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Topic: Rise of Mythos / Soul Summoner - Beasts

Was wondering why there isn’t a beast soul summoner option, does anyone know the reason there isn’t one available?

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Topic: Rise of Mythos / 1.8 on chinese server

I’m wondering, what is the armor in the first picture the character is wearing? Is it stronger armor?

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Topic: Rise of Mythos / [FORUM EVENT]Vote for Your World Cup Champion and Win Free Red Ball!


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Topic: Card Monsters / UV (Umbral Vortex) Auto Win Setups

I haven’t gotten any losses with this setup so far: (I’ll edit if it ever does anything lower than a full clear)

Middle: Hydra + Harmonius Harp Gaian Sphere
Left: Nucleader Musculard + Master Healer Boom Headshot
Right: Musculard Kickaxe + Boom Headshot Magebane

EDIT: Made a new setup to test, looks promising so far. The crossed out setup is NOT 100% auto, confirmed.

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Topic: Card Monsters / Brainstorming for next Expansion

Reflect + 30 Thorns / 30 Armor [or] non-Armor Equip
Reason: (Hopefully it helps the least represented color decks)
Caution + 20 Magic + 20 Wall / 10 Armor Equip [or] 10 Armor Equip Unique*
Reason: (Could be used to prepare mages against silence, the first option would possibly cost 1cc more than gleaming robe, second option costs the same: 2cc color/3cc generic but unique)
Note: To my knowledge, equipped-Caution doesn’t prevent Silence atm, that could use some fixing
20-30 Range + Cleave / 20 Armor [or] non-Armor Equip
Reason: (To give Range decks some sting when attacking)
Aggression + 20 Courage [or] 40 Explode / 40 Armor [or] non-Armor Equip
Reason: (Another choice to fight against fear, unless it ends up using the explode instead of courage in which case some more front damage)
40-60 Strike + Drain crystal / Usable (if possible 1-2cc)
Reason: (Another single target strike choice, also how this usable works is you use 1 or 2, whichever is chosen, cc to play it and if the target creature dies to strike, then you gain 1 crystal back from Drain crystal effect [strike MUST deal the killing blow for this to happen])

Off-Topic: Lama is there any chance of changes or improvements to the game besides the story, cards and balance tweak? Specifically in bug fixes, viewable swarm timers at all times, possibly higher lvls of swarm multiplier and maybe ability filters for the deck editor?

Edit: Added number values and off-topic, also some adjustments

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Topic: Card Monsters / Duels Light Crystal 2-7-13

Today after finishing duels, the light crystal wasn’t rewarded. Was this intentional or is it a bug? A couple of people I’ve heard have experienced this today.

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Topic: Card Monsters / What changes would you like to see?

(1) Not much to say about this one, it should have been this way from the start but it’s never too late for change

(2) This one’s new to me but I couldn’t agree more. There’s no reason ‘not’ to have a repeat swarms option, the player will still run out of light, it allows for people that have a short amount of time to spend their light quickly.

(3) Yes, this current deck editor causes unnecessary strain, it should be kept simple and have more cards per page able to be seen. The ability filter would help save time aswell as the search-box option. The ‘chest’ also fits into the point of saving time by skimming down the cards you won’t be using.

(4 & 5) Anything if it can help the game community grow

Hopefully Edgebee can take this into consideration while starting the new year and maybe with the addition of these changes, they would make the game even better