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Topic: Realm of the Mad God / Rotmg Corrupt-a-Wish

Granted, then JK becomes a racial thing and you become a racist, shunned by people.
I wish I didn’t kill my 1/8 priest the other day.

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Topic: Realm of the Mad God / Rotmg Corrupt-a-Wish

Granted, then everyone dies, loses all their items, and the economy collapses.
I wish for a 8/8 wizard!

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Topic: TDP4 Team Battle / In TDP4 what weapon should I get?

Well first save up for MP5 if ur low lvl then use that for a while to save for assassin which is a super pro gun or steyr aug(assassin if u use some kreds tho)

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Topic: Realm of the Mad God / Class Ideas / Boss Ideas / Dungeon Ideas / Item Ideas

Originally posted by Kazuya121:

Class Idea


Description: This fiery mage burns his enemies, but giving the pyromancer itself a debuff. He can boost atk of his allies and himself.

Special: Pyro-magic (Does like wizard spells, but does not shotgun it does it like a lazor fire magic.)


T0 Baby Dragon’s Breath – A simple fireball came from a baby dragon’s breath. Dmg- 25-40

T1 Fireball – A simple spell that burns your enemies into ashes. Dmg- 40-65

T2 Enchanced Fireball – Enchanced from a fire kingdom, that is more effective than a simple fireball. Dmg 50-75

T3 Lavaball – The most effective fireball that burns everything into ashes. Dmg 60-80 (5.0 chance to bleed enemies at 2 secs)

T4 Drake’s Flames – A Fire spell that is crafted by Horned Drakes. Dmg 85-100 (5.0 chance to bleed enemies at 3 secs)

T5 Ultra Fireball – Even though the Lavaball is the most effective, the truth this is the most effective. Dmg 100-135 (5.0 chance to bleed enemies at 3.5 secs)

T6 Dravir Flames – Flames of the Dravir, the half dragon-half human. Dmg 135-160 (5.0 chance to bleed enemies at 4 secs)

T7 Doom Fire Flames – The death flames, only learned by the most powerful pyromancer’s. Dmg 160-195 (3.0 chance at bleed enemies at 6 secs)

T8 Adult Dragon’s Breath – The most effective breath of all dragons. Dmg- 195-235 (2.5 chance to bleed enemies at 7.5 secs)

T9 Flames of The King – The flames that has been used for King of Flames for years. Dmg- 235-260 (1.0 chance to bleed enemies at 7.3 secs)

T10 Flames of The God – The flames that has been used by The God of Fire Pyros. Dmg- 260-285 (1.0 chance to bleed enemies at 8.0 secs) LAST TIER.

I already posted something similar to this on this forum i think,just look back,oh and btw i put that the pyromancer is special with his own type of staff and a dif ability than you chose.but this is still a decent set up of a pyromancer class :D

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Topic: Realm of the Mad God / Whats after Divine?

Originally posted by rivermoron:

9000 Gold = 90 USD. No thank you!

Dude he said 100k fame so u don’t have to use gold :D

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Topic: Realm of the Mad God / UT ideas

Originally posted by raziel11:

holy ninja UT set:

holy katana
a katana blessed by the gods to smite evil


+4 wis

+40 mp


kills have a 1% chance to inflict wistful for 5 seconds (+5 wis until expire) does not stack unless all pieces if set are equipped if they are a 4% chance per kill is granted

the skin of the blessed
a giant lizard was blessed long ago when it died they used its hide to make armor

+10 def

+5 wis

+50 mp

+2 vit

-1 spd

has a 1% chance to inflict wistful (see above for effect) after every kill 4% if entire set is equiped

gods shuriken
made by the finest metal smiths of the heavens this holy artifact glows with a divine light


costs 140 mp

when held drains 40/sec and inflicts healing

gives 40 hp when fired

+2 wis

+20 mp

-2 spd

holy ring
used mainly by demon hunters to help in fiery situations

+3 wis

+30 mp

+3 vit

+10% damage against undead and demons

-20 damage from lava

-3 spd

It’s a good idea but maybe you can tweak the stats just a little?Like adding a little more range and damage to the katana.

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Topic: Realm of the Mad God / UT ideas

Helmet of Fallen Angels
+7 def
+5 wis
+50 mp
-50 hp
+5 att
Effect on Self:Darkness Blind(You are blinded by strength and darkness so u are blinded for 5 sec with an attack damage and berserk buff for 3 sec)
Effect on Party:Berserk 5 sec,Darkness Blind(for the party it’s 3 sec for blind and 1 sec for the attack damage and berserk buff)
Desc:A Powerful helmet from a fallen angel that was once a very powerful Demon.For Every 10,000 gods/enemies you kill it gives you bonus damage(it’s a good combo with Sword of the Elven Masters)
Drops From:Troom in Abyss 1%,Malphas 0.5%,O2 1.5%

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Topic: Realm of the Mad God / UT ideas

Sword of the Elven Masters
Atk Rate:125%
Range:4.5 tiles
+5 spd
-5 att
+5 dex
+3 wis
+30 mp
25% chance of blinding(5 sec)
10% chance of poisoning(does 25 dmg per sec for 5 sec)
Desc:One of the five great nature swords,this one is held by it’s guardian,One lucky ent ancient(the ent has to be over-damaged for it to drop).It is a long and thin blade which explains the increased dex and spd with the decreased att.
Drop Rate:1%(From Ent Ancients or 0.01% from an Ent God)

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Topic: General Gaming / Favourite KONG Game

Well… faves are:EBF4,EBF3,EBF2,Adventure Story,Frantic 3,TDP4,HotS(Heroes of the Sword),and RotMG

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Heroes Of The Sword] Ideas for swords and weapons

Sword of Aries
Attack Speed:(note this is how FAST it attacks compared to other swords)65% out of 100%
Price:50,000 gold or 200 crystals
Skills of Weapon:Bleed lv.4 Blind lv.2(lowers chance of hitting for 5 sec at lvl 2)
Requirements:6 strength,6 agility,6 health

Hammer of Hephaestus
Attack Speed:40%
Price:55,000 gold or 250 crystals
Skills of Weapon:Stun lv.5 Paralyze lv.5(paralyze keeps a player at the same exact spot being impossible to move but allows them to still attack for 2 sec(lv.1),4 sec(lv.2,3),5 sec(lv.4),6 sec(lv.5)
Requirements:Whatever Max Str and Def are
Price:55,000 gold or 250 crystals

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Topic: Realm of the Mad God / New characters

Originally posted by askd:
Originally posted by greygrey:


Amazing class- fights using pure awesome ness
Special- Gangam style (Insta kills oryx and wins the game for you)
Everything is the best

Max stats

Psy gets millions and is rich and buys max stats


dude kabam or wildshadow will never add this into the game _,well maybe kabam if they are stupid enough but,Reason why:THIS CLASS IS TOO OP EVEN THO I LIKE GANGNAM STYLE IT’S TOO OP

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Topic: Realm of the Mad God / Recommended Characters for Beginners , Normal and Pro's

Originally posted by henri2012:

Just use wizard or sorc,and when pro paladins,knights,rogue and if you have jugg then warrior.The other classes suck

Dude,that means that every other class is pointless :P,when actually priest is good and necro is too,another good char would be trickster.

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Topic: Realm of the Mad God / Got Ideas for Bosses?

Ok…i have the idea for dungeon from the event i put
The Undead Tournament
Lore:italics This tournament has been held every 30 years or every time the tombstone god has been defeated.Only the most powerful of the undead appear at this tournament.
Rounds per stage:4 round for each of the 5 stages
Stage 1 Enemies:Zombie Warrior 5,000 hp and 35 def,130 damage attack like the red statue on ceme boss 2 that has 4.5 range and shoots very slowly.Zombie Wizard 2,500 hp and 20 def,shoots slow attacks exactly like wizard that deals 50 damage per shot while against a knight w/ 92 defense dealing a pretty good 10 damage :P.Ghost Warrior 5,500 hp and 10 def,same as zombie warrior just w/ 65 damage and appears like a big blue shot like a ghost from ceme stage 2.
Stage 1 Boss:
Skuld’s Daughter
32,000 hp
45 def
1:(32,000-23,000)“You killed my mommy!”“I WILL HAVE MY REVENGE!”Now she summons ghost and zombie warriors while doing the big paralyzing stars like skuld,also doing teleportation and being invincible for 2 seconds out of the 5 seconds between her teleports.
2:(23,000-10,000)“WWWWAAAAAHHHHHHHHH U MAKE ME MAD!!!”Now it appears she is crying normally but each tear that comes to the ground spawns a weak version of skuld but the images have halved damage and only have 5,000 hp compared to skuld.
3:(10,000-666)“…….YOU HATE ME!”Now she is doing the same as phase 1 but just with summoning blue zombies that have 500 hp.
4:(666-1)“wwwaaaaahhh i want my mommy!!!”she just spawns those possessed girls like in stage 2 of ceme.
5:(1-0 or she is just gonna stay alive)“Do…do you hate me?”If u say yes she rages in anger and shotguns u for 350 damage total…if u say no then she says “You r a good person”Now she smiles and a random blue bag/cyan bag drop appears in front of that person.If more than half the people say no she get’s angry,goes invincible and starts summoning zombies that only attack those people.(Though this is the way u can easily get a white bag,saying yes gives a chance of a white bag)Also if more than half the people say yes then she just poofs away and those people get a chance for white bag while getting a blue bag w/ a random pot drop from her or a good item with it :P.
T7 armor/wep 90%
T2 ability 90%
T3 ring 90%
Cyan Bag:
T9-10 wep 50%
T9-11 armor 50%
T4-5 ability 50%
T4 ring 50%
Blue Bag:
Wis Pot 55%
Att Pot 33%
Def Pot 35%
Vit Pot 44%
White Bag:
Staff of the Grand Lich 1%

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Topic: Realm of the Mad God / Got Ideas for Bosses?

Originally posted by pokeboy01:
Originally posted by agentwerewolf:
Originally posted by pokeboy01:


HP= 1000 ( most t10-12 equips do 60 damage cause of his armor ;)

drops= t3-5 rings
pots=for p bag 1 for cyan 3 for white 5
hp pots
mp pots

Spawn= dungeon of the lost ones( MADE UP) (5 tombstones level )
go through many different classes of warriors and then fight THE MAXED OUT PALADIN

1. It looks like you can barely take on oryx HAHAHAHAHA ( shoots normal char shot but 2x bigger and at same speed does 250 damage)
2.HAH youre the noob kind arent you (700-500 hp left ) (same as #1 put stronger and he heals himself up to 800 hp ) (like a pally :P)
3 Cant wait to annoy you haha (100- 200 hp left) ( brings pet HUGE and heals 30 per sec)
4. Wait no just 1 more fame NOOOOO (when dead)

Tell me if this was a good idea and tell me if i missed something

The stupidest one yet! c:


Because he has so much defence that u can barely put a dent in him when ur strong :P

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Topic: Realm of the Mad God / Got Ideas for Bosses?

Btw guys….i have to think of what mobs to put in the dungeon so i will put that in a day or two k?

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Topic: Realm of the Mad God / Got Ideas for Bosses?

UT Knight Set:
Sword of the Gravekeeper:370-590 damage,4.5 range,80% fire rate,2 vit,20 hp,5 def,6% fame bonus
Shield of the Grave:450-890 damage,6.5 range,shot/width:6,goes through obstacles,goes through enemies,MP Cost:125,6% Fame Bonus,18 def,-3 spd,20 hp,5 vit
Armor of TombStones:40 def,10 vit,50 hp,-5 spd,-5 dex
Ring of the Stones:
10 def,5 vit,50 hp,-2 dex

UT Necro Set:
Staff of the Grand Lich:90-150 dmg,Range:9.5 tiles,150% fire rate,Shots:3,5 dex,5% fame bonus(This seems OP but it can only be equipped by necromancer!!!!GIVE NECRO SOME POWA!)
Grand Lich’s Skull:Heals 250 hp per enemy,10.5 radius of effect against enemies,mp cost:100,5 att,5 dex,5% fame bonus
Grand Lich’s Robe:
20 def,8 wisdom,100 max mp,50 max hp,10 att,5 dex,5% fame bonus
Grand Lich’s Ring:8 wisdom,5 att,5 dex,60 max mp 5%
Note:Every part of the necro set is ONLY equippable by necro,no other class can equip unless u hack so….yeah
UT Assassin Set:
Ghost Backstabber Dagger:75-150 damage,armor pierce,enemy pierce,150% attack spd,
6% fame
Ghost Master Assassin’s Poison:2,500 damage over 5 seconds,10.5 radius of effect,5 att,5 spd,5 dex,6% fame bonus
Zombie Dragon Hide:25 def,5 spd,5 att,5 dex
Zombie Dragon Eye Ring:5 spd,5 att,+5 dex

Note:All sets can ONLY be equipped by that specific class it’s made for since the items are cursed to only be equipped by a person of that class,also they have good feed
Feed of Items:
Sword of the Gravekeeper:1450 feed
Shield of the Grave:1400 feed
Armor of TombStones:1500 feed
Ring of the Stones:1550 feed
Btw,it’s the same amount of feed of each part of each set as the knight one so…:D

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Topic: Realm of the Mad God / Got Ideas for Bosses?

Dungeon/Event Idea:
TombStone God
95,000 hp
65 def
1:He is dormant while being able to take damage,also there are 5 tombstone warriors that deal a nasty 150 damage per shot with their 1k hp
2:(95,000-64,000 hp)THE GUARDIAN HAS AWOKEN!“HAHA FOOLISH MORTALS!!!You have awoken a great power even oryx cannot completely defeat!!!”He shoots big shots like the armor guys in Manor but they deal armor pierce with a massive 300 damage.He also summons 2-3 tombstone warriors per 10k his hp drops.
3:(64,000-38,000)He now shoots the same bullets as before just with half damage and the pierce through objects.He also spawns 2-3 Guardian Mages that deal a huge 150 damage per shot,with a nice 2,000 hp too.
4:(38,000-1)He is now enraged and rushes to a player with a shotgun that will kill a player with below 720 hp and 45 def,also against knights this does extra damage(instead of 700 total damage with 100 per shot,against knights he will do a total of 1,300 damage if ur 0 def,that would be about 200 damage per shot so yeah INSTA DEATH FOR ALL UNMAXED KNIGHTS IN DEF AND HP)
5:(1-0)He crumples and breathes his last words:“You…have access….to the graves!”Now he is invincible and crumples to dust by a big shotgun on himself.
Public Bag:
hp/mp pots 100%

T8-9 weps 67%
T9-10 armors 65%
T4 abilities 68%
T3-4 rings 65%

Att Pot 25%
Def Pot 30%
Dex Pot 40%
Vit Pot 35%

Cyan Bag:(SB DAMAGE FOR CYAN BAG:2,500-4,500(depends on what item) )
T10-11 weps 35%-20%
T11-12 armors 33%-22%
T5 rings 25%
T5 abilities 26%

Sword of the Gravekeeper 0.1%
Shield of the Grave 0.1%
Armor of TombStones 0.1%
Ring of the Stones 0.1%
Wine Cellar Incantation 1%
Dungeon Drops:
The Undead Challenge Tournament 25%
The Undead Tournament 45%
Note:There is a difference between the 2 tournaments…as you can see by their name one is the challenge one with greater loot and better exp,as the normal one has lesser loot but still really good and lower exp
Exp for dungeons:
The Undead Challenge Tournament:9-18k
The Undead Tournament:3-8k

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Topic: Realm of the Mad God / Rotmg Corrupt-a-Wish

Granted but now u are so good that Oryx 3 from the private servers appears and insta-kills you.
I wish there were no scammers

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Topic: Realm of the Mad God / Favorite Class

Originally posted by DracBrax:

Ninjaaaaaa and wizard. high DMG=profit and pots and loot.

Dude,your forgetting ninja has low range so glands isn’t good for him(less profit on ninja),Also my fav class is priest coz easiest to max

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Topic: Realm of the Mad God / First maxed class

Dex for Priest,i died like 1-3 minutes afterwards coz of stupid chat opened while i was fighting gods and i was trying to press nexus hotkey :( MY FIRST EVR EVR EVR MAXED CHAR EVR!

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Topic: Realm of the Mad God / Got Ideas for Bosses?

Originally posted by Petedogv:

how about a doom archer hp of 100,000 def of 90 and xp score of 3000 it drops a doom bow ghost skin hide (10 dex -10spd +50 hp – 50 mp) , ghost hunter trap (5dex 10 hp) , and ghost ring(5 def -5spd +5wis -5 vit). bullets: it fires giant doom bow shots in every direction that do a massive 300 damage without any def for phase 1(100,000-75000) phase 2(75000-40000) it charges the closest player and shoots 4 shots of 50 damage at very fast speeds phase 3(40000-25000)does a super high speed doom shot circle for 5 seconds than reverts to phase 2 for 5 seconds and so fourth phase 4(25000-5000) goes into a fit of charging to random players hitting them for 50X4X2 for 20 seconds then stops and becomes un touchable and goes back and fourth through 4 and 3 phase 5(5000-0) will stand and heal for 500 points for 3 seconds and is un touchable at this time then goes mental shooting boomerang pass through everything para shots that para for 5 seconds and slow for 10 and in this time he will fire in a supper fast circle that if hit wiil kill any thing without max hp or def but in his area there is a lot of cover also can see rouge

sort of OP if u think of it :P

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Topic: Realm of the Mad God / Got Ideas for Bosses?

Btw here is the stats for the evil general warrior set:
Evil General Sword:300-450 dmg,6% fame,-3 dex 3 def +4 att 4.0 range
Evil General Helm:
13 def 4 att -3 dex,Status on Self:Evil Curse(makes ur char uncontrollable but he dodges attacks)3.5 seconds,Status on Self:Berzerk 3.5 seconds Status on Party:Berzerk Status on Self:Speedy 6 seconds,5% fame
Evil General Armor:
32 def,5 att,-4 dex,6% fame
Evil General Amulet:-50 hp,
50 mp,4 att,4 def,-3 spd,5 dex,3 vit,+5 wis,6% fame bonus

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Topic: Realm of the Mad God / Got Ideas for Bosses?

Oryx’s Minion:The Ender
Appears after O1 has been defeated(coz O1 is not the real oryx,it’s like a simulation coz O2 is the actual mad god btw)
Phase 1:“You have destroyed my master’s simulation,HAHAHA WEAKLINGS!!!”Now he shoots big white things like O2 that do massive damage(300) and shoot around him for a 4 tile range and go FAST
Phase 2:“So you think you can stop the end from coming?YOUR DEAD WRONG!!!”Now he shoots slow attacks that go for 30 tile range,but they insta kill no matter ur defense or hp.Also he spawns weak versions of the stone guardians.(This phase is 79,000-36,000)
Phase 3:“Can’t do this any longe…..”After he doesn’t complete the word longer,oryx appears invincible and heals The Ender for 7000 hp per 5 sec.(36,000 hp goes to 68,000)
Phase 4:"HAHAHA"Now he combines Phases 1 and 2,also now he shoots rapid bullets like septavius just they deal 125 damage and are not as plenty/don’t shoot as fast either.
Phase 5:(10,000 hp)“You have defeated….me…”Now he just goes crazy spamming Phases 1,2 and 4.
Phase 6:(0 hp,this is what he says when he dies)“Oryx shall…..avenge…me….”
Public Bag:(these are 100% chance)
T4-8 weps
T4-8 armors
T2-3 abilties
T1-2 rings
Hp/Mp pots

Pbag:(u have to deal atleast 2k to him)
T9 weps 55%
T9 armors 65%
T4 abilities 50%
T3-4 rings 50-40%

Blue Bag(u have to deal atleast 4k to him)
Att Pot 25%
Def Pot 23%
Wis Pot 30%
Vit Pot 27%
Spd Pot 33%
Dex Pot 33%
(You can only get a max of 2 total pots in the same bag)

Cyan Bag(you have to do 5k to him)
T10 weps 25%
T10 armors 45%
T5 abilities 35%
T4 ring 40%
T11 weps 15%
T11-12 armors 35%-15%

White Bag(you have to do 15-35k to him)
Evil General Sword 1%
Evil General Helm 1%
Evil General Armor 0.1%
Evil General Amulet 0.2%

(Btw all drops can only be 2 in a bag at most for sb bags)

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Topic: Realm of the Mad God / Got Ideas for Bosses?

logan the hp doesn’t make it powerful,it’s def and damage does so…..yeah enemies can have over 70k hp Example:Bes,Geb,Nut,each have more than 70k hp :P

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Topic: Realm of the Mad God / Got Ideas for Bosses?

Btw dude u mean phases instead of phrases right?