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Topic: Kongregate / Suggestion: Cloud saves!

Originally posted by FateIsEscaped:

But it could also be manual saves, for non-K+, for 1 game.

I actually like this addition. It could also give people incentive to go for K+, after having tried this kind of a “demo” of K+ features.

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Topic: Kongregate / Suggestion: Cloud saves!

While sobbing after lost save files strengthens my point, I’d appreciate it if this topic was kept on rail, thank you. :)

Originally posted by Valfrit:

Another pro for Cloud saving is it could prevent the case of illegitimate achievements, e.g. giving your completed .sol files to a friend so he can instantly gain all achievements in a game.
(that is if you’re forced to use Cloud)

A beautiful thought, but as much as I’m for anti-cheating, this is the wrong way to do it.

First of all, people lose connections. And when the connection resumes, (I assume) there’s no way to know whether the .sol file has been modified naturally by progressing in the game, or manually. To make this work, yes, you’d have to not only force cloud saves, but also prevent offline playing (ie. playing on your browser after connection lost). I’m not sure it’s even possible to make flash work this way.

Secondly, forcing cloud saves pretty much takes away every single storage benefit that a smart save system gives. It would mean caching all flash content on Kongregate instead of locally, bloating Kong space to high heavens. No no.

(Tagging .sol files with usernames is another idea worth brainstorming, but that’s a discussion for another topic)

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Topic: Kongregate / Suggestion: Cloud saves!

Thanks for the replies, guys!

I have to reiterate, your current cache folder does not give an accurate comparison of how much space a smart save system requires from Kongregate. Your current cache consists of all the data that every single game has saved (and not purged), which means loads of data you wouldn’t actively save yourself, given the chance.

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Topic: Kongregate / Suggestion: Cloud saves!


I just had an awesome idea. And instead of bumping up age-old posts with the same idea (this and this), I decided to make a new one.
I don’t know how much this topic has been up in more private forums, but the aforementioned posts haven’t recieved any official answers. (Also forgive me, for I had not the strength to browse through 580 pages of the sticky Suggestions topic…)

So, here it is:

Cloud save

ie. saving backups of game saves on the Kongregate server(s).


-I travel a lot between computers. When I’m anywhere else but on my home PC, it’s kind of a drag to start anything on Kongregate, knowing I don’t have more than an hour tops, and will lose whatever greater progress I might achieve. Effectively chaining me to my home PC. (I’m what you might call a badge hunter)
-Hardware failure, disaster backups. I’ve lost some sweet badge hunting progress because of hard drive failures.
-Switching browsers. (“Meh, I grow tired of old Firefox. I wish to adventure with Chrome! But alas, where’ve my files gone?”)
-“Oops, deleted my cookies” -incidents

Why not?

Most (if not all) of the objections in the earlier topics concern space.
Of course you’ll have a problem if you automatically backup everything, for every game, for every user. The obvious solution to this would be limitations, here’s a few examples:
- Only for logged in users
- Only manual backups
- Limit number of available saves (5-20 games per user, or some KB/MB limit per user.)
- Only for games that actually have use for it (excluding games with no progress)
- Only for users who’ve purchased kreds, or K+ users (depending on how much space is actually needed, costs, etc.)
- You could encourage/suggest deletion of backups for games that a user has achieved all badges from

I’m not going to dig into mathematics, but I doubt more than a fraction of users would use the Save function if it was implemented as manual.
My folder takes up 3,17MB (Size on disk, actual Size 1,37MB) of disk space. I’d only use a fraction of that for backups. My biggest save files take up to 25KB per.

You can do this yourself by backing up your savefiles and then hosting them on a server.
-Kioyoh, Feb 21, 2010

Sure, but it’s manual labor, excessive digging through folders (~19 subfolders per game on Chrome, Win7) and fiddling with gameID’s and whatnot. Especially if you’re not adept at scripting. Also, not everyone has the chance or know-how to host for theirselves. Not to mention possible access restrictions, and file locations differing between browsers and OS’s.
All in all, very un-user friendly.

While there are utilities for backing up Kong saves, they lack key features such as managing single games and browser independency (while IE and Firefox share the flash cache, Chrome uses its own which is apparently not backed up here).


Games could have a Cloud Save button eg. on the Game tab of the Chat, as well as a Load button (perhaps visible only when there’s a save backup available).
Pressing this would copy files from your flash cache folder for the game in question up to the server (Or from the runtime, I don’t know much about flash technicalities).
If space limits were used, upon reaching the roof, users could be transported to a subpage on their profile where they could manage their save storage (delete old ones per game, maybe even load them onto their local cache before deletion).

There. Now, please, I’d appreciate feedback on the matter. As would some other users too, I’m sure.


EDIT: Small artistic discrepancy :)

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Topic: The Arts / Stippler Pics

My potato!