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Topic: Monster Battles: TCG / Suggestion Thread

Originally posted by Manaco:
Originally posted by adolfopahissa:

Please we want to be able to trade our cards!!!! (and I think I speak for everyone)

trading in a free game will never work, especially on kong.

For a brief explanation on why this is the case, if people are able to trade their cards, then people would prefer to trade rather then buy packs with kreds. No kreds=no money=no server=no game.

As for my own suggestion. I would like to see two things. A casual pvp mode with no rating on the line and a way to challenge friends to a casual match.

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Topic: Spiral Knights / What total fails have you had in this game?

Bought a bound 3 star recipe from hall of heros I already had. Waste of 4k.

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Topic: Monster Battles: TCG / New Card Suggestions Thread

Thought I’ll make a card of my own.
card type: Creature
element: Fire
rarity: legend

> Evolution 1
name: Flames
size: Small
att/def: 20 / 10
ability: *Deals half of it’s attack to it’s owner on attack.

> Evolution 2
name: Wild Fire
size: medium

att/def: 30 / 20
ability: Same as LI

> Evolution 3
name: Inferno
size: large
att/def: 40 / 30
ability: Same as L1

Basically a very powerful card with a very nasty ability. An alternate ability is Form 1: On attack deal 1-20 damage to it’s owner each time it attacks. Form 2: deal 1-30 damage. 3rd form is deal 1-40 damage on it’s attack.

Reason for the name is that fire has no master, it will hurt the hand that fed it just as readily as anyone else.

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Topic: Monster Battles: TCG / New Card Suggestions Thread

Originally posted by giulio34:

card type: Creature
element: Dragon
rarity: legendary

> Evolution 1
name: soar
size: medium
att/def: 5 / 15
ability: at the end of your round gain +3/-3

> Evolution 2
name: saoron
size: large
att/def: 10 / 20
ability: at the end of your round gain +5/-5.

> Evolution 3
name: sauron
size: huge
att/def: 15 / 30
ability: at the end of your round gain +7/-7.

i know the names are terrible and the effect applies after attacking.

We already have otti a legendary that gains stats after each turn and like what I said to Luke I can’t support a monster that would steal the role of another monster of the same rarity. That and calling a monster Sauron is a bad idea as we might as well call a monster pikachu if we do that.

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Topic: Monster Battles: TCG / Get tourney rewards if connection is lost.

I just had my power go out in the middle of hard lake. Now not only am I out the 80 gold, I am also out the 25 gold and 2 eggs I had already won. I’m not asking for my stuff back, but can you code it so that you at least get what you have won when your internet connection is lost suddenly, like if you had surrendered?

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Topic: Monster Battles: TCG / New Card Suggestions Thread

Luke I think a couple of yours are too strong. The mystic that gained 7/7 is basically a stronger version of otti another legend. So I can’t support a monster that basically steals the role of another monster of the same rarity.

That trock is way too powerful to be a single stage monster with that strong of an ability. To put in in perspective, it has the same stat total of Rire, a stable in rush decks, but with a POSITIVE ability and you are even making it possible to have shell put on it to boot! You also can’t even trap it thanks to the fact that it gains it’s attack back at the end of your turn.

Divy is too powerful because you are giving it way too strong of an ability. The ability to give a permanent dive to A monster, let alone more then one while keeping dive itself is nothing short of broken. Imagine someone using that on something like otti, shellu, draku, stuky. Now imagine someone using that on two of them at once.

I’m not trying to bash you and I am sorry if you take that way, but it would be horrifying to see these put in the game as they are now.

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Topic: Monster Battles: TCG / The Strength Gap - Devs please consider

I agree that it would be better if pvp was unlocked later in the game. Besides giving a free epic and legend to all new players would be a slap in the face to the old players. Honestly the single best thing to do would be to fix the match making so that it paired newbies with newbies. Like seriously lower newbie’s starting rank so that it would decrease the odds that they would be paired with experienced players.

Also one thing that would be good would be if the game suggests tournies and not pvp as a way to get gold. That’s just setting them up for failure.

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Topic: Tyrant Unleashed: General / [To Devs] Matchmaking have improved!! (For me)

I instant surrender probably about 80%+ of the time because just once glance at my opponent tells me I have no chance to win and I am in the 23,000s. My opponents have gold commanders with 30-40+ health fused cards, max level cards and I have a commander with 11 health, with no fused cards, no maxed out cards and the like.

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Topic: Spiral Knights / energy

Originally posted by pieispie:
Originally posted by Timm638:

If you play so long with 100 Energy, then you should habe enough crowns to buy 100 Crystalenergy!

or more

Bullcrap. I was playing at depth 8+ and did two floors before the rest of my party had to go. I made 440 crowns. That X5 isn’t even 1/3 of the amount you would need to buy CE.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Dino Storm] GM'S !!!!!!!

Wow…..has this gotten better? I just started yesterday and this info has really made me leery now.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Akaneiro] Some player feedback

Yeah, but not all of us have newish laptops.

Yeah I know, but you have to earn the karma first and 900 is a big sum for a newbie, especially when they also have the earn the 2400 to unlock the next area. I’m not saying that it can’t be done, just that it is very frustrating.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Akaneiro] Some player feedback

Ok I do rather like this game and the graphics are stunning. I also like the fact that it doesn’t demand that you pay cash unlike some other games.

However there are a few issues.
1. Lag. My computer is pretty good and I am aware that this is a large game. I also generally don’t have anything else running when I play. Yet I still suffer some brief moments of lag and lose a LOT of health when it happens.

2. Ambushes. I get that ambushes make sense in this style of game, but I must say that they were done rather poorly. I mean here I managed to take down a large group of enemies, by using steady shot to pick them off one at a time without disturbing the rest. Then I go to finish off the last one or two and suddenly 8 enemies come out from nowhere and mob me. So despite my efforts to avoid getting mobbed, I am still getting mobbed. I can somewhat reduce the amount of damage I take by running, then shot off a single steady shot once I have a little lead and then run again. Yet even then I still take a healthy amount by first having to break free from the mob and then from any bites I took while wearing down the mob. Also god help me if I suffer a bout of lag during this. >.<

I ever have a few suggestions for this one. A. Make the first three missions free from ambushes. This would make it easier on a newbie to save up the precious karma shards that they need for to unlock the next area and unlock the skills that would make dealing with an ambush easier. This is basically a set of training wheels for new players. B. Give newbies ONE half decent multiattack skill from the get go. Maybe even have this skill cost a lot of energy to encourage players to be careful with using it. Then once a player is more established they will probably abandon it for a better one, but for a newbie it would be a life saver. C. Make the ambushes in the first 3 missions a bit smaller. Throwing 8 enemies out of nowhere is pretty cruel since most newbie will have a hard time dealing with them and there isn’t much they can do to prepare for it.

3. The camera. It is REALLY easy to accidentally anger a large group of enemies when thanks to the camera angle you can’t even see them. This can be really deadly, especially if you are in enclosed space. It also makes it almost impossible to try picking them off since you can’t target one whose separated from the group. Any sort of camera control would be lovely from zooming out, changing the angle or merely moving the camera a bit more to the front of your chracter. After all you should know that one of the things that gamers really hate is a bad camera, yet alone one that they have no control over.

4. Actually give us the ability to pause the game? Let’s face it, stuff happens and it really sucks like if the phone rings while you are in the middle of a fight. This is a really common feature on most games which rather surprised me when I realized that opening the menus didn’t pause the games.

5. The last one. Freezing, there is hardly anything more aggravating then when you freeze, have to reload the game and then learning that you got killed because of it. It would be really nice to see if you could do something about this.

Well that’s my list and I really hope that you look at this, maybe even leave a response. I also wholeheartedly welcome the other players to come and add their thoughts/suggestions.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Akaneiro] [Feedback] Camera on character

I second this. Its really hard to pick off enemies if you can’t see them.

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Topic: Outernauts / What Starter Did You Pick? (Poll)


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Topic: Sands of the Coliseum / Continued blood

Never asked for mercy here either.

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Topic: Mystic Guardians / The Best EndGame Guardians

Should add flame lizzy to guide.

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Topic: Mystic Guardians / The Friend Me Thread

Add me!

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Terra Monsters] Cheat Codes


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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Terra Monsters] Gabes Egg

It won’t hatch any time soon as there is no monster for it to hatch into yet. Once a monster for the egg to hatch into is added, then it will be able to hatch.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Terra Monsters] Havenwood Bug

Did you know despite what the guys says on not being able able to return to Havenwood until after you finish your adventure, you can so return if you enter your ranch while on route to vesport?

You should probably fix that SocialTitans.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Terra Monsters] Game guide

Originally posted by myskybluecap:

A bit like FAQ but mostly walkthrough.

Which starter should I choose

Just pick it.I suggest you pick Flofox or Pandemite since they are awesome.But Niptune and Dandylion isn’t that bad either.


First area is pretty easy if you picked Flofox or Pandemite.And actually you don’t need to catch Tomaling or anything in here if you want to be pro.You can get much better air monster than Tomaling.Speak to the florist after you has spoke to Isaac.She will told you to kill 2 Rackets and get her water can back.Not too hard.Just kill the two rackets and then go back and speak to the florist again.Next,you need to defeat a required NPC.Of course,you’ll fight with a ffew NPC here.One of them has Equinair.Not too dangerous but if you picked Flofox use normal attack against it because air deals less damage to air.Then you meet the NPC.Defeat him and speak to Isaac.He will tell you to level one of your monster to level 7.Once you are done,you need to defeat Bear.He has a Dozer,Chipmunkey and Ratchet.Its easy.After you defeat Bear,a NPC tell you to kill 4 Moxtail.If you use Flofox,use air move because it will deal huge damage to them.Next,you battle a NPC that has Dashing Equinair and Dashing Equiness.After you had defeat them,we’ll move to the next town,Vesport.

I’ll continue the guide later.

Number 1, can you please put a space between your sentences?

Number 2. I’m a tad concerned that you recommended Pandamite. Pandamite is the hardest starter to level up since you won’t find any strong earth type monsters until you get to Verdane. I’m not saying that you can’t pick pandamite, just that it isn’t the ideal choice if you want an easier time.

Number 3. You should still catch two monsters and level them a bit so you have a full party. You can always release them once you get access to better monsters after all. That way you won’t have to worry so much if your starter gets flinched to death.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Terra Monsters] Wiki protected?

I decided to create an account on the Terra Monsters wiki. So I looked up Pandora’s page and noticed that the stats were wrong. So I went to go alter the stats and the page was protected against edits. Ok so I then went to try and fix Pandamite. That one was protected too. Then I click on Tomaling, protected. Then on Dozer. What do you know, it’s protected too!

What is the point of a wiki for Terra Monsters if you can’t even update it with the correct information?

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Terra Monsters] Fix connfusion?


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Topic: Spiral Knights / Is anyone else having problems downloading the updates?

The last couple of new updates have been very difficult to download. I generally hit the 71% mark and then the estimated time just goes up and up. I tried updating java and refreshing. I believe I am on attempt number 6 at trying to download this update.

The odd thing is that I haven’t had trouble downloading things from any other site.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Terra Monsters] What is your favorite element in this game?

I don’t have a favorite element, instead I have favorite terra monsters.