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Topic: Cardinal Quest 2 / post your unluckiest/most embarrassing death here

Pistols. Caution: Do not use near edges.
Glad to see it’s not just me >_>

Edit: Also, as a Ranger was just killed by my Dog due to an interesting series of events and a bug or two.

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Topic: Cardinal Quest 2 / post your unluckiest/most embarrassing death here

I’d like to give an honourable mention to every Tower death with 6 invincibility potions left but having been too cheap to use them.

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Topic: Cardinal Quest 2 / Six Summon Scrolls

That’s nothing. Don’t think I saved a screenshot, but I managed to get around 7 Wisps as a Wizard with Create Wisp (obviously) and Inspiration. Reactivated it about 5 times in a row.

Then I used a couple of summoning scrolls for good measure. Because you can never have too much lag. Oh, and the Elementals I summoned both used Magic Mirror.

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Topic: Cardinal Quest 2 / autocharge dagger and scavenger (bug?)

Unfortunately, the Restless Dagger only has pretty average stats without that ability, and in my opinion being completely unable to use scavengers with it makes it worse than useless. It would be nice if it at least wouldn’t auto-charge on adjacent targets, so you COULD still use shops.

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Topic: The Last Stand: Dead Zone / Crash when healing

Originally posted by darkfang77:
Originally posted by nyckain:

what’s most retarded is that I used the 300% exp book and I’ve gotten almost nothing out of it due to the injury situation.

why did u even buy that book..

That’s not what’s being discussed here. In a thread about a bug, it’s not incredibly helpful to criticize people’s spending habits.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [BattleCry] Daily login item rewards.

Originally posted by FlashTom:

What the fuck everyone, It’s a random RARE item not a legendary you stupid myth373 and maffo666 fail troll and Gruchala fail
And You guys are retarded blind It’s not funny how you guys are retarded. I got a Saint Blade yes and it’s rare, PS im been here since it got released and I got NO commons stop being stupid everyone

a) Try being even slightly polite. Someone might listen to you, rather than immediately disregard you as a troll.
b) You are not them. You cannot say what they have and haven’t got. Just because you haven’t noticed something doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist.
c) Even if they’re all making it up, what’s in it for them? All it does it take Beserk’s time chasing a non-existent bug, rather than potentially making updates.
d) The thing about bugs is that they tend to mean something happens that shouldn’t happen. So if it says it’s a rare, it’s perfectly possible that people will get a legendary if it’s not working as it should.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [8BitMMO (Construction Sandbox)] Town Stone Ideas

1st idea: By this I assume you mean expanding towns?
It should still cost plat to buy a townstone, but gold for expanding them would be nice. I mean, you’ve already paid for the town, right? That would see a lot more large towns, which in my opinion is a good thing. People with already expanded towns might feel a bit cheated though :P
Also, if you find a plat seller you can trust, they can expand towns for gold. It’s a bit of a pain though.
2nd idea: I’m sure people could still use this to troll people’s buildings, though a one-move limit would improve it. Being able to see the area of your town is a good thing however you look at it, it’s a pain to measure out regions.
What I think would be nice, is to be able to move townstones within the region they’re placed in. That way, the borders wouldn’t change, but you could centre the townstone within the town, or move it within a building, etc.
3rd idea: Basically, this just means ‘larger town area’ as far as I can see, correct me if I’m wrong. Would be nice, but almost certainly not going to happen. Incidentally, there’s something like a 150-block minimum distance between towns as it is, so 100 blocks wouldn’t interfere with another town unless it was expanded a couple of times.

If you’re not sure, region guide:

This is just my interpretation, anyway. Please do post back.

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Topic: SAS: Zombie Assault 3 / Bug Reports

Originally posted by ima_noob:

Account gets 4 kills when it has 0 deaths and has killed heaps more than 4 (this goes with low xp etc as well) Could be misunderstanding but since im doing better than others and i get like 1/5 there kills don’t think so

That’s not a bug. That’s lag. I used to have that until I got a faster computer. It’s not uncommon. The trick is to be less laggy than the other players, then you’ll see them shooting at nothing.

*Mutters something unintelligible *

EDIT: Fyi, just rediscovered, press ‘m’ in a game to see your lag, I think. Quite hard to interpret what it actually means though.
Haven’t actually played for a while :P

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Topic: The Last Stand: Dead Zone / infected military docks

As far as I know, it’s random, though obviously places like streets have more zombies, full stop, so that should mean more special kinds.

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Topic: The Last Stand: Dead Zone / Wishlist Building: Display Case

You know, you’ve just – implied – you have rare or unique weapons or gear. I now automatically hate you, lucky person :P

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Topic: The Last Stand: Dead Zone / Zombie World Game Concept...

Originally posted by KenshiiOnartu:

also you need to remember 70% of people in this world are stupid and won’t understand

70%? That’s being generous. I’d go for at least 85%, maybe even 90% :P

Please bear in mind I include myself among the stupid people :P

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Topic: The Last Stand: Dead Zone / Injury Resources

Am I one of the few who isn’t bothered so much by injuries? I had a recon with a severe injury for several days, and she was still epic at range. And this was before they made injuries less severe – so she had -50% all combat. Ironically, that was still better ranged combat than my medics…

Currently have an engineer with a severe injury (yeah ok, waiting to find a bottle of antiseptic – so yeah, they should drop more often :P) – only around 60% health, but he’s still really a decent melee tank. I hardly ever raid, so I dunno about that, but I’m pretty sure it’s not just the raiders complaining about the injuries.

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Topic: The Last Stand: Dead Zone / New guns like flamethrower

Originally posted by greenwolf222:

The flamethrower was developed purely as a military weapon and is no longer in service with the US Army and Marine Corps. It would be difficult to find any model, let alone one that works properly.

Can I just point out we still find M26 grenades? “Out of service hand grenade from the 60’s.”
So that’s not that much of a problem.

Originally posted by greenwolf222:

In addition, consider that a flamethrower weighs about 70 pounds. How the hell is a survivor, fed on a starvation diet of beef jerky and peanuts, going to be able to carry that all over the city, and especially against only a few undead?

Can I also point out that they already manage to carry LMGs, heavy vests, grenades and unlimited amounts of ammunition around with them on a daily basis? Not to mention all the stuff they bring back with them, though presumably they just put that in the deathmobile and push it along :P

The rest of your points are valid, but who cares? Flamethrowers are awesome. End of argument. :P

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Topic: The Last Stand: Dead Zone / New option for trading.

Yep, I agree. I just think it should take half the return time from a raid, actually, because presumably the survivors on each side would meet halfway :P

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Topic: The Last Stand: Dead Zone / Ideas for Weapons and gear

Love the weapons, not sure about the gear, but that’s probably mostly because I avoid using active gear at all :P
Just a note, you can edit your posts with the little ‘edit post’ button on the left. To be fair, I don’t know if that works on the original post, but it does on future ones :P

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Topic: The Last Stand: Dead Zone / Primary AND Secondary Weapon?

This would be nice, but the secondary weapon would have to be limited to a short melee weapon (i.e. knife) or a pistol. If you equip 2 pistols as primary and secondary weapons, you should be able to dual-wield them. This would add some use to the otherwise slightly weak pistols, if nothing else.

EDIT: Actually, how about the ability to add a bayonet onto larger guns (rifle, LMG) as a gear item? That would effectively provide a backup melee weapon, as well as helping with longer reload guns, and just making the game awesomer :D

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Topic: The Last Stand: Dead Zone / new weapons and gear ideas and MORE!

Originally posted by desciclope666:


Yep. No. End of discussion.

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Topic: The Last Stand: Dead Zone / barbed wire and spikes barrier

What about longer range melee weapons, like an extended chainsaw I got recently? 3 range should be far enough away from the wire/spikes to avoid damage. Not really sure how that would be dealt with, other than that, I completely agree. As it is they’re just a weaker version of barricades with no survivor spot things.

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Topic: The Last Stand: Dead Zone / Best PVP/PVZ setup for under level 12?

Originally posted by UglyStamps:

PVP wise, no one would use a sledgehammer. nothing to worry about there.

I always have 1 survivor (usually my scavenger) with a melee weapon of some form when raiding, specifically to smash through barricades :D
Also great to have when raiding people on the bounty list who send their leader on epic auto missions. I once attacked someone there who only had one survivor home so I stole any resources (naturally) and smashed loads of barricades for the hell of it :D
I know you have to repair barricades if zombies destroy them, dunno about in pvp, but it was worth a try :D

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Topic: The Last Stand: Dead Zone / Instead of fuel for crafting

I like the idea, although I think it’s already been suggested in some form. The option to craft immediately for fuel should still be available, and ‘speed up with fuel’ costs should be scaled according to the original price to craft.

Originally posted by PatriotSaint:

How about just not adding a time and getting rid of fuel costs for trading? That’s how it would be in real life, as opposed to “dump fuel on item for some reason to speed up crafting somehow”.

I’m assuming fuel used in trading is to fuel to Deathmobile to actually make the exchange. Not sure why it should take more fuel for more than 1 item, but maybe it’s just the extra weight, and the Deathmobile has really crappy suspension, or something. I dunno.

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Topic: The Last Stand: Dead Zone / Floodlights?


Originally posted by Kevinater:

For those of you wondering, I have dynamic lighting turned on, that’s not the problem.

Same thing happened to me, but I turned dynamic lighting off and back on again, and that seemed to fix it. Just a little buggy, I think.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [8BitMMO (Construction Sandbox)] day and night cycle and more

If day and night is copyright of Minecraft, then the solar system must be a ripoff of Minecraft. Yeah, right.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [8BitMMO (Construction Sandbox)] The Call of Reunion

YOU’RE BACK! FINALLY! Thank you. You’re gonna have to put an end to the trolling in GnF though.
I did try and rebuild it, but the troll was still active.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [8BitMMO (Construction Sandbox)] day and night cycle and more

I’ve already suggested a day/night cycle with more details in the suggestion box.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [8BitMMO (Construction Sandbox)] Game Combat And Enemy Ideas

First of all, there IS no armor.
Health Potion: This is a completely terrible idea. 90 gold?! You know respawning heals you for free, right?
Vitality Potion: This is a completely terrible idea. This would give older/paying players a HUGE advantage over noobs, which Sim9 has been trying to prevent for a while. This is why EVERYONE has 3hp.
Defense Potion: This is a completely terrible idea. IF these were ever implemented, which i’m pretty sure they won’t be, this would be better than the Health Potion, and at the same price. The only punishment for dying is having to find your way back to where you were, you know.

Gun Ideas:
First of all, at the moment ammo replenishes each day as long as you have at least 1 left. Now, on to your guns:
Sniper: This is a completely terrible idea. No enemies drop more than 1g, making this completely pointless This would only be any good in pvp, for which there are no rewards.
Shotgun: This is not a completely terrible idea, but it would be very hard to make the shots worth the cost of the gun. It would only work deep in the wilderness (or in enclosed player dungeons).
Uzi: This is a completely terrible idea. I’m pretty sure it would be impossible to make something do less than 1 damage anyway. Besides, pistol and sword both one-shot lawyercats. Why the hell would you want to kill them SLOWER?
Bazooka: This is a completely terrible idea. There is no point to this gun. Enemies rarely group together enough to make this worth it, an it would be too easy to miss. Plus, as i’ve mentioned earlier, things like this would give noobs no chance against older players.
‘Your Basic Pistol’: This is a completely terrible idea. First of all, it’s already semi-auto. Secondly, it doesn’t kill hipsters instantly (although I wish it did).

Buying ammo: This is only a good idea for the pistol, and even then you’d have to make the ammo cost at least 1g per shot.

New Enemy Ideas:
Natural Zombie: This is a completely terrible idea. Being a zombie costs 1 plat at the moment. Not only would a ‘natural zombie’ make this a waste of money (and Sim needs us to buy plat to keep updating the game), adding this would also REALLY annoy players who’ve already bought zombies for plat in the past.
Bloop: This is a- Do you get where i’m going with this yet?! Just because you like minecraft doesn’t mean everyone else does. This game is not minecraft. This game shouldn’t BE minecraft. If nothing else, there would be no way of killing this safely without a gun. No-one likes insta-kill.
Trollface: This is a completely terrible idea. This is possibly the worst idea on here. First of all, not everyone has a gun, an not everyone will GET a gun, and so they stand no chance against this. Secondly, as already mentioned, no-one likes instakill. Also, no matter HOW low the chance is, if it drops anywhere near 1337 coins, wouldn’t it really suck if someone came and picked that up before you got a chance? Also also, that amount of money takes HOURS to earn. You don’t even get that much if you buy a basic plat package.
Skeleton: This is a completely terrible idea. This is not minecraft. Ranged enemies might be a good idea, but no aimbots please. That would make this the only enemy you can’t avoid damage from, with the same health as a lawyercat.
Jack Skellington/Kris Kringle: Ok, these two are probably worse ideas than the Trollface. First of all, 5hp is instakill. They would be almost impossible to kill. If they spawned in towns, that means they’re quite likely to have more than 1 player fighting them at once, which means the guy who picks up the coins after it’s brought down would REALLY annoy the other players. Towns are meant to be safe places (the ones with pvp off, anyway). As already mentioned, 1000g takes hours to earn. Thanks to the gold limit, it’s hard to farm much more than 100g in 45 minutes, meaning it dropping even 100g is far too much, really.

More complaints to come when you add more ideas, I’m sure.