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Topic: Pool Live Pro / [Bug] Bugs and glitches

Originally posted by beeble2003:
Originally posted by YoshiRM:
Originally posted by Zeropromillo:

@snooker: i was behind 39-52 with my opponent playing for last ball (black) on table. he sank the white ball and i lost 46-52 immediately! without me getting the chance to play for the black ball :/

This isn’t a bug, that’s the rule – when the black gets potted, the game ends. Even if the white goes in as well, the black is not respotted and whoever has more points at that time is the winner.

This is correct. Even though you could have won the game if you were given the chance to pot the black again, potting the black — even on a foul shot — ends the game unless the scores are level.

I hadn’t heard of that rule before. Does it apply on any foul on the black or just when potting the black?

I was losing by 12 points. The opponent was on the black. He was snookered by the pocket and missed – potting neither ball. I got the foul points but the game ended.

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Topic: Pool Live Pro / [Suggestion] Have a suggestion? This is the place.

Snooker needs two things:

First and foremost you do not have the option to “Repeat Shot” after every foul in snooker. Only after a Miss. And just because you miss the ball you’re supposed to hit doesn’t necessarily make it a Miss, either, but I realise that might be hard to programme correctly. Maybe make it a Miss only when you weren’t snookered. But at the very least remove the “Repeat Shot” option after other fouls!

Secondly, put the Concede button somewhere sensible!!

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Topic: Elements / How many nymphs do you have?

Got a Blue one the other day, so now I’m only missing Light and Green.

Got 14 Total: 2 of Purple, Grey, Queen and Amber, 1 of Auburn, Red, Blue, Gold, Black and Turquoise.

BTW: Do you guys upgrade your Nymphs? I rarely use them so I’m on the fence. Maybe I’d use them more if they were upgraded, but you can’t undo it, so I keep thinking: What if I want them unupgraded later?

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Topic: Elements / Silly AI

I just beat the Rank 1 deck in Gold thanks to the AI being completely illogical. I have 34hp. No shield. Enough damage out to kill him, but it’s his turn. He has three unburrowed shriekers and a discord (all upped). So what does he do? He burrows two of the shriekers. *facepalm.

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Topic: Elements / Silly AI

I think the AI has gotten a little smarter with the new update (?)

However, it is still doing things that make absolutely no sense. For example:

Stealing/destroying an hourglass when getting rid of my shield would have won the game.

Playing a SoP when it has enough damage out to kill in one turn.

Using the dive ability when my shield will block the creature.

Playing fractal before playing all other cards it can play.

Fractalling and playing Ball Lightning when my shield will block it.

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Topic: Elements / Tourney. Random cards.


I’d like to join too please.

Name: adal1234
Time: GMT+1

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Topic: Elements / Post Your Elements Account Stats Here

Score: 79,183
Wins: 3376
Losses: 2864
Winrate: 54%
Electrums: 6126
Total cards: 1438
Upgraded cards: 262
Nymphs: 3
Marks: 0

(Updated 11 Dec 2012)
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Topic: Elements / Ideas for Elements CCG (Destructive criticism will be ignored)

I agree with 4. When a creature mutates it should say what the new ability does, not the normal one.

5 however is correct as it is. Mitosis occurs when a cell reproduces asexually, i.e. it creates a copy of itself. Meiosis occurs in sexual reproduction like you say. So how many creatures do you need to use the mitosis ability? :)

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Topic: Elements / DIC (Deck Improvement Center)


This is a rainbow deck based originally on one I saw described on the elements forum, but I’ve been tweaking it a bit.

I mainly like to play in the arena (pvp is too slow and ai gets boring), and it’s doing quite well against bronze, but I’m not getting a special spin all that often.

Any tips to any cards I should think about adding/getting rid of?

Which cards would be the most effective to upgrade?

The decks I’m losing against are usually fast decks and monoaether decks where it really depends on if I get the suitable cards to defend long enough to take over the initiative.

I know that I’ve probably got too many weapons. I recently got the trident so i put that in to try it, but it’s not that useful. Not sure what to swap it for though. Same with plague, although that has proven useful a few times.

What I’ve often found myself wishing I had was a firewall, but I don’t have one. :(

Rare cards that I have but are not in the deck: Shard of Sacrifice, red nymph, discord, fahrenheit, morning star and pharaoh. Don’t think any of those are improvements.

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Topic: General Gaming / [GemCraft Labyrinth] Stats Available

OK, Thanks!

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Topic: General Gaming / [GemCraft Labyrinth] Stats Available

After reading a lot of the forum, incl the FAQ, and thinking about it whenever I open the stats page, I’D like to ask if someone can tell me which two stats I’m missing? “Stats discovered: 62/64”

As info: I am level 94, non-premium and have completed 165 fields incl. G7.

I guess they might be two obvious ones (ie two you need premium for, or two that are hard to discover). Otherwise here are the stats that I have:

6 Built (Walls, Towers, Traps, Amps, Shrines x2)
2 Gems Created (Number of, Highest Grade)
10 Mana Spent on gems (types x8, Total, in one battle)
1 Non comb Gem kills
1 Gems on scene
1 Early Waves
2 Monster Summon (Number of, in one wave)
2 Waves Beaten (Number of, Highest)
3 Shrine Strikes (Highest Gem, each Type x2)
2 Damage (Total, Overkill)
13 Kills (Streak, Monster Type x5, Shrine x2, Trap, Tower, Bombs, Poison, 1Hit)
1 Gem Bombs
1 Bldgs Demolished
2 Beacons destroyed (Tower, Bombs)
2 Nests Destroyed (Tower, Bombs)
3 Banishment (Number, Mana Total, Mana 1 Battle)
5 Mana (Highest, Pool Extension, Waves early, on Cloning, from Shards)
1 Battles Won
1 Apparitions
1 Tombs Raided
1 Highest Gem max damage
1 Shadows killed