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Topic: Wartune / Events on 4/13!

Originally posted by thaunbeated:

Where are the daily events for today?


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Topic: Kongregate / Petition for no more dog kongpanions

All living kongpanions are multicellular! We need unicellular ’panions!
Options include:

Unicellular algae
Unicellular fungi

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Topic: Wartune / [Announcement] European Servers Time Change 3/29

I suppose not getting dimension boxes today is related?

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Topic: Wartune / dimension chests

Dimension boxes were not awarded today (29/3) to anyone on Kong-5 (Server 3)
(that’s how you report a bug, not with “big big cryyyyy”)

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Topic: Wartune / Cross Server Guild Battle Info

Originally posted by Szooch:

just wondering even with the bugs is cross server guild battles coming back or was it a one time thing??

Judging by recent events, we are going to be notified about it one day after the bg is over.

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Topic: Wartune / Non Sticky: [Promotion] Group Purchase

Originally posted by HaHoTo:

i just have only 1 question :) How we can pay these balen and buy the promotion when servers are not online. I believe you forgot to tell us some bank account or other source of payment

Valid point. They can still have a charge event. I was curious so I checked – you can charge your account using direct link even when servers are down.

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Topic: Wartune / Here we go again Group Purchase Event

Originally posted by pogrebnik:
Originally posted by Shirahago:

What about people who don’t visit the forum?

I /really/ don’t see why it’s so hard to add a single line to the ingame help, or why it isn’t already there since the beginning.

That’s simple, because it’s not as easy to pull off a con on informed people of course :)

+1 so true

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Topic: Wartune / HoF awards delayed?

Can we get official word on this?

  • Are HoF rewards really delayed?
  • When is br taken into account, during maintenance on 27/11, or is that delayed too?
  • Are we going to get a winners list? When?

Thanks in advance

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Topic: Wartune / Can't log in to server

I think the hamsters run out of fodder

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Topic: Wartune / Can't log in to server

+1, the only available sacred fire available for me in 3 days gone with the wind
For me it’s stuck at 50% top bar, 0% second bar.

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Topic: Wartune / league insignia

This happens all the time. We are a team doing all arena together and we are never ever at the same number of points. Lets just call this random and be over with it.

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Topic: Wartune / China - no gem spam =)

Based on previous experience, some people complained when they removed that animation.
But yeah, nice idea, I wont complain if they do multi open in one line rather than make us relog after using 10k boxes (everyone knows of this trick, right?).

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Topic: Wartune / Account Stealers warning

I was approached by “hunter” on S5 who wanted to give me 10k balens, all he needed was my account password.
Of course I gave him my account, and now I have 10k balens!

OK, I lie. I laughed at his face.

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Topic: Wartune / [Promotion] Happy Couples Packs

I think it is a mistake. Satisfaction is not the issue, everyone who did their quests etc. got 12k by now. This wont get you another 12k, it is limited daily.

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Topic: Wartune / [Promotion] Happy Couples Packs

I really don’t understand this promotion.

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Topic: Wartune / Wedding ring upgrade

3→ 4 is 5k, and requires 12k Satisfaction.
Does both partners need to get it to 5k or do they share the bar?

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Topic: Wartune / login problems

No problem logging to Cceania. In fact, had not problem logging to my own server, S5, this morning. But now again, can’t log for long time. It sometimes sorts itself after 30 mins, sometimes not. This is a REAL PROBLEM. SOLVE IT!

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Topic: Wartune / Learning new sylph skills

Originally posted by Dante1776:

and the answer to the ticket was that they can not do anything as refund etc…though they were very polite i have a bitter taste over that…

@muha it sucks as everything that needs gamble in this game…

No, this is not like everything else that needs gambling in this game.

I’m OK with gambling on low percentage to get a mount from a box. That’s how lottery works, and even if you fail, in the end you may have enough to get that mount anyway. You can also always stop and you lost just what you spent so far.
I’m even somewhat OK with gambling on refinement of clothing. You have a chance at 5 stars immediately and you can always stop at what you have and not be greedy to get more. I see this case as premium for not being happy with what you got.

I’m not OK with a bad design choice which amounts to either extreme stupidity or extreme greed. I already paid for a skill. Forcing me to gamble just so it wont replace another skill I want is uniquely dumb. The chance of getting the right skill once is 20%. The chance of getting two skills right is 4%! So I am betting 1400 balens (two skills) at 4% chance? For what? For getting the right skill on the right sylph?

I play and played many micro-transaction games. This is probably my 20th or more. I have never, to this day, saw such a moronic mechanism even in the most awful games. It’s not only a new low, but a whole new level of low.

Edit: just adding before someone else points out that the 4% figure is misleading, I know it is (you don’t really needs both skills to succeed at once). It’s just a 20% bet for each skill.

May I add another word.

I, like most who decide to spend real money on this virtual game, know the what a p2w game is. I don’t expect the developers to give anything free. I expect them to grab any opportunity to get more income. That’s how these games work.

All I expect is that it be fair and in good taste. This is just not.

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Topic: Wartune / Learning new sylph skills

Originally posted by R2_Community:

As of now I believe it is still picking a random skill to replace. This may change in the future.

Back to the subject of sylph skills, does anyone thing this “picking a random skill to replace” is acceptable? You may end up spending a fortune and get nothing since it keeps replacing your ulti, you buy ulti, it replaces your skill and so on.

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Topic: Wartune / Will Crystals

Just a warning for those thinking to balen this, I got 6 times will crystals so far. I used balens to get a second roll almost every time.
ALL of those 6 were on the first roll. In other words, all those balens were wasted. Either go all the way if you are extremely heavy casher, or do none. One does not help.

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Topic: Wartune / Clothing event prizes unfair

I am an archer, and while you are correct that hats are easier to get, and more plentiful (which you neglected to mention), complaining about mages drawing the long straw once in a while seems whiny. Consider it a balancing act.

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Topic: Wartune / [Announcement] Class Wars Moved to May 29th!

Originally posted by MCMagic89:
Originally posted by bogdinio:

nope mark

Originally posted by MCMagic89:

Exactly Fufu. I know an archer who doesnt make top16 in BR, but can kill half of the guys who do make it. But sadly he doesnt get the chance to finish in top 16 because R2 only sees BR.

Edit: If an 200k BR guy loses 80% (or any percentage) of his preliminary fights he still gets into finals because of his BR.

hmm Mark,i think is about points first time then BR :-)

Disregard what i said in that edit. It’s poo

Exactly (except that edit)
Two months ago I was #5 archer overall.
Last month I didn’t make it to top 16. Why? Cause it was done by BR and I guess I don’t cash enough.
This time it would be even worse. Top BR archers identified all their hats, at least one I saw even refined some (with balen bought cores) Why? more BR. The effect on skills is negligible, but who cares about skills.
Oh wait, am I the archer you talked about :)
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Topic: Wartune / wartune blog:

Some decent stuff on that blog, but take it with the caveat given, many of the values are subjective. Still a nice place to start.
CQ seems to be aimed at non/low-cashers, with lots of time on their hands.
Our team still does Spire against my wishes, mainly because one of our team still hasn’t maxed all talents.

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Topic: Wartune / Using a rune after sylphing

I can confirm your findings, as I did the same experiments some time ago. Someone at my guild claims in awakened mode the rage rune adds energy, but I can’t verify that. In some future patch we are expected to get runes on awakened mode, so time will tell.

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Topic: Wartune / need space bad

Sadly you are screwed. Only light at the end of this tunnel is the 9999 stack piles which are supposedly in some future patch.