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Topic: Serious Discussion / An Ideal Democracy

We were founded upon a Democratic system. Yes our votes do count in local means. It just seems to be the presidential votes that don’t count at all. It is only under a landslide election that the electoral college can’t decide against.
As for every election being “rigged” and the elected politicians are actually part of some secret government mafia, I would have to dismiss all that. Would such a mafia elect a popular movie star as governor? Would this mafia even allow someone like Bernie to be a representative for so long? People’s votes matter at a local and state level. They matter if they’re part of a landslide in a presidential election.

In the way that we’re not a democracy, we don’t decide a lot of what these politicians do when they’re actually elected. We are really more of a republic. We can call our local politicians and tell them to vote against or for a certain bill, but overall they seem to get away with doing whatever they want.
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Topic: Serious Discussion / GOP and DNC

I’ve been following thread for a while, and I must say it’s really hard to understand all the “Bitch mapping” as someone puts it. People saying “The poor class need to actually work” and then “YOU MIGHT NOTE I GIVE A SHIT ABOUT THE ROPPER BARON SYSTEM

KarmaKool, please explain to me in great detail about how the upper class works like a “Ropper baron system” and please don’t bring up anyone else in it. Kasic, perhaps one of the points Tulrog is trying to point out is that the majority of the lower class are more capable than they think. Just because most of these people think there’s “no way out” doesn’t mean their isn’t. They just seem to not understand the true fundaments of doing something. They drift from job to job to provide for their families, yet complain they can’t have a career. If you WANT a career, maybe college was something you should’ve considered? Too expensive? Well maybe Bernie can help with that.

Progressive Hooligan, so you’ve been Socialist in heart your whole life? If so, I’ve been a “business man” at heart all my life. At age 11, just learning what “sex” was, I conceived prostitution. I figured, “why not give sex to someone the first time for free, then start having them pay you for any more times?”
To your example, giving toys to other kids, you do understand this was YOUR choice, and NOT government law? One of the biggest arguments on the Conservative side is rich people naturally donate wealthily to charity when not taxed so hard. It’s not “sharing” when you’re required by law to give or else you face jail time. It’s just pointing a gun to someone’s head and saying “give me your money, I’m Robin Hood.” Then they give credit to this Robin Hood and chastise the rich guy for “not willing to give his money.”
I’m okay with taxes, but not overly high taxes.

Tulrog, with your Crow profile picture, how do I know you’re not the owner of the RollerCrowservative, I mean RollerCROWster account?

I have a very simple view of economics, I know. I’ve not been doing the right reading as I’ve should, as most articles on the subject are either far left or far right. Looking through this thread I’ve considered going Libertarian.
You know, if my views of what economics should be are overly liberal in heart, then I am a Liberal. If what I view is actually a very Libertarian view point, then I’m a proud Libertarian. If my economical viewpoint is indeed in heart what I’ve always thought it is, then I’m a proud Conservative, who’s so to the bone.


Topic: Serious Discussion / El Chapo

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Topic: Serious Discussion / GOP and DNC

Karma Kool, I’ve never read Bernie’s Plans quite like that. However one thing I’d like to say, that makes me indifferent from most GOP candidates, and certainly DNC ones, is that I would work on improving the value of the dollar almost more than anything.

Bernie’s Economics function in a “Socialist” way, as you(and me) call it. Many of the GOP, if they even at all care about our current economical state, would work more towards a similar goal in a “Capitalist” and free market way.

That’s the main difference between Liberals and Conservatives anyway, is they have the same goals but different approaches. It’s these approaches that make some question the effectiveness of their ideas.

My main priority in Economics, if I was president, would be to increase the value of the dollar, to something you would be more proud to put in your pocket. Bernie wants to completely change the state of this nation. I want to stay where we are, certainly clean up some messes, and make where we are better. And that primarily includes the value of the dollar.

Bernie’s solution is to simply give people more money to do things. This isn’t a bad approach, but I do worry about some of the outcomes, like Inflation suddenly happening. Without inflation, $86,000 would be a NICE average income. However it’s the value of what makes all of it, the dollar, should it decrease value in half, hence making that only $43,000 now.

I want to see less physical change happen, and more pocket change. Imagine walking into Wal-Mart right now with just two dollars. You had to feed yourself a adequate meal with that money, with three courses. Does that seem possible? It is, but It’s really hard. Bernie’s plan doesn’t seem to fix this.

What’s my plan? I haven’t really thought about it in depth, but it would be my goal to make each individual dollar the person makes go a little farther than a “fair share” of taxes. I would maybe start by lowering the cost of certain goods. 20fl Once bottle of Coca-Cola, $1.73. Now, in the same store you can find a One Liter bottle of Coca-Cola for 99 Cents! If it costs them less to make the bigger amount, I say let’s look into what’s making them charge so much and try to fix that. If they can sell something for 0.99 while making a profit, then they can surely sell something smaller for 0.73. I’m looking into production costs with this..

I do understand the 20 fl bottles are refrigerated, the others aren’t, but this would be one of my main goals if I was running economics. Try to fix the economy from any problems it has so the companies can safely offer their product cheaper. What if they don’t want to offer it cheaper? That’s for them to decide, not me. I am willing to pay about two dollars for a good drink, but I would MUCH rather pay three quarters for the same thing, but whenever I can I buy the one liters for 0.99.

It may seem strange that I’m talking about Bernie as if I was actually debating against him, however we are all voting, so we theoretically “running against” all of these candidates.

Now, I think I’m going to correct some words of the Progressive Hooligan.

Without taxes we gut our public services, and those are essential.

Ummm, REALLY? How did we survive the late 18th, the entire 19th and the early 20th until FDR proposed Social Programs? They aren’t essential for us to function as a nation. They are maybe a intimal part of our modern society. But if they were cut down that doesn’t mean we fall as a nation.

Now, I’m not at all supporting gutting the public services. But it wouldn’t be at all as bad as you’re making it out to be. Look at October 2013. The government shut themselves down. We survived. Now it did affect SOME people, but even then they got around okay.

Maybe we can have your flatter, lower taxes by disbanding the military, right?

You act like we’re totally reliant as a country on taxes. A lot of our taxes are used for other, unimportant things(like people who smoke marijuana). I would personally prefer that such things are not even supported by our taxes, and that they go towards our public services and welfare (to whom who actually need welfare, that is).
I’m not against paying taxes, It’ll just be nice if they can be put to actual use.

And I’d say that the GOP is pitching an idea that the less money the government takes, the more we all get to keep…

There you go again.
Isn’t it obvious, that if the government dropped quite a bit of taxes, we would keep more of our own money? After ALL Pete, that’s how they get their money. By default, the government has NO money. They simply use our taxes to operate any service or program they are operating.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / GOP and DNC

With that point you’re absolutely right, Hooligan. There are incentives for working that treachery anyway, hence is why I was bringing up in becoming a Tax Collector, if not being a honest worker.
That treachery is attractive, with all the wealth you get through questionable means like that, but it’s those things that make you actually want to work with these people.
Imagine a film about a certain group of people, say people on Wall Street. The film tries making them out to be evil, rich people. The film goes in depth about how they make their money. What is the viewers response? Searching up jobs on Wall Street.
There’s purpose and advantages to being evil. That’s why people do it, especially politicians. They pretend to be part of the working class to be elected but they actually aren’t. Devils in Angels clothing, if you will.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / GOP and DNC

Karma Kool, I once made a joke to someone I know that when Bernie was a baby he was kissed on the forehead by FDR, in reference to all of Bernie’s Liberal ideologies. Bernie was born in 1941, so that isn’t all far off for an possibility.

Hooligan, for a masters degree I would much rather get another job that pays more than 50-65K a year. Computer engineers get paid around $80,000. Someone I know was actually offered that job, and he was just a high school drop out! So much for a masters degree for working with the government.

What are the benefits and requirements for being a Tax Collector? If there’s any job I would personally want with the government, it would be that. They get hatred for collecting taxes, sure. But that’s the greedy politicians problem, not mine.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Bernie Sanders fatal flaw.

It still probably won’t get through to Bob,

I know I’m defending Trump quite a bit here, but I don’t aim to come across as a Trump supporter by any means.
Rand Paul is a man I would happily vote for. He’s the very Conservative reincarnation of Libertarianism.
I didn’t read that 13 turbine thing. What I’m really thinking about here is preserving the environment, even against things that appear to be environment friendly.
I believe in preserving land. Bernie Sanders, as mayor of Burlington improved the Lake Champlain waterfront. There were plans to put hotels, offices and whatnot on the already industrial waterfront. Bernie voted against this, with the motto “Burlington is not for sale”. Sanders won, and redeveloped the waterfront into parks, housing and public space. Today the site even houses a science center.
I support revitalization like this. Windmills, business parks, Offices to me belong in a area that isn’t a landmark interest.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / The first plasma: the Wendelstein 7-X fusion device is now in operation

That “Solution” was an idea that got me a hell lot of criticism, criticism of which implies that I’m selfish and close minded.
I question something, but if I like it I use it. I see no problems with the Internet, I use it.
Being “Critical” of something doesn’t mean you don’t use it in the long run. I can simply adapt to something quickly.
I don’t care for my 18th century proposition anymore, because you guys pointed out disadvantages. I’ve spent my last few post in this thread backlashing criticism accusing me of not acknowledging those disadvantages.

If I wasn’t at all clear in my statements, that’s my problem and I ought to learn from it.

If it’s just you guys purposely throwing everything I say out of proportion, that’s your problem.

You were just refusing things. And there is a huge difference between those two.

Go say that to an Atheist, who absolutely refuse the existence of a god. But they earn the moral “Question Everything”.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / American wymyn will soon be forced to sign up for the draft

I personally say that they need to increase the age of which people can join. Right now, the US military, the joining age is 18 to 35. To me this isn’t broad enough. It needs to be 17 to 45. There’s many people that have reached around age 40 that decided to join, only to find out they’re too “old”.

Many people over 40 aren’t in the best health though. A realistic proposition is you can no matter what join if you’re under 35, but 45 if you’re in good health.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / The first plasma: the Wendelstein 7-X fusion device is now in operation

Technology is the collection of skills, techniques and processes used to create something. Essentially the advancement of tools. Tools can be used for bad and good. Sometimes just one or the other. So of course we can think of ways a lot of it has done bad, but it has done good.

hates technology in general.

Look, I don’t hate technology. I’m just overly skeptical of things like this because as with any tool, bad things can come as well. So it’s best to evaluate and acknowledge any consequences before using this long term. “question everything” is my moral. But just because you have to question something doesn’t mean it’s bad or isn’t true.
Overall I really don’t give a damn about this fusion device, so in that you’re right. That doesn’t mean I’m anti-advancement altogether though.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Bernie Sanders fatal flaw.

Originally posted by petesahooligan:

Are you saying that Trump’s ability to earn money is a valuable attribute in a president?

Precisely what I was saying.

Originally posted by vikaTae

against the Scottish government for trying to build offshore wind-farms within sight of his coastal golf-courses as they risk ruining the natural beauty

Ruining the natural beauty is a real concern. Wind Mills when applied right don’t look so bad. I don’t agree putting them in naturally beautiful areas. I don’t agree putting much of anything that’s ugly in naturally beautiful areas.
I am all for them being applied near developed areas.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Bernie Sanders fatal flaw.

Hooligan, he’s maybe not using his wealth directly to help the world. But the knowledge and skill to have made that money to help the world.

Say what you will about him, but you can’t deny that a man of such wealth will do strongly in the economy. That’s what many most like about him.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / The first plasma: the Wendelstein 7-X fusion device is now in operation

Originally posted by stanwise:

So wait, Bob, if I understand you correctly, you are totally cool with me and a lot of my friends just dropping dead?

Not at all. One of my goals in that post was to steer away from that accusation. I said it once, I’ll say it again but more clear. I was being oblivious to all the people that need modern medical applications, which run on electricity to survive. If we wanted to put my 18th century lifestyle idea into force, Eugenics would be more of the optimal choice than downright genocide to take care of those who wouldn’t be able to live without modern technologies, as we could just prevent people from creating people that may potentially have to rely on them. I don’t agree with either Eugenics or genocide, because both choices go against my moral code. The sad thing is, some people are for Eugenics to eradicate religion and others are for genocide to eradicate certain religions.

The whole idea of us living lifestyles like they did in the 18th Century is indeed a creative idea. A valid approach to the pending energy crisis would be to not rely on modern energy at all. However such a approach would require ton’s of force and it would go against the interests of many people. The prospect is best left as a choice.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Bernie Sanders fatal flaw.


“Mad as hell and NOT going to take this anymore!”
and this is YOUR criticism of him? And that’s it?
I don’t think anger is a reason to deter someone from the White House. I personally desire a leader that will not let himself be trampled on and has a bit of a attitude.

Hillary has been accused of being abusive as well. And she really does seem to be female example of Wilford Brimley. People flock to her and say she’ll “do better than most Republicans.”

Trump has the attitude and temperament of a Boar. Many people are flocking to him. Why? His brash personality and Ultra-Successful wealth make him the ideal image of a leader to many people.

To me, we need a President that will do much more than “NOT take this anymore!” Someone that funds their own campaign, buys their OWN stuff and not from valuable tax payer money. And someone that will make us as a country respectable.
Someone like Ronald Reagan.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Even Egypt knows Democrats and Obama are total jokes.

Originally posted by petesahooligan:

Well, at least the economy is improving, unemployment as at an all-time low, gas is below $3 a gallon, and we’re getting healthcare to people. Thanks, Obama!

Good things and bad things happen when a man is President. I’ve found too many people just blame or thank the President for it. Just because a man is in office, doesn’t mean he had the full hand in it.

Example : Gay Marriage gets Legalized. People start thanking Obama for taking a huge effort towards making it happen.
Another Example : Mt McKinley gets renamed to “Denali”. People start blaming and trashing Obama for stripping this iconic Mountain of it’s name.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / The first plasma: the Wendelstein 7-X fusion device is now in operation

Originally posted by vikaTae:

I’m not saying you’re stupid. You come across as highly selfish, and communicate poorly. If what you are saying isn’t what you meant to say, that’s on you to clarify. You were given the opportunity by Stan and you chose not to.

The rest of your post I’ll address when you can be bothered to format it so it is reasonably readable.

I have problems with this Kongregate forum format. I try putting texts in green, yet that doesn’t work all the time. I also try to space out my paragraphs, that doesn’t seem to work either. What program do you use to type out your posts before you post them here?
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Topic: Serious Discussion / Black Students: "Give us separate but equal segregated dorms!!"

Originally posted by petesahooligan:

Bob, I feel like you’ve made an unreasonable leap in your logic.


And I may have. I wasn’t thinking of any real world examples. Some things you can certainly think of, think of an effect, but when applied in real life that effect doesn’t actually happen.
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Topic: Serious Discussion / The first plasma: the Wendelstein 7-X fusion device is now in operation

Vika, you’re taking what I’m saying completely out of proportion.

Originally posted by vikaTae:

Medical technology is not responsible for the obesity problem. You’re claiming it is the direct cause.

I wasn’t at all saying that was that was the cause. I was trying to say that with the knowledge we have gained about our health, we could use this to our advantage living in that kind of environment. People then were stronger, people now are healthier. Combine our health knowledge, we would both be strong and healthy.

I didn’t realise you actually meant ’we’ll load the entitre human race onto a giant spaceship and physically transport them back in time to the year 1700.
That indeed wasn’t was I meant. I was simply talking about REVERTING to how people LIVED back then.
You’re aware you are directly proposing genocide, right?
Eugenics would be a better proposition, that would fit more in what I was actually talking about. I am against that however. I would later add though, that UNFORTUNATELY, too many people today only survive because of todays technologies, hence making that whole 18th Century lifestyle idea useless if we want to do it morally. Right now it’s best left as a choice. And to me, that’s what its best left as.
How does your garage operate with absolutely no electrical power of any kind allowed within its walls? I’m sure you must make a fine living ripping the computers out of people’s cars and rewiring them so they’ll still run, albeit at much lower emission and safety standards.
Maybe it doesn’t occur to you, that I was talking about LIVING WITHOUT modern appliances? When someone says living without electricity, they’re meaning living without electrical appliances. I’m not an idiot, yet you treat me like one. learning how to live without modern comforts is a good idea. means the same to you as “Trying to work everything we work now without electricity”?
If breathable air even becomes so rare we’d have to fight to get enough for ourselves, I’m equally sure that most people would just give up interest in using it.
Air and oil are different things. And air is an infinite resource, unlike oil. What I meant by that one, is if we let ourselves run completely out of oil, and it becomes too much of a blood bath to get hands on it just to allow some people to live a few more months, it’ll be too illogical to continue. It’ll be the decision “Let a few thousand people die now just so a few hundred people to live a few more months.” And we wouldn’t want to take that decision. Hopefully we found and use other energy devices by then.
We shut down power to the farms, shut down power to the transportation networks, shut down power to manufacturing,
All those things worked without electricity back then. They didn’t use power on farms back then. Transportation requires fuel though, which is indeed a energy resource. Manufacturing was simply a more time taking task without modern machines.
Causing permanent damage to your eyes through working in the dark with no artificial light sources
Who said it has to be artificial light sources? The way you’re closing your mind to EVERYTHING I’m saying shows that you must deeply hate any kind of input from a Conservative, just as much as you claim I hate technological growth, interconnectivity of nature^, medical care. I don’t hate any of those things. I think we need to expand technological growth. I’m not fond of this Wendelstein device, but other means I am perfectly happy to see used. I was simply proposing some creative ideas to counter the energy problem, which included going without electricity.
Originally posted by Frostbringer:

Cholera is of course a huge topic

We should maybe talk about that in another thread.

And Hooligan, nice chart. However I was mentioning how those people were physically stronger. Combine their lifestyles(not diets) with our modern health knowledge, we would be somewhere. Though granted, if we simply want to get the average person stronger while maintaining our modern health standards, I have just an idea that would work. Though I would much rather post that in a new thread. ^When did I ever express hatred on that?
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Topic: Serious Discussion / The first plasma: the Wendelstein 7-X fusion device is now in operation

I’ve questioned this devices benefit to mankind, of which I’ve received criticism for, but while bringing up other questionable solutions that I felt would solve the same thing while never stating my exact opinion on this Wendelstein 7+ Plasma Device.

Some of the propositions which I brought were solar energy. “Won’t help”. Well, it’ll at least satisfy the energy interests of such homes, while lessening CO2 output of such homes. Then we could maybe concentrate the main energy efforts towards industrialization. Stan Wise puts out that I seem to be oblivious to many peoples need for electricity, and that I seem to. Without “medicines and current technology” we would have a lot less people as too many would have died out. I am really just thinking of people in the 18th century, who, the alive people, did just fine without “medicines and current technology”. I simply was proposing that we live like them. We’ll almost completely reduce the C02 output, which will prevent Global Warming from ever happening. With our current health knowledge and what we CAN do without “medicines and current technology”, we’ll have the same diet and basic health as people now, while being the same muscular build those people had, hence lowering obesity. Unfortunately, not all of “us” today are fit to live like they did three hundred years ago. Too many people simply wouldn’t have made it past infancy, as many couldn’t back then . I still think, from a preppers standpoint alone, learning how to live without modern comforts is a good idea. Though that is just the prepper side of me, and it comes from a completely different topic. On the concept of fuel wars for the last drops of oil, I simply find that point to be unrealistic. I’m not saying fuel wars altogether are unrealistic. It’s the science fiction idea that only a few gallons are left, and here we are still fighting just to secure that. If oil becomes that much of a blood bath to get hands on, I’m sure people will lose interest in even using it. I hope by then we’ve already found other energy options. You see, I’m not opposed to the finding of other sources. I’ all for looking for other energy options. It’s a good idea. It’s a wise and necessary idea. However as of now I’m not stating my opinion on Nuclear Fission Plasma or whatever it’s called.
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Topic: Serious Discussion / Black Students: "Give us separate but equal segregated dorms!!"

I say, let them have their own dorms. Just as long as they understand that it is indeed a form of segregation.

The worries though, is that these black students will feel more privileged than they really are and will act violent towards the whites. And when they fight back, they’ll say they " started it ".
The same worries I can say, apply to gender segregation in College campuses. The girls, as natural, will feel superior and privileged owning their own dorms. In public they’ll still act oppressed, when really the jokes on them.

Kind of hard giving someone their own place of self power without issues of pride. If this persons mature, such a personal space is really good. Prevents them from bothering other people. It’s just when they’re immature the issue may only get worse.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / The first plasma: the Wendelstein 7-X fusion device is now in operation

Originally posted by stanwise:
Originally posted by Bobneson:

We don’t need electricity to survive, we were fine without it.

I would have died without the electricity that powered the laproscopy machine that saved my life.

Heck, I wouldn’t even have been born, because my mother would have died without the electricity that powered the surgery that saved her life as a baby.

Technophobia is another way of saying “hey look, my health privilege is showing.”

I was meaning as a species we wouldn’t have died out, as we’ve existed for centuries and millennium without it. And Vika, when I said Electricity, I was referring to the modern electric comforts of today, such as Light Bulbs, Computers, cell phones. I was trying to ridicule the man for saying that this is on par with landing on a Moon. People taking what I say the wrong way, no wonder people don’t like me here " as by that point the pressures to use a newly commissioned powerplant to help meet society’s needs for power would be more appealing than using that newly commissioned plant to provide the power necessary for high energy experiments to find better powersources. " If we get to that point, I would hope people would be mature enough to let it be used for testing. We need to learn to go without power for a few months, something many people today can’t stand the though of. Either that, or let’s start getting used to using Solar Panels on top of our roofs. Self Reliance would really fix this issue.
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Topic: Serious Discussion / The first plasma: the Wendelstein 7-X fusion device is now in operation

Technically, any energy source is a waste of time and “money”. We don’t need electricity to survive, we were fine without it. We could spread news, get along with each other and get our food without these modern comforts. So no, I wouldn’t say this is a huge achievement for mankind, on “par with landing on the Moon”, since this device doesn’t say or prove anything about our species’ capabilities.

This device could be a useful energy alternative that doesn’t release any ’Harmful" gases into the atmosphere. I would only approve though, if this system was only put in the hands of private individuals. I feel this is too much a waste of time to completely replace our current energy options. We need to focus on medicines or improving current technology more than some theoretical power source.
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Topic: Serious Discussion / Any good Book suggestions?

A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthurs Court.
The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes.
The Last of the Mohicans.

I’m a fan of 19th Century Literature.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Mass sexual assaults in Germany

Originally posted by Kasic:
The Liberal media tries to cover up the Sexual Terrorism all across Europe, saying “OH NO! Those are Europeans! Not Syrians!”

No it doesn’t. IF you want to make somewhat questionable heated accusations, you’d only be justified in saying that they’re trying to put in perspective the number of attacks in relation to the high number of immigrants, which some (please, I don’t mean all. I don’t want this to go off in that unrelated direction) feminists might see as rape apology. I certainly haven’t heard of or seen any serious allegations that there’s a cover up of the assaults.

I seriously doubt that immigrants are sexually assaulting women in Europe significantly more than the native population, and that a higher rate of reporting due to the women not fearing social resistance or retaliation since the group they’re accusing is not liked is the cause of this perception. That and confirmation bias – has anyone actually compared the rates? I feel like if there was hard evidence that the assault rate was higher among immigrants it would be headline news.

Kasic, let’s move this conversation over here.
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Topic: Serious Discussion / Polarized US Politics

And it almost has been headline news. I do remember reading somewhere that one of the major News reporters or channels in this country was trying to deny any of the rapists are Syrian.

“I seriously doubt that immigrants are sexually assaulting women in Europe significantly more than the native population,” In Olso, Norway, a high percentage of the captured rapists were “Immigrants from a non-western background.” That seems to imply that either Immigrants in general are raping, or Syrian refuges are horny. In Germany, they’ve been having much more reports of rape than ever. Either Syrian or not, there’s a problem over in Europe.