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Topic: Realm of the Mad God / Rotmg Corrupt-a-Wish

Granted, but Kabam will never go along with it.
I wish for a better internet connection.

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Topic: Everybody Edits / Bunchie crew

1.Are you currently in a crew:No.
2. EE name:Dannyzana13.
3. Pakages:None.
4. Wizards:None.
5. Do you troll:If need be.
6. How active are you: Heaps.
7. Choose a job:Prefer creating/building but not fussed.
8. Number of worlds and sizes:1 World, smallest
9. Do you have any good levels? List them here:No.
10. Do you have beta and/or chat?:No.

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Topic: Swords & Potions / [Guild] Osm Possum is Open

Inv pls :)