero (Metris)
Enemy can’t see cards in your hand or deck.

(Eg they show the War of Omens logo on the cards instead of the actual card, like when a card hasn’t loaded yet.)

Reload – Hero card (Metris) 4/3/2
Destroy all cards in your bank.
For each destroyed: Restock your bank.
Destroy after use.

Lord Jonah – Epic Hero (Vespitole)
You only lose at the end of your turn, but can have negative hit points.

This guy would be… interesting. It would basically mean that you would have to be able to save yourself or kill your enemy on your turn to get any kick out of it, and I’m not sure how you’d build around it. It looks strong, but it also looks weak… hmm.

Honour Guard – Hero Card (Vespitole) (6/5/4)
Intercepts; retaliates
On play: draw a card.
(4 HP)

A knight that can’t be fed to attack and doesn’t attack on-turn. Seem reasonable?

Can’t think of Dara or Enda ones right now. :p

Anna – This sounds like an awesome idea, until you realize that metris rarely hold useful cards in their hands.
Reload – This also sounds like a cool idea, but its taking up space in your bank on the suggestion to give you something worthwhile in bank. Its interesting, but Im not sure how well it would actually work out.

Jonah – Sounds…like Mutual Defeats would be a lot more common. lol This would probably piss so many people off. XD Maybe it should be 50% chance to survive round?
Honour Guard – Sounds like a cool idea. A vespitole frame?

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Topic: War of Omens / New Hero (New Card Suggestions)

Originally posted by Kholai:
Originally posted by 9Anine9AnimeHalo:

1. Yeah if facing a non ally deck she wouldnt do much damage. :P Of course against ally decks, which would be most decks, the damage could be high.

2. Interesting, I like how you are keeping with the name of going for a different effect that fits it. Im just worried that the affect would be too endazu oriented for a Hero based Card. :P

Pantalion – Isnt there already a hero with a similar ability. The one that has 50% activate on feed.
Mobilise – Seems like a cheaper version of Benediction to me. I would at least make the card cheaper in my opinion.

2: Bulk discard is pretty safely Metris in my opinion, or do you mean that it messes with Endazu too hard?

Pantalion: Regent Marsh is On Feed Ally: 50% that ally attacks. So you might feed a Bishop to heal it and get an attack out of it, while with Pantalion, you’d outright activate it to get the full x4 resources.

Mobilise: Consider Sofocatro with Mobilise and no allies. Mobilise would always work as a Courtly Intrigue. Making it cheaper would mean that he could run three Courtly Intrigues are 3, 4 and 4 gold respectively, a no-brainer for a Sofocorruption deck, and probably a very strong argument to replace Masquerade entirely.

For a Pocchi Benediction deck, Mobilise is, to start, a Collect Taxes (and has a 1/N+1 chance of being a collect taxes for him at all times). When he drops a Catapult, Mobilise is a 50/50 Collect Taxes, and a 50/50 “Lead the Charge” at 150% power. Drop a Bishop, and it’s a 1/3 chance of being a “Tribute” for 4 gold. Drop a Marshal and it’s 25% chance of being all three!

It’s such a powerful ability I’m almost positive that it’s underpriced at 4 gold.

Ah, you are right. My bad. It does sounds like an interesting idea. :)
You have me sold on Pantalion and Mobilize. XD They both sounds like cool ideas. :)

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Topic: War of Omens / New Hero (New Card Suggestions)

Originally posted by desciclope666:

suicide bomber-slaves
cost 6/5/4 1 hp, on death, attack for 5 dmg, 50%chance destroy.

cost8/7/6 2HP, on turn/feed, attack, itercept, 10%chance retaliate, 10% chance dodge.

cost7/6/5 2HP, for every enemy card killed 20% destroy that card and get a gold paneler, on turn, 50% attack for 1.

cost 11/10/9 steal random enemy, (enemy ally becomes your card)
useless VS other damarek, but great VS vespitole

canibal pack-herd(?)
cost 7/6/5 4HP on turn, attack; damage something/enemy ally die, recover 1HP.

vespitole. (all posses “draw a card”)
cost 6/5/4 on turn/feed, attack hero, 15%chance attack twice.

6/5/4 on feed, draw a card, on turn, 40% lose 1 gold.

9/8/7 3HP on turn, steal resorce, on feed, attack.

comerce raiding- prospery(?)
5/4/3 steal all income enemy get next turn.

cost 7/6/5 1 HP random contruction(paralise, catapult and such) recover/gains 1HP/charge

4/3/2 turn 1 food/glod/skull into magic.

angry mob-underlings

7/6/5 4HP on turn attack and enemy lose 1 resorce. destroyed when killed.

cost 6/5/4 1HP, on turn attack strongest and gain 1 skull, 50% destroyed when killed

cost 6/5/4 3HP ,on turn attack, retaliate. isn’t destroyed on killed

7/6/5 HP=charges, on hold gains 2 charges, for every killed enemy, lose a charge(therefore reduces max HP) and gain a guilded warrior.

magic elemental-anima
apparence: a purple tornado with eyes
11/10/9 HP, resorce production and attack=charges, on hold gain 1 charge, max five, on turn, produces magic and attack, 20% chance to dodge.

6/5/4 on hold, gain 2 charges(max10), on turn, lose a charge and sommom a flower or a guilded warrior.

new hero, Overlord, can use cards from any faction, but cards cost 1 more.

Suicide Bomber- I personally think that suicide bomber should be Metris considering how easy it is for Daramek to get cardss back onto the field and that the destroy addition is also Metris in feel.
Possession – Once again, seems Metris in feel.
Cannibal – This once sounds cool. If it attacks an ally or hero it gains help. I would like to see that in play. :)

Politician – Now this sounds awesome. I personally think it should cost more and have a 50% negative. The ability to draw a card on feed could be abused way too easy though. It needs more balancing or changes before it could ever be used in game in my opinion.
Commerce – Another good idea that I feel is way too cheap and should cost more. This could also be abused.
Architect – Sounds cool to me, but honestly with intercept ignoring cards being rampant, it may not be very useful.
Alchemist – Is the change per 1 turn?

Terrorist – Sounds like a more aggressive way to name assassin.

Necromancer – Does this mean that the card could eventually kill itself? It sounds like an interesting idea.
Portal – Sounds like existing cards but with a MUCH slower production rate. I highly doubt anyone would use the card to be honest.

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Topic: War of Omens / New Hero (New Card Suggestions)

Originally posted by Kholai:

1: There’s a decent potency to an affect that doesn’t go away, and Seduce in particular is a game winning effect. My biggest concern would be that Anine would be an all-or-nothing hero; either she’s changing games or she’s achieving nothing at all, and it’s that kind of all-or-nothing style that I hate about Metris in general, balancing an overwhelming effect with “It only wins everything some of the time” feels tacky.

2: Yeah, a lot of cards just don’t have charges. What about:

Confusion 7/6/5

Both players discard their hand and draw three cards.

This would really mess up Endazu, clear out that annoying Shrine of Rebirth backlog (and bypass Esra’s hero ability), and at very least take out Vespitole’s pocket, infinite attempt, or only Warship. And annoy Theodox.

As to the price, with a draw three cards mechanic it only costs Metris 2 gold total after you cover the entry fee (or gets rid of a Daramek sacrifice card you didn’t want).

Pantalion: Vespitole Hero.
Appearance: A musketeer with a goatee and a cool feathered hat. Like…. This guy except with a green tabbard and the Vespitole symbol:
On turn: Activate random ally.

Hero card: Mobilise: 6/5/4 – War
Activate random ally.

NB: Pantalion cannot be activated by Marshals or his own ability. Mobilise/Benediction, sure.

Pantalion would be a powerful and versatile ally specialist, something of the opposite of Ysadora. Slower, without allies to escalate, but with more utility out of any ally he managed to deploy and keep on the field. Probably the only hero that would get real use out of walls, since they wouldn’t dilute his ability onto Serfs or Soldiers.

Mobilise has potential in any non-ally deck for the primary three to just serve as a second resource card of their hero-type, while being 50% chance to activate a single ally, 100% with Pantalion.

Turn 1: Loan > Bishop.
Turn 2: Bishop generates 2 Gold – offsetting Loan costs. Buy Mobilise. With resultant magic/gold buy corrected cost 6 gold Rampart.
Turn 3: Enemy player quits in the face of

Turn 1: Catapult!
Turn 2: Buy mobilise for 9 damage.
Turn 3: Enemy player quits.

Mmm. Yeah, I’d love playing with this hero. Price on Mobilise might need a +1 though.

1. Yeah if facing a non ally deck she wouldnt do much damage. :P Of course against ally decks, which would be most decks, the damage could be high.

2. Interesting, I like how you are keeping with the name of going for a different effect that fits it. Im just worried that the affect would be too endazu oriented for a Hero based Card. :P

Pantalion – Isnt there already a hero with a similar ability. The one that has 50% activate on feed.
Mobilise – Seems like a cheaper version of Benediction to me. I would at least make the card cheaper in my opinion.

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Topic: War of Omens / New Hero (New Card Suggestions)

Originally posted by AlterOfYume:

Just two points:

1. Why would I rely on a 10% hero seduce when Theodox has a 20% chance of using seduce (and every other card) twice? And when there’s a Metris creature that does what the hero can, only literally 10x better? On average, I would get a creature every ten turns, and if the opponent is smart I will probably get a useless serf or something.

2. The hero card wouldn’t be worth a card slot and a bank draw even if it cost 0 gold. To be viable, it has to do something against every faction and preferably every deck. What makes Mayhem a universal metris card is that even if the opponent has zero creatures in deck, it still does great damage.

1. With Theodox you have to buy the card and then only then you get a 20% chance to regain it. This suggestion would be something that happens every turn. I personally think that anything higher than 10% would be too much. People will play cards differently when there is a chance that a big hitter could be seduced on turn. Of course, this would have to be tested to see if the 10% would need to go up to 20%, but I personally doubt it would need to.

2. The hero card can affect every faction from what I can tell. The Endazu would feel the pain the most with their charge orientated fighting. Metris have charge oriented cards and so do Vespitole, ex. walls. The faction that would be least affected would probably be Daramek. This is kind of like coordinate but towards the enemy. I do see your point though and it is worth considering other possibilities for a Hero Card.

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Topic: War of Omens / New Hero (New Card Suggestions)

Suggest Heroes/Cards?

Here is my personal suggestion:

Anine : Rare Hero

10% Seduce Ally on turn.

Epic Hero Card : Confusion : [EDIT]

Remove 1 charge from enemy cards. (+1 charge for enemy bombs.)

Trade allies with opponent. If no allies on a side +7 skulls instead.

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Topic: War of Omens / Harder for New Players to Start?

Originally posted by RipperPL:

Maybe if you increase chances to get already owned cards for players for example below merged hero lvl 10-15 it would make it easier to start, or make packs for 200-250coins that grants ONLY already owned cards that are not yet mastered :)
You should increase the drop rate for example of uncomons for oak pack buyers i mean slightly like if it;s 20% increaae it to 22-23 after gaining all comons to prevent getting too many trash cards at this point.

The more expensive packs for already owned cards could be easily manipulated unless several measures would be taken to keep mechanics in check so I doubt that would be a buyable solution.
Increases uncommons for oaks wouldnt necessarily help new players and not to mention there are silver packs for that purpose so this solution is redundant and kind of pointless to be honest.

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Topic: War of Omens / Harder for New Players to Start?

Originally posted by T3atim3:
Originally posted by 9Anine9AnimeHalo:
Originally posted by T3atim3:

Maybe it’s just me, but I’m not having too much difficulty playing the game. I’ve been playing for a couple of days. And I’ve already got the last hero today.

Im just going to stop there. I call BS unless you are spending unbelievable amounts of money on this game.

Like I said, I’ve only been playing a couple of days. So I was a little unclear on what I meant by all heros. Completely my fault, I’m sorry. v_v I have all the uncommon heros. Which seems like more than enough for me. Since, when I lose it’s not because of the other person or ai’s special ability. But instead the cards they put on the field.

That makes more sense. lol

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Topic: War of Omens / Harder for New Players to Start?

Originally posted by T3atim3:

Maybe it’s just me, but I’m not having too much difficulty playing the game. I’ve been playing for a couple of days. And I’ve already got the last hero today.

Im just going to stop there. I call BS unless you are spending unbelievable amounts of money on this game.

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Topic: War of Omens / Constant Card Revisions

I think its generally accepted that the changes are for the better even when they look negative at first. While the Daramek mass herd overhaul was obviously op (still is in some ways), I gave praise for the change because it made the Daramek worth while to play with. The Daramek before the update were the least played and weakest faction. Although they are arguably the strongest faction, they are likely to be nerfed more and the changes made them more dynamic in gameplay. Did the changes annoy people? If any few because the herds were so bland in the first place.

Overall changes have been for the better and leaving cards behind simply for the sake of making more does not make a good game. The reason I dont like Yu-gi-oh is because the game basically threw out cards for the sake of just making more cards for hardcore players and collectors to pay money for. They dont care about the balance of the cards and just make more for the purpose of a cash grab in my opinion. WoW, however, balances cards instead of just blatantly making more pointless cards for people to waste time chasing after. I think they are making the right decision in this respect and hope they continue to do so.

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Topic: War of Omens / Harder for New Players to Start?

Im honestly surprised the 300 cards for first 100 packs has so much discussion. Others have already given multiple reasons why it wouldnt work. Of course all ideas are welcome so there is no shame in putting one forward. I just feel, along with others, that that idea would not be the best solution. :P

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Topic: War of Omens / Harder for New Players to Start?

Originally posted by Syrialia:

I like the idea for oak packs to drop only green and red cards at the start as long as they don’t choose a blue or purple hero that unlocks the cards of his color.
Oak packs offering 4 card choices would also be nice as we have four factions and a lot more cards now then when most of us started out.

The game always needs new people to join to stay healthy in the long run.
I think those are the best ideas to make it easier for newbies to enjoy the game and stay.

I didnt even think about the fact that the 4 card pull could possibly have a card from each faction. XD That would be pretty cool. At least until they add another faction. haha
I agree, a game needs to gain more people than it loses for it to stay alive. :)

Also as a side note, I saw the data you made for the rates for oak, silver, and gold packs. Definitely note worthy. :)

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Topic: War of Omens / Harder for New Players to Start?

Originally posted by chocobonight:

The whole faction-specific packs doesn’t really solve much. If you’re funneling newer players into playing only a certain faction, they’re definitely going to get bored. With the blue and purple heroes already restricted from the start, You’re basically funneling all of them to the option of only green and red.

The goal should be to draw in new players and interest them as they’re starting off. We need to give them more options and more incentives to stay. They should be rewarded for trying new things and expanding their knowledge of the game instead of spamming the same deck over and over again.

Instead of giving players a faction specific pack, there should be a thing where your first ~100 packs give you all 3 cards. By the end of it, they should have a respectable collection. They won’t have to make any decisions as to what faction they want to play since they’ll have all their options open for the most part, and it could give them a good taste of the game.

New players are unlikely to play the other factions regardless, but I do see your point that it could cause them to take longer to move to the other factions. The idea is that giving them a bunch of random cards to different factions isnt going to help them build decent decks. They cannot expand their knowledge with a large number of unrelated and scattered puzzle pieces. I suggest giving them scatter puzzle pieces that are at least related to each other so they can gain knowledge with that faction and then have the ability to grow into other factions.
I personally think the 100 pack idea would do more damage than good considering all the players that came before would be completely cheated by it. Not to mention that deal is way too good for the devs to agree to. lol

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Topic: War of Omens / Harder for New Players to Start?

Originally posted by kikix12:

There’s really no point to huge quotes, especially when your answers are general and hardly discuss things within the actual quotes.
As for consecutive posts…aren’t those considered spamming on this forum as well?! I believe that’s the case in virtually every forum. At least, every I came across.

  1. Huge Quotes are fun
  2. I prefer to speak to each person individually.
  3. Its not spam or bumping the way I post. I say bumping because I feel that might be what you are referring to.
  4. You seem like a fun person. ;)
Originally posted by kikix12:

That being said, to the matter at hand…

Originally posted by 9Anine9AnimeHalo:

The problem with giving them every faction is that they would have a bunch of crappy decks to play with.

Frankly, that’s not the case. The current ability to choose one out of three cards makes it possible to focus, generally, on two colors. If I count right, there are twenty possible outcomes of a draw (if the order would matter, there would be 64…but it doesn’t). If we’ll assume that 1, 2, 3 and 4 are Vespitole, Daramek, Metris and Endazu respectively, then we have: 123; 234; 134; 124; 111; 222; 333; 444; 122; 133; 144; 233; 244; 344; 112; 113; 114; 223; 224; 334. If I missed something (remember that the order doesn’t matter) then by all means, feel free to correct me. But I’ll assume that the above is true.
With the above being true, chance of getting at least one out of three factions is 19/20 (or 95%). Virtually guaranteed.
Chance of getting at least one out of two factions is 16/20 (80%). A very high chance.
Chance of getting at least one of a specific faction is 10/20 (50%). A very reasonable chance.

This of course doesn’t take into account the difference in number of cards (38 for Vespitole, 36 for Daramek, 38 for Metris and 18 for Endazu, not counting heroes and their cards). But then again, taking that into account the chances of getting Vespitole or Daramek (the two starting factions which rookies would do “best” to focus, according to your arguments) would be even higher (74 cards VS 56 cards, so around 33% more).

The above means that there is no reasonable difference between mechanically forced the fact of getting only cards of a faction you have a hero of. For that reasonably little gain (especially since you’ll get those uncommon heroes reasonably soon), you penalize those players that want to test the remaining two factions. They will need to spend more time and silver on getting those cards. On the other hand, they will be penalized further for focusing on only one or two factions once they start to max their first upgrades. With Vespitole and Daramek commons maxed, there is quite a high likelyhood of getting “dead” cards (experience ones), with 4/20 (20%) being completely worthless (all three cards would be maxed). Even more so since there are simply more cards of Vespitole and Daramek than Metris and Endazu.

In other words, you are suggesting giving slight boost in initial grow of strength for Vespitole/Daramek at the expense of slight drop of strength of the remaining two factions, increase in the total amount of silver necessary to get all commons/uncommons maxed (though this is still more dependant on players themselves) as well as…making it impossible for players to choose which faction they want to play. It’s true that Metris and Endazu are a bit more difficult to play, but there are new players that have CCG experience…or are just plain inteligent. They cannot be seen as rookies. I’m sure that there are some new players that would beat my easily, even though I’m playing this game for a while now. But I’m barely an average player.

Now if you look at the transcript I left, I am simply putting forward the idea that there is the possibility that newer players might have a harder time building a coherent deck with the larger number of cards and that it could become even harder in the future. This is more for discussion than anything to be honest.
It can be agreed that new players will have crappy decks and will not be able to play in MP for a bit, but it should also be agreed that players should be able to grow their decks in a tier like manner so that they can move forward through campaign and skirmish until they reach the ultimate goals of: 1. Ability to competitively play multiplayer 2. Grandmaster Skirmish 3. Grandmaster Campaign. Are these quick and easy goals? Not even close. It takes time and effort. However if the timetable for an active player is slowed down significantly to the point that they cannot more towards these goals, there could be a problem with a newer players ability to gain and use appropriate cards. Am I suggesting that is the current problem? Not necessarily. But it could become a problem as the number of cards grow over time if it isnt a problem at the moment.
Now a 1/2 chance to get a card for a particular faction may not seem that bad until you consider that new players only earn 50 silver for neo and 75 for apprentice, the first two tiers of skirmish. That would mean they need to earn 200 silver for one relevant card which would take four games of neo skirmish. That might take some time and even then its not as if all cards in a faction will work together so it is reasonable to say it might take quite a few games to build a deck that is ready for the next tier. Was it a huge deal before? Not too much, but as I have mentioned before , it could be getting harder for new players.
I do not recall saying Daramek is best for rookies but it is widely accepted that Vespitole is the faction that new players should use. Is getting cards of heroes you own a good standable idea? Probably not. I am not afraid to admit that. The best idea at the moment is a common/uncommon faction pack. You can see it as listed #1 at the moment.

Originally posted by kikix12:
Originally posted by 9Anine9AnimeHalo:

The idea of Faction Oak Packs is so players can get common cards for a certain faction faster. I personally think 200 silver would be too much, but its not up to me. haha

I said that a single-faction pack should cost 200 silver. You underestimate the value of being guaranteed a single factions pack. Sure, it’s far worse silver-wise, but if a player wants to focus on only one faction…this is the way to go. Again, let’s see the options: 111; 222; 112; 122. Your suggestion is to make it cost 150 silver.
As you suggested, if someone will buy packs for 1200 silver, that person on average will get 12 cards from their desired faction to choose from (having any choice in two draws). In the end, they can expect to get 6 cards of their desired faction, having rather limited choice in which cards those will be. Assuming that player wants Vespitole, on average he will get: 111; 111; 112; 112; 122; 122 and two “wasted” packs with 222.
In comparison, a player with a single-faction pack worth 200 silver will get six cards from their preferred faction (the same), but chosen out of 18 cards (instead of 12). This means that they have 50% more chance at getting the exact cards they want, at an increase in price of 33%. It also decreases the likelyhood of getting an already maxed card of the preferred faction further making the 200 silver pack superior to a two-faction pack for 150 silver…assuming the player cares only about that one, specific faction.

As for the utility of Oak for veteran players…you can read here .

PS: Please…do not quote this post in whole…It’s way too long…

I kinda feel I already answered most of this. Feel free to say something if you disagree.
On the note of Oak Packs for Veterans. I disagree. I have looked at the odds before. When you have almost all your uncommons maxed…there is really no point in an Oak Pack. I am sorry.You are going to most likely just recieve a lot of +100 xps while hoping for that scarce.

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Topic: War of Omens / Harder for New Players to Start?

Originally posted by Loufis:

I think if u wanna implement something like this that would be more for new players rather than veterans, they should make a pack that has ONLY commons or ONLY commons/uncommons and would be sold for like 50/75 gold, that way you would give them a higher chance to get new heroes and enough cards to play new factions.

I believe that all of your suggestions are stuff that would help veterans more than new players, since new players don’t care that much about getting awesome cards rather than diversifying and exploring all the different mechanics of the game.

Also, the creators of the game made it so there are proper competitive decks that u can make with just commons and uncommons, they’ll never be as good as decks with rare/scarce but they can be enough to give them a run for their money.

Thats actually not a bad idea. (When I say that, I mean its a good idea. lol) If they are going to be adding new packs for the purpose of new players, why not just make them common/uncommon only and cheaper?
I do agree some of the suggestions would help veteran players which is why they probably wouldnt be implemented, but not all of them.
I also agree that common/uncommon cards can be competitive. I think I still have at least one deck that is almost entirely commons/uncommons and it plays well in mp.

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Topic: War of Omens / Harder for New Players to Start?

Originally posted by Gameguy602:
Originally posted by 9Anine9AnimeHalo:

The Faction based packs would only be oak so that veteran players cant abuse them. I highly doubt veteran players would bother with oak packs. I know I dont.

I don’t know if I exactly qualify as a veteran player, but I’ve been playing since before daily quests were a thing and I still bother with Oak packs. Mostly because I can only get anything better than that once a week.

Once you have all commons maxed, you do not bother with common packs anymore. Generally, its a waste of your time to. I almost have all uncommons maxed so I definitely wouldnt get much satisfaction out of get Oak Faction Packs. I would most likely be wasting silver on small amounts of xp instead of taking advantage of them to build my cards up.

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Topic: War of Omens / Harder for New Players to Start?

Originally posted by kikix12:

If you have a problem with the cards being unusable until at least one hero is possessed, I’d think that the more reasonable suggestion would be giving everyone a free common hero (without skills and hero cards) when they get their first card of a faction. That would be without a drawback (a hero without skills will be strictly inferior to every drawn one, so no punishment for those that already worked to get heroes…while it will be enough to test out a faction), which preventing the player from getting cards of a faction until hero is drawn have…and a lot. I’m another person that had all endazu commons at first upgrade, with two of them maxed, before I got the hero. Heck, I even had all the uncommons and both scarces before that happened…I’d say losing that would be a huge drawback…20000+ silver down the drain…

I certainly support the limited-color packs, however single-color packs should cost 200 silver, not 150. It actually does make a difference in power when you have only your desired color in the long run, since you can actually choose one out of three cards for that color. Not only the fact that you get that color. This increases the chances of completing the desired strategy even threefold.

The problem with giving them every faction is that they would have a bunch of crappy decks to play with. The idea is to give new players a better chance at getting their first at least decent deck so they dont have to grind before they can have fun.
The idea of Faction Oak Packs is so players can get common cards for a certain faction faster. I personally think 200 silver would be too much, but its not up to me. haha

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Topic: War of Omens / Harder for New Players to Start?

Originally posted by Ryo_Sangnoir:

I’ve been playing for a week (I guess that’s new), and I can’t get anywhere with the campaign. However, I’m not doing terribly at multiplayer and I can beat Journeyman fairly consistently.

I have a decent green deck that I copied from someone who beat me in PvP, although it took me a few days to draw the key card Palisade from the packs. I got lucky and drew a purple hero very early, and my first ten purple cards made a decent deck — in fact, I think that might be true in general, for purple. I’m currently at 38/40 uncommon cards, and it would really suck if one of the ones yet to draw was a hero.

So I suppose my recommendation here is to increase the chance of drawing heroes. I think purple is easier to win with than the other factions if you don’t have many cards.

I’d like specific color oak packs, as they’d let me upgrade my faction-specific commons for the first time quicker.

I guess you are relatively new. haha Interesting suggestion for heroes. I doubt that would be added and honestly I dont think it would fix the current problem.
It seems Faction Oak Packs is the favorite suggestion at the moment. :)

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Topic: War of Omens / Harder for New Players to Start?

Originally posted by Zabotinski:

How about specific color oak packs, costing 150 silver?

Sounds reasonable to me, doesn’t give a boost to the advanced players, and answers the problem at hand.

I basically already had that listed, but with duel factions. I added a suggestion it for each faction because that does make more sense than duel faction packs. lol

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Topic: War of Omens / Harder for New Players to Start?

Originally posted by FeelNFine:

I think oak packs should be increased to a pull of 4, or maybe reduce the number of times it takes to hit you first upgrade by 1.

Increasing oak packs to a pull of 4 is an interesting idea.

I HIGHLY doubt they will decrease the initial upgrade. Its already low enough and if they did that it would cheat all the players that have already upgraded cards.

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Topic: War of Omens / Harder for New Players to Start?

Originally posted by Georgie_Leech:

More expensive packs with fewer colours would also speed up more veteran players, as oppose to just helping new players get acclimatised. The second, I’m not sure that hero first, cards after is a good change; new players could still get “lucky” and get a hero right away, leading to the same problem of having too many cards to choose from, and it makes it difficult to begin trying out any new factions released (for instance, I spent over 15k to unlock the purple hero, but at least I had a number of upgraded cards gathered along the way so I could immediately begin trying it out.

It seems to me that completing the tutorials for each colour, and having the reward be enough common cards (or relevant upgrade progress/xp if they have a copy) from said colour to make a deck, would do a great deal to ease new players into the game. New Players could immediately get a handle on the basic strategies for the colour (for instance, not buying everything in the blue bank at once to increase odds of getting your better/more critical cards), ad would let them begin experimenting with their own decks, at least once they unlock a relevant hero. Maybe unlock the other tutorials when a hero for the relevant colour is unlocked; not a lot of point in learning Blue if you can’t actually use them yet after all.

The Faction based packs would only be oak so that veteran players cant abuse them. I highly doubt veteran players would bother with oak packs. I know I dont.

I agree the idea for tutorials would be a good one. Im not sure why they havent completed the tutorials yet.

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Topic: War of Omens / Harder for New Players to Start?

Quizer: don’t get too focused on campaign mode at the beginning
dr_dr82: some people just don’t like challenge in their card games no biggie
ShalakoPain: oh poop, i have to rebuild all my Red decks too now
9Anine9AnimeHalo: We could mention something to cat or merc when they are in
FlyingAska: gg iz
9Anine9AnimeHalo: they frequent the chat
monkeytc: its more what cards, not upgraded cards for the apprentice level, although the skirmish is fairly easy so far up to the 3rd level, hard sometimes, easy sometimes
Quizer: I have 5 coins now, but I still find GM campaign too harsh to spend any real time at
ShalakoPain: What should we say, game too hard to start?
9Anine9AnimeHalo: it does make sense considering they havee added another faction
FlyingAska: gm is easy xD
9Anine9AnimeHalo: which would make it harder for new players
9Anine9AnimeHalo: I didnt have problems but when I joined there were only 3 factions
9Anine9AnimeHalo: so there is a good chance it is harder for players to get started now
fresh_fish: GM campaign is the ultimate goal goal in the game, so don’t expect to do it fast :/
DeS_tructive: About 25% harder, or so.
Quizer: still, oak isnt too hard to max out
9Anine9AnimeHalo: well you say that
Quizer: I never found it tedious to grind for oak packs when I maxed commons before endazu came out
9Anine9AnimeHalo: but you didnt have to when there are 4 factions
9Anine9AnimeHalo: you did it with 3
9Anine9AnimeHalo: they might have a legitimate point
MrMalicious3: thats 33% more cards
DeS_tructive: I spent the first few days letting myself get beat up in MP, because that was the fastest way of getting silver.
Quizer: I did have to do it again after endazu, though, and that did feel tedious
Quizer: as more cards come out, maxing cards is only going to get harder
9Anine9AnimeHalo: but you already had good deck quizer
Quizer: that’s true
9Anine9AnimeHalo: new players will have no good decks
9Anine9AnimeHalo: and they have to build them up
FlyingAska: jm?
Quizer: I guess it being harder for advanced players to progress might be by design, so new players can catch up some
MrMalicious3: from what ive seen so far the first step to a “good” deck is to have some sort of coherent strategy.
monkeytc: any hints on connect6ing to multiplayer? am i doing something wriong?
Quizer: but it’s still annoying to get pack after pack after pack of XP cards
MrMalicious3: although i just started
9Anine9AnimeHalo: yeah but at least we have decks we can use
AcewingX: XP cards :c?
9Anine9AnimeHalo: I think [Anonymous1] was annoyed because they couldnt get a good deck when they are getting cards for all 4 factions
MrMalicious3: its hard when you dont know what youre doing too
9Anine9AnimeHalo: when they really only need cards for one faction
AcewingX: Oh wow
AcewingX: Herd of rats…
AcewingX: Now knocks off resources?
AcewingX: That’s quite the twist ..
ShalakoPain: mfw I’m trying to win Endzau Master and I hit homebutton

9Anine9AnimeHalo: I mean what are they going to do with endazu cards when they dont even have a hero for that
DeS_tructive: I dunno. [Anonymous1] seemed more like the kind of person who just has to jump on the stage and grandstand a bit.
9Anine9AnimeHalo: well they left pretty fast
9Anine9AnimeHalo: so I dont think they did it for the satisfaction
MrMalicious3: hey halo, what do you recommend going for early on?
9Anine9AnimeHalo: if it was for that they would have stayed longer
Quizer: this game isn’t for the impatient, I guess :P
9Anine9AnimeHalo: I personally think you shouldnt get cards for factions you dont own heroes for yet
DeS_tructive: I mean, he’s telling a group of players who most likely enjoy the game “YO GUYS, THIS SUXX, I’M LEAVING!” We neither know him, nor care about his opinion.
AcewingX: Hrm
AcewingX: Rat Ointment is…
AcewingX: >_>

9Anine9AnimeHalo: I disagree des
9Anine9AnimeHalo: he didnt just say the game sucks
phillyv: yeah… I really liked my rat deck too… :(
9Anine9AnimeHalo: he game a reason
9Anine9AnimeHalo: and a valid reason at that
9Anine9AnimeHalo: players should not be recieving cards for factions they have no heroes in
9Anine9AnimeHalo: it makes starting the game harder
Quizer: not sure I agree, 9
Avarice7x: does the new rat ointment change all rat into war rat?
monkeytc: rat ointment sounds like a rat based paste u stick on a burn… gross
AcewingX: No
AcewingX: Changes 1

Bobisreallycool: i don’t agree either but that’s ok
DeS_tructive: Which can be summed up to: “OMG TOO HARD”. We’ve heard the same rant often enough in this, and lots of other games.
AcewingX: Rats also got a lower CD
AcewingX: :l They cost 1 less now

dr_dr82: an opinion not a true reason when one person says it is too hard if you just lower the bar you end up like our education system
9Anine9AnimeHalo: idk its a thought
AcewingX: Meaning max level rats are 0 cost ._.
Quizer: when a new faction comes out, I don’t want to be slowed down by my luck in getting the new hero to show up in packs
MrMalicious3: any advice for a newbie?
9Anine9AnimeHalo: I personally still dont see why a player should get cards for factions they do not have heroes in regardless
monkeytc: do the rats actually attack? i dont think ive used them
Quizer: it’s unfortunate, and I agree he had a point, but a ~33% slowdown in starting up is not too terrible
Quizer: maybe we should have packs for each color
AcewingX: Rat deck basically turned into lock down
AcewingX: Yeesh

dr_dr82: patience and work on commons the most mr
Quizer: but that would make XP card choice more pointless
MrMalicious3: whats the best place to farm?
Bobisreallycool: Because when they actually geta purple hero, then what the hell are they supposed to do?
DeS_tructive: ), imagine you get a new hero, really want to play him, but are forced to wait at least 10 boosters, and then you only have crappy commons for the deck, and will autolose. it sucks just as much.
Quizer: I didn’t start playing purple until I had all commons at 1
fresh_fish: now you have daily quest and 7 day gem, before that you had nothing, I believe it was harder :/
Quizer: I knew there’d be no point to start before that
Llanvon: I just went through that… It actually wasn’t too bad.
9Anine9AnimeHalo: but the difference is that you can actually build a good deck when you start the game for the first time instad of worrying about random pointless cards
dr_dr82: a faction oriented pack would be nice
DeS_tructive: The starter deck is good enough for the beginning.
fresh_fish: ^
Quizer: some way or other of filtering out stuff you don’t want would be nice, so you could cut down on XP cards, for example
dr_dr82: even if it made an old mechanic pointless it would be a huge advance for both new and old players
9Anine9AnimeHalo: dont you have to pay for the starter deck?
Bobisreallycool: I just don’t see being amazing in the beginning to be entertaining that’s just me though
DeS_tructive: The only change that would make sense, imho, is unlocking “Meet the Vespitole” right away, so players can start off with ten bonus boosters for completing it.
DeS_tructive: Bob, I’m the same.
9Anine9AnimeHalo: its not being amazing bob
ShalakoPain: Faction packs would make sense too
9Anine9AnimeHalo: its having something worthwhile enough that you can play without completely sucking
Quizer: I was pleased at getting new cards when I started the game, even if I didn’t have much interest in blue or red right away
Bobisreallycool: Maybe faction packs where it will be either green/red and then a pack where its blue/purple but i still feel people will max out too quick
Quizer: maybe the mix of colors could be random from day to day?
Quizer: that would be cool, I think
Quizer: it would let you save up silver to buy when it will do you the most good
DeS_tructive: Excluding a color from a pack for +50 gold would make it decent, too.
Quizer: that sounds okay, too

[Anonymous1] = Phestus
Typo-os left unchanged