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Topic: Off-topic / DAMN CHAIN MAIL

I don’t like it either. >_>

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Topic: Off-topic / what is this???

It kind of scares me. 0_0

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Topic: Off-topic / The honesty thread

Originally posted by Ayumi_Stocking:

I am not a human, there, I said it!

I’m just glad I’m not the only one. c:


Topic: Off-topic / bananas are just like humans

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Topic: Off-topic / bad situation

Originally posted by frogguy123:

so I’m in this predicament where this kids I hate (he thinks were friends) is going out with a girl I like, now I remember him saying “you ask the girl out to gain thier trust to where they have sex with you” and I don’t want that happening to this girl so what should I do?

How old are you?

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Topic: Off-topic / best youtube accounts

Originally posted by Omnicide:
Originally posted by OTFiend:

You forgot Fred.


Yeah how could you forget RayWilliamJohnson? He has the most subscribed channel on Youtube. o_O

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Topic: Off-topic / Execution.

It’s what I like to do with enemies in CoD! >:D

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Topic: Off-topic / I ordered pizza and this is what happened.

Originally posted by speedy250:

I love pizza.

We did the same exact thing, but this isn’t out picture >:TIOETORTESORTET

I would be mad.

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Topic: Off-topic / lets play the "in my ass" game

Frozen In my ass.

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Topic: Kongregate / A Limit To How Many Friends You Can Have On Your Friends List?

Well, Curious to see if their is a limit to how many friends you can have on Kongregate, The weird news is, is that there is a limit to how many friends you can have. The limit is 5,239 friends. I don’t really know why there is, does anyone else know why their is a limit? Or I have so many friends it just might have glitched or something and it won’t let me add anymore. :\

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Topic: Off-topic / Choose a number before coming in this thread.

Originally posted by Seesine:

I’m a free man!

Yes your are, unlike me, who picked the number 100. Facepalm v.v

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Topic: Off-topic / This cop pulls you over. What you do?

Originally posted by MelbourneBoy:


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Topic: Off-topic / This cop pulls you over. What you do?

Give him a bone, and tell him to get somewhere!

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Topic: Off-topic / I can fly anywhere I want

Originally posted by Cimerax:

S.A.S. :3

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Topic: Off-topic / I just got an idea!

I don’t think she would look at me the same again. No that is gross! >.<

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Topic: Off-topic / Every Call os Duty Game is Over Rated

Originally posted by Piple:

mw3 survival mode is the best thing that has ever happened to any CoD game.

I also agree.
But I think because of MW3 everyone keeps saying the guns are, “Overpowered” which I can’t really say they aren’t because I die alot in MW3. I guess their is just something different with it. Maybe the new maps I don’t know.

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Topic: Off-topic / Can I have some feedback?

Originally posted by MFTh0mas:

0/5 stolen

By who?

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Topic: Off-topic / What did this person do?

Yes, what they said. ^

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Topic: Off-topic / MUST READ

Originally posted by Casper_D:
don’t understand life….

Don’t see how you could not understand such a game

LMAO. :]

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Topic: Off-topic / Embarrassing situations?

Originally posted by RiGhTeOuSzAm:
Originally posted by TheGoldenHammer:
Originally posted by Rich112:
Originally posted by TheGoldenHammer:

I pulled my pants down at a wrestling meet one time, nationals at that.

I had forgot to put my wrestling step-in on in the bus.

It was a good 20 seconds before I realized I didn’t have it on.

>Poker face

I have honestly done that once think I went like 10 seconds before I noted I was standing in the gym in just my boxers

I was ass naked, only reason it made any kind of difference. I pulled my underwear down too.

Did you win?

I doubt it.

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Topic: Off-topic / need some ideas

Outside somewhere I don’t know.

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Topic: Off-topic / Why do athesists belive in no god?

Originally posted by tracymirkin123:

Because the definition of atheism is someone who doesn’t believe in god, so if they are atheists, the don’t believe in god.

Very well put.

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Topic: Off-topic / Have you ever...

Originally posted by Casper_D:

Sounds hot.
I think I will go have oral surgery right now.


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Topic: Platform Racing 2 / [Guide] Platform Racing 2

Anyone new to Platform Racing 2? I definitely recommend this thread! ;D

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Topic: Platform Racing 2 / new pr2 hat is bad

Originally posted by Lusiwang:
Originally posted by bobheadtomato:

I like how the OP changed his opinion about the hat throughout his post.