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Topic: Spiral Knights / Welcome, New Kongregate Players!

I buy ce and it just eats my kreds without giving me CE.
Has the Haven treasury run dry of something?

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Topic: Spiral Knights / Sequel to Spiral Knights?

Perhaps you get to go home, and then fight an invasion of some alien species that took over why you were away. Or maybe you repair the Skylark and go from planet to planet with tons more to do! Post what you think!

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Topic: Spiral Knights / Inside the core

Ok, can we all actually try to think LOGICALLY!? Perhaps it’s an infinite energy source, I mean, the core does run the entire clockworks! And if you could get to the core you could win the game. Who knows? Maybe there will be a sequel where you go home and continue there, or go to another planet! Maybe even more than 2 planets to explore!